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Berners-Bodrova Lily

( The wife of Mark Bernes)

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Biography Berners-Bodrova Lily
From Berners we met at school: I was then married, he - a widower, an educated daughter. And so strange happened: my husband, he introduced us. Mark then admitted: "I am the first day decided that the notification you"
On September we brought her son to school (it was the only all over Moscow a French school, it taught the children of many famous people). Coming out of the car, I saw Mark: he held the hand of his daughter, was standing next to a woman (I later learned that this maid). His face seemed familiar to me, and I whispered to her husband: "Look, there is Kryuchkov". Do not Kryuchkov, and Bernes, "- corrected husband. And introduced us to each other.
- They priyatelstvovaliN
- No, of course, but my husband is a lifetime photographer for Paris-Match "and knew very many.
- So he frantsuzN
- Half. Father Lucien - French, mother - Russian.
. - Is not this man of whom mentions in his latest book, Andrei Konchalovsky, - Lucien But, the famous Moscow foreigner, playboy, owner of incredible beauty suede pidzhakovN ..
. - And only in Moscow, "Chevrolet"
. Yes, he is. When I left him, our friend was shocked. My friend, whom I told that Mark made me an offer does not want to believe that I'm serious: "KakN you ready to leave such a successful domaN"

. Mark knew what was happening in my family - this many in Moscow knew was a noisy story.
. - I also heard something ..
. It was said that your first husband was so fond of women, that he could not miss a single ...
- Several times I tried to leave him, he did return, he swore, swore that this does not happen again. But repeated ... Some women tolerate this - I did not want. I had to break out of the family, and Mark has done everything that I went to him.
. When I came on her son to school, I was always run up Natasha Bernes, to convey greetings from her father: "Dad called yesterday in Tashkent, asking if I had seen you, how you feel, looks like"
. I did not attach any particular significance. And then it was the first parent meeting. We were all seated at the place of our children, and we Berners were at the same desk. And then he told me: "You do not want to listen AznavuraN"

Then, in Moscow, no one heard of this singer: Did Montana, Edith Piaf and all, perhaps. And Mark just returned from a trip to France and brought a plate, which went from hand to hand - he was very impressed by Aznavour. "Let's go to my friends at Kutuzov, and they will listen". For a reason he did not invite me.

We went, and from that day, Mark started to call me. We talked for a long time, went to some private views on the "Mosfilm". There have been countless flowers - almost every day on the threshold stood a messenger with roses.

- A husband is not trying to find out who it goes to sleep you tsvetamiN

- He did what I did not ask, pretended not to notice. Besides, it did not last too long - three months. In early November, Mark said to me: "Lily, go away from home". It was so unexpected ... I was confused, began to say that I do not know - I have a son, and then I should go to the hospital, I had gone wrong with health ... "Excellent, - said Mark - get out of the hospital - and go.

And her husband takes me to the hospital, we go to the Leningrad highway, and suddenly I see flashing lights oncoming cars. That was Mark - he rode to the hospital, learned that I still have not, and went to meet - would like to ... Then there was a hospital ward, doctor friend, whom I asked for advice on how I act - I have a son and husband, with whom I spent so many years, and Mark, I do not know, but I feel - I told him very much needed. He has a little girl growing up without a mother ...

- Bernes, perhaps, was a very charming person.

- Very, as a young man so beautiful to watch. When we met, he had turned forty-seven - he was older than I am eighteen years old, but an amazing smile, hitryuschy squint - all this remained. He could come up, put his hand on his shoulder - and the woman was ready for anything. However, to me he was doing this not - was very cautious, apparently afraid to startle.

At first I was not in love with him. Just felt a warmth and tenderness - it is very touching to me attitude, carefully, carefully. His patient courtship, the promise of a peaceful happy life with her two children was more important for me the most fervent confession. I returned from the hospital and several days later told her husband that leave. Lucien said that this is out of the question, he will not allow. He went on yelling at me, even called a friend that he would not let me out of the apartment while he went to talk to Marc. They met in the courtyard of the very house in which I live to this day, and began to sort things out. Mark suggested: "Well here we are arguing, let's go to her, Lily let everything and decides". And all this time I sat and waited. Finally her husband came back and muttered, not looking at me: "Go on, he's waiting for you."
- How is it you otpustilN
- Everything was decided in the road. They were traveling on the Garden ring in the Leninsky each in his car and exchanged remarks from window to window. At the first traffic Lucien asked: "Are you roses prisylaliN" "I", - said Mark. Next stoplight. "You are with her spaliN" - "Yes," - said Mark. It was a small lie, but he did not want me to lose.
So everything happened. In the evening, at about five o'clock, I took Mark, and the next day we are with him and his daughter came to pick up my son from school. Natasha on the day she was sick, missed lessons, he ran to her, began to talk about school, what happened there ... When I told him: "Jean, I'll go now for our things," his eyes widened. But he first began to call Mark Pope, no one is forced. Natasha quite a long time I did not call. Then he started saying "mama". I came to school, she ran towards and shouted: "Mom!" - That everyone can hear.

