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Rosalynn Carter

( The wife of U.S. President Jimmy Carter)

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Biography Rosalynn Carter
(August 18, 1927 - ...)
Rosalynn Carter was one of the most popular first ladies after the Second World War. According to a survey of opinions, Rosalynn Carter ranks fifth in the list of the most influential female presidents. Newsweek even called it "the most influential first lady of modern history". For two years, Rosalynn Carter has publicly made a 248 speeches, gave 154 interviews, participated in 641 meeting, visited 36 countries. Particularly active Rosalyn social welfare of mentally ill people. Supported the program for the elderly, visiting nursing homes, advocated the expansion of payments for social needs of older people was for the creation of kindergartens and nurseries. Rosalyn fought for the ratification of the additions to the Constitution on Equality between Women and proud that her husband was appointed to government positions, more women than any other president
. before.
. As advisor and confidant of President, Rosalyn Carter, frequently attended meetings of the Cabinet, which led to protest Carter's opponents, who believed that Rosalyn nobody elected member of the Cabinet and the Senate did not appoint its
. She apologized, explaining that her husband told her to take part in the work. So he wanted her to have an accurate idea of the Government's position, and not distorted in the media.

. Participation in the meetings of the Cabinet largely helped her in fulfilling the responsibilities of the First Lady, even considering that she never performed there
. It was for a crucial meeting at Camp David, where policy decisions. (Camp David - a country residence of U.S. presidents, . which has become known through the Middle East peace negotiations between the Carter, . Egyptian President Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Begin, . led to the Camp David Accords and the resumption of diplomatic relations between Israel and Egypt),
. Rosalyn gave the president the various boards and on personal matters. In his autobiography, she wrote that the White House came more as a political partner, not as a spouse.

. Jimmy Carter thought: "It is natural that when we moved to Washington, she assumed the part of social activities and replace me at some of the festivities.

. During his presidency Carter Rosalyn considered "a senior I" husband, and Carter himself called it "astonishing extension of my personality"
. In a speech in 1979, she unequivocally stated: "The President of the United States attaches great importance to my opinion. I know that I have influence on him. "

. It is therefore not surprised by the unanimous opinion of many American historians and political scientists that no American president's wife of this century had such an impact on the president's decision, as Rosalynn Carter.

. February 19, 1991 Jack H. Watson, chief of staff of the White House, Rosalynn Carter called "exceptional woman"
. Watson, who knew the spouses Carter in 1966 (he worked with them in Georgia, and then in the White House), attributed to the wife of Carter's "outstanding political instinct". According to him, "she spent much time and energy to the campaign of her husband, for him it was the most important source of unbiased information". Asked whether there differences in the way of action Rosalynn Carter and Nancy Reagan in the performance of the role of First Lady, Watson replied that Rosalynn Carter often traveled as an emissary and more often replaced her husband. Nancy Reagan has repeatedly invited the president to his staff and gave them instructions. He added: "Rosalyn had never done. She just talked to the president. Rosalyn never phoned me from the West Wing of the White House to give any instructions. Of course, she called me, if you need somewhere to go, or asked to prepare for her meeting with representatives of local organizations ". When asked to describe the effect on the president Rosalynn Carter, Jack Watson said: "Rosalyn was not an official presidential counselor for press or political issues. These functions are performed by other people - Jodie Foster, Stuart Eisenstadt and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Nevertheless Rosalyn provided to the president's policy so far unprecedented influence. They were partners in a magnificent marriage of which I have not seen before. "

Eleanor Rosalynn Smith was born Aug. 18, 1927 on a farm near the village of parents Plains, where he was born and her future husband, Jimmy Carter. Rosalyn was the eldest of four daughters and spouses Frances Ellet Whilby Edgar Smith. Family Smith, just as the Carter family, settled in Georgia more than 200 years ago. Rosalyn grew, as she herself said, "an isolated and protected from the outside world". Father, whom she greatly respected, was not only a farmer, he drove a school bus and the owner of the vehicle repair workshop. Mother graduated from college, led the household and to teach children to strict rules.

