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Natalie Paley

( The daughter of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich Romanov and Olga Valerianovna Pistolkors)

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Biography Natalie Paley
(1905 - December 1982)
Natalia Pavlovna Paley, in the first marriage - Lelong, in the second - Wilson. The daughter of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich Romanov and Olga Valerianovna Pistolkors, received a left-handed marriage name and title of Princess Paley. (1905 - December 1982). Silent film actress, one of the first known photo and top - model of the Paris fashion world. The wife of a famous couturier Lucien Lelong. Famous for its beauty and elegance. Her salon was the most brilliant in Paris among the Russian emigration in the 30 -40-s. She died in America, at the age of seventy-seven years in solitude, taking sleeping pills. In honor of Natalie Paley created Lelong perfume "Le N".
Can remember, little Natasha always walked around the house on tiptoe. Yes, better to say, not walk, and fly. Otherwise, it was impossible to move in the rooms, . filled with beautiful carved furniture with a heavy satin pillows and embossed pattern inlay, . and all sorts of museum piece: trinkets of ivory, . that for some reason it was impossible to touch the hands, . fragile Chinese vases, . dinnerware, . that country was known as a Sevres, . then meysennskimi,
. "Name them, such that if" N - often surprised thought Natasha. Sometimes, . secretly, . breathless delight, . She picked up some - a cup and carefully peeked inside, . as if expecting there to find some - any redkost.No cup was, . sure, . empty, . only shimmered in the sun fragile veins of blue.,

. Similar streaks were seen in the hands of the mother, . she, . rustling clothes and filling the room aroma spirit, . flew to the nursery for long, . to kiss them all three - Natasha, . Irina, . and Volodenka before bedtime and to return to the guests, or go to the opera, . which gave "Aida",
. Once Natasha, courage, a half-whisper asked her mother, who is Aida. The wife of the underground Greek king, about whom it is written in the book, or someone else toN

Mom, furrowing his eyebrows slightly beautiful, the girl explained that Aida is the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh, wrote an opera about her. And who is - faraonN - persisted Natasha. Mom, sigh, and just slightly raising his voice, the girl explained that this Egyptian king, like our Russia Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich. Natasha, . nodding, . and kissing his hand on the move, . in bracelets and rings, . tuck neatly slipped from kicking down blanket, . half asleep still intended to ask any questions about, . but my mother had whispered angrily, "Immediately sleep, . Tomorrow you have a lot of cases, . I - I'm late! "- cross it and come out of child,
. Behind the door in a dream, Natasha could still hear it as a beautiful musical voice that the mother angrily upbraided governess. Up came the girl a few words: "too many games and bustle, the regime a bad dream": The governess frightened and apologetic excuses must be squatting on every word, as she always did, talking to mom or dad. From the above Natasha could only make out: "very lively child, and Madame the princess is worried in vain"

And then only because these words are often repeated Mademoiselle. After that, everything was forgotten in the joyful and profound childhood dream. Dreams, in which Natasha caught right-handed colorful, bright butterflies, dazzling beauty of the wings more than the sunlight ....

. Seemed, . Childhood, . bathed in dazzling sunlight, . last forever, . behind him comes youth unalloyed and fresh, . a bud bathes in dew maroon - red roses with the magic name of "Queen of Paris", . - This sort of flowers Natasha loved more than anyone,
. Roses grown in greenhouses estates Paley always. In CцЄte d'coast of France and in the misty alleyways of Stone Island. (Since 1914 Paley - The Romanovs were already living in Russia, . and the Grand Duke Pavel, . pardoned his nephew Emperor Nicholas II, . soon commanded one of the divisions of the Russian army.) But not to be realized by this simple and easy, . as children's sleep, . dreams,
. Prevented vortex 1917.

Everything seemed a terrible terrible dream. In it, the dream is difficult to believe, but it goes on and on and are becoming increasingly harsh face of reality. Snachalpa arrested his brother, then his father.. That was in March 1917. Neither one nor the other Natasha never seen.

