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Riznich Amelia

( Odessa friend of Pushkin, the wife of a major banker and merchant, Ivan Riznich.)

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Biography Riznich Amelia
(1803 - May 1825)
Odessa Pushkin's friend, the wife of a major banker and merchant, Ivan Riznich. Recipient Pushkin's poem "I'm sorry if I jealous of Dreams", "It's over:" Night ", many verses of" Eugene Onegin ". She died in 1825 in Naples, from consumption. Many researchers have attributed it to her memory of Pushkin's masterpiece "Under the blue sky ..."
. When you met - a life, fate, like only on the trail, the fuzzy fingerprint, a drop of rain in the sand that once dry in bright sun, life as it is unclear how the vague outlines of objects in the predawn prohladeN
. Fog quickly melts away, leaves no disappears along with him and fanciful figures
. Everything becomes clear and precise, and think: was it a miracle mist, and whether it was next to peskeN ... That's the biography of Amelia Riznich, which are unknown even dates of birth and death, only years and months.
. She lived in a dusty Odessa and in the evenings she loved to watch from the window of one-story house with a wing, as the blazing sun is gently lowered into the sea, as it dissolves in it.
. She ordered the servants not to bring candles, . until the house - a one-story, . but it attracted an unusual facade and carved wooden windows - not fully immersed in darkness, . and domachadtsy not begin bumping into all the corners, . cussing whisper in Italian, . by - in French and in Russian ...,
. What is hidden in his love for the twilight AmaliyaN: What are the secrets dushiN.
. What toskuN
Declines in the sand - ink "(a phrase A.S. Pushkin.) Odessa were not like her family, Florence, with the fragrant aroma of flowers: But still it was impossible to detach from the window!
She swallowed the freshness of the night, a welcome after a hot day, hurriedly, as if afraid not have time. As if wary of the ban, frustration, smiles: CheyN DoktorovN MuzhaN: Its a spy - a lackey of Philip, who was walking behind her on pyatamN: Now do not guess: Yes, and who seek ugadyvatN: Is that - we are with you: A little bit is we can ... All - still try. So:
About Amalia Ripp and her husband Ivan Riznich banker, shareholder and director of the Odessa bank after the death of his wife - first reported in the memoirs of a common friend Sacristan, Professor P. S. Strechkovicha:
"Riznich received an excellent education, he studied at Padua and Berlin University Campus. In Odessa, he was engaged mainly in grain operations: Mrs. Riznich was Italian - polunemka, with a small admixture of Jewish, perhaps, the blood. This confusion has a remarkable type of beauty. "Another diarist said:" All were convinced that Mrs. Riznich was born in Genoa. It appears, however, that she was the daughter of a Viennese banker by the name Ripp. My husband brought his wife (Riznich came from Vienna to Odessa in April 1822 - author), together with her mother, who, however, did not stay long with the young and six months later went back abroad. Mrs. Riznich was young, tall, slender and unusually beautiful.,. "
. And further be downright poetic description: "Especially appealing was her fiery eyes, neck, striking shapes and white, and black braid, more than two yard-long .." (K
. Zelenetskii "Mrs. Riznich and Pushkin" Quoted from the book in. Veresaeva "Pushkin in the life of t. 1 ")
. But, . evil tongues immediately added, . that Madame Riznich, . too big feet, . is why she wears a dress with long train, . to get dirty in the dust of Odessa Street, . if they are not loyal fans mysteriously sad Amalia! The most loyal absented Pushkin,
. And his opponent was considered the lord prince Yablonovskii, a Polish emigre gentleman, with black eyebrows, and methane in the poet's fierce opinions, until he buzz for the beauty-banker "Thou Maciej" - (* as a kitten, Pol. - Author) poor Pole could reassure myself that sad languid beauty paid little attention to Russian rhymer, as a gentleman .. Yes madrigals and did not understand: just smiled! Vain efforts ...
. Vain liN Literary critics, historians of literature believe that - yes
. I dare to argue ...
Amalia Riznich was well educated, despite his youth - twenty-odd - and, judging from the recollections of his contemporaries, knew several European languages. Russian, of course, there. But the French are so brilliant that it could support and serious conversation, and witty anecdote (in a decent society, of course!) To tell.. Not to mention an Italian. But Pushkin - is almost unknown, well spoken and reading in Italian. He understood even the fishermen are members of the Odessa port Neapolitan courts, as it seems, it is difficult
So was he not tried, at least a good Italian prose, but - tell the meaning of his Amalia stihovN. Yes, and I need to transfer these, for example, lines:
. Surrounded by a crowd of admirers,
. Why do they seem to want a sweet,
. And all gives hope empty
. Your lovely eyes, the gentle, then unylyyN
. Mastered me, my mind is clouded,
. I'm sure in my love unhappy
. Do not you see you when in a crowd of passionate,
. Conversations stranger, alone and silent,
. I tormented annoyance lonely ...
. (Pushkin
. "I'm sorry if I jealous of Dreams" in 1823)
. Or these:
. "My voice for you, and tender and languid
. Worryingly later, the silence of the night dark.
. Near the bed of my sad candle
. Lights, my poems, blending and babbling,
. Flow, streams of love, flowing, full of thee ... "
. (Pushkin
. "Night" in 1823)
. The fact, . Amalia's proud that his heart was already taken: Whether ardent cavalier Sobanskaya, . that for a couple of Pushkin visited gay night at the Sacristan, . where they were playing whist and dancing waltzes, . (And opera, . which Amalia brilliant toilets and jewels, . distractedly listening to compliments admirer and sleepy snoring husband!) whether Prince Yablonovskii, . who was walking behind her heels, . and, . probably, . the former with her in some mysterious, intimate relationships, . - Unknown ...,
. But she, like any flirtatious woman who liked to torment the poet innuendo, smiles, strange looks, playing eyelashes crash fans, the sudden dryness of tone: Yes, you never know what torment women love! ...
. She played with fire, and sometimes - flirting
. Then the happy poet exclaimed:
But I love! Alone with me
You're so tender! Kiss your
So flame! The words of your love
So sincere are your soul
You torment my ridiculous;
But I love you, I understand ...
(Pushkin. "I'm sorry if I jealous dreams. 1823)
But this novel, painfully - tender, lit up by flashes of jealousy and mutual explanation, ended almost begun. Amalia, seriously thinking over all, resolutely to end the relationship ...

