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Jiang Qing (Czyn Cin)

( mistress and then wife of Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong.)

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Biography Jiang Qing (Czyn Cin)
(1914 - 14 May 1991)
Mistress, then wife of Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong. After the death of Mao tried to become his political heir, but the "conspiracy of the four" failed.
In China, women have always been considered inferior beings, and they are not just revenge for this, they took revenge. Madame Mao's honor took place in a number of Empresses of the distant past, the regent, merciless and cruel. This was a woman, completely devoid of moral values, a very prudent and cunning ", nothing is done just so.
If she became someone's mistress, then in order to erase this person in powder. If you actively involved in the communist movement, it is only because the time had guessed where the blowing wind of change. Most of it struck stamina, incredible ability to adapt to any, the most dramatic situations, and - lust to live, that her understanding meant to dominate. She wanted to become the only, to become heir to Mao and his "empire" ... Why the great Mao was so "under the thumb" that woman, which could hardly be called beautiful ...
Jiang Qing was born in Shandong Province in the family of the small businessman Lee Devenya in 1914 (according to other sources, 1912), the. In 1928, he entered the theater courses. Two years later, married a trader named Juan. This alliance has experienced a little honeymoon. After divorce, Jiang Qing moved to Qingdao, where she worked in the university library. She rotated among filmmakers, theater audience, successfully tying all the new friends and appreciating the fun bohemian life.
It is hard to say what it sought to make a career of the young Jiang Qing - aspiring actress ... But even before his acquaintance with Mao, she said she would marry "the first man in China". When Jiang Qing appeared in Yenan, it was 26 years old. She was forced to leave their work in film. The reason for that was the scandal around the connection Jiang Qing with the actor and critic Tang. When Chiang Ching threw his elderly patron and two children born to him, Tang threatened to commit suicide. Around this story uproar. She hit the pages of newspapers and became a sensation. Thus it was unanimously pointed to Jiang Qing as a culprit of personal tragedy Tang. In her address is plenty of blame.
Even then, Chiang Ching knew what she wanted. Her life since age 18 was associated with the Communist Party, and further their own destiny, it has also been associated with the policy. She planned her life.
. As Jiang Qing fell in a private environment MaoN How did it pass a barrier of companions, protection, wife, nakonetsN
. Even in Shanghai, according to Jiang Qing, until she heard rumors about the leader of the errant red Mao Zedong and his comrades menacing Chu
. She could only dream of meeting him. Mao himself said Jiang Qing, when she arrived in Yan'an. He found her and invited her to lecture at the Institute of Marxism-Leninism. Surprised and Determined awe, Jiang Qing at first refused, but later, having overcome his embarrassment, accepted the invitation. Thus began their relationship, which has long been carefully concealed from the others.

Their wedding is also connected with a scandalous history. It is known that the Politburo then voices were raised against Mao Zedong's divorce from his third wife - Ho Tszychzhen, which at that time was treated in the USSR, and especially against marrying a woman of dubious reputation. This issue was discussed even at the Politburo meeting, however, Mao Zedong insisted, saying that his personal life he would arrange such a way as he wants, no matter what. Kang Sheng - compatriot Jiang Qing - played a major role in settling the family business. He gave bail for at the Politburo, Jiang Qing, and since then became her confidant.

Jiang Qing always in conversations with reporters sought to absolve themselves of responsibility for the divorce from Mao Zedong, Ho Tszychzhen. "When I arrived in Yan'an, Mao did not live with his wife for over a year. They were divorced, and she was treated in the Soviet Union ". Jiang Qing, Mao's former wife, described as stubborn and close to a woman, not able to understand "the political world of Mao. Yes, she admits that Ho with Mao had done "a great campaign, but she, Jiang Qing, intuitively and immediately suffered a mysterious world leader.

But very Jiang Qing constantly tormented by uncertainty as to her feelings of Mao. She remembered the sad fate of their predecessors, and there were three. She knew that Mao divorced his first wife, which, however, was imposed on him by parents. Then he married the daughter of a deeply respected professor of. She bore him three sons. Subsequently, the wife was executed by KMT. The third wife, he sent to the Soviet Union - ostensibly for treatment, and after returning concluded in a psychiatric hospital. Before my eyes, Jiang Qing were countless examples of divorces in the top management. Y Liu Shaoqi had six wives.