. Vladimir Paleyu as "illegitimate" because "no Romanov" Commissioner proposes to abandon his father and thus - to save lives.

. A talented poet and a romantic, whose book of poetry only recently been published in St. Petersburg, he honorably refused, saying quietly that "the Romanovs did not betray the kind of honor!"
. On the night of 4 to 5 July 1918, Prince Vladimir Paley was thrown alive into the mine Alapaevsk with Auntie - Princess Elizabeth and svomi cousins: John and Constantine
. Natasha's father was shot in the fortress
. He was so sick that the place of execution was carried on a stretcher.
. Olga Valerianovna - effeminate, . capricious, . spoiled by a luxurious life of a woman, . a wave of the little finger which paid huge bills in Schveytsarskom and the French national bank and melted the hearts of men tverdokamennnye, . fearlessly sought an interview with prominent chlenovChK, . but a terrible end to her husband and her son told her, . that the same fate awaits her and her daughters teens,
. In Finland and Shweds, the princess and her daughters, risking their lives, hiding the few remaining jewels after a search in the lining of his coat, moved to France. Precaution, left by the Grand Duke Paul in France, part of the state has provided for his widow and daughters quite a comfortable life. Princess Olga Valerianovna, using a broad acquaintance with the fashion houses of France, which has been generous, but because - spoiled a client-arranged charity evenings and bazaars for the benefit of refugees from the "red" Russia.

Perhaps her young daughter, Natalie is here for the first time and felt what - a vague attraction to the podium, to the rustling and swishing expensive fabrics.. Yes, stunning costumes and jewelry mother, formed a decent gap in the family budget. Comes "gilded poverty" Reluctantly, quietly, but advancing. We had to look for work. And Natalie decided to tell adorable and capricious mother about his desire to work as a model, a dummy, as they said then. Mother, burst into tears, threw a tantrum, wringing her hands,

. Torturing them in tiny lumps of finest cambric, . what is whispered about a poor father and Waldemar, . of Emperor, . but the statute cry, . asleep on the couch, . and waking up in the evening, . languidly twisting in the hands of a faceted bottle with snuff salts, . and complaining of a headache and shattered lives, . agreed to the career of Natalie as a "dummy.",

. Here writes in his book "Beauty in Exile" on the future of Princess Paley, an emigre Russian writer Alexander Vassiliev: "Slim, . graceful, . a beautiful and expressive - soft plastic movements, . she patronage mother and half-brother Dmitri Romanov, . some time working in the Fashion House of Felix Yusupov,

Circle of acquaintances, family ties - all this inevitably pushed her to the world of legislators. Fashion, the most of its top leadership. She met Coco Chanel and she bewitched girl, and instantly evaluated its striking beauty, recommended it as mannequins in one of the prestigious modeling firms Lucien Lelong. Monsieur Lelong, Nathalie obvorozhenny instantly, promptly divorced his wife and a few months later he married a "real Romanov. The wedding took place in August 1927.

. The marriage lasted ten years, in the highest circles of the Russian emigration was considered a shameful misalliance (be the wife of a tailor! "- This is embarrassing for the princess, and with Romanov blood), but Natalie did queen idol of fashion in Paris
. Her face adorned the cover of fashion "Vogue" from month to month, most original models couturier Lelong belonged only to her! And it was worthy of framing beauty - elegant, slightly chilly, dignified. "Her appearance is fraught with the same mystery as the face of Greta Garbo - Vasilyev wrote in his book about her and the other Russian women who are the uncrowned queen of Paris, mistress of hearts, thoughts and artistic elite of the time

. Apparently, Natalie could not find emotional intimacy with a successful husband.

. She preferred to stay "in the company of friends - men gifted and bright, who saw in it the embodiment of beauty, which they worshiped, but does not seek to intimacy.
. With Jean Cocteau and Serge Lifar from Natalie had affairs, although but more platonic than passionate. It is clear that too great a manifestation of masculinity repelled Natalie, she saw in this behavior a threat to its fragile beauty and preferred the warm admiration associated with the poetry of the senses "(A. Vasil'ev.)

