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Biography SAFONOVA Elena
(genus. June 14, 1956)
Immediately after the triumph of the world Nikita Mikhalkov's film "Black Eyes" about Elena Safonova said the whole world. She began to learn on the streets of foreign cities, and the producers - vying to invite me to be removed. Some time after that Helen was married to French actor and moved to live in Paris ... But lately, Elena increasingly can be seen in Moscow.
It removed a lot, participates in film festivals, receiving awards for their roles. And still not very fond of interviews.
. Elena, . names of most films, . where you were taken, . directly connected with the main heroes: "Winter Cherry", . "Sofia Kovalevskaya", . Return Butterfly, . "The president and his woman", . "The Princess and the beans", . "Accompanist", . "Mademoiselle", . Woman in the Wind "..,
. Present role of leaders. And in life you too liderN
LiderN Perhaps there. Just because the education of my parents (father - a famous actor Vsevolod Safonov, mother - Valeria Rublev, director of Mosfilm) I always said and thought that schiala necessary. Yes, I have character. And what a normal actress could be without harakteraN
They say that you just entered the VGIK, managed to quarrel with the master and, taking the documents away to another university. Or the recent example: You left her husband and son in Paris, while they themselves have long been working in Moscow. Also sometimes used to argue, say, with producers. BuntarstvueteN

Rebellion is not to blame. Rather, the position of self-respecting man. In any case, I would like to respect myself. As for the incident with VGIK, I have no quarrel with anyone. This guide institute quarreled with me. All creative institutes under the Soviet regime were considered strictly ideological. They did not like that I'm friends with dissident. My friend did not take on these grounds to VGIK, and he decided to go to America. Terrible sin in those days. I was not going to break relations with him, even if someone did not like.

Who influenced you in detstveN

My childhood passed among adults, very honest, cheerful, able to live in his pleasure. I mean the parents and their friends. In our house frequented by great actors: Yevgeny Leonov, and Anatoly Papanov. I like how my parents are living: without looking back, in unison. My current friends in something like them. We meet at different latitudes in different countries, cities. Sometimes by accident, and from this unexpected pleasure is even more. I like this new opportunity: to leave and arrive where and when he wants. We can say that I approached to what had dreamed as a child - a life without borders, without the vital programs. Such polutsyganskaya life I like.

. In the circle of your friends are people you depend on the profession: producers, rezhisseryN

. It is not a profession, but in human qualities.