But Jiang Qing was careful, and she was an actress. She married Mao in 1939 and became a quiet and inconspicuous housewife. This condition was put Mao's leadership of the Communist Party. The appearance of his young wife deceptive. Looking at the photo of Jiang Qing in the Yenan period, you see a pretty woman, thin and flexible as a lotus, with delicate facial skin and full lips. Jiang Qing began to play another very important and credible role. It is not just a wife - she is his friend, colleague. In the memoirs of Jiang Qing, Mao wrote that she never, even by mistake, do not call him a husband or by the name. She always called him only the President. She guarded him, but not as protects the wife of a loved one, and how to protect their senior chief secretary. None of that is not claiming she is only trying to be helpful to him in all his activities. Behind the scenes in her small hands was concentrated considerable power.
. In 1960, Jiang Qing reopened this has interfered in politics and had a great great influence on the style and methods of the Cultural Revolution in China.
. Jiang Qing was the Assistant Chairman of the Culture and Education, in other words - "Patrol Cultural Revolution
. She could now force to compel all to forget about her past.
Jiang Qing had nothing to tell about the period of 1930. Episodes of her life at that time gave a reason for the present Chinese leaders to portray her as a woman of easy virtue, who gained access to the communist movement on the instructions of the Kuomintang.

. People's Daily "after the arrest of Jiang Qing reported that during the Cultural Revolution, she had tried all means to eliminate all traces of its past activities
. So, . in 1968, Jiang Qing instructed its agents from a secret organization under the guise of "Red Guards" to perform searches in the homes, . where there might be photos, . Documents, . Related to 1930 years, . and destroy all, . that could compromise her.,

. In 1964, Chiang Ching met a man who was known to her past
. She quickly established a relationship with an agent Lin said: "You should take advantage of these vague at times and catch my enemy. If you have any enemies, tell me, I'll deal with them. "

"Enemies" at the Chinese culture and Jiang Qing was a lot. Playwrights, actors, scientists, writers, musicians - those who have continued to "serve as a handful of landlords, kulaks, counterrevolutionaries, rightists and bourgeois elements", in opposition to the proletarian culture.

. Jiang Qing declared a "crusade", which would have seemed comical, if it was not a monstrous
. In the "cultural construction", inspired by Jiang Qing, Red Guards in the main operating. Jiang Qing did not know doubt that she herself had no education, except for three months of training in drama school in Tsinan in youth. In case she humbly confessed in his ignorance.

Jiang Qing appeared at rallies of Red Guards. In 1966, she enthusiastically declared that civil war broke out, considering it the only means of proletarian elements in the spiritual life. Carriers bourgeois began were to be "revolutionary liquidation". "With a hammer in his hand, - she said - raising his clenched fist, I went on the offensive at all old.

Especially proud of Jiang Qing was the creation of exemplary performances "yanban Sea. In 1972, during a visit to China by U.S. President P. Nixon, Jiang Qing, had invited him to present the revolutionary ballet "The Red Women's Battalion". When the president asked to name the playwrights, composers and directors, creating such performances, Jiang Qing, solemnly told him that "they created masses.
"Cultural Revolution, Jiang Qing was swept to the top of power. But the wife of the President sought to absolute power, she dreamed of becoming a "red empress", successor to 70-year-old Mao. They say that when Mao died, somebody heard Jiang Qing said: "A man must renounce in favor of women. A woman may also be a monarch. Empress may exist even under Communism.

Now argue that Mao warned the party against the coup attempt by Jiang Qing. The Chinese press wrote, . that Chairman Mao before his death very seriously told someone the story of Hua Guofeng Liu Bane, . which is realized before death, . that the Empress Lu and others of her clan conspired to betray the country and usurp power.,
. The death of Mao on Sept. 9, 1976 (he died unexpectedly) led to a sharp deterioration of the political struggle
. The funeral of Mao, which have been furnished as a national tragedy, not too long occupied the minds of his heirs. Was not yet resolved the question of how to deal with the remains - buried in the ground, cremate or embalm, has not yet ceased to vibrate speech on the funeral rites, as the heirs tried to take power.
. Jiang Qing and her entourage were arrested at the palace
. Soon there were official reports of the conspiracy "gang of four" - Zhang Tsuntsyao, Wang Hunvenya, Jiang Qing, Yao Venyuanya who were preparing to inherit Mao and establish a "fascist dictatorship".
The fall of Jiang Qing - "Red Star" - was rapidly. It is at once lost everything: power, political clout and, most importantly, the tantalizing prospect of repeating the fate of the wives of emperors of China, who inherited their crown, their activities, their cult. The defeat was all the more painful that the coup was suppressed without a struggle. The arrest of the widow of the "red sun" is not followed by any disruption in any party, nor in the State. A life sentence she was serving first in prison and then in a well-guarded mansion. Her career ended in a loop: in the early morning of May 14, 1991, Jiang Qing found hanged herself in a room of her Beijing residence.
. Thus ended the career of the great wife of the great Mao, which had once dreamed of a young actress with a poetic name of Jiang Qing, in the translation - "Blue River".

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Jiang Qing (Czyn Cin), photo, biography
Jiang Qing (Czyn Cin), photo, biography Jiang Qing (Czyn Cin)  mistress and then wife of Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong., photo, biography
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