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Lennox Lewis

( cportsmen, boxer)

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Biography Lennox Lewis
photo Lennox Lewis
Defeating Evander Holyfield, now former world champion in the Heavyweight ACF and Biophysics, Englishman Lennox Lewis, with 1997 holding the title for the version of the WSB, had no doubt that now he finally became a champion for all versions. But he, like everyone else, did not have to stay in this pleasant delusion.

Immediately after the victory for Lewis battle it became known that so easily, for great live, his IBF belt to the Englishman will not give up: it turns out, Lewis did not pay the organization's 300 thousand dollars. This is a completely legal extortions: IBF, like any other sport federations, cuts coupons from all the fighters who spend fighting under its auspices, but with the championship fights charges, of course, the biggest. The dispute with the IBF seems to have been resolved before the battle, but a minute before it is representative of this fine organization whispered to the organizers of the match, Lewis if they win will not be champion in its version. Perhaps, the IBF decided to just come to the aid of American chauvinists, who seven years ago did not give Lewis the possibility to fight for a single title.
Public support is needed IBF as air, as the entire leadership of the organization, beginning with its president, Bob Lee, have just recently been brought to trial for taking bribes. It was then the IBF, perhaps, will be reckoned zeal in protecting this national treasure the United States, as the title of world champion in the heavyweight division, and despite the weight of evidence, they still can get out.

True, it may well go here and about the most banal extortion. In this case, the conflict will be resolved quickly, and Lewis will get what he had eight months due to law. After 13 March, during their first meeting, he defeated Holyfield - this was accepted by all, except the judges have determined in this match a draw.

Ironically, Lewis's advantage in the second battle was much lower than in the first. Victory him, of course, quite rightly awarded, but the impression he had to put it mildly, did not produce. In this battle must be checked by competent judges, because all the sympathy is a boxer, a victory, if to do their job properly, it is necessary to give to another.

. Holyfield did everything he could: constantly attacked and beat constantly, but he simply lacked the growth and strength to fight with such giants as Lewis
The Englishman, no further ado, made a bid for its size, Holyfield tried to shoot from a distance, and when he is not able to, stop American attacks a powerful right uppercut to the body or in the jaw. Trainer Emanuel Steward Englishman clearly not for nothing that gets my money: Lennox had virtually no advantage of that blow, which has become an unpleasant surprise for Holyfield, and may have played a key role in his defeat. This was, of course, not enough to please the public, which wants to see the spectacle, rather than a tactical game, and this was doubly enough to appeal to professionals

. At times it seemed, . that whether tridtsatisemiletny Holyfield a little younger, . He and his very modest for the heavyweight dimensions could beat Lewis at least twice: in the third and seventh rounds, Lennox was in a rather precarious position,
. Evander laid out in this match for two hundred per cent, which is not true of his opponent. However, and American was imperfect, at times, he fought a very dirty, frankly trying to hit the head of Lewis.

The match left the strongest sense of disappointment, even more enhanced "special position" Biophysics. However, in America is not satisfied with the fact that Lewis did not let the title of this organization, and the fact that he gave two other. Although most of the leading experts grudgingly acknowledged the victory of the Englishman, the public, of course, remained dissatisfied, and now around the game and his results raise a new round of hysteria. It looks like the winner of Holyfield reigned for a long time will not.

Nevertheless, 34-year-old Englishman Lennox Lewis, his task was accomplished. Seven Years' War America with one boxer boxer won - albeit not very nice and not very convincingly.

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Lennox Lewis, photo, biography
Lennox Lewis, photo, biography Lennox Lewis  cportsmen, boxer, photo, biography
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