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( Leading the program `News` on RTR)

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Biography TITOVA Anna
photo TITOVA Anna
Last year she won "TEFI" as "Best Leading information programs, leaving behind Ekaterina Andreeva and Marianne Maksimovsky. Six months ago, RTR invited Titov - the star of the fourth channel of Ekaterinburg - Moscow.

. - You have already adopted as the lead of the evening air, instead of Eugene Revenko?
. - The chief editor of "Vesti" Alexander Abramenko I heard that we will have a new system: evening editions will carry different people
. So I can, and will work in the evening, but not instead of Zhenya.

- Ekaterinburg you were present TV stars. Why are you still decide to leave, have left their homes, family? Remember the "TEFI" you spoke about the malevolent work of the central channel, and now one of them and there ...
. - I never malevolent about anyone did not respond - usually there is on TV
. This regional competition "News - time local" among the leaders of the information services we arranged "debriefing" to discuss the central issues of the news channels. I criticized the "Time" ORT. But this was done for training purposes, so they perceive my comments as a negative assessment of the metropolitan colleagues wrong.

And in Moscow, I came because, firstly, in the "West" was updated team. Secondly, four years of work at the Yekaterinburg TV has done almost all. We had to move on - grow either as manager or as a leading. Preferred the latter.

. - In addition, RTR, probably promised mountains of gold?
. - No I did not promise mountains of gold, but I did and did not ask.

. - Usually, when the manager (Anna was also the chief editor of the news service of Yekaterinburg TV) changed the workplace, followed by stretching subordinates
. With you someone Ekaterinburg left?
- Yes, correspondent Alexey Ponomarev. But this does not mean that we have with other relations deteriorated. We remained friends. And the head of the "Quartet" Igor Mishin, when we said goodbye, wished me luck.

. - What is the difference between Yekaterinburg and Moscow TV?
. - Speaking of work, regional news more "home", addresses those issues about which people speak in queues
. A federal reports it often comes to global issues, but this does not mean that they are boring.

As vnutritsehovyh contacts, then on the small channels is very warm, homely atmosphere, all the guests to each other go. The current team of 200 people is impossible.

- Even in the regions there is a rule: in the days free from work is a leading correspondent. Why is this not in Moscow?
- I think, because "people feed" the forces of this is left. But I would very much like to remove reporting. I like this work.

- "Fourth Channel" Ekaterinburg private. A RTR, as we know, the public. It was easy to adapt to new conditions?
- This is one of the biggest problems. That can not afford private channels, is often unacceptable for public. And I understand it very well.

- Many blamed "Vesti", because they create too positive picture of life in the country. You can not blame the power that feeds you?
- And why blame her? This is not an end in itself. The main thing - to make interesting news that will watch the maximum number of people. That's what I think is his job.

- I think it depends on you?
- From correspondents and of leading, of course. We do not say: "I went to watch TV-6". They say: "I went to watch Osokina."

While I do not quite like what I get. Much still needs to learn, something to fix. I want to someday people said: "I went to see Titov. Ekaterinburg, I hope, say so.

- So you're unhappy with what had made on RTR?
- On the contrary, I think everything happens too fast. More recently, in February, led the morning edition. First, the "orbit" at 5 am. And now go out on the air in the evenings.

. - How much you need time to prepare the evening edition?
. - The working day begins at about ten am, ends at 12 at night.

. - And this for 20 - 25 minutes in the eight-issue? Not hurt?
. - Understand airtime valued oh how expensive ...

. - How do you spend your free time?
. - Hard to say
. During those six months that I was on RTR, I had only one free week.

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    TITOVA Anna, photo, biography
    TITOVA Anna, photo, biography TITOVA Anna  Leading the program `News` on RTR, photo, biography
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