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Yuri Nazarov

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Biography Yuri Nazarov
40 years ago, May 9, 1961, on the screens of the country left the film "The latest salvos" with the graduate drama school named Shchukin Yuri Nazarov, starring. Today, films with live actors - more than 150.
40 years ago, May 9, 1961, on the screens of the country left the film "The latest salvos" with the graduate drama school named Shchukin Yuri Nazarov, starring. Today, films with live actors - more than 150. He was shot and the legendary Andrei Tarkovsky - once in two roles: the Great and Little princes - in "Andrei Rublev", as military director of "Mirror. But our hero nonetheless restrained and self-critical.
With a movie actor Yuri Nazarov talking correspondent Gennady Sukhin.
- The publishing house "Art" was supposed to get your book "Not on film."
- Publishing, alas, "died". Recently I have been in the Primorye and in the table conversation uttered: "I am the life of his own book composed". And I answered: "All printing costs - at your expense, and the book will be released tomorrow".
- Why is it called "... not about the movie" N
- In it I talked about home, about childhood, about his friends. It turned out this interview with myself. Well, since all the same has been involved in film, recalls the role and dear to me: in the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, in "Little Faith".
. - Are not you laconic in conversation about raboteN
. - It Well what should have the conceit to say that I, say, his execution role, assume sergeant Ukhanova in "Hot Snow" world made happy! Acting - a strange profession
. And if you have a baseless claim, painful arrogance, then grief and jealousy, that "it was I was supposed to play Hamlet, but I was not allowed, you can kick. But who among the actors have no such regrets, which cost the actor's fate without nihN I've never felt that my career is perfect, just trying to do things, trying to ...

. - Ten-plus years ago I wrote on the Screen Actors Guild to the Committee on State Prizes of the USSR submitted to the performers of the "Little Faith", . and, . remember, . you told me sadly, resignedly said: "It makes no sense: I have so many times" began to move. ",

. - I got for playing "folders" in this picture prize at the film festival "Constellation" (incidentally, my only kinonagrad), but can not be called "Little Faith" his favorite movie
. I like it realism "picking" in life, but there is no reflection of the terrible reality that sgnobila poor little people.
- Let's go back to the past. Where was the actor Yuri NazarovN
- As a boy, I was terribly unhappy with his own childhood - in the post-war life I lacked the heroic situations. Envied Gaidar youngsters, Pavel Korchagin: But today I am infinitely happy and proud that I belong to a generation of "war children", increased in the 73rd men's high school Novosibirsk City. In 1954, I and my classmate and friend, now a famous writer Victor Lihonosovym, went to enter the Shchukin School. He was not accepted, but because I was not quite like a talentless actor turned ...
I have always believed and to this day believe that the art - it's all the same department. And in order to preach it, something must have a soul. In 17 years I was a fool, mama's boy, the trio graduated from music school. Our Novosibirsk Theater "Red Torch" was going to Moscow for a tour, and I settled down there working the scene - very like the capital to meet with Sholokhov. He did not in Veshenskaya, and in Moscow in Starokonyushny lived. I broke to him through all servants (while the guards had not yet). The writer heard a noise, came out of the depths of the apartment: "What can sluchilosN" Mikhail Aleksandrovich - say - do not know how to go on living: ". - "Learn, my son, learn. - Responsible. - Eyes of you alive and strong ". Maybe not really fussed my eyes was when they toN Yes I have, I think, and then not "fussed".

In short, having studied six months in Schukinskaya college, I ran away from there, so I do not understand "the desire to communism". Country of the virgin lands called youth! I have left for the construction of bridges in Kazakhstan, then worked in the construction office in Novosibirsk, and striker on the Don, in the Agricultural Institute acted in Odessa Merchant Navy. Knocked at doors of military offices, to me, the army took. And so far in the sense I will not take: why directors are so fond of me in military roles snimatN I'm round-shouldered, clumsy: Maybe because tarpaulin boots and jackets obozhayuN

In 19 years I received a summons to the army. And this evil has taken me! Your mother, I come to you asking for two years - did not take, and now I do not even want. Torn agenda, took the train and went to Schukinskaya "perepostupat". In college I remember, and the enlistment office said: "We have lists staffed. Wait until August ". And in August, I brought them a piece of paper that in the theater studying. Had to become an artist.

- There are legends and about the big family Nazarova. Whisper that he had his kids in the cinema parked.

- And it is very necessary, pro-family toN I have on this account their justification, and their wives - their charges: each - personal. Well okay. Complex, neohvatnaya family I. Five children from two wives, grandchildren the same, in-law. And about pristroystva children: daughter graduated VGIK. In the "stars" not vybilas, but the film co-starred in twenty. Now unemployed. Now the youngest artist to want to, we had a "gypsy:" filmed together. Incidentally, they are the senior grandson of the same age.
- You after the end of the pike, about three years, it seems, in the Lenin Komsomol Theater rabotaliN
- Worked. I did then and cinema and the theater was going to throw. Such here in my fate. Stupid. Do you think I miss today without acting rabotyN No. And here I am writing with pleasure, all there with giblets. I am not acting unemployment depresses. And while I do "on the side" looked. And then came "ukazivka" redundancy. And in the theater someone dawned on me: "Guys, we Nazarov had still not decided what he wants. Chase it! "And I got fired.
By the time I was in five films starring, but still began to take exams at the Institute of Water Transport Engineers. Here are two invitations from the studio on big roles came, like a raised bid: So I lie and think: you fool, twenty-five years, soon, in the technique of full sheep, may, in the artists still ostatsyaN There remained. The staff of the theater-studio actor took ...
- ... Of which thirty years later "redundancy" and the same uvoliliN
- The provision of post-usher cloakroom attendant. It is only democratic and mercifully. So noshus now, as mad cockroach, I propose to myself, though I can not sell a. But time is something - "market". Work, however, have more "volunteer". He acted in Yekaterinburg, a survey paid for, but in scoring denezhek no. Such a fate here for current retirees.


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