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Alentova Vera V.

( Actress)

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Biography Alentova Vera V.
photo Alentova Vera V.
Vera Alentova was born February 21, 1942, Mr.. in Kotlas that in the Arkhangelsk region. Father - Bykov, Valentin Mikhailovich (1917-1946), actor. Mother - Alentova Irina (1917 - 1988), an actress who worked in many theaters of the former Soviet Union.

His father died when she was not yet 4 years old, and since then my mother often said that all her Vera is good, because God has pity for orphans and helps them. Soon Faith had gone with her mother in the warm and nourishing the edge of the Ukraine, forever leaving his native North, but never looking up from his soul. Until now, Vera V. proudly call their homeland the North and believed Northerners people with extraordinary and remarkable.

. Childhood Faith, . as almost all military and post-war children, . was not easy: food was not enough, . of sweets in general, even the thought did not arise, . toys were made of cardboard, . carefully carved and painted her mother's hand in pencil, . of clothing - one flannel dress, . Again sewn mother of his old dressing gown, . of housing - basement grimubornoy Theater, . no daylight,
. Mom worked a lot, Vera went to kindergarten, then to school and left alone for long periods in early childhood.

Loneliness of the Faith taught to think about the meaning of life, and she was never bored with itself. The natural tendency to fantasize immediately withdraw its leaders in the children's collective, part of various games. She invented the incredible stories and playing with their kids servants by giving them a role, as in the theater, trying to think of costumes from flowers, leaves and all available material: old curtains, leaking pots, torn stockings and panama.

. Cast away from theaters - people restless, and Vera, along with her mother often changed their place of residence
. The school went to the Ukraine, to learn in Uzbekistan, finished school in the Altai. After high school, enter medical institute in the city of Barnaul, . but, . dreaming of becoming an actress, . simultaneously with the arrival of the university decided in secret from his mom to show his acting data Barnaulbranch Drama Theater, . where she worked her mother, . and was accepted into the company of actresses for the post of support staff,

But the house burst into an incredible scandal. It did not help and the intercession of the stepfather of the Faith, also an actor, under the wing of which she started this fairy-tale transformation of normal schoolgirls actress, even if the support staff. My mother was furious not only because it was not the subject of "secret", but also because it is not recognized on the professional stage lyubitelschiny. She offered her daughter to go to Moscow and to go to theater school: "Talented - take, mediocre - nothing to do in the theater."

. Youth

. After one year at the plant in Barnaul Melange post unskilled workers, . Vera next summer went to Moscow hoping to do with the desire to, . that was at that time much more important, . prove, . she is talented and that her desire to become an actress, not a whim, . and quite rightly informed sense of the chosen path.,

. In 1961, Vera came to Moscow and entered the school-studio behalf VI
. Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater at (high school).

At the 2-year student Vera married student Volodya Menshova and thus signed a "sentence". Teachers were perplexed and even tried to keep the faith against this reckless step. Student Menchov, according to most teachers, was futile.

In 1965, Mr. Alentova and Menchov finished training. Life was harder expectations, . and at the time of issuance of diplomas and the reading of the leaf distribution of students found, . that all students are taken on the job - who in one's own MAT, . Who in Contemporary, . and Vera, . Volodya and even a couple of very impoverished students do not need anyone strongly,
. Menchov moved to Stavropol, and Vera in 1965, began working in the Moscow Theater A.S. Pushkin, where she played some great roles of classical and contemporary repertoire.


In Theater A.S. Pushkin was an actress of such a plan, as Alentova, and Vera V. plunged into the world of his childhood dreams, he met with playwrights George Bernard Shaw ( "Chocolate Soldier", 1966), John B. Priestley ( "Treasure", 1976), Friedrich Schiller (The Robbers ", 1975), P. Ogorda ( "juicy sirloin for Freken Avsenius, 1982), Eduardo de Filippo (" Ghosts ", 1992).

