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Edith Roosevelt

( The second wife of Theodore Roosevelt, 26 th President of the United States.)

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Biography Edith Roosevelt
(August 8, 1861 - September 30, 1948)
Edith was born on August 6, 1861 in the town of Norwich, Conn.. She was still a child when his parents moved to New York and his father Charles Kero became manager of the New York Chamber of Commerce. Families Kero and Roosevelt belonged to high society and maintained friendly relations.
Edith had known from childhood Theodore as a friend of his sisters, Corinne and Ann. They grew up together, played, they had common interests, both read voraciously, becoming teenagers, fell in love. They were separated only school, but it could not possibly interfere with the mutual feeling.
If any of them left with their parents, they wrote each other long letters. Even before admission to Harvard University, Theodore, both families believed young people ringed. There was no doubt that they will stay together. Edith visited a freshman at Harvard, and Theodore proudly introduced her fellow. "She never was more beautiful than it was then," - he wrote in his diary. "Everyone admired her elegance. She behaved as great as the look.
When Teddy was in my second year, something suddenly went wrong with them. Their arguments became more and more furiously. After another big quarrel, they parted. Name disappeared from the diary of Edith. Many years later, Edith told me that Theodore had proposed to her, but she rejected it because the parents considered her too young for marriage.
. Edith continued to be friends with the sisters Teodora and soon learned that Theodore unconscious in love with seventeen and marries Alice Lee
. Unknown Edith reaction to the message about the upcoming wedding. She was invited to the wedding, and she went, although it is safe to say that I was delighted by the fact that Theodore marries another girl.

Shortly after the birth of their daughter Alice died of puerperal fever. Theodore suffered heavy death of his beloved wife. Edith, he avoided both before and, visiting in New York even asked Ann to put him about the visits to Edith, to make sure we do not meet, Edith behave. However, two young men belonged to the same circle of society, and sooner or later, were to meet. This happened in one autumn day in 1885. Edith once went to Anne without warning and ran into Theodore. They had a long conversation and began to meet again.

Edith was a beautiful, one might even say, a charming woman, with brown hair and brown eyes. In an instant feeling flared up again early years. In November 1885 they secretly got engaged. At Theodore were some doubts about the correctness of this step, because of the death of his wife after only a half years. The idea of a second marriage depressed him: in his view, this is indicative of the weakness of men. Gradually the doubts subside, and Edith did not hurry, preferring to wait a bit.

After the death of Charles Kero family was in financial difficulties and moved to England. Of course, before leaving Edith told no one about the secret betrothal.

A year later, Theodore Roosevelt arrived in London, where on Dec. 2, 1886 and held them quiet, modest wedding. Theodore was 28 years, Edith - 25. The wedding took place in the Church of St. George.

On that day in London was a dense fog that his sister Theodora, entering the church, unable to see his brother standing at the altar. For four months the couple spent in Europe, traveling through England, France and Italy. In the spring they returned to New York, where they were warmly greeted by Annie, sister of Theodore and Edith's friend, and year-old daughter Theodora Alice.
Roosevelt's second marriage was as happy as the first. For Alice Edith was a good stepmother. Edith Roosevelt asked not to remind his daughter of his deceased mother, although a little Alice often visited his grandmother and grandfather on the maternal line.
Edith was restrained, closed and unsentimental woman, the complete opposite of predecessor. If the first wife Teddy called "baby", then he and the head would not come so call Edith. He called her "Eddie", and she him "Theodore."
They moved to a new big house in Oyster Bay, named after a local leader of the Indians "Seygemor Hill, which had 26 rooms, including 12 bedrooms. Rooms are gradually filled with trophies of the owner, a passionate lover of hunting. Family Roosevelt grew rapidly. Edith gave birth to four sons (Theodore, Kermit, Archibald, Quentin) and daughter Ethel. The first son, Theodore, was born September 13, 1887, the last, Quentin, 19 November 1897.