Since 1933 Natalie begins to act in films. Extraordinary photogenic and luxurious dresses "from Lelong" made it visible on the screen, which at that time was shining a lot of beautiful women - emigrants from Russia. Immediately followed by an invitation to Hollywood, where Natalie co-starred in two films. In one of the films its partners were rising stars of American cinema: Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. In France, Natalie appeared in the movie film 1936 "new men" with Jean Marais.

. Alexander Vasiliev wrote about her, . as netalantlivoy actress, . nothing special on the screen not having shown himself: but it could be viewed without interrupting .. "She played mostly character roles - daffy, . eccentric and, . sure, . always elegant women, . but these images are not very deep. "- A notice,
. Vasiliev.

Meanwhile, a decade of marriage, Natalie coming to an end. Having decided to break and had all the official papers, . Madame Lelong swiftly returned to her native America, which became, . contract to take in the new film and, . exactly ten years after the first wedding, . - In August 1937 left the newly married to a successful producer and theatrical producer John Wilson,
. And Monsieur Lelong sad fact of divorce marked a new collection of luxury toilets dolled up for autumn-winter season in Paris and a new series of scents, too maddening Parisian fashion plates. Perfumes and toilet waters carried the name: "Le N" ..
NataliN pushed ever lyubovN But in French and reads the word "hate": Natalie. Came nenavistN.. Mystery title could not find anyone. Aroma fashionable until now.

In the Americas, Natalie Paley - Wilson to continue to vigorously pursue modeling, working together with their countrywomen: Valentina Sanya, half-sister Maria Pavlovna Romanova. Not inclined to be "just a wife" for a short time has become a prosperous, well-known model in the U.S. firm

. "Linchboycher" It is many of his countrymen generously supported, baptized children, get the job, writing letters of recommendation, invited to their tea party and
. In its interior there were Marlene Dietrich, Erich Maria Remarque, famous actors, artists, musicians. They are enamored of the mistress of five minutes, declarations of love. It captivating smile, nodded her head. But this emotional closeness she had not been with anyone. Even with his sister Irina relationship eventually waned, and then did - interrupted.
. Perhaps this was due to some closed and most eccentric character Natalie, and maybe - with a long and persistent passion liquor her husband, John Wilson
Enthusiasm, have fallen into the disease so rapidly that it became simply too dangerous not that invite guests to a party, but even to keep in the house of spirits. She struggled as she could, but in 1961 John Wilson died of cirrhosis of the liver, as Natalie suffered a very severe form of depression. She chose a life of seclusion and parting with the modeling business, leaving many friends: Do not respond to phone calls, no one has.
So she lived for many decades.
At the end of December 1981 poluoslepshaya, gray-haired Natalie Paley - Wilson broke the neck of the femur.
Doctors pronounced sentence - to remain until the hour of death fixed!
But once the brilliant beauty listens to them with dispassionate smile. Alone, . draped in black satin room, . where the walls were hung with her own photographs - at a time of dazzling youth - and portraits of the royal couple's last, . mother, . father, . brother Vladimir, . she, . gathered his last strength, . "to leave without hysterics, . Complaints, . tears and hatred of the remaining live ", . (A,
. Vasiliev.) Took a large dose of sleeping pills. In a note written by the firm graceful - Romanov hand with complex flourishes were three words: "I want to die with honor." Like all of the Romanovs, she knew that there is honor ...

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  • Tatiana for Natalie Paley
  • Nataly is very charming I fall in love with her beauty so charming She dies as Romanovs that true with honor like aristocrats. She was one unhappy woman without a child if she had a child she would live for granddaughter and will be happy poor Princess Natalia-pure one.
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    Natalie Paley, photo, biography
    Natalie Paley, photo, biography Natalie Paley  The daughter of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich Romanov and Olga Valerianovna Pistolkors, photo, biography
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