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Porechenkov Mikhail E.

( Actor)

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Biography Porechenkov Mikhail E.
photo Porechenkov Mikhail E.
Age 34
. Education In 1996 graduated L.G.I.T.M.i.K., workshop VM Filshtinsky
. Height 182 cm
. Weight 94 kg
. Hair dark brown
. Eyes Gray
. He worked as radio presenter, host the show programs on the dubbing, the dubbing, the leading TV programs
. Languages Polish
. Sports boxing, swimming
. Work on stage
. Performance: "Waiting for Godot", Theater: "Leningrad City Council, Director: Yu Butusov
. Performance: "Woyzeck," Theater: "Lensoveta, Director: Yu Butusov
. Performance: "From the idiot," Theater: "Lensoveta"
. Performance: "The lady - the specter of" Theater: "Lensoveta"
. Performance: "Death Tarelkin, Theater:" Leningrad City Council, Director: Yu Butusov
. Performance: "Caligula", Theater: "Leningrad City Council, Director: Yu Butusov
. Film works
. Film: "The Wheel of Love", Role: Cyril, Director: E. Scrubbed
. Film: "Streets of broken lamps"
. Film: "Petty Officer, Director: I. Makarov
. Film: "Gangster Petersburg"
. Film: "Bitter", Role: Athlete Director: Yuri Mamin
. Film: "SWAT"
. Film: "Undercover", Role: Mityagin, Director: D. Meskhiev
. Film: "Neben der Zait", Role: Sasha, Director: Andreas Kleinert
. Film: "Agent of National Security, Role: Lech Nikolaev, Director: D. Svetozarov

. He made a famous episode, "Agent of National Security"
. Porechenkov - Lech Nikolaev looked in the shot so wildly that all at once asked: "And where is he undertook, in natureN" Where-where ... From Peter, from the Theater of Leningrad Soviet, where he works a few seasons, closely engaged in the repertoire and performances seen in the young director Yury Butusov, on whom great hopes. Sam believes that "in the theater made more than a movie" - Buchner, Camus, Beckett, Nabokov ... But that's another story. In addition to the series, we may soon see it in the "features of the national policy" Dmitry Meshieva and tape of a young German Andreas Kleinert "next time", which has already received several prizes.

. In "Agent ..." invited him to producer Alexander Kapitsa
. Signaled by a dozen actors. Desperate to choose male crew from the company, turned to the ladies who participated in the. And they do not hesitate to cast their ballots for Porechenkova.

His thirty. Lives not zagadyvaya forward. From our respects Herman and early Mikhalkov Valery Todorovsky and Hwang. Of them - Tarantino, Coppola, and Kusturica, very protects the last Spielberg movie about Private Ryan. He likes to Nicholson, but the real genius, he believes, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, especially after the starring role in "They Fought for Their Motherland". While everyone says that he has no hearing, no vote, is going to take a risk and sing in the frame. Maybe songs Garik Sukachev he likes. Hamlet's play does not dream, but looks forward someday to be the favorite in his play "Uncle Vanya".

- At the dawn misty youth a future of national security agent leaned in the military construction college. Seriously dreamed of a career military builder?

- No, I dreamed of becoming an actor. And with the first class. But my mother always said this: "Are you crazy?" I think forget, there are some thieves ". It was she who guarded me from unnecessary frustrations. Mother of life spreads over me a great cover, which should protect me from everything - from trouble, from adversity, from unwanted acquaintances. Sometimes she actually overdo it, and we go sliding. And because she knows that I have her character: how much convince me either, I still will do differently.

- So tuck you in college - this is my mother's idea, or you acted in their own way?

- I do not recall. Perhaps, without my mother's acquaintances could not have done - it is my builder by profession. And besides, there for senior year already studied my school friend in Warsaw. I'm finishing school in Poland. Father was sent to work there: the Poles were building for us to court, as it was intended to monitor the production process. Well, my whole family and moved. Parents lived in Gdansk, and I am in Warsaw. There was a boarding school for Russian. And when in the eighty-sixth, I returned to Leningrad, he found himself in a completely unfamiliar life. As another planet. I do not understand.

- Returned to the ideological Komsomolets-volunteer, and then rebuilt lawlessness?

