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Biography LITVINOVA Renata
photo LITVINOVA Renata
Born January 12, 1967 in Moscow in the family doctors. The father is long dead, her mother, Alice Mikhailovna, still operates surgeon. They called in honor of his uncle's Renate. However, Tatar uncle was Rinat.

Father did not live with them. Renata said that he was a very handsome man. "When I came to some girlfriends, I would hang in the hallway or the man's cap, or coat that they thought that I have a father."

My mother loved the movie Renata. She always went to the evening sessions and, of course, took with him his daughter. Adult movies were boring for Renata, and her mother wore for her big package with apples. So, Renata, and sat in the cinema, crisp apples. It would be very appropriate and artistic parallels between the apples and the fruits of knowledge. But we will leave it to future biographers.

Mamin Kinomaniya communicated Renate. She acknowledged that could watch movies from morning till evening. "I remember being smashed with a hammer, tape scandalous film, so it seemed to me revolting. In short, I'm too indifferent to the cinema. Too. Could not beat with a hammer. "

About school childhood Renata does not like to remember. "From him I have memories of a certain hopelessness, loneliness Child. I always hurried home. Away from all the teachers and students. "

Houses Renata read. All consecutive. Most loved Gogol. Even my mother was the Great Medical Encyclopedia. "I remember, between the pages there were invested flexible as the manual records, such as" schizophrenic delusions ... That's all that I loved to learn. "

In the tenth grade, Renata decided to enter the scriptwriting faculty of VGIK. First, because it is, as has been said, I loved movies, and secondly, because she had already tried to write (compose start early. I have always been at prodlenkah some and I was so Scheherazade - all the time telling stories ... and during the break, too. "), and thirdly, because the institute was close to home. She brought to VGIK your stories. Now Renata herself calls them "very strange".

On examination attended the famous screenwriter Yevgeny Gabrilovich. Renata he liked. Renata Received. From the first time.

- I'm not even surprised at this, - she smiles.

On the course the children were very famous parents. The Institute of Cinematography in general, random people like Renata almost never. With it, for example, studied Roman Kachanov, son of producer-multiplier, and Arkady Vysotsky, the son who understood

. One of the leaders of the course was Isai K. Kuznetsov (he, in particular, has written a wonderful script Soviet Block Buster "Moscow - Cassiopeia).

. - Renata was a beauty, - recalls Kuznetsov
. - I was immediately struck by her gestures. Initially, all manners of Renata seem unreal, but then realize that it is a natural way to hold on.

Kuznetsov said that Renata was then a fairly sharp in his judgments. Once discussed someone not a very good job. All detail expressed. Asked the opinion of Renata. "Why discuss it at all?" - She shrugged her shoulders.

Now she emphasized correct. Even when annoyed. For instance, she flatly refuses to speak, whose film is "attacked" with a hammer.

At that time the famous film director Sergei Solovyov led VGIK Kazakh workshop.

- Renata all the time went by us, - says Soloviev. - Then she showed that wrote. I am very pleased that. Renata - an outstanding writer. If we talk about the uniqueness of personality, distinctive style - it's less bright than the originality of her prose. I began to incite it, so she quickly wrote something for the real movie.

Soloviev studied Kazakh woman Azhar Ayapov, which Renata befriended. Someone even claims that it was her Renata took over his famous manner of speech. Azhar was a very talented. But after the institute returned home and disappeared.

- We traveled to Kazakhstan with Rustam Khamdamov, - says Renata - the shooting of his film "Vocal Parallels". And they had met with Azhar. She was dressed all in white. One eye was closed in her hair like a black ribbon, and all our film crew thought that it did not have one eye. And when I wanted her to withdraw her hair from her face, she put her hand in front of me. "You see, on my palm it says" no "- she cried. "Where you have written" yes "? - I asked. In short, she did not let me remove this fringe.

Diploma Renata script called "principled and compassionate view of Ali K.". The reviewer rated it very negatively. Even I had to rewrite. For the protection of one of the masters said Renato:

- And you all know how to say in Russian?