. What made her do etoN She was intelligent and insightful woman, perhaps she did not want to bother the man to whom she could not give too much: Yes, and did not want her, apparently, that he found himself trapped in her half asleep bouncer-husband
. In the house of the banker-merchant Ivan Riznich fans and admirer of his wife often entertained in the game of whist and lost on a major. Deeper into debt at interest, and borrowed all at the same Riznich ...
Can you guess what happened to them dalsheN ... Sure. The debt hole, flight abroad.. or a bullet in the forehead ... Maybe that's why only Mr. Riznich willingly played the role of the husband "in the background, knowing about all and about vseN: Secretly secretly ...
. Pushkin suffered muchitelnoiskal meetings, but, as always, a strong sense of melted in the crucible of poetic lines:
. "It's over: there is no connection between us
. The last time, hugging your knees,
. I uttered mournful interest.
. It's all over - I hear your answer ... "
. (A
. Pushkin "It's over: 1824)
. About how there was destiny proud "poluamazonki after the break with Pushkin, we can only guess: The brilliant life in Odessa," in a big way ": evenings, theater, dances, dinners until late at dawn - all this was not for the benefit of its brittle, Southern Health.
. Survived Ivan Riznich letter to his family, in which he wrote: "I have great misfortune of the health of my wife
. After her birth she was getting worse and worse. Wasting fever, constant cough, Harkц?ny blood, inspired me the most acute anxiety. I am forced to believe and to hope that the good times of the year will bring some - some relief, but unfortunately the opposite happened. As soon as spring arrived, seizures became more. Then the doctors announced, . that categorically and without wasting time, . she should leave the climate, . because otherwise they could not vouch, . it will survive the summer: It will go to Switzerland, . and in the fall I will join her and go with her to Italy to spend the winter,
. If only God helped her to improve their health "(And. Riznich - mother. 16 July 1824)
This letter was written after the departure of Amalia in Europe. She left with a child and three servants in early May 1824: Saint Alexander rushed after her, accompanied her to Vienna: but there they are forever parted: Prince gentleman Yablonovskii luckier.
. He has reciprocity: what Mr. Banker was immediately conveyed faithful Philip
. However, Mr Riznich apparently knew that feeling of it were to heaven short time.
Amalia, until his death, received adequate maintenance. What cost for a rich businessman - the banker to give up their bounty unhappy bolnoyN In May 1825 (exact date of death is unknown!) Amalia Ripp - Riznich died in Naples. She was not quite 23 пЁпЎпЄп°. Soon died, and her small child.
Pushkin learned of her death in July 1825. Already in the Michael. But long profile charming Italian pursued pencil - a thin contours, the mind and imagination of the poet, slipping through the pages of his notebooks with rough heads of Onegin. Is it really was her fleeting mark on the life of Alexander SergeevichaN ... Hardly ... Random novels of the masterpieces of poetry behind him leave.

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Riznich Amelia, photo, biography
Riznich Amelia, photo, biography Riznich Amelia  Odessa friend of Pushkin, the wife of a major banker and merchant, Ivan Riznich., photo, biography
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