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Jersey Joe Walcott


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Biography Jersey Joe Walcott
photo Jersey Joe Walcott
Joe Walcott (Arnold Raymond Cream) was born in January 1914 into a poor family with many children. Arnold went to a youth boxing club. There he met Joe Walcott, nicknamed 'the bearded demon'. This boxer Arnold admired his brilliant victory in the welterweight, as well as the ferocity: some rivals pale face with one of his appearance in the ring. Terrible person Walcott, his heavy eyes evoked a desire to quickly carry legs.

What is a young fighter like this gloomy, ruthless fighter, he gave him some tips and Cream have decided to take the surname of his idol, adding the word "Jersey", so it was clear he came from.

Jersey Joe Walcott early nalilsya male force, and the 16 - year this silent thickset man started fighting with traditional, seasoned fighters. Three years later he married and became the father of six children. Information about his early battles there, which indirectly indicates that over the years, he competed without much luster.

In 1944 he left boxing in general, because this occupation, depriving Jersey Joe a lot of time and effort, in fact, does not return anything in return. He came home tired and bruised, but with empty pockets. So, was hired to work on a soap factory in his hometown of Camden, Walcott had completely ceased to practice.

But his fate changed dramatically again. One local businessman who got it into his head to hold a kind of boxing championship of New Jersey, and, in one day, so do not spend money especially for the rental of the ring. Among others, he invited and Walcott, who in his state had known. Jersey Joe refused. Then the boss promised him free uniforms, $ 500 for one part and twice as much, if will win. Impoverished, burdened with worries boxer consented.

At this tournament he was preparing for two weeks. But his despair was so great that one day he beat all six opponents and went home in triumph with thousands of dollars - a fortune for the then Walcott. Then he seemed to gotten a second wind, . Every year he had become a growing force, . causing general amazement, . about which newspaper 'Sun' wrote this: 'He, . seems, . knows nothing about the passage of time, . starting to win in the age, . when any other man sums up the results and thinks about leaving the box ',

After 21 years in the ring in July 1951 Jersey Joe Walcott in Pittsburgh, makes a last attempt to win the title fight. The first round of Ezzard Charles had a good advantage, but not overwhelming. Thunder in the 7 - round, when Walcott, who had a rare ability to find some mysterious force in critical situations, suddenly came to life and fulfilled his favorite and receiving countries. He almost turned back to Charles, and when he strode to the applicant, a flash he turned and struck the left hook cruel. This, in essence, all ended. The world champion went limp, and his finish was not a problem. Soon defeated Charles came to himself, as once told reporters that Walcott will need to rematch. In heavy and uninteresting battle he lost on points Wolcott.

But not for long Joe Walcott managed to stay on throne. His next title fight, he spent a wonderful master Rocky Marciano. September 23, 1952 in the thirteenth round of brutal bloody battle, similar to the battle with Hinenom Sayers in 1860, Marciano knocked out Walcott sent. In this dramatic battle of Marciano himself bleeding, which trickled from the broken eyebrows and a deep gash on his nose. He got the first knockdown of his career and hopelessly behind on points. Walcott left to hold only three rounds, but the miracle did not happen. Wolcott recalled this, like this: "As soon as I fell, all the lights went out". A year later, Marciano finished off "fragments" of the former champion in a rematch.
Jersey Joe Walcott became the sheriff in his native Kemdene and the end of his days - he died in 1977 - enjoyed by local residents in high esteem. In 1965 he was the referee Sony Liston and Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay), and residents of Camden are very proud of the role of his countryman in a legendary match.

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Jersey Joe Walcott, photo, biography
Jersey Joe Walcott, photo, biography Jersey Joe Walcott  OUTSTANDING BOXER, photo, biography
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