Internship Renata held in association Sergei Soloviev "Circle".

- I stumbled on her script "dislike", - says Soloviev. - It made me very impressed. And the first thing I started in our association - Rustam Khamdamov with Anna Karamazoff and Valery Rubinchik with "dislike." Movies started.

In kinobogeme Renata immediately impressed by. But then there just is not seen! Already in the early 90's began writing about her lovers, journalists. While nothing special, it has not yet done. Actually, Renata Litvinova - in itself a phenomenon.

Art historian Alexander Timofeevskii long been friendly with Renata.

- As a gifted, Renata very individual - he says. - But since personality helpless, there is a need in the mask. Here's a mask for her mask was Marlene Dietrich. Grim Marlene Dietrich. To some extent, her manners and clothing.

However, Renata herself believes that Dietrich is not to blame. And perhaps the way it is.

But it has become fashionable character. Do not confuse this with the nationwide popularity, to which was still far. While fame Renata limited to a narrow range of masters and journalists.

One of the friends of Renata told how he once talked with a young wife, a young banker: "She behaved like a veritable Urla. But when I saw it two years later, she citified in high society, has become intonation Renata.

Renata wrote the screenplay for "The tractor-2". The project also promised to be fashionable, but, strictly speaking, failed. Although Renata still reiterates that its creators, brothers Aleinikova, very talented people. (She, incidentally, is not sparing in his praise.)

Yuri Grymov music video director, who considers himself a trendsetter and can not let pass any one fancy gadgets where he had found and read the story Litvinova "Third Way". It Grymov found its way into a great movie. Product Grymov called "Men's revelation" and intimidated all the advertising campaign shorts. But the movie came out openly failure. Perhaps because the script written Grymov himself, and even put in place some of his scenes. (Renata to such things is painful. Even when their own interview reads, distressed: I do not say.) However, about the "revelations" quickly forgotten. A pro Litvinov - no.

Directed by Kira Muratova in the late 80's read in the almanac "Screenplays" the very thesis Renata "principled and compassionate view". She enjoyed it so much that she even wanted to take on it now. This did not happen, but one of the film festivals Kira greeted Renata.

- Just at that moment, when we got to know, - says Renata - holiday fireworks started and had not heard anything, then we agreed to meet in a bar. After our conversation, she said: "You liked us". She was with her husband. I remember being struck by this formulation.

One early morning phone call woke Renata. It was Muratova. She offered to come to her audition. "Yes, of course," - said Renata, on a random piece of paper recorded phone Muratova, and fell asleep again.

When Renata woke up, thought: "What a dream I dreamed? Appear Muratov called to remove". But on paper, she saw room Muratava phones.

Renata came to sample. But the role is not very approached. A Muratova does not want to part with Renata and invited to share a role for two. That is, go two friends and they say the same words. Renata replied: "Why do I need other people's words?" I can write their own.

So a new character - a strange nurse. With its bizarre monologues.

- I never felt the actor's talents. Moreover, his face, I thought screen badly. I always refused, when my name removed. And to deny the very Cyrus - it was impossible.

Then specifically for Muratova Renata wrote a few, as she expressed, "crime of short stories". Muratova select one. It was called "Ophelia, innocently drowned". (Because of her Renate and was suspected serial killer.) Adding two more (other writers), Muratova has made the film "Three Stories".

So Litvinov, innocent horrified, fell down in history. History of cinema.

Directed by Valery Todorovsky read the story of Renata "To have and to belong". About two girls, one of which deaf. He wanted to make a film on it. However, the script written for some reason, in collaboration with another person, and not with Litvinova.

The film "Country of the Deaf" became quite successful. Actually, the only thing that the writers have not touched in Litvinovsky prose - the image of the deaf-mute named Yaya. Strictly speaking, her something (separate bow Dina Korzun) and kept painting.