When Rosalyn was six years old, the parents went with her to Washington and visited the White House. The president was Herbert Hoover. Later she thought of a rather tense atmosphere at dinner with the president and his wife.

Smith were Methodists. Like an obedient child, Rosalyn regularly attended Sunday school at the Methodist Church, where she primarily taught to fear God. "God" was her "father", which is more punishing than forgive. In his autobiography, she admitted: "I have always been afraid to have evil thoughts". Once married Rosalyn went to Baptists, as Carter.

In 1940 my father fell ill with leukemia Rosalyn. Once on a Sunday, he gathered the family at his bed and told them of incurable disease. All his life he dreamed of an education and now asked the children to learn, to achieve a better position in life. Commanded them to take care of mother. Shortly thereafter, he died. At that time, Rosalynn was 13 years old. She felt guilty in the death of his father and believed that God punished the family for their sins, but no idea what are her sins, and began to doubt the justice of God.

With the death of his father's childhood ended. To ensure the family, the mother began working at the local post and where he might run in: sewing her wedding dress, helped in the beauty salon and barber shop. Family life was very difficult. Poverty overcame them, the household help and had children, but despite this, Rosalyn went to school, played basketball, met with young people.

. During this period, Rosalyn first realized that the negros do not enjoy equal rights with all
. One student at a college for Negroes asked Rosalyn to publish her thesis. The manuscript is full of spelling and grammatical errors, and the level corresponded to the sixth grade school work. Then she realized that the doctrine of "equal but separate" training did not give blacks any chance to get a good education.

. In 1944, Rosalyn graduated from high school and went to college in the autumn Sousvesten Institute Americus with a two-year study (Ga.)
. She was 17 years old. At this time she met Jimmy Carter.

Families Smith and Carter have long known each other, often communicated, although the Carters live better. Jimmy's mother, Lillian Carter, was a good nurse, it was respected throughout the district. In her honor Smith, youngest daughter Lillian. As a child, Rosalyn often bought Jimmy's ice, but never talked to him, and later became friends with his younger sister, Ruth. Jimmy did not pay any attention to the girl, his junior by three years. For Rosalyn Jimmy belonged to another generation. Only in the second year she was seriously interested in him.

Once in the room, Ruth, she saw a photo on the wall in the form of Jimmy Academy Cadet Navy. Later, she wrote: "From this picture, I could not take his eyes. I thought he was the most handsome young man whom I have ever seen. I knew him for a long time, like any small provincial town where everyone knows each other, but it was three years older than me and also for four years at high school. He seemed to me an elegant and elusive.

In June 1945, Jimmy Carter was on vacation in Plains. Ruth realized that Rosalyn fell in love with his brother, and invited her to a picnic, where Jimmy finally drew attention to it.

"One evening we had a youth meeting at church. The weather was good. I stood with friends outside the church, when suddenly a car drove up, out stepped Jimmy. I could not believe his ears when he came up to me and asked me if I would go with him, Ruth and her friend in the movie! All eyes were on me, but I, despite the youth meeting, went with Jimmy Carter. He was 20 years old, and I'm 17. I do not remember what we watched the movie, because taken to the thoughts somewhere far away. I recently dreamed about it, and now I am finally with him. It seemed that the sky came down to me on the ground. We sat in the back seat of the car, the moon shone, and I was in love. On the way back he kissed me. I could hardly contain the happiness. No other young man I would not kiss me at the first meeting. My mother is constantly repeated to me that his father dared to take her hand only after the engagement. "

. Jimmy's mother told her later that when he returned home that evening, the son said to her: "This is the girl, which I want to marry."

. Rosalyn admitted that after the first meeting agreed to marry him
. Later, Jimmy joked that Rosalyn married him to leave the backwater provincial town. In his memoirs, Carter emphasized that "Rosalyn never had a rival.
The young men agreed to meet the next day. Immediately after the meeting he had to return to the military academy in Annapolis. Together with his parents, Rosalyn accompanied him to the station. There, Jimmy took her aside and said: "I am very sorry to leave. I would gladly stay with you. Will write mneN "It is, of course, wanted it. In parting, he kissed her. Arose, this novel in letters. Some of these letters rather amusing, others indicate strained relations. He advised her to meet with other young people, but when she allegedly followed his advice, he defiantly showed jealousy. On Christmas Day in his native Plains he did Rosalyn proposal, but she decided to wait. They met every day, went to the movies, to friends, walks. After Jimmy moved to Annapolis, almost every day, wrote to each other. Rosalyn was delighted: "I'm so in love with his writing, as once in his photograph.

