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Kapustin, Mikhail Yakovlevich

( Famous Russia hygienist)

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Biography Kapustin, Mikhail Yakovlevich
photo Kapustin, Mikhail Yakovlevich
(1847-1920 gg.)
Professor of Hygiene at the Kazan University. A native of West Siberia, received his early education in Tomsk high school, and higher in the former Medical Surgical Academy in St. Petersburg. Released in December 1870. from the academy with the title of doctor, Kapustin engaged in medical activities, first as a precinct country doctor, and since 1874,. - Military. During the war with Turkey 1877 - 1878 period was a doctor at one of the military and a temporary hospital in the Caucasus. Soon after the war, he left military service and devoted himself to care activities, prefacing her lessons in hygiene laboratory of Professor A.P. Dobroslavina in which they performed the work: "Determination of carbon dioxide in the air by means of alcohol sodium hydroxide solution and titration of water" (St. Petersburg, 1879). Received for this work, in December 1879, the degree of Doctor of Medicine, Kapustin, then in the next few years as health officer in the public boards of several provinces, developed and brought to life the different hygienic measures. During his practice, Kapustin published several articles and brochures on various issues of health and community medicine, of which "The main issues zemstvo medicine" has emerged 2 nd edition. In 1884, Mr.. Kapustin was promoted to a privat-docent of hygiene in the Military Medical Academy and, . designated in the following year professor in the same department at the University of Warsaw, . opened his professorship famous introductory lecture: "The main tasks and ways to study public health",
. Department of Hygiene in Kazan Kapustin has held since 1887, Mr.. Very interesting laboratory studies Kapustina during this period of time to tell them the following articles: "Some observations on boiled linseed oil, . with a hygienic point of view "(" Doctor "1887)," Some physico-chemical properties of pure seeds of quinoa and mix them with rye flour "(" Diary of the Kazan Medical Association ", . 1892); "Wall air and its importance in health houses" ( "Doctor", . 1894),
. In addition, the press carried a number of very solid work, made under the leadership Kapustina. Irrespective of this, attention is drawn to continued participation in the activities of public Kapustina. Being responsive to the liveliest interest-simmering scientific and practical issues, . He did much to develop them, . state, . During his stay in St. Petersburg, . Secretary of Russian society, public hygiene, and one of the clerks in the City Commission of Public Health, and taking part in the work of physicians of various congresses of provinces and society Kazanskis doctors, . which consists of the Chairman,
. Responsiveness Kapustina to major social phenomena clearly manifested in the participation, . which he took in the discussion and formulation of questions about the nature of the assistance, . which could assist the impoverished population, . befallen us during the lean years,
. Published in The Diary of the Kazan Medical Association, a number of his posts for 1892. contains, among other things, a report on problems of hygiene in disaster crop failure ". Except for a large number of translated works and compilations, . Kapustin belong, . besides those already mentioned, . published works: "The primary reason to draft rural Zemstvo Hospital (Saint-Petersburg, . 1874), "Essays zemstvo medicine" ( "Health", . 1875), "The fight against diphtheria" ( "Russian initial teacher", . St.Petersburg, . 1880), . "Sanitary problems of the city of Voronezh" (Journal of Forensic Medicine and Public Health ", . 1882), "Syphilis, . as a public calamity "(" Proceedings of the Congress of the Kursk ", . 1883); "Statistical design Zemsky data on diphtheria in the province of Kursk" (ibid., . 1883); "Kalinkinskaya City Hospital in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, . 1885); "One of the simplest types of steam disinfection chamber" ( "Diary of the Kazan Medical Association", . 1892); "Taste substances, . their diet and moral value "(" Diary ", . 1894),
. This dictionary Kapustina belong Article: Ventilation, Recovery, Hygiene, Disinfection and rural medicine. He was a member and Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the 3rd convocation, belonged to the party Octobrists.

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Kapustin, Mikhail Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Kapustin, Mikhail Yakovlevich, photo, biography Kapustin, Mikhail Yakovlevich  Famous Russia hygienist, photo, biography
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