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Stella McCartney (Stella MacCartney)

( Daughter McCartney)

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Biography Stella McCartney (Stella MacCartney)
Never before in the nearly forty-year history of the House "Chloe" was not attracted as much attention as the day of presentation of the collection of Stella McCartney ...
. "Excuse me, but the hall of the Palace" Garnier "can not accommodate everyone," - with an English countenance repeating spokesperson House and after a moment gave the order to catch two infiltrators in the confusion of "rabbits"
. Dozens of video and still cameras, hundreds of correspondents and Beatles fans, rustling and pushing each other, laid siege to login. Suddenly came deathly silence, the crowd parted: McCartney's wife, excitedly discussing with Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach debut daughter, proceeded to the hall. Could start ...
The owners of the company at all times tried to get designers with loud names - twice came here, Karl Lagerfeld, three years gave the "Chloe" Martin Sitbon. So the arrival of Stella in 1997, considered a natural. "Name speaks for itself, and design capabilities for 'father's daughter" no role "- asserted envious. However, to their dismay, the audience applause testified to the contrary. Refined simplicity of the silhouette, precision lines and elegance of fine lace, finally convinced the owners of the company that they have not miscalculated: Stella McCartney - a worthy replacement "Iron Carla". By the way, director of "Chloe" Munir Mufarizh, saying that he had not imagined that employs the daughter of Paul, obviously cunning ... "My choice was dictated by the exceptional talent of Stella, which was selected among 41 candidates.
On the podium succeeded one another Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Amber Valletta, Esther Kanadas. 26-year-old debutant standing ovation and old customers at home, and potential, among them many young people. However, debutante McCartney could be called a stretch to argue.
. For the first time it was named after the show graduation collection (Stella graduated from the fashion design department of the famous school of Saint Martins), to demonstrate that she asked her girlfriend Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell
. And immediately rebuked her of deliberately drawing attention to his own person. "Show me a man who would do otherwise," - retorted attacks recent graduate of. Soon, Stella has created its own brand, and a year later she was invited to "Chloe". And again, followed by accusations of incompetence and trying to become famous by his father.
These charges Stella recalled, adjusting her dress backstage at Amber Valletta. Go out into the hall do not want to ... Kate Moss had to almost forcibly drag her friend on the podium
On that day in the hall "Garnier" reigned real excitement: the security service with difficulty managed to contain wishing to get behind the scenes. At this time in the unusual role of asylum were even Paul with Linda. Pushing her way through reporters and evading injure his camera, Paul tried to break through the cordon: "Let me congratulate your child!"
. The next day the press was full of positive reviews: fashion critics claimed that Stella McCartney is now officially accepted into the elite circle of the first designers in the world.

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Stella McCartney (Stella MacCartney), photo, biography
Stella McCartney (Stella MacCartney), photo, biography Stella McCartney (Stella MacCartney)  Daughter McCartney, photo, biography
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