- What is the Young Communist League volunteer, what you're talking! There, in comparison with the local European life was almost. A lot of what my peers only dreamed. For example, concerts, Iron Maiden or Depeche Mode. Abroad, in a word. But the new Soviet life I do not know, and the parents understood that we should still not too late to me somewhere in a quiet place to attach. Sin. Because I was a smart kid, always in the history of merges.

- From the Polish police had to deal with?

- Thank God, it failed, but serious fighting occurred. And with the Poles, and with each other. Escapes from the orphanage in the city, hiding, as the underground. Piled at the local discos, tried to talk acquaintance with the fair sex, to the extent permitted vocabulary. In general, fun. And in college I obvyksya fast enough, I thought all families. Barbed wire, behind which you live, the same. There, the staff and the staff here. It is your task - to fool the teacher, here - Troop Commander. So I felt very good, especially with my triplets. School, honestly tell you, I was filled completely, and suddenly found himself among the best students. Received sergeant. Later, however, demoted.

- For what exploits?

- Yes a lot of misdemeanors. I started boxing and regularly participated in the brawl and skirmishes. In short, the battle is over.

- You are aggressive in the extreme?

- And I'm not quite aggressive. Rooster year. And while fish. I need a long swing, put out, but if successful, then kranty. I do not care who's there and that there is me, I can not answer for themselves.

- This is a figure of speech, or do you actually fly with the coils?

- There are moments that beskontrolka complete. But it is rare to have such dostukatsya. And in every school happened. At the guardhouse me as a legend went on a terrible person. Like, if you get chrome leather boots, and put. I'm on my third year started chrome boots, black gloves. Moreover, many had stronger. Before Boxing swim, in a boarding school gymnastics was a big success. Horizontal bar - a favorite place permanently hung on it: output power, the rise of a coup, "Sun", "frog". In short, the health issues were. When I first time came from the school drive ...

- And what, this operation was carried out repeatedly?

- Well, I school and has not finished, I was finally kicked out - ten days before the release. Because oborzel absolutely: leave the barracks vnaglyak, without any layoffs, he lived in the city of Qom King. So, when for the first time the question arose of dismissal, Mama came to understand what's what. And her company commander, said: "I understand, your son, with his army experience, hard boys in green". My mother's eyes on his forehead: "With what army experience? He's right after school!" - "Yes?" And I was sure that he served. For all stuck typical "grandfather"

- Bespredelnichaya in school, you were sure of their impunity, or 6 already solemnly spat on the military career builder?

- You know, something led me. I realized that this should be so that my future with military service has nothing to do. The sixth sense tells us that's actually correct.

- Trust your sixth sense?

- Absolutely. From great dangers it I always aim to protect. Inner voice saying: "Stop. Then it is impossible. "I obediently went off, and after a while it appeared that was a thousand times right.

- Your intensified training in boxing occurred is known at what times - childhood and domestic Mougins glorious racket. So the most direct path to you was not in the actors. Do not have a place in your life this story

- Why, had. Tale then just being formed, strong guys all needed, and boxers, of course, were in the forefront. Not those who are seriously and professionally engaged in sports, and those who wanted to change their skills to good money and good life. I was familiar with many. Acquired not in the center and the outskirts, even a little bit, and I would like, whirled this maelstrom. Smell of easy money: trade vodka to "drunken angles, matreshechniki, buying up any precious metal. It seems to be immediately dropped to the level below you. And you cooler clouds, the sea of money, from taverns to not come out, and change foreign cars ... But suddenly I felt: stop.

- I moved to the "Volga"

- I have over the years a lot of cars there, but I am worn out with them. Try it now it repaired - I'm not rich enough to regularly affords it.

- Are you lihachestvuesh and constantly beat the wheelbarrow?

- Actually, I'm pretty dashing driver, thirteen years behind the wheel, I can seriously "imbedded". It depends on what under my "horse". Anyway, all my previous "horses" were destroyed. You'll give someone the keys - consider, lost. We vowed never. In the words of Taras Bulba, a horse, cradle, and his wife will not let anyone. This is true not give a horse.

- And with his wife and cradles are possible alternatives?

- No-t, with his wife are no options. In this sense, all categorical. I do not give, but it is important that she did not come easily.

- Kill?

- Kill not kill, but crippled. (Laughs) Now that's waiting for the call: as long as we talk with you, it is "eight" buys.

- You, old motorist, allows her to choose a car?