In February 1946, Rosalyn with her parents, Jimmy went for a week in Annapolis. Jimmy made it to the second sentence. This time fortune smiled on him. They decided to marry in July, when Jimmy finished the Naval Academy, and Rosalyn - University.

The wedding took place July 17, 1946 in the Methodist Church in Plains. Honeymoon the couple spent in the suburban house with friends in North Carolina.

In his autobiography "First Lady of the Plains" Rosalyn admitted that Carter's family was extremely disappointed at this wedding. Jimmy's father, Earl Carter, was a very vain man, and dreamed of a brilliant career of his son. Ruth, who always tried to bring together Rosalynn and Jimmy, suddenly became jealous of his friend and therefore also not happy their marriage. The first years of married life brought a lot of concerns. It was a sad time of parting and enthusiastic meetings. 19-year-old Rosalyn learned to keep house and raise children.

The eldest son, John William, who was called Jack, was born in 1947 in Virginia, James Earl "Chip", was born in 1950 in Hawaii. In Connecticut, in 1952, was born Jeffrey Donnell, and in the state of Georgia in 1967 - daughter of Amy Lynn.

Rosalyn liked to constantly move from place to place, from Norfolk to New London, Honolulu, San Diego and other cities. When Carter was returning after a long voyage, they both read books, listened to classical music by heart, taught Shakespeare.

. Of course, this does not mean that the spouses did not have any conflicts, especially in the early years of married life
. Jimmy is the head of the family and tried to impose their views Rosalynn, and there are differences and even quarrels. Over time, Carter learned to understand his wife.

In one issue he still remained adamant: his father's death in July 1953 he resigned. After serving seven years, he wanted to continue his father's work and to grow peanuts. This decision was hard for him, and he accepted it after much hesitation, endless debates and sharp dispute with his wife. He wrote: "We have one life, and I want to live it a civilian. In this case, I will have more opportunities to take any official position ". To be sure, that he thought at the same time a political career.

Returning to the Plains, Rosalynn felt unhappy. All the attention is focused on housework, took no invitations neighbors in on itself. One day Jimmy told her that one day she will understand that the return to the Plains was for her happiness. In response, she exclaimed: "I'll never be satisfied. Nothing like this do not tell me more! "

Things were going well at the Carter. Once he asked his wife to help him in his work. This is so like her, and she began to appear more frequently in the office. After graduating from accounting courses, Rosalyn took over the whole bookkeeping in the office of her husband. This session, it seemed more interesting than homework. Soon it became so in the know Jimmy, that was actually his partner.

In his spare time, they went to the movies, bowling, went to the rally in Atlanta. Enrolled in dance school, attended some lectures at the university, participated in public organizations and the Baptist Church. Gradually Rosalyn beginning to like her new life, which is so different from the life of the wife of a naval officer. In 1962, Carter was elected to the Senate of the State of Georgia. His wife supported his quest for political career. She helped him during the campaign, led all correspondence. "I liked to contribute to our life together and do something that would help his political career."

In 1966, Jimmy decided to take part in elections for the post of Governor of Georgia. Rosalyn has traveled with the children the entire state, campaigning for her husband, talking to voters, handing out leaflets. These elections Carter lost. In 1970 he again ran for the same post, and Rosalyn has actively participated in the election campaign. The victory of her husband she took as a reward for their suffering.

This was a turning point in her life. Now she was the wife of a professional politician, the First Lady of Georgia. At first she was afraid of new responsibilities, but soon mastered all that was required of it under the protocol. Wife of the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ruth Gottlieb, taught her to take domestic and foreign delegations. As the governor's wife Rosalynn took part in various social activities. Particular attention is paid at the same program of education for disabled children. In addition, under her leadership, changes were made in the decrees on the application of punishment, and streamlining the highways. Rosalyn afraid to make a speech at public events, feeling completely paralyzed. Her husband helped her to overcome these difficulties, he advised to prepare speaking notes. Soon she had made such progress that many thought her speech more interesting than the speech of her husband.