. Hence, no Mikhalkov, neither Dykhovichniy these qualities are not obladayutN

. PochemuN just that we rarely see each other
. Nikita Mikhalkov - the great director. And much as I valued his role in the film "Black Eyes", I am infinitely grateful to Nikita for his personal involvement. He helped me solve some personal problems. But I was a "travel abroad" because of the boy VGIK. Nikita solved this problem, and I was able to appear in Italy, together with such outstanding Italian actors, like Silvia Mangano, Marcello Mastroianni, Marthe Keller.
. As for Wani Dykhovichnyi, with whom I played in "Music for December, it was a holiday on the set
. We happened to him as it were ... merger shower. He is a very talented man. But even with it very easily on the court. He does not press. And this is crazy, it is important for an actor. I know a very good director, but terrible vampire. Even if the result of the work will be positive, a sense of vampirism is not forgotten. I have a good relationship with all. Every director, even if I swear to him or hate on the set (only due to creative differences, not personal), plays a role in my life.
. Stars, they say, kapriznyN
. I - no.
. It is no secret that quite often on the set is this: if you are going to two stars, starts pulling the blanket to his side
. Since you do not like proishodiloN
I heard about this. But never itself in such acts samodemonstratsii not participated. And in general, the artists take very well, as to itself. Because I know what this crazy profession. We must protect each other. My favorite partner - Vitaly Solomin. After the "Winter Cherry" we filmed with him more than once, and every time you meet him, I rejoice, as a close relative I like his reticence, human warmth. Similar feelings I feel and Ivars Kalnins. Although they are completely different.
And what Mastroianni partnerN
Frankly, he did not make big impression on me either as an actor, nor as a man. But it was very convenient to work on the site: a quiet, inconspicuous Uncle.
Which one of the world actors do you think vydayuschimisyaN
First of all, Anna Magnani. When I saw her first time on screen, it was a real shock. Not to mention Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Of our adored in his youth Marina Neyolova - not like anyone.
What do you never allow to sebeN
I do not like vulgarity. I mean the impudent vlezanie in your life when you do not want. More than anything in life can not stand when my name manipulated.
What do you viduN
I have, unfortunately, this experience. But I will not talk about it, naming names. Because we are close friends. This conflict is insoluble.
Name, reputation for you vazhnyN
Certainly. And all the talk about stubbornness Safonova - mifN
Yes, I believe that the rules must be respected. If they told me to come to the make-up at 9.00, then I will be in 9.00, because it wanted to make-up artist, but not at 12.
Anyone who saw "The Princess and the beans", where your partner was a film producer and actor Sergei Zhigunov, felt that some among you have developed a romantic relationship. Then zagovorli that you happen to him a large industrial dispute, something for the money ...
Let us leave this subject without comments.
And where, when and how you met with his French printsemN
In Paris. Random. The company at a party. French director invited me to a major role in the movie "accompanist". We had to play the love.
Which of you first drew on another vnimanieN
Samuel. He saw me in the film by Mikhalkov. He said he was shocked. And at the party could not believe that is what I have. Was afraid to approach me. And when I saw him during the conversation with me shaking his glass in his hand, I felt ridiculous, and although it was nice. I began to tease him. And ended up in recognition of love. Our novel was rapid.
And that was potomN
And then I came home and was going to marry.
How do you think, what you caught muzhaN Maybe the fact that you like frantsuzhenkuN
I do not know what I liked, the more it is absolutely at the Frenchwoman is not like. When I am among the French, it stands out as a white crow.
Your husband - known akterN
He, of course, not a star, like Alain Delon. However, known in theatrical circles.
Which of you first said: "I want a child!" N
We both children. Eldest, Alexandra, for seven years. And the youngest, Ivan, - five.
Russian names. What calls sons muzhN
As taken from the French: Vanya, Sasha (accent on last syllable).
What impressed you most in frantsuzahN
What is there in the order of things, when a man can live very quietly at the expense of women. With funding in the family is separated: there is his account of his wife and the husband. I do not know. First was in shock. But when she began to live like this, I even liked it.
What imennoN
Be financially independent person.
A how to deal in your family of important issues priobreteniyaN
The husband may say: I was paying its share. And can not say. In each case, the decision of individual.
Now you consider yourself sufficiently adapted to the French life. Or does some things that you never want to primiritsyaN
I consider myself quite adapted. But it is convinced that I do not want to live. Although there are Russian women, who were well live there, because they themselves have changed. Or resigned. It helped that I very quickly realized that since they live all. And change anything useless. You just do not understand. Means we need to compromise. And some time I succeeded.
Well, if your husband was rich, very rich man, something changed byN
I think this is not my husband would be interested in. I'm suspicious of very rich men. Because I know what it means to earn huge money. I immediately to such a man there would be lots of questions, to which he could hardly have me answer. In addition, you can be very rich to poor and miserable in the wealth.
So why did the last time you live in MoskveN you so powerfully started in French cinema: the five films in six years. The absolute record for a Russian actress in the West! Are all the same nostalgia zaelaN

