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Chulpan Khamatova

( Actress)

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Biography Chulpan Khamatova
photo Chulpan Khamatova
Chulpan Khamatova was born Oct. 1, 1975 in Kazan, in a family of engineers. As a child, did not dreamed of the cinema, and would like everyone in the family, engage in "exact" sciences, engaged in figure skating. In eighth grade, she studied in a mathematical school at the University of Kazan. This insanely loved literature, often argued with literatorshey old school, so that strict lady advised parents to withdraw Chulpan girl in a mental hospital. Then came the most prestigious institute of Kazan - Finance and Economics. But suddenly dropped everything and came to drama school and followed - in GITIS on course Alexei Borodin.

At this time it was bad enough Chulpan. Acting Agency Skip-film "in which invited the entire course, from time to time served a student at the audition.

Dressed Chulpan all campus, all dorm painting. Mom sent from Kazan, his boots at the heel. The role, which was to try, meant different than Chulpan, age heroine. She also desperately wanted this first Movie parts and she wanted to look older. While doplelas to "Mosfilm" to "adult" heels, hitting more than once. Came in to Abdrashitova, writhing with laughter, pain and despair. And he saw. Despite the fact that the picture was in the eastern dress and had only her eyes visible. Despite the fact that, in preparation for the next test, she decided to bring themselves to the image of the heroine (the action happening in the Caucasus) and swarthiness smeared tanning. However, webbed fingers were white, his nose was black and the sides are not challenging sunburned ... Or perhaps realized on the nose, as she wants to work? Anyway, after shooting at Abdrashitova Chulpan talked about as a rising star.

. Chulpan Khamatova appeared on stage several Moscow theater - except for the Youth, . where she played Dunya Raskolnikov in "Crime and Punishment" and Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank ", . she played in "Theater of the Moon", . the Theater of Anton Chekhov (Katya in "Pose emigrant"), . the "Contemporary" (Patricia in "three comrades"), . the Central Children's Theater, . in the "Independent enterprise" ( "Sylvia"),
. In cinema Chulpan Khamatova started filming the third year - invited her to the role of Kate in "The Time of the Dancer" director Vadim Abdrashitov. The role of Rita in the movie Valery Todorovsky "Country of the Deaf" became for her a truly stellar - and the audience, and critics have recognized her as one of the most talented young actresses of the national cinema.

Even in the second year at college Chulpan married. With Vanechka Volkov (son of the wonderful actress, favorite Eldar Ryazanov Olga Volkova and no less significant figure of the actor Nikolai Volkov), they studied together two of the course.

- First, do not notice each other and suddenly ... fell in love! At first no one understood. I realized that everything seriously and that I'm getting married, oh, getting married, just up the road to the registry office.

Chulpan most incredible gift of fate finds the mother in law - actress Olga Volkova. Farming they are engaged in the queue, as they live together in a three-room apartment. Full member of the family - a cat Zyaka, a universal favorite, which Volkova picked up once backstage. Ivan now works in a mime troupe, Vyacheslav Polunin and travels around the world. In life Chulpan "star" itself does not feel, and remained laughing and touching girl. Still remembers the first compliment, which was awarded to the graduating class. Local Hooligan said that her eyes - as a fork.

But the name of a Chulpan difficult. Therefore, it modernized the house and on-site in Chulpashu, Pashenka, Chulyu, Chunyu, Chulpahu, Chulpanik, Chuchuev, Chulpashonka ... Once on Novy Arbat, she bought a plate with classical music. I met with one, appear to be very intelligent, boy. He also took the plate, he was so happy. "You can, - asked, - I invite you to the restaurant?" What's your name? " She answered honestly: "Chulpan". He did not believe it and somehow offended. "I wanted to seriously!" - Turned and walked.

Young actress often falls into the trap: it happens, start musing - and then at the door of the raid, then cast it or break something. For example, in one of the restaurants on the important negotiations on the future of the film Chulpan went to the ladies' room. The light was switched off, and the actress agreed to play the blind. Groped for the door, she forcefully pulled her and suddenly heard a roar of breaking glass. It turned out that instead of the door she tried to "open" a huge mirror in a gilt frame.

- The most unpleasant thing that I could not recognize the German producer who played the blind. Somehow ashamed. Perhaps this is one of the complexes, I have a lot of them. But I am fighting with them and dream someday to feel completely free. Recently I was traveling by car to the rehearsal. Ahead on the expensive car she was riding and strongly hooligans - then reconstructed in a row, then another. I'm sick and wanted to knock her. At the moment I am less worried about the whole, how much money I get, was even ready to sell the car for this. I drove it in the bumper, although, in general, I am by nature a coward. She did not come out of the car. But, I hope, understand that it is not everything is permitted.

Although Chulpan sometimes calls himself a coward, it is a brave man and is ready to stand up for himself. Friends still remember the case when, during one play actress slapped his partner on the scene told her whisper something goes. The only thing that is afraid Khamatova - is old. He says that in no way an old woman, and hopes that will not live to seventy.

Despite the popularity among the directors, high fees, the actress can not boast. When the money appeared, Chulpan invites friends to a restaurant, rather than defer to the "black" day.

- As soon as I start to do it, it will come tomorrow. When I try to program something, everything is exactly the opposite. I was just fine with this. So the only option for me - is to live for today. Here I live.

At present the twenty-two years of dramatic actress - the main role in the graduation performance under the direction of Alexei Borodin's "The Diary of Anne Frank" and the new film by Vadim Abdrashitova "Time of the Dancer". Her performance surprised many. She also engaged in several theaters. She played in Rossiyskom Academic Youth Theater, "Theater of the Moon", Trushkina theater, Theater Contemporary.

About me Chulpan said: "I am - happy, many people love me, and I love the many". And the life she sees only in bright colors - not for nothing that her name in Tatar means "star of dawn". Do not you believe? She is still just beginning!

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1997 Time of the Dancer
. 1998 Luna Papa

. Official website of W
. Khammatova.

Chulpan Khamatova

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    Chulpan Khamatova, photo, biography
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