In 1975, Carter began to think about the presidency. My wife has supported the plans, gave advice, developed with a strategy of pre-election fight. During the election campaign in 1976 she went to Florida to introduce themselves to voters:

- I Mrs. Carter. My husband is seeking the presidency.

. -President chegoN

. - United States.

. - You're joking!

. Reaction was always the same: surprise and astonishment.

. - Never would have thought I would meet someone who knows the candidate for the presidency, not to mention the wife of the presidential candidate.

. - I did not know that this year's presidential election be held.

. - And your husband is really seeking positions prezidentaN Excellent.

. By nature Rosalyn was a rather shy person, but to actively help her husband in the election campaign, she had to overcome this shyness
. In particular the persistent questions of the journalists claimed that guided his own political instinct. "My husband never gave me any instructions what to say and what not. But if I feel that any of my statement could harm him, then I advise him. "

In the presidential elections in 1976 were rivals Ford and Carter. Rosalyn When asked if her husband is something that is absent from the Ford Foundation, she replied: "I".

Often in the electoral race Carters have functioned separately from one another as a way to reach the largest possible number of voters. During travels around the country enjoyed the plane Rosalyn "Lear", which they hired, and went about a hundred cities, where the program explained to her husband and gave interviews. Selflessly worked 18 hours a day. Its called the "steel magnolia", as Magnolia is decorated with the emblem of Georgia. About herself she said: "I am - a strong man and I have my own views."

Questions of voters Rosalyn has always given a fairly accurate answers, without missing opportunities to emphasize the program man. For example, when asked whether she knows how to cook, replied: "Yes. I love to cook, but this year I was no time for. I do everything that Jimmy Carter was elected president. As a housewife, I know that he needs the country ". She then explained the benefits of her husband as a presidential candidate and his program.

In an interview for the magazine "Playboy" Carter said: "In my heart I have often unfaithful to his wife". Opponents have criticized him for it and even threw in his address criticism that such a statement is indecent for a man who is treasurer of the Baptist congregation. When Rosalyn was asked what she thinks about this statement of her husband, said: "Jimmy says a lot, because the day is long, but people at least know that he is honest and not afraid of any expressions". In addition, she stressed that Jimmy never limited its activity, and never pressed it with his authority. "I am always aware of their own importance
. In the village Shrueport one reporter, referring to an interview in "Playboy," said Rosalyn: but it at least once changed muzhuN "If even so, I'll still would not say."
. Her husband praises her: "My husband helps me around
. He does not wash clothes or ironing a shirt, but he walks with his daughter Amy, goes shopping, helping me in the kitchen, deals almost. At home, we distribute our responsibilities. "
. At one of the pre-election meetings, . Rosalyn when told about their life together and work, . Carter was so moved, . that snatched the microphone from the hands of his wife and asked: "Who among you wants, . that this woman was the First Lady AmerikiN "There were loud applause.,
. Election Day, Carter, along with his family and the entire team met at the hotel in Atlanta
. The monitors reflected the whole race, the candidates were close to each other, then Ford was ahead, then Carter. At three o'clock in the morning telephoned the governor of Mississippi and said Carter's victory in their state. Then it became clear: Carter won.

In his autobiography, Rosalynn Carter describes in detail this important point: "The hall resounded cheers, people were crying, hugging each other. Jimmy took me and the children in her room and told us quietly. With a sense of full responsibility, which from that time attributed to him, he said: "Finally we have a. It was a long and difficult struggle, without you I would have never won. I am proud of you all. Ahead of us are waiting for the incredible difficulties, but we have upper hand and their. Be patient. Our country should be proud of. And now go home to rest ". In the Plains, we arrived at dawn. Near the polling station a crowd of people. When Jimmy turned to him, the sun came. I saw the sun, looked at Jimmy, and tears rolled down my cheeks. Begins a new life for us and our country. Never before have I experienced such a sense of pride. My husband became president of the United States. "

January 20, 1977, was sworn in the 39 th U.S. president, Jimmy Carter. Rosalyn gave her husband the Bible, which he swore an oath to the President. Then, holding hands, they walked along Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House. This symbolized their partnership relationship. When entered the White House, Rosalyn said: "I hope that we will be happy."