- Renata unhappy that put on her things. Well, right - argues Sergei Solovyov. - I told her long ago: you will always be unhappy, because what you write, should set itself. Come come, I'll fire up with anything. Just under your own risk. She said: "Yes, yes, yes, I'll come and write". But not yet come.

"You, Litvinova, bird overseas,
Although the screen, we smile, "--
wrote a fashionable poet Timur Kibirov.

Renata increasingly appeared on the screen televisions. TV reporters - being thrifty. They know exactly that if the frame is something to be said Litvinov, people will turn the channel is not. Can fire this "a blonde finicky, but will still watch.

It is no accident ambitious Leonid Parfenov, undertaking the NTV project on its long history of a supernova, as one commentator asked Renata. Against the background of bald men like Gaidar and Karaganova our heroine with brightly painted lips looked spectacular. But some journalists argue that Renata looked somewhat comical. Many viewers did not like her mannered intonation, mewing voice and brittle plastics.

Renata even tights advertised.

- Only for material reasons - she explains. - The money then was for me an acute problem.

Incidentally, the first time she starred in advertising back in the ninth grade. Someone decided that since then her angelic good looks will be combined jewelry. They advertised it. I received a survey fee - twenty rubles. And then a friend who wanted to become a fashion model (the word "model" did not yet exist), Renata begged to go with her on the show (casting did not know) in the house models at the Kuznetsk bridge. Renata for the company passed on the catwalk. Not have a girlfriend, and Renata was asked to stay. But she had already entered into VGIK, and it was not before the show.

. - They are terrible fuss! - She frowns.

. Timofeevskii recalled the episode as a friend of designer Renata asked him to participate in showing a new collection.

. - I had to dress them in one room - says Timofeevskii
. - And I was surprised at how ugly models compared with Renata figures.

Perhaps the real, the people's fame came to her after the series of Alexander Mitta "Boundary. Taiga novel ". Renata played garrison health care providers (it is to face the white robes!). But this role is recognized by Mitta, was not written specifically for Litvinov. Tried a few actresses.

Renata was very obedient to the site. Mitt could not get enough of it. In June 2002, together with the film was awarded the State Prize of Russia.

- More I will not be any film shoot without it - he says. - Renata has a chance to become an international "star".

Many people think that Litvinov is in the pictures herself. Soloviev this scoffs:

- Renata strong and mysterious woman. And this secret is not going to share with anyone. And even less to play himself in other people's movies. Renata uses the uniqueness of self. Very sparingly, very smart, very proportioned, and in each picture differently.

Mitt now wants to remove "The Cherry Orchard". Obviously, Renata play there Ranevskaya.

A couple of years ago, she made a film. Documentary. About actresses legends. Smirnov, Vasilyev, Samoilov, Mordyukova, Okunevskaya.

- Please write about this film - asked Renata. - He is my favorite.

The film was called "No death for me". For some overly dramatic coincidence, the very day of our interview with Renata died Okunevskaya. And outside of the program on RTR showed the same film.

Now Renata finished another painting. At this time the artistic. Under the title "Sky. Airplane. Girl ". For explanation of the old play Radzinsky, on which the film "Once again about love" - with Doroninoj in the title role.

Now, instead of Doroninoj itself will Litvinov. It is as easy to guess, converted the play - with the gracious permission of the author, of course. And she also became a producer.

- This is a picture debutants - laughs Renata. - There we debutantes director, cameraman and producer.

Autumn Renata is going to start with the picture already as a director.

She studiously avoids talking about his personal life. About her first husband, film producer, never allows himself any statements.

Renata's second husband to the movie has no relation. All questions Renata responds archly: "He asked to speak, that he is an engineer". But it is clear that no engineer would give his wife a huge black Mercedes ". (Employees traffic police ask you not to worry: Renata carries the driver.) Summer of 2001 had a daughter, Juliana.

. She also buys old lamp ( "I just love them") and says that he sees prophetic dreams about people ( "Why should I send these files?").