Roosevelt always been proud of their children and gave them a lot of time. From the eldest son, he really wanted to make a famous athlete. Edith vainly tried to convince her husband that the child is too weak and its constitution will not be able to withstand all workouts, which forced his father. Only the doctors convinced him that a boy of ten can not torment excessive exercise. Roosevelt liked to play with children. One of his friends once said: "Roosevelt will never forget that he was only seven years. And Edith belonged to her husband, as a large baby. When she left, then kissed the forehead of all children, and the last of her husband and told him: "Be good during my absence."

Well aware of her husband, Edith is not very sorry for him. Once Roosevelt hurt in the stables forehead and bleeding, he ran into the house. Seeing him, she quietly remarked: "You'd better go to the bathroom than in the living room, not to leave stains on the carpet."

Edith was not only a caring mother and faithful wife, but also support her husband. When Roosevelt received a post in government, Edith began to arrange receptions involving influential politicians. She knew how to listen, not interfering in the conversation on political topics, sometimes expressing his opinion about a particular person, which quickly spread in social circles, such as the Eleanor Roosevelt: "A poor, simple girl. Her lips and teeth can not promise her a great future ... But the ugly little duckling can turn into a swan. "

Edith is not very happy when in 1898 her husband went to Cuba, led a cavalry division Rafa Ryder. She was worried for his life. And when in the glare of fame, he returned to New York, then with great difficulty, withstood the onslaught of reporters besieging a house in Oyster Bay.

. It pleased the popularity of her husband, but not like attention of the press and public.

. From 1899 to 1901, Roosevelt was governor of New York
. Edith was to take part in many official receptions. To avoid the tedious ritual of shaking hands, she always had a bouquet of flowers. She expressed her delight in 1900 when her husband offered to take part in elections for the post of vice-president under William McKinley. She thought it so wanted to "move on siding". This view was shared by Roosevelt, but accepted the offer.

. After the Republicans win the election, Roosevelt became vice president and quickly realized that this post has not helped to increase its political influence as far as he wanted them
. In addition, a prominent American politician Mark Ghana opposed Roosevelt: "Do not you see that between this madman and the White House is just the life of one chelovekaN"

. The assassination of President McKinley in September 1901 in Buffalo was a turning point in the life of Roosevelt
. Roosevelt knew about it, being with my family in the Adirondack Mountains. He immediately went to Buffalo. September 14, 1901 Edith received a telegram from her husband: "That night, at 2.15, President McKinley had died". She collected things and the children returned home in Oyster Bay. In Buffalo the same day Theodore Roosevelt was sworn. He began to Him was 42. Until now, he is the youngest president of the United States.
Soon after her husband's call Edith arrived in Washington for the funeral of the late President. When the widow McKinley left the White House, Roosevelt and his family and loved animals entered there.
During Roosevelt's presidency, the White House there was always animated, arranged various attractions. In the garden there lived a bear named Jonathan Edwards, guinea pig, nicknamed "Father Grady, and ponies.
Roosevelt's daughter Alice, who was called "princess", often invited feminists. Her extravagant behavior does not always fit into the conventional framework and often resented society. She was smoking and this has provoked hostile attitude of many American women. In her purse was of a small snake, from time to time taking it out. Once at the wedding ceremony, she cut the cake saber, which is borrowed from someone ...

The White House was fun: the children running around the corridors and cabins, roller-skating. In many games and entertainment participated and the presidential couple. "When she was little, she must have been a boy," - once said one of the sons of Edith. The White House was more like a circus than the President's residence. Here always been and all the relatives, who were called "gang of the White House."

. If at a reception at the White House long queues reviews, . wanted to personally greet Roosevelt, . some Sea Orchestra, . usually plays at such celebrations, . manuf was playing at a fast pace, . that the president could quickly deal with the handshake.,

. As First Lady, Edith was active social life, much has changed in the etiquette of the White House
. Instead of traditional methods, it has organized concerts and musical evenings, which have become popular. For all these benevolent following public. No wonder there was that the Roosevelt family to enjoy a highly respected journalist, as the White House has always been open to them, and this gave the opportunity to report anything interesting.