. All struck that Rosalyn to the ball at the inauguration, wearing the same dress, in which six years ago was at the ball in Atlanta, where her husband was elected governor of Georgia
. President is not worried about malicious attacks against the press, but "Washington Sosayti" Rosalyn criticized for the fact that it does not appear in a new expensive clothes from the most famous fashion designer. The new first lady of the province taught that in a society it should not be seen twice in the same attire.

. Rosalyn, before assuming duties as first lady, and asked its staff to consult with staff Betty Ford, the best way to organize the work of staff of the First Lady
. We decided to reorganize the so-called East Wing of the White House to better coordinate work with staff president, called the West Wing. To this end, in the East Wing have been created five divisions, including a liaison with the population of the country, department of the media, planning meetings and Public Affairs.

Transfer to the White House, Rosalynn delighted. Now she did not need to go shopping, cook, but the enthusiasm evaporated when she saw the first bill for the last ten days of January 1977. There were 600 dollars. Rosalyn has invited the chief of staff, Rex Scouts, and asked him why the expense was so great. He politely replied: "Mrs. Carter, who lives in the White House, my dear."

In this he was right. For security products bought in special shops. Later, Rosalyn has ordered in advance on the menu all week, discussing with the chef all the details, and taken into account, of course, favorite dishes of all family members. Even before the Carters moved into the White House, Rosalyn asked the chef, whether he knows how to prepare dishes of the southern states. "Certainly, Mrs. Carter. These dishes we always ready for service personnel, "- she heard in reply.

. Family president should pay those dishes that they served in their premises, as well as in Carter and their children always had guests, writes Rosalie, bills have been astronomical
. The family pays only for the president's table, set for official receptions.

. Moreover, from their own president and his family pay the following costs: toilet items, linen, laundry, hairdresser, tennis balls, clothes and personal belongings
. When Carter's daughter, Amy, invited a friend at Camp David, Carter paid for its content. When Amy and a friend flew by plane to his father-president at Camp David, Carter paid for the flight. Each member of the Carter family, who flew with him anywhere on the presidential plane was supposed to pay for first-class ticket, plus one dollar. Even for infants had to pay.

Initially, Rosalyn protested against such regulations. "Because the president is still fly the plane to Georgia, . Why I, . his wife, . I can not fly with him besplatnoN "But Carter did not want to change these principles calculations, . which were imposed by the tax inspectors after numerous abuses of public money, . committed by the Nixon administration.,

. Journalists believe Rosalyn very influential First Lady
. They even stressed that the wife of the president act as spokesmen on behalf of her husband. In his memoirs, Carter recalled: "My wife and I often discussed many important issues, except for strictly secret, she knew everything that happened in the White House. And if it was necessary, receive information from those employees who were engaged in domestic policy or security issue. It helped me a lot, as it gave her an opportunity to discuss important issues and formulate their own point of view ". Carter discussed with the wife an action for the release of American hostages in Tehran, the US-Israeli-Egyptian talks at Camp David in 1978, and many other questions of domestic and foreign policy.

. Zbigniew Brzezinski, in his memoirs confirms great influence Rosalynn Carter on her husband: "Her influence on her husband was great
. And Carter was not ashamed to admit it, at least to me. They were very attached to each other. Once, late at night when I had to send some documents Carter personally, I found it in the cinema hall of the White House, he and Rosalynn sat, holding hands and watching a movie. Carter told me that every evening they read together a chapter from the Bible, and in the first year of his presidency, they read the Bible in Spanish, in order to improve language skills. The pursuit of knowledge was typical of Carter.

