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Joe Frazier


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Biography Joe Frazier
photo Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier was born in the USA in South Carolina. Boxing, he started by accident, at first he was engaged in gymnastics. Later, he moved into boxing and became one of the best amateur heavyweights in the U.S..
Frazier defeated all his rivals have not yet faced with Buster Mathis. This athlete and won the right to speak at the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964. But Mathis is not lucky, he injured his hand and went to the Olympics, Joe Frazier. It was he who brought in the U.S. the only Olympic gold medal in boxing, winning the final of the German H. Huber.
Since 1965, Joe led Yankees Durham began to speak at professional boxing. He had a tough style of boxing, and his "crown" the blow was a left hook. Frazier easily gained victories in the first 11 fights, has not yet faced in September 1966 with a tough guy Oscar Bonavenoy. Argentinian twice sent in knockdown Joe during one round, but he was raised, showing that gathered in Madison Square Garden to the public nature of his. Fraser managed to turn the tide and fight by unanimous decision of the judges he was the winner of the 10-round fight.
After a fight with Bonavenoy Joe knocked Eddie Machena, Doug Jones, Jeff Davis, George sack and the end of 1967 had a record of that time record 19 victories in 19 fights.
With the expulsion of Muhammad Ali from his throne in the absolute primacy came chaos. WBA champion holds a tournament in New York State. March 4, 1968 in the battle for the title, met nemesis, Joe Frazier and his amateur days, Buster Mathis. This time, Mathis was able to fight on equal terms with Joe only three rounds, but in the 11th was knocked out. Frazier became the owner of this title.
During 1968-70 he. Joe successfully defends his title, and February 16, 1970, after his victory in the fifth round of Jimmy Ellis, becomes the absolute champion of the world. But the summer of 1970, with the former undefeated champion Muhammad Ali remove disqualification and immediately raised the question: Who is this chempionomN
. By the end of autumn 1970, Ali won an Oscar and Jerry Kvarri Bonavenu and seeks the right to meet for the title of absolute world champion
. Around the upcoming match starts real boom. Each boxer has been appointed by that time an unheard-of sum of 2.5 million. U.S..
The 15-round bout, which took place in a crowded Madison Square Garden March 8, 1971, Joe Frazier, named for its pronounced superstructure style "black Marciano, causing Ali's first defeat of his career. All judges prefer it.
After a year and a half, Joe flew to Jamaica, where he was waiting for George Foreman, the future pastor of lunoobraznym good-natured face harmless uncle. But not in the ring ... Joe radiates energy and confidence, but in the ring turns out that God is indifferent to him: in the second round, Foreman knocks out the spirit of Joe.
Further attempts to regain Fraser league title have not been successful and in 1976 he left the ring. Later in 1981 he made another attempt to return to boxing, but again failed and now on always finished his speech.


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    Joe Frazier, photo, biography
    Joe Frazier, photo, biography Joe Frazier  OUTSTANDING BOXER, photo, biography
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