Friends of Mark took me right. I did not like only Nikita Theological ... and housekeeper. She was a wicked woman, and moreover, accustomed to consider themselves in a house owner. And then came a young woman, so even with the son ... Natasha grew up without a mother for four years and every morning used to have sausage. And I have a son in the morning fed gruel. So housekeeper luck began to give Jean hated him hot dogs, and Natasha began to cram gruel, which the girl could not stand. When on Sundays, our wicked aunt went away, I climbed on the corners and emptied the mountain of mud.
. Mark moved into the apartment after the death of his wife - that would not stay in the same house with people who have seen how she was sick and dying.
. - It seems to be called PaolaN
. - In the circle of friends
. In fact, it was Polina. She rented a room in our entrance and a long time knew him. In her book she tells Lucy that once went with Berners in the elevator, but he did not pay attention to it. Then already, as for her fell on hard times, there was no work, it just came to us and said: "Mark, I am very bad". And then Mark asked her to speak in the first part of his creative meetings that she has earned a little. None of the novel they had not, it's all gossip.

. - Lilia Mikhailovna, and why your girlfriend so overwhelmed that you leave a safe domaN Did Mark Bernes ustroenaN life was not a popular man, a symbol of Soviet Song, winner of the Stalin Prize ...

. - He survived very difficult times
. This, however, was before me, before we met. His wife died, and almost simultaneously began the campaign in the press that he was nearly wiped out. In Pravda published an article "Vulgarity in pop music", in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - satirical piece "Star on the Volga River ..."

. - Something associated with the machine in moemuN seems Bernes someone knocked ...

. - Yes, nothing like that, he just did not stop, the policeman has violated an order
. This paper has been organized in-law of Khrushchev Adzhubei, who was then the chief editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". They Mark once not divided lady, for which both courted.

At that time, Congress passed the Young Communist League. Mark was invited to speak at the closing. Then everything was regulated, the program of the concert was determined in advance: let's say, you can perform two songs, and no more than that, how would you no cause for an encore. Mark sang his two songs, but he did not want to let go: the hall stood chanted Mark. He is behind the scenes - and there is no one of the bosses, so you can ask for permission to remain on the scene. As Mark later told Khrushchev, who was sitting in bed, with displeasure, said: "Oh, you can not satisfy the needs of young people, to sing an extra song". That was enough to start a witch-hunt Bernes. Some years he did not have any concerts or movies, it was not allowed anywhere.

Then Adjoubei confirmed that the campaign was triggered by. At the beginning of CD-s with Mark, we went to Bulgaria on a boat with a group of journalists who were sent to Algeria. When Constanze began to turn over all the buses came to us Adjoubei and apologized for what was then made. Mark said: "What are you, Alyosha, do not recall this". In fact, it is very painfully, that is not removed, that prohibit any songs that did not include in any official kinodelegatsiyu ...

- You it zhaleliN

- Mark gave no reason for pity. But I saw how it was difficult. Cinema has been in the past, he remained only concerts, creative parties, paid a penny for them ...

When we met, I studied French language courses, but Mark said: "There are no courses, you'll work with me". At first I was scared: I'll go out on stage, I've never close to her did not fit! But with the first visit was to his concerts, and then where would make neither invited to speak, he always warned: "I will announce Lily.