As husband Carter was perhaps too large owner. I well remember a moonlit night on a yacht in the bay of Rio de Janeiro. We spoke with Carter. Suddenly he stood up and asked Rosalyn to dance. They were alone on the platform and gracefully swaying to the beat of music. All the rest of society, and among them was Foreign Minister of Brazil, just looking. I decided that you should not play the role of the court and "rescued" Rosalyn. During the dance I asked her to go to a nightclub when we return to the harbor. She turned to her husband: "Jimmy, Zbig offers to go to a nightclub. SoglasenN .. "Carter looked coldly at her, then glancing at me and said slowly, emphasizing every word:" Rosalyn, if you have the intention to go with Zbig in a night club, I have nothing against. And we went ... three.

Rosalyn could be inflexible, but then again, charming and attractive. I think one of the most unfair and totally undeserved attacks against Carter, was an article by Hugo Sit in Time magazine, which praised Reagan, who allegedly managed to restore the culture of the White House. Rosalyn gave residence not only attractive, but also the warmth, not displaying the power and wealth, as is now often. For Carter, it was based, the source of balance and sober prudence. What would be an important issue not discussed, she silently listened, and then exchanged views with her husband. "

Carter's mother, Lillian, was able to assess the impact on the son of Rosalyn. Once she said: "If I need to Jimmy to do something, I ask this Rosalyn. It is the only one who can do with Jimmy whatever he wants. He listens to her, because he thinks it smart enough ". Two close associate of the Carter, Hamilton Jordan and Jody Pauel confirm this idea. The easiest way to convince Carter to something, drawing first on his side Rosalyn.

Rosalyn admitted that on many issues was not always agree with the husband, but never said for what it is. In his memoirs, it stops at certain points. For example, she was strongly against the death penalty, he - for. She advocated women's right to decide issues related to pregnancy, while Jimmy stuck to a conservative point of view. She demanded the release of Jag Kalifano, Carter could not decide at the outset and only later did this step. Rosalyn wrote: "Most often we were arguing on strategic issues and about the time most suitable for this or that decision, at least - about the decision itself."

. As Rosalyn and her husband discussed the many office affairs, she suggested that once a week to arrange a joint lunch, as the Vice-President
. Carter agreed. With vice-president Fritz Mandelom dinners were held on Mondays, with Rosalyn - on Wednesdays.

. On the desk in the bedroom Rosalyn has always been a brown leather folder with the words "Mr. President, Jimmy Carter," which her husband once got in France
. In that folder, she folded the documents necessary to discuss with her husband during a weekly lunch.

Rosalynn Carter was one of the most popular first ladies after the Second World War. According to a survey of opinions, Rosalynn Carter ranks fifth in the list of the most influential female presidents. Newsweek even called it "the most influential first lady of modern history."

Rosalyn considered vain First Lady. During his visit to Canada in August 1977, . question, . considers whether it is a potential candidate for the presidency, . she replied: "I never claimed, . all that I can ", . but when the reporter repeated the question more forcefully, . I heard a decisive answer: "When Carter presidency expires, . I return home. ",
. For two years, Rosalynn Carter has publicly made a 248 speeches, gave 154 interviews, participated in 641 meeting, visited 36 countries
. The most important question for Rosalyn wrote her press secretary, Mary Hoit, some she wrote herself. Sometimes asked her husband to make critical comments to the text. Style her speech was simple and dohodchiv, but her performances were no citations, no clever jokes. Do they not appeared on the front pages, causing Rosalyn.

President trusted his wife various overseas missions. She has visited many countries, . where it was considered "flying ambassador", . Representative of the President of the United States: visited refugee camps in Thailand, . in 1977 took a trip to Latin American countries, . which dealt with the conventional and nuclear weapons and human rights,
. Returning to Washington, said: "During the negotiations were raised many questions, and I think that among them there was not one to be spared to Jimmy Carter". Some of the reporters asked her what right she meddles in the affairs related to foreign policy, what was the answer: "I believe that I was able to facilitate personal contacts with heads of state that I visited. Besides, I believe that I was able to explain the policy objectives of the Carter administration.

. When the Panama Canal treaty, signed by Carter, ran in the Senate to resist, Rosalyn invited to the White House's most influential persons in the United States to convince them of the need for approval
. In 1978, she headed the American delegation took part in the funeral of Pope Paul VI. In 1979 at the Boston airport on behalf of the president met with Pope John Paul II. In December 1977, accompanied by her husband in Poland. In Warsaw, paid a visit to Cardinal Stefan Wyszyе?ski.