. Marriage of Alice Roosevelt, Edith tried to present as a great social event of the American capital
. The wedding took place in the White House February 17, 1906. 22-year-old Alice married a 36-year-old bald Congress MP Nicholas Longworth of Ohio. At the reception on the occasion of the wedding was attended by 680 guests. Many representatives of foreign states passed a young couple wedding gifts.

Edith completely redesigned the White House, by removing the interiors of Victorian furniture. In the hall, she arranged a gallery with portraits of the wives of U.S. presidents. Ibid she put his own portrait. Even in her youth she has collected a very valuable collection of porcelain in the U.S.. Now, as the hostess of the White House where she organized an exhibition of porcelain, which was used by Presidents of the United States, their families and other well-known personality.

. Roosevelt believed the ideal wife, the mistress of the White House that has repeatedly stressed in public
. One employee of the White House, Archie Butt, once said that "for seven years in the White House Edith Roosevelt did not allow any mistakes."

. With great love Edith took care of her husband, tried to facilitate his performance of official duties, cut out newspaper articles and cartoons about it, or emphasized the most interesting places
. Some argue that Roosevelt confessed, though he often had to repent if he did not follow the advice of his wife. Edith had a big influence on her husband, but never showed it. If he had too much work, she insisted that he is rested and relaxed. And when he sat up late at night in his office on the first floor of the White House, she stamped her feet on the floor and called him: "Theodore!" - "Yes, Eddie!" - He replied, finishing his work and went upstairs.

. Edith very seriously its responsibilities and was the first wife of the President of the United States, which had its own secretary
. In this position she was invited Isabel Hegner. She received 1,400 dollars a year. Once a week Edith met with cabinet members to discuss various issues of protocol.

Edith loved to walk in any weather. Every morning after breakfast, she and her husband walked around the White House. In addition, she willingly went riding and once was nearly lost her life when she was thrown off a horse.

. Edith often jealous of Theodora to her sisters, she felt that they have too much influence on him, even reproached that he often meets with them, and demanded that they, like everyone else, asking permission for an audience with her brother
. Indeed, Roosevelt often consulted with her sisters, especially with Ann. In Edith had their own likes and dislikes. If it is someone did not like, it preferred not to meet with him in the White House, but when her husband said it was improper to avoid those who do not respect, she referred to a migraine. One day after meeting with Dutch Queen Wilhelmina in the White House, she called her "stupid".
She does not tolerate sexual promiscuity and. Washington was for her a kind of Sodom and Gomorrah. In many homes bachelors she seemed to adultery.
Once the list of invited guests Edith wiped out the name of woman who is rumored to have had an affair with a diplomat. Grand Duke Boris was denied admission because of the glory of the hero-lover.
The latter method, which Edith suit in the White House in 1908, was the first official presentation of the daughter of Ethel. Although she is under 18 years old, but her parents wanted her daughter's debut was in the White House before the end of Roosevelt's presidency.
. In February 1909, just before the end of this period, Edith felt that, finally, after the family leaves the White House, their lives will no longer be subject to criticism of public opinion.
. On the eve of the inauguration of William Howard Taft Roosevelts invited his family to the White House
. To the surprise of Edith, Helen Taft said that replace the entire staff of the White House, although the rules of good form should not dismiss all without checking the qualifications of each individual. Since the beginning of the relationship between women were quite tense.

March 3, 1909 Roosevelts left the White House. And already after 19 days of Theodore decided to take part in an expedition to Africa. Edith was against the trip, considering it a dangerous. After eleven months, she met her husband in Harzhune, noting with satisfaction that he is alive and well. From Harzhuna they went on a tour of Europe.

