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Marianne Maksimovsky

( Leading TV-6)

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Biography Marianne Maksimovsky
photo Marianne Maksimovsky
Journalistic fate of the leading TV-6 Marianne Maksimovskaya was a foregone conclusion. Mom brought her - even high school - to her friend, the philologist, she looked at the girl, shook her head and delivered the verdict: "No Philology. It's typical journalism ".
- Marianne, you have every working day of saturated and prodolzhitelnyyN
- As a rule, yes. Although this week special. I just returned from vacation, and during that time accumulated a pile of all cases, here and address them in a hurry.
- Where the forces vosstanavlivaliN
- We - my husband, with a child, friends - "the farm" in 14 people spent 2 weeks at sea. To have a rest after all it is necessary, even from his beloved work. And I, frankly, was tired, so I was even 14 days was not enough.
- And in the country why not otdyhaeteN
- We have it being constructed. And the end-edge of this work is not visible. Wooden house to do, but still not calculated the forces. The result was a classic long-term construction.
- You have reached the ultimate dream of any first-year student of faculty of journalism - a popular leading to one of the central channel. What more for the happiness nadoN
- I, like everyone, want happiness in my personal life and success in. Regarding the first - here I am a happy man. I - beloved husband, beloved child, loved parents, wonderful friends and still have a favorite dog Truffles. With happiness in things like this: as if something has already been done, something achieved. But there are many that would be desirable in themselves and their work to change what should be done better and better. I, as they say, not a magician - only to learn. And this is not some kind of political correctness statement in an interview, but really what I think. Over 10 years of television work as much in four angles: and was editor and correspondent, was a leading news and interview programs in the genre of. Everyone just started anew - it's completely different work. Well, almost like a figure skater to become a footballer, and then to bob. Now we are again doing a new thing, and again I feel at the beginning of the path. As far as the work on themselves - it goes on.
- His first broadcast pomniteN
- How a bad dream. Everything was very bad. Then went. After all, television journalism, perhaps more than technology or craft than art. And this same technology to learn. Then, in comparison with the work of correspondents, leading - it is much more of the crew. It is necessary to ensure that everyone in it to understand each other without words literally. Besides, I was and still is a very good teacher - Michael Osokin. Known fact that professional and human qualities do not always coincide. Often - an absolutely brilliant professional, but as a person - even those who do not want to talk. Osokin same - a wonderful example of being practically free of defects: in the journalistic and human terms. It is circulated to the brigade on TSN I came 10 years ago, and now we are with him periodically subjects divide. Correspondent brings some exclusive material, and in the morning at the mobile brigade we Osokin decide who he will get. I say: "Let me at 19.00". And he said: "No I in 21.00". Yield, as a rule, I - as a senior. But sometimes he told me, as the fairer sex. Probably the part that looks very funny.
"Television is steeper than the army"
- From the abundance of information, most often negative, perhaps, any depression nachinayutsyaN
- Depression, I started from the accumulated fatigue. But without an abundance of information can not - watch TV in the morning and evening, both at home and in their home and at work. Kind of life is better disciplined than the army. The airwaves can not be late because you have to be kept up to date with all the information for release must recheck. In general, produces high staff culture. Houses that I "news" maniac, all already resigned. My husband is a former journalist-informatsionschik currently engaged in public relations. Daughter Sasha, as any modern child, often watching TV or working on the computer than reading. Maybe a bad thing. Here are many of today's children are all ready-made. Well, for example, reads Sasha "The Three Musketeers" and trying to imagine what he was - D'Artagnan, and as she looks on TV and film sees D'Artagnan - Boyarsky, Athos - Smekhova and so on. Fantasia does not develop, and this, of course, minus. On the other hand, our children receive much more information than ever before, we at their age. And this is a plus.
- My daughter goes to the parent stopamN
- She does not know yet, but already is thinking, although it will fall only 11 years old. Sasha quite seriously reflecting on whether she should have enough strength of character to become a journalist. In fact, the girl is a good quality for the profession - a sense of language, she knows how to play with words, wrote tales, poems, and even draws. In general, child creative. And is there enough character for journalism - let's see.

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Marianne Maksimovsky, photo, biography
Marianne Maksimovsky, photo, biography Marianne Maksimovsky  Leading TV-6, photo, biography
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