. It was terribly interesting concerts
. At night, after the presentation, all gathered in the room - Ruslanova, Zoya Fedorova, Harkavy - and begins a long conversation. It was not personal anecdote to which I was accustomed to that, the past life with Lucien, and memories of the prisons and camps, as people were returning after rehabilitation, as they met in Moscow. And no complaints: "Oh, how unhappy we are - sitting in the cooler!" (Zoya Fedorova, in my opinion, all the time sitting in the cooler, because it resisted.) To all of this attitude was: it is over, and now live on, all of life is still ahead. Zoe remembered how she had come to Moscow after the liberation. Her daughter Vika all this time she lived somewhere in Kazakhstan with Zoya's sister, and was sure that she, her mother. When they met, Zoe began to cry, and the girl could not understand what was going on, and wondered: "Aunt Zoe, why do you placheshN"

Fedorova and Ruslanova met at forward in Vladimir Central. Lydia Andreyevna was a wonderful woman, king-baba. At the Kremlin receptions came luxuriously dressed in diamonds, and once Stalin - I've heard from her own - asked: "Is all of this nastoyascheeN" Russian woman - said Ruslanova - should be all over this! "

. - They say that just for diamonds and put it ...

. - It's all talk
. It was put as the wife of an enemy nation, after the repression of her husband, General Kryukov. I remember how she was indignant: "I was there said that the hook so rich - half Germany had brought. Nothing he did not bring a dowry, but her daughter! "And said it all when Harkavy, who had once been her husband - in fact from Ruslanova Harkavy went to Kryukov.

Picturesque was a woman, and the incredible force. Once the camp leadership willing to give her concert. It has long refused, then agreed, came on the scene, looked around the room: "Where's my tovarischiN If they can not get in. I will not sing". Had to collect prisoners. At his first concert in Moscow Ruslanova sank to his knees in front of an audience ...

. She also told how to collect on the Moscow home their belongings, to museums - his works: normally repressed property confiscated and then sold off
. We Mikhalkov, for example, she found a carpet. Turned her corner - and there is a familiar brand: "Serge, it w my carpet!"

Mark was surrounded by decent people, it was interesting to listen to them. And the house we had a cheerful, hospitable, we love to come - I am well prepared, and a lot.

I remember how after supper stood on one leg beside the table ballerina Olga Lepeshinskaya and Lucy Yutkevich - they had to observe the shape. We often visited the then American Ambassador Thompson, I took it. Slew of foreign correspondents - the French, Yugoslavs ... And laughter was, and jokes, and dances - all you want.

- A pesniN Mark Naumovich sang when going gostiN

- Never. I remember once in Odessa (there were always rich people), he suggested: "Mark, you could not go to the cottage, to sing, you are well paid for it". Mark replied: "I'm at the table will never sing". He was a proud man. In France, when we have traveled the entire coast and returned to Paris, he was invited to stay for another week and to speak on television. Mark asked: "And in what vremyaN" - "At five o'clock". - "And when the broadcast speeches Montana, AznavuraN" - "In the seven". He winked at me: "You know, let's go home". And the same day we left.

- Bernes so well known in FrantsiiN

- At us there was a lot of friends, acquaintances journalists, they brought a plate of Mark. His song "When singing distant friend" Yves Montand sang in French. Therefore, we often had a letter somewhere from Marseilles to completely unknown people, who invited us to visit.

I remember once we were in Cannes during the film festival. Of all the Soviet team at the reception were invited Jeanne Bolotov us with Mark and his wife Chukhrai. I felt a little awkward because I did not have a special toilet. The same situation was and Jeanne - her luggage was delayed in Paris. We were sitting at the tables ... And in our group was a Georgian actor, who, incidentally, a few years left in France. At the reception of his uninvited, but it somehow got there and found myself at a table with the Americans. And suddenly he said to us at the moment:

"Mark, I am with your help I can win a bet. Recently he won an American told me that I would give anything in the world to see Mark Bernes. I'll bring him ". And brings us to our table an elderly man. He hugs Mark, kisses, excitedly said something to him in French ... Mark does not understand. Then, when the interpreter approached, it became clear that this man - an American producer who during the war roll "Two men.

. - They say Bernes you terribly jealous, do not let go of yourself for a minute ...

. - It was not jealousy was, but the desire to always be
. Sometimes funny things came up. I remember I started to visit a friend - wife Arkanov. Mark said: "I feel like. I better homes Lie ". Zhenya far from us lived on spontaneity. I'm calling on her door, she opens up - and I see Mark: He came by car. In all had to participate.

He was jealous of me, even to children. In the evening they were doing lessons, I went to see him in the room to help. And Mark opened the door, took me by the hand and led away: "They have a whole life ahead, and you and I do not know how much is left ..." I was supposed to belong only to him.