In an interview for the weekly "Perspective" Rosalynn Carter said concerning the impressions received from the visit to Poland: Poland tour gave me a real pleasure. I still am impressed by the country, its industrialization and courage of the Polish people. When today we are with Jimmy inspecting sites, we saw how great was the task of fully restoring the destroyed city and reconstruction of the old part of Warsaw. I realized that all this shows great courage. I have just returned from a pediatric clinic, which is reminiscent of the recent victims of war. This is a great clinic. I also work with children and know a children's hospital in Washington, DC. I think that this center is the only children's hospital, which can be compared with that which we have in Washington, DC. Well I understand the expectations placed in it, as well as chances and opportunities associated with its construction. Most mothers around the world are well aware of this. "

According to the opinion survey found that 70% of Americans believe that Rosalynn Carter is good or even very successfully performs the task of representatives of the United States. Report on the visit she introduced not only in the White House, but Senate committee on foreign policy issues.

. Particularly active Rosalyn social welfare of mentally ill people, pleaded with her husband in the need for the Commission's mental health improvement, honorary chairman of which was
. Mrs. Carter expressed disappointment later that President Reagan drastically cut funds for the fight against mental illness.

. She supported the program for the elderly, visiting nursing homes, advocated the expansion of payments for social needs of older people was for the creation of kindergartens and nurseries.

. Rosalyn fought for the ratification of the additions to the Constitution on Equality between Women and proud that her husband was appointed to government positions, more women than any other president before him
. 22% of all appointments made by Carter, concerned women. In his office were three women. Rosalyn both commented on this fact: "Everyone knows that I always advised my husband to attract more women to work in the White House and in government". And do not hide disappointment, because addition to the Constitution on equality of women was not ratified in time presidentialism husband. This addition did not get in the parliaments of the states required number of votes and in 1982 it was finally rejected.

Rosalyn interest and the relationship between big American cities. Once a journalist chided her that she is engaged in too many problems. She replied: "Is not it plohoN"

Often interfered in his behalf for the culture and art. The White House is constantly invited leading representatives of not only American but also foreign art: classical, modern and traditional. After Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosalynn only appeared before congressional committees. Therefore, the degree of social activity it is often compared to Eleanor Roosevelt.

Critics though agreeing with her good intentions, felt that she did not know how to inspire people. Too cold nature, which can be respected, but not love.

Undoubtedly, the personal guard of the President will have an impact on the lives of family. Rosalyn learned to greet a crowd of people without exposing themselves to danger. She only touched the hands of any person, not shaking it, so nobody can steal it from the podium or dragged into the crowd. She was forbidden to accept gifts and signing autographs. Any parcel addressed to the president or his wife will first check the security forces.

Rosalyn recalled one dramatic episode in a meeting with voters in a small Mexican town. One elderly woman wanted to get Rosalyn teddy bear for her daughter Amy. Rosalyn went to the crowd, but to squeeze the woman was unable to bear, and passed from hand to hand. When he finally fell into the hands of Mrs. Carter, a guard grabbed him and flung away from him, fearing a bomb inside a toy.

Before the trip the guards often reminded Rosalyn: "Take with you a few more dresses. There is always a danger that you can throw eggs ". At the direction of the Carters sometimes diversions. On the way to Venice, to meet the heads of seven countries, Rosalyn and Jimmy had to wear bulletproof vests. Initially, Rosalyn objected, but agreed when she saw the protests as complicating the work of the guards.

The family of U.S. President ever received numerous gifts, but valuable, she had no right to keep a. Rosalyn admitted that some of the gifts she refused reluctantly, for example, from a beautiful silver necklace, which she presented to Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and his wife. With tears in her eyes Amy gave the crown of Christ, given her by Pope John Paul II, when she was at the Vatican in early 1979, and a gold bracelet - a gift to the Italian president Sandro Pertini. In addition, the president of the United States prohibited from buying superdorogie gifts to family members. In his memoirs, Rosalyn recalls a sticky situation. When she took part in the ceremony of swearing in of Mexican President Lopez Portillo, it has delighted silver ring set with diamonds, which was on hand spouses Portillo. Mrs. Portillo immediately ordered a copy of the jeweler ring for Mrs. Carter. The Mexican Museum Rosalyn like beautifully carved table, and Mrs. Portillo ordered to give this table, Mrs. Carter. Over time, Rosalyn learned all the enthusiasm to keep to yourself.

