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RIOS Osvaldo (Osvaldo Rios)

( Actor)

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Biography RIOS Osvaldo (Osvaldo Rios)
(genus. October 25, 1960)
. One of the most ardent lovers of the Latin American screen, . Puerto Rican Osvaldo Rios, . easily moved from country to country: would have been interesting work, . but he can live anywhere - in Venezuela, . Peru, . United States, . Mexico, . Colombia, . where he began his artistic career and where he still holds the most time,
. "By nature I'd probably bum. Same as the Roma from the Venezuelan television series "Cassandra" - laughing Osvaldo. - I live for today and try to enjoy every moment. "
In 2000, Osvaldo turned forty, a kind of milestone for men. It is something to remember: a successful career in television, film, theater, on stage. He is proud of her son Juliano, who in his ten years vymahal up to sixty meters - clearly in the Pope went. "Giuliano just exactly like I, one person - actor says with a satisfied smile. - A great game of football! I do not know how, though always was a good athlete ". The boy lives in Puerto Rico, along with ex-wife Osvaldo Rios but always cuts out a moment to see him and his mother, who lives in the same. Children Osvaldo not just loves, he knows how to get along with them. We are pleased to play in children's performances, easily communicate with young viewers. And recently set musical for children "Beauty and the Beast", played a major role in it and even won a prize for this work of the Colombian Association of Theater Critics.
. Famous Lover, . He played in telenovelas and movies with beautiful actress, . but the favorite partner called young Daniela Lujan, . which he worked in the mini-series "After the funeral:" This girl - a real angel, . and withdraw from her was much nicer, . than many adults. ",
. Women have always been of Osvaldo crazy: not only handsome, but passionate, romantic, beautiful singing
. If we are loved, then at the hands of the bears. A true knight is not boasting of his victories. With women, he always disagreed with no scandals, tried not to offend and wives and girlfriends. For example, without mutual claims was parting with his fiancee, a young Colombian singer Shakira: they simply decided that living together is not suited to each other, still twenty-child difference in age, and they took their. By the way, after Shakira Osvaldo quite a long time was one, at least, so thought surrounding. And when he began acting in Mexico in the first part of the series "Embrace me stronger" (the original name of "mortal sin"), the crowd stood still, because his partner was very Victoria Ruffo. Both are free - can it be without romanaN But the novel occurred only on the screen: the heroine of Victoria even gave birth to a daughter of the hero Osvaldo. In the life of actors just friends.
Osvaldo decided not to intrigue his fans and revealed the secret of his heart: he fell passionately in love again, and it happened as much eight months ago. Osvaldo was a good conspirator. And now, apparently, decided it was time to go underground. Rios beloved name Geraldine, she actress, and she tipped as a big future. Osvaddo also now has a favorite on their hands.

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RIOS Osvaldo (Osvaldo Rios), photo, biography
RIOS Osvaldo (Osvaldo Rios), photo, biography RIOS Osvaldo (Osvaldo Rios)  Actor, photo, biography
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