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Biography Mike Tyson
photo Mike Tyson
Gerald Mike Tyson was born June 30, 1966. He grew up on the streets of Bedford-Stayvesanta in Brooklyn (New York), the concrete surface which served as the scene of his first fights long before his bokserki touched rosin and the ring. 'When I was about ten years, I've fought in the street' - recalls Mike. 'I fought for the sake of fighting, for no reason. In the scuffle I, of course, and received its share of the cones'. After one of those fights, Mike was in trouble and was sent to a children's correctional labor colony, generally a young Mike was a frequent guest of such institutions.

His father, an alcoholic Pasela Tyson, Mike did not know, but when the boy turned 15 years old, died of cancer and his mother, Lorna. Guardianship of Mike designed the wonderful coach who trained up to this absolute world champion Floyd Patterson and world champion Hoss Torres - Constantine D'Amato. He replaced the young Tyson family, tried to shield him from ill-considered actions and trained in gym.

Tyson, amateur boxing, his tough style of warfare, an invincible power and great knockouts delighted the audience. What can be said about the management of amateur boxing. They resented his 'unsporting' stiffness in the ring. In their eyes, he looked like a street fighter, thug, not recognizing the Marquis of Queensberry rules and gentlemen's art of self-defense. Tyson has always set out to knock out the opponent, that he often succeeded. The fans went on a rampage when he was weaker victim fell to the ring as prostrate. Probably because of this manner of fighting Tyson no place in the U.S. Olympic team in 1984.

In 1985 Mike Tyson goes to the professionals. He spent fighting one another and all wins. Only during the first year it held 15 fights in the professional ring. At the same time from pneumonia died of his adoptive father D'Amato. The following year, winning going on, and on November 22 in Las Vegas in the second round, Mike sends a knockout of Trevor Berbick and becoming the world champion on the version WBC.

Then came victories over the champions of WBA Bankim Smith and the IBF Tony Tucker. But just then, at a time of astonishing - at the level of dreams - wins and Tyson began to fall - and as a person and as an outstanding fist fighter. Come talk that Mike was the man of the Mafia. Time and again he found himself in a very unpleasant stories. For the time off with fines and admonitions in police. And after beating the employee parking lot - if Mike Tyson had to pay off the claim to court big money - he began to lose the love and admiration for Americans.

In the ring as Mike continued to demolish all and sundry that finally killed him in the care and sense of proportion. Mike naively believed that this will always. He began drinking, so - get drunk in an accident. He is a veritable mess emerged from Mike and personal life, his little wife, Robin Givens - a little known actress - complained that the champion time and again pokolachivaet it: knowing the weight of his fists, it is not difficult to imagine what they were ugly scenes.

The disaster broke out on Feb. 10, 1990 - in the ring in Tokyo. Tyson match with James Douglas was seen passing. The Applicant was higher than Tyson's head, had more than a hundred kilos, and his mobility could envy a lightweight. Hence the onslaught of Mike, he opposed the constant movement, protecting and even counter-lateral right. It is useful to take into account this fact: Mike went to this fight with his characteristic self-confidence, and he, unlike James, was not prepared for severe and bloody battle. This is, perhaps, was a decisive. In the tenth round, James struck a fierce blow to the right, and Tyson was defenseless. He staggered and could not even shut down gloves. His head shook her from the last hard strokes. Finally, the candidate found his open jaw uppercut, and it all - Mike Tyson on the floor, the sight of some other half-hour ago, the unthinkable.

The defeat stunned Tyson. The first time he did not even appear in a training hall. But gradually he began to come into itself and re-delivered victory. Bad habits boxer still did not allow him to regain his title. July 19, 1991 he raped a Negro beauty D. Washington. 9 September 1991 the grand jury of the State of Indiana, voted for the indictment of Tyson on three counts, including rape. Tyson was convicted Feb. 10, 1992.

Returning from prison, Mike Tyson in 1996, again regains title of WBA. But subsequent events overshadow the sporting achievements of Mike. Why should only fight with Evander Holyfield in the ear biting. (Illustrations in this battle can be viewed here). Again disqualification. In January 1999, Tyson knocked out Francois Bota from South Africa, February and again went to prison for the battle is. In the next battle against Ollina Norris, Tyson after the bell signaling the end of the first round struck the enemy left-bottom. Norris did not expect it crashed to the floor and injured his leg in fall. The judges were at a loss, . and before the Nevada athletic leadership question arose - what to do with Tyson on this razN January 29, 2000 in Manchester, the notorious heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson defeated British champion Julius Francis,
. But the thing is that out of 21 match, held before Francis, he had lost at 7 and did not fit to fight with Tyson. Such battles are in professional boxing bad manners.

Tyson called the most pugnacious and the largest Muslim businessman. What prepodneset us "Iron" Mike, the new athletic achievements or new skandalyN We'll wait.