In 1980, Carter decided to run for second term. Since he was supposed to be in the White House to solve the problem of American hostages in Tehran, Rosalyn had much more travel around the country, than during the elections in 1976. Because of the numerous activities she suddenly lost her voice, in Illinois under her eyes appeared dark circles. Doctors suggested that she had eaten something tainted, but Rosalyn jokingly said that it was allergic to the campaign.

. Until recently, she hoped that her husband would win over Ronald Reagan, although the results of opinion poll did not give cause for optimism
. Five hours before the polls closed, she said her son Jack: "We would lose". It happened. When someone told Carter that, despite the defeat, he did not look mortified, Rosalyn replied instead: "I'm disappointed for both of us."

. Zbigniew Brzezinski, describes the last day of the Carter presidency: "The last day of the Carter presidency ..
. In my memories to the foreground stands a tragedy that plagues all the good things that happened in this presidency. (Carter ordered the force to free American diplomats, whom the authorities detained as hostages in their own embassy. Directional there special units do not even reached Teheran. Some of them perished in the Iranian desert, . Many were captured.) yesterday in the morning in the Oval Office with President met the Vice-President, . Rosalyn, . Kiviletti, . Jody, . Gatler, . Sik, . President's Press Secretary (Gordon Styuet), . G. William Miller and presidential adviser Mike Cardoso,
. Discuss only one question: how best to coordinate the preliminary statement on the release of hostages with other actions. Given the difficulties encountered in the last second, Algerians, apparently, wanted to delay the publication of a statement a few hours. In the office of president was an atmosphere of expectation, full of hope. I asked Rosalyn, whether the president is still fly to Europe. It reaffirmed its intention, and added that the flight scheduled for today. I thought that in order to save more to fly on Concorde. My opinion Rosalyn gave the president, but he rejected this proposal, because then allegedly in his possession will not be necessary radio. Hours passed. Finally, it became clear that the hostages are released on Monday. Flight Carter in Wiesbaden, where the president of the United States intended to meet the hostages, was canceled.

. In his autobiography "First Lady from Plains, Rosalynn Carter wrote that the transition from the White House to the life of the pensioner was given her husband much easier than it
. She does not know how to lose, besides, she liked to engage in politics and would like to return to the White House. She thought that such return could prove the validity of Carter's policies, just so voters do not understand it.

It was difficult to understand why the majority of voters supported the Reagan. She even insisted that if Jimmy Carter will ever again dare to run, it again will help him in the campaign.

. Back in Plains, Rosalynn so much going through her husband's defeat, which fell into a deep depression
. Her husband supported her, and persuaded to do the creation by President Carter Library in Atlanta. Through activism could raise money and pay off the debts, accumulated over the period of election campaigns.
After the electoral defeat of the Carters of the time given to growing peanuts. In 1987 they decided to publish a book entitled "More years, more life, but it was published under another title:" To achieve all: a fruitful sunset of life "and offer practical tips for seniors. Joint work on the book was quite difficult, since they often argued that the later days of not talking and communicating through the records that were left for each other in the computer. Finally, both agreed that this was their first and last joint book.
But Carter and later engaged in activism, often traveled to the United States and abroad. In 1987 they went to Syria and Israel, hoping to secure the release of Americans taken prisoner in Lebanon.
Despite an active lifestyle, Rosalyn with anguish and sadness, recalling the White House. In an interview in 1984 she said: "I can not say that the release of his duties as First Lady brings me relief. Every minute in the White House gave me pleasure. "
. Asked by a reporter, . as, . it felt, . history will judge her as First Lady, . modestly replied: "As a simple woman, . who never for a moment doubted, . she was just an ordinary man, . but which sought to do everything as best as possible and not miss a single chance, . fallen to its lot. ",

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