In addition, Alentova acted in plays by Alexander Ostrovsky's "slave" (1972) and "light, but no heat" (1988), in performances of "Zykov (1968) and" Children of the Sun "(1979) by Maxim Gorky, in the" Last Days Mikhail Bulgakov (1974), in the "Department" in. Vrublevskaya (1981), as well as in productions of works of Valentin Kataev, Mikhail Sholokhov. And modern drama did not escape his attention Alentova, a play by Hope Ptushkina, Leonid Zorin is still in its repertoire.

. Vladimir Menchov, . After one year in Stavropol and tried it himself as a director, . not abandon the hope of studying VGIK Mikhail Romm, . brought their work to him in court, and so they and their perception of life like Mikhail Ilyich, . that he took it immediately to the 2 nd course, . designed specifically for Menshova "graduate school for directing",
. In 1969, at Alentova Menshova and a daughter, Julia, who grew up like all normal children.

Alentova worked with different directors. Performance "slave" to play a. Ostrovsky staged by a young director. Govorukha done a lot of noise in the Moscow theater nonstandard solutions of the performance and the brilliant work Alentova - the heroine of the play - Eulalie. Artist In. Shaporin designed the play so beautifully and so accurately that every opening of the curtain and each occurrence Alentova in a new suit was breathtaking from the incredible beauty and met with stormy applause of grateful visitors. Alentova received the diploma of degree 1 name A. Ostrowski for playing Eulalie, the performance was a very large audience success for many years.

The play "I am a woman" scenario in. Merezhko was put filmmaker B. Morozov 1984. Alentova play his heroine Masha on the verge of a nervous breakdown in such a powerful emotional tense that viewers long after the performance had been under its influence. The performance for many years became the darling of the theater in Moscow, it was impossible to get a ticket, it looked a few times, and theater fans still remembered all the troubles of the suffering of your favorite Masha and regret that the play is no longer attending.

. Movies

. Relations with the cinema began immediately on graduation, but then broke down and: Alentova played little noticed in the movie "Days of summer" (1965).

. Another role of Vera Alentova waited only ten years later, in a television vosmiseriynoy "Such a short long life" (1975)
. Main heroine Nastya, . played Alentova, . begins its life on screen quite a young woman, . and all her hard life, . associated with the loss of a child, . moving from village to town, . war, . gaining a new hard luck, . the birth of another child and raising him, . passes in front of the audience for nearly 20 years,
. The film was released on screens in 1976, then the series were again, and Moscow fascinated watching native who became a television movie heroes. Alentova not afraid to be ugly on the screen. She was infrequent for the young actress courage enabled mutilate themselves - smoothed her hair, protruding ears and turn in not the most appetizing creature on earth.

Then there was a discreet role in an invisible film "Birth" (1976), but not all of the great volume of work that is not work and were. By and large - is not considered.

By the highest debut and he's finest hour came in Faith Alentova 1979, when Vladimir Menchov, her husband, suddenly all fired kinoromanom "Moscow does not believe in tears". History of the three girlfriends-limitchits, . which of the fifties in the break between the two series of jumping from the eighties, . became a popular hit (his, and now TV does not forget: that a single flash of, . at the other - and the audience does not grumble, . happy eats),

In February 1980, the film came out of the country and began its triumphal march around the world. He was immediately bought for rental of more than 100 countries, and lead actors tore to pieces, inviting to premiere on all continents of the globe. For one only in 1980 and only in our country, the film looked 84.4 million viewers to cinemas across the country - these figures to today's creators and most Menshov can prividetsya or in a sweet dream or a delirium. However, maybe the audience was and less - and some went for two, and three-fold.

Alentova they went to - probably not going to be cunning, not least on the right of his wife - the main role, and was hit by sniper. Ashamed of that choice and catch ironic views of her husband, the director did not have. The actress played Katya Tikhomirov, which on its own - strength of character in the first place - from the factory vybilas zamuhryshek-mnogostanochnits in major companies, incidentally finished institute and grow beautiful-daughter. And by the finale at her yet and knocked down an incredible personal happiness - was met in the train mechanic with unpolished shoes and face Alexei Batalov.

