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Evander Holyfield


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Biography Evander Holyfield
photo Evander Holyfield
Three-time world champion in professional boxing heavyweight Evander Holyfield was born on October 19, 1962 in Alabama. He was the youngest, the eighth child in the family. Little brother more forgiving: a curious child, . wanting to know, . How does this or that thing, . could make out with impunity clock or radio, . what his grandmother, . many years, . joked: 'If the devil for a long time did not appear close, . it replaced Evander ',

When Evander turned 4 years old, the family moved to Atlanta, the state Giorgio. Evander its mild character and yet at the age of 8 he came to boxing at the kids club 'Warren Boyce', located on the south-east of Atlanta. Reeducation too soft Holyfield engaged Carter Morgan, boxing coach. It is here that started his career in a great sportsman, there literally knock out Evander lax. A few years later Morgan's efforts were rewarded with a real hope:
- I will never forget the day when we realized what he was capable. Evander fought once with a guy named Anthony Davis. Evander quickly missed a powerful blow and stopped for a moment. And after one stroke wiped kid's nose all over his face. Danny (another coach.) Turned to me and said: 'That is the fellow whom we have been waiting. Right from the start this time in our action plan '...

At age 16, Holyfield became the champion of the south-eastern region and receives a prize as the best boxing championship. At the age of 19, Evander represented the U.S. at the Pan American Games in Caracas (Venezuela), . where he won a silver medal.Na following year he became the champion of the country, . in 1984, . Speaking at the Olympics in Los Angeles, . received a bronze medal,

Debut of Evander Holyfield in professional boxing was held November 15, 1984. He defeated Lionel Briamsu. Throughout his career Holyfield in professional boxing trainers skillfully used two distinguishing traits Evander: highest sportsmanship and the rejection of brute force. In seeking the first major victories, . dark-skinned boy did not look like most of its African-American rivals, . try to seem typical 'a fighter from a neighboring yard': 'When he inflicted pain, . He became just awesome ', . - Admires Carter Morgan,

In 1989, Evander has become a world champion in the Heavyweight WBC, defeating Michael Dokesu, and October 25, 1990, after his victory over James Douglas, he became the absolute champion of the world. Holyfield kept the title until November 13, 1992, when he was defeated by Riddick Boue. But in November 1993 he won Boue in a rematch and become Heavyweight IBF and WBA, and in April 1994, the lose of these titles in the fight against Michael Moorer.

The climax of a career Holyfield was fighting with Mike Tyson in 1996. Their first battle was to be held five years ago, but during training, Mike was injured, and the meeting postponed. Several months later, Tyson again led - accused of rape, he could not get out of jail in the ring. However, many, many years ago, Evander and Mike, who knew each other 15 years, since the amateur boxing, were ready to measure swords. But after the first round of their coach stopped the fight with the words: 'In this fight one of you must kill the other, so I do not want to see you all together in one ring'.

November 9, 1996 Evander wins Mike and regains title of WBA. He offered a rematch and he agrees: "This man gave me a chance to beat him, and I give him the same chance '. Although his victory Holyfield never doubted. Shortly before the meeting he said: 'I suppose it will be more aggressive, and it will play on my hand. If this happens, the battle will be easier for me than it was last November, and will end much faster. He beat many people, but I found the answer to his style '. This confidence Evander confirmed by the results of the national betting: 74 percent versus 26 bet on a guy from Atlanta.

Before rematch no one doubted that the two boxers, regardless of the outcome of the meeting will benefit in money, and very large - at least $ 30 million. Only for the opportunity to see the fight at home on pay-TV channel simple American had to lay out $ 50. Ticket to watch the same show in 1600 special private schools cost their visitors $ 75. 16 thousand spectators gathered in the 'MGM Grand Garden' in Las Vegas on the 'live' view of the historical battle, paid for fifteen hundred dollars. It was known that if Holyfield wins gets record in professional boxing fee - $ 35 million and brings the total amount of 'boarded' in the ring up 160 million bucks.

June 28, 1997 broken Tyson behaved not sport, bit Holyfield ear lobe and was disqualified. In the last bout in November 1999, lost to Evander new absolute world champion Lennox Lewis.

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Evander Holyfield, photo, biography
Evander Holyfield, photo, biography Evander Holyfield  OUTSTANDING BOXER, photo, biography
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