But the main thing - he could not work without me. Once he was sent to Poland - in my opinion, along with Maya Kri-stallinskoy. My passport was not ready, and I stayed at home. Mark arrives in Warsaw - and three days later a call from the Ambassador with a request that I be immediately sent to the Bernes. They brought me a passport in the house and almost pushed over the border. It turns out, Mark declared: "Without Lily will not speak!" If he was invited somewhere one, he refused: "Do not you know that I zhenatN"

Then it's not accepted - even members of the government went around without their wives. And I always had to be close. But a half-step behind him. Once we were invited to the House of Cinema - a holiday, feast, and, as usual, someone from the familiar greeting, starts a conversation. A lady came up to us: "Mark, what is your lovely wife!" Mark took my hand and said dryly: "Good-bye!" More, he had no contact with her. Everyone knew that do not cost me a compliment - Mark can respond very sharply.
. - And you commemorated znakomstvaN
. - No, we just thought that were always together.
. - But you were married in fact a perfect stranger
. Have not been in love with him ...
- What is love, who can skazatN I have never understood how you can fall in love at first sight. In chtoN In silhouette, voice, litsoN To love a man, you have to feel.
When we met, I was so complexes definitely her first husband, she was afraid to raise his head. And with Mark I straightened. He never did not tell me: "Oh, you're beautiful!" But I knew: he was happy because I am near.

I remember one funny incident: commemorate 50 years of Zyamy Gerdt. And before that was the anniversary Utesov, which was brought from Odessa specially prepared gefilte fish. Zyama also bought a fish and brought it to me: "Lily, prepare!" At the banquet, Odessites administrators began to ask: "Who is this omelette rybuN It also tastes better than ours in Odessa!" Then Mark proudly announced: "This is my Gojko ready!" (meaning - Russian).
. He had an explosive character, and I often had to smooth the situation, call people and explain: "Well, Mark got a little excited, let us not aggravate relations"
. Sometimes someone from our children put him out of himself, and then the house flying saucers. It was. But I knew the main thing - he can not live without me. And in the days of his illness, Mark literally could not breathe without me: do not let doctors put the drip, did not allow injections, until I come.
His illness had fallen on me as a house collapsed. He began to feel bad, complained that there are no forces. Of course, he was sick one year. He stubbornly diagnosed sciatica, and the result became clear that this lung cancer. But late, nothing could be done ...
When he was gone, my life ended. I was left alone with two of sixteen children, whom she had put on his feet. Sixteen years - a terrible age, if children have no father. I had to be mom and dad, think about how to do that they do not feel orphanage that the family is not broke. All this was very difficult. I sat behind the wheel - to repair an old car that has stood since then, as Mark had an accident. Before, I had never driven a car. Many of our friends said: "If Mark is now opened his eyes and looked!"
- He thought you bespomoschnoyN
- And I was and was. I'm with him did not even know how much bread costs. Mark took care of everything, all for me solved. He felt that without him I can not do anything. But you see, managed ... Published books about him, published a CD of his songs. True, for they did not pay ...
- And how there was the fate of your deteyN
- Natasha graduated from Moscow State University, Faculty of Oriental Languages (IAAS), then went to America with her husband, who wanted to emigrate and persuaded her. Now she works in some company, lives happily, but, unfortunately, all of Natasha's personal life did not arise. From her first husband she had left herself a second away from her. But forty-six years - no longer infancy, and she, of course, suffers from loneliness
And Jean graduated VGIK, operating an international faculty, but the operator never worked. So, I went with the camera ... What he is doing, I do not know, I have no contact with him. Two years ago he tried to rob an apartment Bernes, removed from the wall and took the photos that once hung Mark ... As a child, Jean adored him, just prayed for his father, and Mark was proud that he is the son. Nobody's head could not come, what will he grow up man ...
Now all my hope for her granddaughter - Lyusenka twelve years old and she loves to listen to the songs of Mark. When I got a call from St. Petersburg and was told that his name was called a planet, she was only four. She opened her eyes and whispered: "Grandma!" What famous Mark! "

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Berners-Bodrova Lily, photo, biography
Berners-Bodrova Lily, photo, biography Berners-Bodrova Lily  The wife of Mark Bernes, photo, biography
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