With the consent of his wife in 1912, Roosevelt again put his candidacy in the presidential elections, but this time failed. During the election race, Roosevelt was the victim of assassination. When he gave a speech in Chicago, a shot rang out, but despite this, Roosevelt concluded the report, only then he was taken to hospital. This news caught up with Edith in a theater in New York. The next day she went to Chicago, but when I went to the hospital, she saw that Roosevelt should not be doctors' prescriptions. In the House, he met with people to continue campaign. Edith settled in the next room and did not allow visitors, allowing doctors to conduct intensive treatment. A week later, she carried him to his house in Oyster Bay. At heart, Edith was glad that her husband lost the election. Now he is more able to be with her. One year later, a new reason to worry. Of the expedition to the Amazon her husband returned to the sick and exhausted.

During the First World War, Roosevelt's four sons were military service. Edith fainted when in July 1918, received the news that her youngest son, 23-year-old Quentin, was killed in Europe. After that she never felt well enough. Soon she caught the next stroke of fate.

November 11, 1918, the same day, when Europe a truce was arranged, Roosevelt was in the hospital with the attack of rheumatism. At Christmas he came home. January 5, 1919, Sunday, Edith was reading a book. When she left the room, he said, after her: "I do not know, do not you see how much I love Sagamori Hill. A few hours later he died in his sleep. He was 60 years old.

After the death of Edith's husband traveled a lot, traveled in Europe, in Siberia, Latin America, Africa and the Far East. His numerous travels she called "Grandma's Odyssey. In 77 years, Edith made the last voyage on the ship "volcanoes". She still lived in Oyster Bay, participated in charity auctions in favor of the church, wrote a book about his family, Kero, was a member of the Women's Republican Club. Edith Herbert Hoover represented at a meeting in Madison Square Garden in New York, where in 1932 he was the second time, his candidature for the presidential election.

Still in Sagamori Hill arranged family evenings. In birthday Edith came the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Sometimes invited American and foreign political figures, even though she tried to keep a low profile and avoided reporters.

. During Prohibition, she defiantly staged receptions and treated all alcoholic beverages in protest against restrictions on civil liberties by the Government.

. She lost two sons
. Kermit died of natural causes on June 4, 1943, while on military service in Alaska. Her eldest son, Theodore, was promoted to general, died of a heart attack on July 12, 1944 in Normandy. He was 56 years old.

Edith stood for the Republican party, more precisely, for its conservative wing. In this regard, she thought not, as her husband. On the Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt responded rather snidely: this "a distant relative of my husband, especially emphasizing the word" distant. "
. In the election campaign in 1936 she supported the Republican Alfred Landon, who spoke against Franklin Roosevelt
. When Senator Vic Dohani of Ohio compared to Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin, . Edith openly and strongly opposed such a comparison, . arguing, . that her husband fought for the rights of every person, . while the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt limits the rights of individuals, . subjecting it to the state.,
. After the Second World War, Edith lived in constant Sagamori Hill with her daughter Ethel, whose husband, Dr. Richard Derby, was her family physician
. As a youth, she read a lot.
Edith Roosevelt died on Sept. 30, 1948 in Oyster Bay. She was 87 years old. She was buried beside her husband. After she left two children, Archie and Ethel, sixteen grandchildren, fifteen great-grandchildren and state dollars in 414000. Before his death, she expressed only one wish: "I did not bring greater joy than the inscription on my tombstone:" She did everything for the happiness of others ". However, it was written only her name and surname, date of birth and death.
. A few weeks later, in December 1948, weekly "Life" in an editorial about the wives of the presidents wrote about her, that she was "one of the most vigorous and energetic female presidents who ever lived in the White House."

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Edith Roosevelt, photo, biography
Edith Roosevelt, photo, biography Edith Roosevelt  The second wife of Theodore Roosevelt, 26 th President of the United States., photo, biography
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