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Kapustin, Mikhail Nikolaevich

( Russian lawyer)

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Biography Kapustin, Mikhail Nikolaevich
photo Kapustin, Mikhail Nikolaevich
Born in 1828, from the nobility Yekaterinoslav Province, graduated from the Faculty of Law at Moscow University in 1850, Mr.. took the chair is "popular", later of international law, in 1870. appointed director of the newly reconfigured Demidov Lyceum in Yaroslavl in 1883. went to the post of trustee of Dorpat (now Riga), and in 1891. - St. Petersburg school district; performed at the same time, the duties of inspector of classes in the School of Jurisprudence. He has lectured on international law, the reigning emperor. As a scientist, lawyer, Kapustin is the protector of the historical, strangers to the study of philosophy of law: "area of law does not allow arbitrary fabrications; metaphysics and metapolitics should be alien to a lawyer". The basis of legal education, he recognizes the civil law, political education lawyer should be kept to minimum'u. These attitudes Kapustin carried out in several speeches the documentary ( "Annals of the Lyceum Demidov" for 1870 - 83 years) and in his academic work, as director Demidov Lyceum. (In theory his views, however, Kapustin is not always consistent, in the assembly speech 1876, Mr.. He writes: "The legal position is not a mathematical formula, it can hear solace grief, secured employment, the happiness of the family, checks arbitrary restriction of bloodshed". In a speech in 1882, Mr.. he, . contrary, . protects the rights of science because, . that "it is dry, . lifeless, . dispassionate, rigorous and precise beginning and without any coloring of social and political nature as attractive to the lawyer, . as numerical formulas for mathematics. ") Most of the works Kapustina devoted to the history and theory of public law:" Diplomatic relations between Russia and western Europe in the second half of the XVII century. "(Moscow, . 1852), "Review of subjects of international law" (Moscow, . 1856), "International Law" (Yaroslavl, . 1873), "History (general) Law (Yaroslavl, . 1872), "Lectures on Political Economy and Finance" (Yaroslavl, . 1879), "The significance of nationality in international law" (Moscow, . 1863) and other,
. From the lessons of history, he draws some teaching on the course and direction of the progressive development of law and protects certain theoretical ideals. "Nationalities reconcile freedom and self-government, they are in a hostile attitude because of oppression, persecution, humiliation ... Experience has shown that the free institutions of the country, the political equality of nationalities are always true to their convergence ". From a purely legal works Kapustina greatest importance "Ancient surety" (Kapustin, 1855), other (legal dogmatics "and" Institutions of Roman Law ", Moscow, 1881) is much less valuable. As an administrator, Kapustin in Dorpat school district was consistent, but relatively moderate conductor of the transformation of the German educational institutions of the Baltic region. As a trustee of the St. Petersburg school district, Kapustin attracted the attention of a number of circulars designed to put in a more normal state of relations school teachers to their students. Kapustin also owns a number of journal articles on law, policy, bibliographies. Kapustin died in 1899

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Kapustin, Mikhail Nikolaevich, photo, biography
Kapustin, Mikhail Nikolaevich, photo, biography Kapustin, Mikhail Nikolaevich  Russian lawyer, photo, biography
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