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Abroad, Vladimir

( President of JSC 'KomiTEK')

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Biography Abroad, Vladimir
Seriously and permanently

Questions the magazine "Russia's Oil 'meet, the president of JSC' KomiTEK 'Vladimir FOREIGN

Vladimir, the Republic of Komi for you - a new man. They came to the post in September last year, when the oil company's shareholders elected a new Board of Directors. Prior to this, as you know, worked in Kogalym deputy general director of LLC "LUKOIL-Western Siberia '. Yes, and your whole conscious life is linked to the oil industry. Obviously, you have come here to not only correct the mistakes of predecessors, but, in essence, create a different, stronger and more resistant to crises, the oil company. Is not takN
You're right, the inheritance really got complicated. But the leaders of the oil company Lukoil, including your humble servant, have repeatedly stressed a simple and capacious those
. VMS: 'LUKOIL' came in the Komi Republic, not in order to take advantage of the favorable situation and what is called a 'skim the cream', but work is a seriously long time, in close collaboration with the leadership of the republic and for the benefit of the republic
With the government and the head of the Komi Republic we have established good business relationships. Sam Yuri Spiridonov - first-class politician, besides oil man with extensive experience. Our position, which we hold in other regions, do not walk in someone else's Monastery with its charter. Today is pleased to note that such an understanding reached and identified ways to solve common problems, the main activities for the withdrawal of the oil industry of the Komi crisis.

The structure of industry in the country has changed. Earlier in the oil company KomiTEK 'and were' Komineft ', and Ukhta refineries, and' Kominefteproduct '. The company had a slight, but nevertheless influence in some joint ventures. Now, large parts of the former holding company directly subordinated to the relevant services 'LUKOIL'. A KomiTEK ". acquires the features of the oil companies consolidated. Already in its composition, other than 'Komineft' are closed stock company "Nobel Oil '' Bitran '. Lukoil owns half the shares 'Northern Oil', the weight of the share capital - beginning 'KomiArkticOil', 'KomiKuesta',
. We are very close to tra-ditsionnoy for 'LUKOIL' the organizational structure of the extractive industry: there is a separate legal entity, . composed of territorial production company (TTP) with incomplete balance sheet,
. So the parent enterprise is 'KomiTEK'. Place of registration and, therefore, most tax remains the Republic of Komi. As part of this enterprise will be created south TTP with accommodation in Ukhta, and North Chamber of Commerce, located in Usinsk. Thus, in our view it is important that the structure of the oil industry of the republic becomes slenderness and stiffness, it becomes more manageable and efficient. Subsidiaries 'LUKOIL' form in the Komi Republic than the other structures. For example, units have been established drillers transporters and builders.
- Not so daeno a hundred days since the official arrival of Lukoil in the Komi Republic and the beginning of your work. We understand that time is very small, but there is a tradition of summing up some results after a hundred days ...
- I think most banners tion event, with no
only working, but also a symbolic meaning, which was held in Usinsk Extraordinary Meeting of the shareholders 'Komineft'. All previous meetings were held, or in Moscow, or Syktyvkar. Meanwhile, the population is approximately 40 thousand. Shareholders Thus, we somehow restore fairness to them. And at a meeting, . and after the vice-president of Lukoil, Leonid Fedun, . Vitaly Forester, . and the Minister of Coal, . gas and oil industry of the republic Andrei Yakimov explained the position as an oil company, . and leadership in the region for many of the shareholders and the public interest issues,
. To summarize them, I would like to emphasize that we should not expect very soon some fabulous transformations. We must be realistic.
However, I understand the oilmen, who were forced to endure several difficult years, who oppressed the people, above all, uncertainty, because over the past year and a half, almost three thousand people were forced to resign and leave Usinsk. More than 2,3 thousand people moved in a simple and short week. Imagine that you're all first 8 hours a week and get it for 250-300 rubles, but at home the family fear and anxiety for the future of children. Therefore, the main result of the initial period of our work here believe that we have managed to instill faith in people, free from the anxious expectations
. And if more specifically, through funding programs of enterprise development over the past three

. months created more than 200 jobs and will soon be set up 250 more
. I am only talking about the mining company structure. A similar program operates and our subcontractors. Next - we have not yet built up its oil production, and has already significantly raised the wages of the oil. In September last year, for example, the average salary for 'Kominef-ti' was 2,902 rubles, and in OGPD
'Voyvozhneft' was even lower than -1040 rubles. The first increase we had in October. And in December, the average wage in the extractive company has doubled, to Voyvozhe - almost four times.
After a long break in December we resumed drilling. In the fourth quarter of last year doubled the number of repair crews, from 172 to 190 days increased by a turnaround time of downhole equipment. In a situation where the commissioning of new wells is not implemented the required level of oil production is directly dependent on the efficient operation of existing wells. In 1999. well stock fell to 725, and idle fund producing wells increased to 39 and is 830 units.
The structure of a dormant fund as follows: in anticipation of major repairs (cattle) are 503 wells in the exploration -16 wells, pending repair of ground equipment - 79 wells in conservation - 232. Over the past year was derived from the omission of 72 wells, and from conservation - 31. Razu
meetsya, a state fund and the rate of repair we can not arrange, and have already developed a detailed plan for a sharp drop in no-current stock. We are profitable to enter it in the work. By order of the Government of RF input of the idle and low-yield wells with high-viscosity oil is not excise. Aiming for 2000;
reduce the idle well stock up to 25-30%.
Already this year we are planning for 400 thousand. t increase oil production in the region. It is clear that this will be far outweighed by the tax base and increase revenues to local budgets. Hence, the real will to solve many social problems. Over the past year in the budget Usinsk 'KomiTEK' and 'Komi-oil' listed 137.2 million rubles in budget funds - 76.7 million. Treasury of the Republic through taxes from 'LUKOIL' replenished at 589 million rubles. This year we plan to give to the local budget 146.8 million rubles in budget funds -198, in the budget of the Komi Republic ^ 738 million rubles.
Has already begun construction of the oil preparation (UPSV) at Kharyaga. We planned to commission 44 new wells drilled more than 80 thousand. meters of rock, to repair 700 wells, lay 330 km of pipelines, and protected from corrosion, with a guarantee against accidents for 25 years. Investing in Development 'Komi-oil' - 'KomiTEK' in the current year projected at three billion rubles. Half of this amount, direct investment in the implementation of programs, the other half to earn themselves at the expense of growth in oil production. Every effort must, experience, investment, new technologies in order to restore oil production in the country, the level of which in 1991. was 12 million tons

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