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  • Rafis Kashapov for Mike Tyson
  • USA World Boxing Association (WBA) Dear Michael Gerard Tyson, . we know, . You are experiencing one of the saddest days of my life,
    . Our dear colleague, we also suspect that in this battle you came from - for everyday challenges. Whatever happens, you stay in one of the highest among the elite boxers like Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali. To date, the United States remains a country where Islam is biased. Despite this, you are in a difficult moment of his life embraced Islam, as did the great Muhammad Ali. We, . Tatars - the Muslims have taken this, . the grace, . sent down by Allah Almighty. Your excellent sporting activities took place in the history of world boxing, . and at the same time played a huge role for sport in your country, . where the nation's health is one of the most important places in the lives of U.S. citizens,
    . Michael Gerard Tyson, . You glorified, . their country, . hopefully, . that the U.S. will not remain in debt to you. Yes, you will save Allah Almighty! USSR Master of Sports boxing: Farit Rakhimov. Rafis Kashapov Russia, . Tatarstan, . g,
    . Naberezhnye Chelny Kas-toc1@yandex.ru (88552) 34-71-10, 32-28-62.
  • dob42 for Mike Tyson
  • Dear Mike I am a big fan of your fighting and would like to support you vas.Vseh benefits.
  • Catherine for Mike Tyson
  • You'll stay super and the first you're not equal. I think you fake tackle coaching can and will get confused and will be a worthy pupil of his uchitelya.Hrani your God and do not be ridiculous
  • dyacenko vladimir for Mike Tyson
  • I always podrozhal you. you are my idol and always will be. and that would be about you not govarili. this is simply life.
  • Serega for Mike Tyson
  • you are the п¦я¬я-яTя-п¦ fighter in the world and I respect you
  • Valera for Mike Tyson
  • Mike you are the champion! Always remember assuring ..! We are my idol, . my idol and I'll always remember vashy victory! I would really like to meet with you, shake your hand, I always would forget what the feeling of fear! You know, I also do boxing and when spomenayu invincible Mike Tyson I get bezstrashnym! you are true men voploschenie ! Total somogo you better! remember you always for me first!,
  • Vadim for Mike Tyson
  • Dear Mike - you are just beautiful, you are my idol, and my father, as we watched the fighting on televideni'yu, well цгц¦ц- simply chic fights, we are for you GOOD LUCK!
  • Griha !!!! for Mike Tyson
  • You just my idol ..... studying your biography, I have changed svoyuzhizn in п¦я¬я-яTя¬я¦ side! such as you will no longer !
  • Jan for Mike Tyson
  • Mike, you gave joy to our hearts, given the opportunity to enjoy a real boxing talent, like you will never be ! You are the best, you first, the best of the best ! forever in our hearts!
  • EVERLAST for Mike Tyson
  • I can not voshischatsya this athlete! Although I have been doing in an amateur! he has no equal!
  • Arthur for Mike Tyson
  • I once did not zabudu.On stay in boxing history forever!
  • Nazar for Mike Tyson
  • Marat for Mike Tyson
  • You're the п¦я¬я-яTпTп¦ boxer in the world!
  • ROMA for Mike Tyson
  • DEAR MIKE, I am pleased, . I was born and grew up in a time when in boxing reigned YOU! I thank you for the fact that all the time could be present via TV ON YOUR BATTLES OF REMARKABLE Regardless of REZULTATA.YA DOSIH ERP regard you as an idol and VIRTUAL TEACHER, . A pity that I do NOT CELEBRITIES BECAUSE my compatriots BROTHERS KLICHKO.YA would be proud of personal acquaintance with VAMI.VSEGO NAILUCHSHEGO HIMSELF TO YOU IN THE LIFE OF STRONG HEALTH AND HEALTH FOR YOUR CHILD, . And a strong will in the spirit as the young GODA.VASH ISTENNY fans (Roma).,
  • F @ R! K for Mike Tyson
  • You been, is and will always walk in our hearts the greatest boxer! May God give you force to go through the current troubles and problems, you are my idol forever! ALLAH preserve you!
  • Kashapov Rafis for Mike Tyson
  • African-Americans no luck USA! Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, Angela Davis, Mike Tyson, Malcolm X. The whole world knows these characters and what was going on around them. Now turn came, and to Michael Jackson. The media reported that the singer's body will be buried without a brain, which is still under examination. How? During his lifetime, Michael was accused of drug use, pedophilia, etc.. Can a drug addict to enter concerts 3-4 hours? But after his death, remembered him only well. And even the media is always silent dare to show his life and work. Tatarstan. Rafis Kashapov.
  • Emir for Mike Tyson
  • When yunnosti I was involved in boxing, Mike Tyson was my idol, his photos are always hung on my wall. Now I am 36 years old, engaged with his son in our gym and on the wall, we have posters of him whom can be called a legend in his lifetime. Whatever it was, his name is number one in a series of boxing. Neither before nor since have I seen podobnogoTaysonu.
  • Ilya Topalidis for Mike Tyson
  • Dear Gerald, Mike Tyson I am very big I am impressed by your aficionados of your fights. you are the best always stay that way as you are. ALL GREEK HEALTH HAPPINESS SUCCESS long life. TOPALIDIS ILYA. Art. Essentukskaya
  • Boxer for Mike Tyson
  • This is a great man and a boxer, and you in this article is not very good about it otzyvaetes.Takie you and made him a beast.
  • Rustam for Mike Tyson
  • Mike Tyson is the greatest boxer who reigned in the ring dosehpor I think Mike's great. I have a dream to shake hands GREAT Tyson. Yes, to keep thee Allah! Allahu Akbar!
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