The one that the film among other international awards and has received an Oscar, you can enjoy, but not particularly surprising - after all Menchov invited the Soviet version of the American dream, and fulfill that dream for the heroine Alentova. And for herself, too: the nation-wide fame, the title of best actress in a poll "Soviet screen" and so on.

Destiny Kate Tikhomirova most Alentova many similarities. Both arrived in Moscow from the provinces, both before earning an apartment in the capital, namayalis in dormitories. Alentova gave birth to daughter Julia and was raising her, living in a dormitory Theater A. S. Pushkin. And her husband, Vladimir Menchov at the same time he lived in another, VGIKovskom, dormitory, where a second degree. The situation is idiotic, but an apartment or even a room in the family residence the couple rush prevented. And, as Mayakovsky wrote, "family boat has crashed against life.

Alentova and Menchov was not the only ones in this situation decided to leave. Surprisingly different: having lived more than a year apart, Vera and Vladimir once again united their destinies. "The fact that we again have to live together - a great happiness. I believe that separation went to our advantage. I think if we had not parted then, it would probably have parted later. But it would never have joined ", - considers Alentova.

In 1983 the country went on the screens the film "Time of desires," directed by Julia Reisman with Alentova starring. This was the last film of the great master, and remained in the grateful memory of actors who worked with him, as touching the mystery of some. Quietly and slowly Reisman was able to create on-set atmosphere of love and devotion to each other.

Alentova played in this movie single woman Svetlana Vassilyevna, who decided to marry an elderly hero Anatolia Papanova. For this role, the actress was awarded the title of Laureate of the RSFSR (1986). In 1992, Vera V. received the title People's Artist of the RSFSR.

. Another prominent role - bitchiness Valendra teacher in the movie the story of Boris Vasiliev "Tomorrow Was the War" (1987).

. In 1995, . filming the comedy "Shirley-Myrli", . Menchov decided to prove, . that Alentova - not only the social character a la Kate Tikhomirova from "Moscow ...", . and first-class eccentric actress - and so he asked her sexually preoccupied American prison Carol Passage, . gypsy Zemfira Almazov, . black woman, stewardess and Lyuska, . passenger liner, . who is heading to Canary Islands,
. To say that Alentova not coped with the task, it would be an exaggeration. Partly it's funny. To say they have uncovered a wonderful eccentric gift would have been an exaggeration. To say that young virgins - and to plot the bride is quite young - it is not her diocese, it would just breach of etiquette, but thought they arise.

Last Movie parts of the account of the Faith Alentova - Sonya in the film by Vladimir Menshov "Envy of the Gods", was released in 2000, deserves a separate line. This is the wizard, and she considers this role Alentova preliminary tally lived life. The film "Envy of the Gods" has an almost documentary precision to restore the atmosphere of the 1980's, in which the all-consuming love of the heroine Alentova - Sony and French translator Andre doomed to a tragic death.

. Nevertheless, critics greeted the film "Envy of the Gods" with malice
. The heroine of the movie on a certain number of years younger than most actresses that did not prevent Alentova in some scenes and expose oneself to indulge in frenzied passion in the course of the story is in the back of a truck, then in the hayloft. Some representatives of the journalistic fraternity did not fail sarcastic about it. What actress retorted: "Criticism has passed into the hands of women. And women unsettled, low recipients who are deprived of life. All this I read in their reviews ".

To be fair, the actress has a right to such a reproach. Alentova certainly looks younger than his years and produce as Sony, which is madly in love with a French journalist. It's like the heroine of a famous play, can say about himself: "I am 39 years old. On the rest of his life.

Recent work in the theater

In 1993 Alentova summoned to entreprise Leonid Trushkin. His theater is famous premieres noisy and loud names. Performances Theater enjoyed unwavering love of the audience.

