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Biography NIGHTINGALE Elena
(p. February 24, 1947)
Yelena Solovey after fighting positions received an invitation to the Little Theater. Innocent Smoktunovsky was supposed to be her partner in the "Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich". The legendary Boris Babochkin, it vgikovsky teacher and theater actor, had promised to put to her Chekhov's "Seagull". For a young actress opened up enticing prospects. But the Nightingale married Leningrad (kinohudozhnika Yuri Pugach) and went to her husband. The family was dearer to her career.
And after many years, has become a star, the most stylish and elegant actress-gentle Soviet cinema dropped everything and went to America. For children. In 1996, she last appeared on the screen, playing an amazing turn of the century ballerina Olga Spesivtseva in semidocumentary Maya Markel "Grace XX century". But in Moscow, she still occasionally visited by and to all the "nationals" for some reason prefers single room at the House Veterans' movie in Matveevskoe.
- Your departure for America has led many in shock. Probably, you are often asked this question - what he was vyzvanN
- In a few words about this situation, do not tell. I had to do it, to be calm for my children. At that moment I just felt afraid to live. There was an absolute uncertainty of the future. Of course, you can not predict the future, but nevertheless, people should know that this future he has.
- And what do you do now in AmerikeN
- Now working on radio. Veda transfer in Russian ... But in general I've been involved in home. Cooked soup, fried meatballs, brought Sonia. When we left, Sonia was very small, the children had to learn. At the time, il graduated from one college, then studied in another. Pavel graduated from high school, went to college.
Even now I still do Sonya and home, and sometimes in their spare time, life - the theater.
- Sonia - your third rebenokN
- No, this is my granddaughter. Now she is eight and a half years.
- Not, you might say, an adult lady. A muzhN than in America, your husband zanimaetsyaN
- Yura working in the jewelry company, engaged in design. She teaches at the University in the class of artists designers. Makes performances, collaborating with Russian television.
- One time in Leningrad, quite seriously say that you and Alisa Freundlich husbands changed.

- Was, was a joke. In fact, no one who husbands are not led away. It just happens that in the theater Lensoveta then working actor Yuri Soloviev. When Alice Brunovna went to him from Vladimir, and then out of the theater, I just came to work in this theater. Here and began to say that we have changed husbands.
- And I thought that Nightingale is a very rare surname.
- Here is a rare and. My dad comes from some of the Belarusian village, and my grandfather - from Poland.
- Where do you rodilisN
- In the city Noyshtrilts. Parents have been through the war to Berlin. My father served in the artillery troops, my mother was a nurse. They met in Berlin. When I was three years his father was sent to serve in Krasnoyarsk, where we lived for ten years.
. - School years, many of us recall with horror ...
. - I had a wonderful school and a wonderful teacher, I always remember them with great gratitude
. And we, their students were very talented guys. All singing, all dancing, engaged in various circles. School life was so filled in and complete, that we simply had no time to hang out on the street. A parallel with the secondary school I was still at the music.

- Will come in handy skills learned in the music shkoleN

- Even as. At one time I worked as a music teacher. You have to be somehow to make bread.
- How strange, but somehow I thought that you will one day woke up famous actress ...
- With the world's prizes and slavoyN.. No, all this came later. There was a study in VGIK, in which, incidentally, I received only the second factor. And only then work with Nikita Mikhalkov, movies, prizes and titles ...
- One time you were the actress Mikhalkov.
- No, it is not. I draw. I alone. Our partnership ended after "Oblomov".
- A pochemuN you have another, or he started to shoot some kartinyN
- It needed a completely different type of actress. You know, there are actors who go through all the director's life, are the linchpin that brings together his paintings. In this case it was not so. And well. I've never been discontent Nikita Sergeyevich, and I hope he has me - too.

. - His very first meeting with Mikhalkov pomniteN As you are brought under his watchful ochiN

. - Do not believe it, but the first time I saw Mikhalkov to attend drama school
. When our family arrived in Moscow, in a magazine I read the announcement that at the Stanislavsky Theater Studio is a children's theater and there is a set of. For some reason I decided to do it, although he had no special interest in the theater I was. Examinations were carried out as a theater school, I went all three rounds and entered. Once the classes came Mikhalkov. We were told: "And there came Nikita". At that time I thought: I wonder who etoN turned out he was already a famous director.
- I know that the role of Sofia in the film "An Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano" was written especially for you. And you shortly before filming began mum. And you had to come in Pushchino near Moscow with a baby. Remember the same Mikhalkov once joked that you were busy all the time that the fed, bathed and swaddled the baby, and in the intervals between feedings and diapering played pampered, coddled lady. Is this something unreal.

- It really looked quite unrealistic. But next to me was my mother, who cares assumed. And I was quiet because the baby in the care of mothers. But it seems to me that if I had not torn between the shooting and the baby, I could be much better to play this role.
- And now this kid ...
- Twenty-three years. Elder Irene - twenty-seven. And farther, the more I love them. We always help each other. At first, in America we were all very difficult, and we worked all. And Pasha, who was then fifteen years old, and Ira. Worked and studied. When I had to go to the theater - Pasha stayed with Sonia. And I could rely on him, knowing full well that Pasha and redeems Sonya, and feed, and put to sleep. I will not say that my children are perfect. But in the difficult moments of life are always close. This can not be underestimated.
- A woman who has a son, she wants to or not, still be in-law ... That's how nature.
- For her daughter to be particularly tolerant. Always because someone has to give in and adapt (in a good sense of the word). I am by nature know how to do it.
- You are so quiet, calm, good-natured. Could one of you can twist verevkiN
- Why must verevkiN twist.. I just do not like tension in the house, I hate conflict. If there are any arguments, I always first ask for forgiveness.
- Even if you are not guilty, still asking proscheniyaN
- I always ask the world, because I can not live in a state of war. I then just die.

"I'll come back another"

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