I can not live in France for a simple but fundamental reason: there is a civilization completely replace the culture of communication. All steeped in pragmatism. They have other criteria, the values in life. I once asked her husband what they think French actors when playing. "On the Money" - was the answer. There, a helping hand to you no one will stretch. And do not expect. There has long been nothing happens. All the vital and creative energy, I think, is accumulated in Moscow. Here's my real friends, interesting job, an apartment, the eldest son.
Still, some positive emotions from seven years of living abroad, you ostalisN
Sure. It is well to bear. Although expensive. Junior was born in Paris. The system is this: come to the hospital, as an appointment with the pediatrician, and come out with a baby. Neither you moral pain or physical.
And yet again not hotiteN
Personally, I - no.
And what more important to you now - Career, tvorchestvoN
Maternity. It's also a creative process. But the point here in another. I just have all come true. I am quite satisfied with what has made. Pah-pah-pah! Of course, if I started to give birth earlier, would have ventured, perhaps, and the third. And now too heavy, difficult to restore the physical form. I do not understand our young actresses: do not want to give birth. And then it turns out: and the creative life is not formed, and the family does not.
With regard to physical form, you give a hundred points to many more young actresses. There are personal retseptN
No. Just before the shooting two or three days do not eat anything. Just drink plenty of water, juice. And a little chocolate. Because alcohol drink only wine. For a person trying to follow, and hair do nothing.
At the award presentation in Cannes you were in a very elegant, even luxurious bathroom.
This dress by Armani - Gift Marcello Mastroianni. Love this outfit. Then I first participated in the ceremony so high. I trembled like a first grader, his legs tottered from fear. I never thought that to go on stage not in the image, but on his own behalf so exciting. Besides, I spent several years in the theater Komissarjevskaya in St. Petersburg, has played many roles. And nothing of the sort experienced. But as any woman, I love holidays, receptions, when you can dress nicely, be the object of attention of many people like them.
Do you have a favorite brand perfume. Fashion House, ukrasheniyaN
By favorite scents am conservative. My first perfume - Dior, Christian Dior and Chanel N 5. And if fascinated by some novelties, anyway, back to the old, tried and tested odors. In determining the choice of clothes is not the name of the company, and the model. I am able to take the risk, if convinced that the style I did not iskorezhit. For expensive jewelry absolutely indifferent. Do not wear. Only rings. If, moreover, is a gift.
Something changed in you, with the advent deteyN
Yes, of course. Ran out of my problems with weight, with the fullness. But seriously, I'll tell seditious thing: with the advent of the sons of my career has become less important to me. No, I'm not serving their profession. It would be such a lie! Moreover, I tell you, I am doing this only for pleasure. And, of course, for the sake of earnings.

Nevertheless, today you are one of the most actively withdraws our actresses. Over the last three years - four main roles. In our malokartine is something said.

Yes, I love the directors and the audience. I really treasure this. Be explained by the fact that at first was a stagnant period in the cinema when shot enough pictures and bad. I now have something to do, and I was called.
But what about the family, muzhN He revnuetN
He does not like. But I want to live their lives.
No selfishness there etoN Where is the female smirenieN
Perhaps selfishness. But the crime here, I do not see. I am very calm attitude to the fact that my satellite has a life. It must be respected. Everyone, it should be.
And what about the fans and poklonnitsamiN You, too, in this issue dogovorilisN
Agree. I am very jealous. And if the rules are violated, I make a scene. It is indecent.
Do KakN deretesN
No. I'm just suggesting to choose between us in a very harsh form. This is very helpful.
And you such an ultimatum husband vystavlyalN
Often. I was amused. Jealous - it means love. I generally like women who belong to him with respect and love, they know his worth. I understand the limit for which the cross can not be.
You fond zhenschinaN
Yes. I amorous. Especially on the set. This helps. Not see anything wrong here. In life, all is permissible, I believe, moreover, what could be called vile. It is foolish to pretend that you are the holy Virgin Mary. Saints on earth there. I am not prude. And I will do what gives me pleasure, but deadly sins. Life is very good. This I realized only recently. Even with setbacks, frustrations - is life. So it makes sense to live it all.
You have a way out of crisis situatsiyN
Weep. Sorry for myself. But I understand that this is not forever. Once again, I'll fine.

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SAFONOVA Elena, photo, biography
SAFONOVA Elena, photo, biography SAFONOVA Elena  Actress, photo, biography
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