Currently Alentova an actress named after Anton Chekhov, where she is employed in the plays "Leaning Tower of Pisa" H. Ptushkina, "Celebration" Slade, "Pose emigrant" G. Slutsk etc.. In "Leaning Tower of Pisa" Alentova plays together with Vladimir Menshov. The spouses are spouses who have lived a long life together. One-act play - a dialogue of two: memories, tears and laughter, seemingly inevitable divorce that did not happen.

. Conclusion

. In 1993 Alentova became president of Charity of the federal social security fund members STD Russia
. The Fund seeks to measure their small forces to help the theater workers in distress, and unemployed theatrical personalities who live in acute poverty.

. Currently Alentova and her husband live in a small apartment in downtown Moscow, near the Belarus station
. The fact that there lived the daughter Yulia, now TV star Julia Menshova resembles a large collection of soft toys in the former Children. Until recently, there lived another family member - Cocker Spaniel, Charlie. His death Menshov family experienced as a real tragedy. In the hallway hangs a portrait of Charlie. Alentova and now likes to tell how he was musical, "always whined Menshov or television, if there is someone singing, was especially fond of opera arias".

Menshova live, what is called "open house". Colleagues come to them easily, including to borrow money. Spouses in this sense that people are responsive, good in my lifetime seen a lot of difficulties. Repair and apartment design - the handiwork Alentova. Homestay Menshov generally interesting division of responsibilities. The wife of more male parts: Goal and nail, and upholstery for furniture pick. But the kitchen reigns Vladimir Menchov: "My husband was born in Baku and the Caucasus are preparing themselves all the men and women not allowed to close. Volodya preparing quick and tasty, in this sense it is a virtuoso. I'm in this case is not special, probably because my mother did not know how to cook. But Yulyasha good cook, because I saw, as does my father. "

By the age of Alentova philosophically: "I remember when I was twenty-three years, I was terribly upset. It seemed to me at this age already behind him had to be great things. Now I'm wiser and I think that life is beautiful. I have a family, daughter, grandson. This is also a great cause. "

Support form the actress does not help the fitness room, and rigid self-discipline. Alentova always attentive to overweight. Floor scales are prefigured in her apartment. Actress recovered in the lives of all times, but learned a good lesson from this. "I remember twenty years ago I quit smoking. This is my daughter asked. And immediately gained extra pounds. It was a disaster, because I played in the theater classics, all the costumes from her bodice. Dresser offered to arrange, but I bravely decided to lose weight. Took advantage of my mother's advice: if you want to lose weight, eat one-third of what is used for day. Helped. But, by and large, I'm not a fan of diets. I believe that the body needs it, but within reasonable limits. As for the habit of smoking, then I said to her several times returned. The reason that smoking my heroines. It is incredibly difficult - in the frame to smoke, but in real life - no. Now hold. "

When asked about plans for the future Vera Alentova replied: "Plans do not build any. I am by nature a fatalist. There will be something that will. So nothing ever plan. Much more interesting, when life gives surprises.

. 1965 Days of Flying
. 1967 Stars and soldiers - (USSR-Hungary)
. 1970 On the question of the dialectics of perception of the senses, or Lost Dreams - c / m
. 1975 Such a long life is short
. 1976 Birth
. 1979 Moscow does not believe in tears
. 1982 Arrival - c / m
. 1983 Time for reflection - TV-Film
. 1984 Length desires
. 1987 Tomorrow Was the War
. 1987 Man suite
. 1988 Forgive us, garden ..
. - TV-Film
1989 Process
1990 When the Saints marching
1992 Unforeseen visits - TV series
1994 Groom from Miami
1995 Shirley-Myrli
1995 Son of the father ..
. 1997 Longevity - documentary
. 2000 Envy of the Gods
. 2001 Mamuka (TV series)
. 2001 Silver Wedding
. 2004 Samara-town (mini-series)
. 2004 Balzac Age, or all men svo: (TV series)
. 2007 And still I love: (TV series)
. 2008 Grand Waltz

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Alentova Vera V., photo, biography
Alentova Vera V., photo, biography Alentova Vera V.  Actress, photo, biography
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