. - But as a man of great cinema, it has not even started, - says Soloviev
. - Renata man of copyright movies. And however long it messed around with the new Russian, she never in my life will not make a block Basters.

She has a cycle of stories about his own grandmother. This is a grand scenario prose, which really can be realized only in the movies. The potential of her talent has never used.

Ironically, Renata has not happened a single book.

- Oh, this is very serious - she sighs. - To this must be a few years to prepare. This will be my third life. Or what is it?

During the filming of "The Goddess: How I fell in love with" Renata met singer Zemfira, who wrote a song for this film. Between them struck up a strong friendship. In 2005, Renata Zemfira shot several music videos.

The publishing house 'Events' in 2005 published a book' The Goddess. Conversations with Renata Litvinova ', written by journalist Alexey Vasiliev. The book consists of dialogues and passages unpublished prose, it is filled with arguments, memories and stories that have been transferred very accurately with all the original words and unique intonations peculiar Litvinova.

. In 2007 the publishing house "Amphora" and "Session" in the Library series scriptwriter, releasing a book 'To have and to belong', which includes short stories and screenplays Renata.

. Cast work

. 1994 - Hobbies (Kira Muratova)
. 1997 - Three stories (Kira Muratova)
. 2001 - Border
. Taiga novel (Aleksandr Mitta)
2002 - Sky. Airplane. Girl (Vera Storozheva)
. 2003 - Tulse Lupera (Part III) (Peter Greenaway)
. 2004 - Adjuster (Kira Muratova)
. 2004 - The Goddess: How I fell in love (Renata Litvinova)
. 2005 - Dead Man's Bluff (Aleksei Balabanov)
. 2005 - Vocal Parallels (Rustam Khamdamov)
. 2006 - Tin (Denis Neimand)
. 2006 - I did not hurt (Aleksei Balabanov)
. 2006 - Two in One (Kira Muratova)
. 2007 - Cruelty (Pavel Lungin, Marina Lyubakova)

. 2008 - Generation P (Victor Ginzburg)

. Directing work

. 2000 - No death for me (short)
. 2004 - The Goddess: How I fell in love
. 2006 - Rado (short)
. 2008 - Green Theater in Zemfira (concert film)

. Music videos

. 2001 - 'water taxi', Alla Pugacheva
. 2003 - 'I like you write', Julia Buzhilova
. 2005 - 'Walk', Zemfira
. 2005 - 'Blues', Zemfira
. 2005 - 'Airplane', Zemfira
. 2005 - 'Results', Zemfira
. 2005 - 'Otymela', Corneille
. 2007 - 'We have to break', Zemfira

. Works as a writer

. 1988 - A very lovely Rita
. The last meeting with her
1990 - Leningrad. November
. 1991 - Dislike
. 1992 - The tractor 2
. 1994 - Hobbies (Kira Muratova)
. 1995 - Men's revelations
. 1995 - A principled and compassionate glance
. 1997 - Three stories
. 1997 - Sailor (clip of "Agatha Christie")
. 1998 - Country of the Deaf
. 2002 - Sky
. Airplane. Girl
. 2004 - The Goddess: How I fell in love
. 2007 - Two in One (Kira Muratova)
. 2007 - Cruelty

. Work on TV

. 'Night muse' (NTV, the shooting stopped)
. Style of: Renata Litvinova '(NTV, the shooting stopped)
. 'Night session with Renata Litvinova' (NTV)
. 'Cinemania' (Muz-TV)
. 'Film premieres' (Muz-TV)
. 'Details' (ITS)
. commentator in the project Leonid Parfenov Namedni on NTV

. Awards

. Best Actress 'Kinotavr' (2006)
. Honored Artist of Russia (2003)
. State Prize of Russia (2002)
. Youth Grant Triumph (2001)
. Laurel branch for 'No death for me' (2000)

. Literature

. Renata Litvinova "To have and to belong"

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Photos of LITVINOVA Renata

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