- It is my own and I like it. He wants to buy, let them buy.

- Issues that the lady can solve itself, and the issues that are solely in your jurisdiction, strictly separated?

- Smart girl herself must know and feel the difference. But if what I say: "Sorry, this is going to decide I. You do not pull.

- Your relationship - a relationship equal?

- I think that this should be so in principle. Yet a man must be half a step ahead. Taking the brunt of themselves.

- Maintain a woman - his duty?

- Yes. Contain, indulge, buy luxury gifts. That's saying this, and the head lowered.

- Why?

- Because not too free financial situation. Not every gesture I can afford. But I'm not greedy.

- And what qualities in a woman annoy you?

- That's just greed, primarily. Absolutely not bear. Do not like it when people lie when there's something to hide.

- At the very heart wide open?

- Not that much, but I will not hide. You just are not harassed, and he'll tell. It is not like a scandal. Still, for me, peace and quiet - the most valuable thing in the relationship between two people. But it is as if a light sparring. Not rough contact and light sparring. Then do not get bored.

- If you accidentally still had a "contact", the first step towards reconciliation makes it easy?

- Breaks the total, as in the influenza. Walk through himself and say "excuse me" oh, is reluctant. Sometimes, perhaps, from the weakness of character you think: 'quarrel, well, okay. No way the first did not go up, do not touch me, do not provoke vain ". However, when one feels that he absolutely wrong, there's really no hesitation comes and says: "Forgive me, dear" or "Bratan, sorry. Well, drank too much. Who does not byvaetN Directions ". With men make the first step easier.

- After you have heard ten years ago, the inner voice, said: "I came out of the game, had to deal with a former friend?

- Have. Someone had gone abroad, some are fabulously rich, but someone no longer in the world. Most of those with whom I was then trained together, anymore.

. - Playing now scumbags in the Characteristics of the national policy, "you, therefore, bidding farewell to their past?

. - Actually, I'm with him long goodbye.

. - Interest in serious male toys meet in St. Petersburg as a leading TV "Arsenal" about weapons?

. - Weapon I love
. This is such a huge world, and it is these things that take your breath away. I like it a lot. Pistol "TT" is very good in the hand is fine. "Stechkin" - also a good car, I fired. Or knives. There was an exhibition of the Zlatoust gunsmiths - great knives of Damascus steel.

- Personal weapons are?

- Course. Now I have a gas pistol, soon to be "wasp" - is chetyrehstvolnoe stun guns-traumatic action with rubber bullets. Pretty cool machine.

- The eye can knock out?

- I think it might kill him if the head falls. Therefore, in the head is forbidden to shoot - only in the trunk. Next on the body will leave a noticeable. Edge break, such. So it is desirable not to apply. I always say that weapons are not in order to use it. Weapons disciplined person who wears it. Once again I'm in a dogfight is not useful.

- In foreign disassembly not vpisheshsya?

- The sensitive issue. To do this, good to know both sides. Unconditionally vstuplyus only creature known to be weak, say, a child or an animal. And so - no. There have been instances in my life when I stood up, and it later came out to me sideways. Even women. I remember during the battle of youth defended one, and then it turned out that the opposite is true and the protection needed forte. And hung up on me all they could.

- So, in terms of your current communication bandits, are not included?

- I would not call them gangs or criminal elements, but risky guys among my friends there. Very interesting people. So many things in life happened to them! The vast experience of the peasants, to listen.

- And to you your experience of this kind of handy in the actor's life?

- I all handy, and the Army experience, too. No matter how trite it sounds, but the guy still makes the army, where the entire husk flies - remains the core. When I hear: "He was in the Army-chmorili beaten, humiliated, as they could, and then he took the gun and all packed up, I strongly doubt that this man with the head of all was in order. If you have a character with you no one will do, no matter how dead you may be.

- You're a trail, in the form itself you hold?

- Three times a week - gym. Coach puts me in a rather serious sparring, working with the "contact".

- Are not you afraid that the sparring partners spoil the "contact" your "product"?

- Guys can understand my particular profession, said: "We are gently". And very carefully worked with me. And then, the heroic lovers me with my looks still not play.

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    Porechenkov Mikhail E., photo, biography
    Porechenkov Mikhail E., photo, biography Porechenkov Mikhail E.  Actor, photo, biography
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