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Biography LONDON, Jack
London never ceases to surprise more than it grasp the meaning. The prevailing image of this writer breaks down, or at least, appeals to the substantial changes were made, when we come back to the books that hit our youthful imagination. We remember the romance, which glorified the human resilience, courage and comradeship. By long-standing feeling we perceive London as a writer Klondike, created an ambitious saga of the North, on the tests, which exposes the identity of the collision one on one with a majestic, harsh nature. And the feeling is not deceiving us. Simply it is not quite enough, not holistically. Because much of London and heritage is slipping, while in the field of view, we keep 'White silence', 'Love of Life', 'trail of false suns' - and nothing more.
Every great writer has a ledger. Usually it leads to a winding road that stretches through the decades searching. In London things were on the other. Northern stories that he most owes his fame is not fading, created at the beginning of creative way. Of course, they were the most creative accomplishments of the writer. However, the material seemed inexhaustible, began to dry up, and quickly. 'White Fang', published in 1906, was the last page of the London of the North. Four years later, reworking his old stories, and partly because of their expanding London published a novel, 'Time will not wait', then the cycle of short stories 'Smoke Belew', and revealed that he repeats himself. Moreover, he degrades himself.
Why has there been such a great deal about podmenaN here can only guess. Usually they say that a fatal role in the fate of London has played his readers an incredible success, which he wanted to keep whatever was. If this is true, it is not complete: see the reasons behind the surface and not visible to others, although they may be the most important. Yes London wrote in a perpetual hurry, he did not spare his talent, did not show due to his demands. All this is known as known and the sad result: a sense of his literary bankruptcy and death in forty years, very similar to suicide. Yet such a finale can not explain, . discussing the popularity of, . that London was trying to save, . making concession after concession is not the most exacting tastes, . the strain, . some demanded that he later wrote a book, . about the daily work at the limit of physical strength.,
. As always, if we are talking about the drama of outstanding creative personality, the origins of this drama to be found in art, rather than mere frustration in everyday life
. And, perhaps, the decisive fact of the drama of Jack London just was relentlessly followed the feeling that the highest rise of talent for it coincided with the start times of writing. In the future, only for a moment - as in 'Martin Eden' as in 'Mexicans' and several short stories, inspired by the impressions of the voyage to Polynesia, - he shall obtain his true creative level. But he could not outdo himself, even in these happy moments.
For the true artist's mind that the peak long gone and the road goes steadily to the bottom, without painful measures. Preserved, not so much evidence that can be trusted, when you try to imagine the real atmosphere of the last years of his life and work in London. This is a very different evidence, but they are all similar in one: a writer possessed fear of being stuck, the fear of irretrievable breakdown. It may be surprising, given how many of those years was made. And it is quite understandable if the measure written while on the true worth. 'Moon Valley', 'Green Wanderer', 'little mistress of the big house' - is it called the book go to any comparison with what was written ten - fifteen years earlier, with the northern tsiklomN
. He apparently knew enough literary luck changed, and made desperate attempts to get it back
. 'Smoke Belew' and 'Time is running out' - sad illustration of infertility such efforts, particularly evident from the fact that the material here is the same, klondaysky. The popularity of London, is still very high, prompted the then writers eagerly pounce on these books, but almost unanimous reaction was disappointment. And how could it be otherwise, since everyone still remembered how the novelty of what talent hit 'Son of the Wolf', 'God of his fathers' - collections of short stories, which London made his debut ten years ago.
Worst of all, the failure of the last period gave rise to a certain stereotype of the relationship to London, continuing to this day. Literature created from the north recognized only stories with reservations 'Martin Eden' yes 'Iron Heel'. Everything else is perceived as an ephemeral fiction, which, strictly speaking, was to survive the fate of ephemeral, and no one would now not be read, if not authorship of London.
Reasons for such judgments seem more than sufficient. Yet it is a biased court: too sharply dissected into two uneven parts that made a single artistic world, too much enthusiasm about some books, neglect on the other. But all this is from the pen of London and all bear the stamp of his personality, his strivings and conflicts, discoveries, and weaknesses. Here RUN deep connection. A close look will certainly find them.
When there were the stories of the Klondike, the impression was as if to London, nobody will write. Only then remembered Mayne Reid, adventure novels, adventure stories, the action which unfolded near the same location. but this literature remains the only North decoration. London for the first time made this country special domain art. Soon he appeared a lot of imitators, but the feeling of newness and strangeness of paintings, created by London, has not disappeared, not dulled to this day. And it is not surprising. Art opening can be mastered, but can not repeat it: it is done once and remains in the literature forever. As not exploit his followers.
A north London's novel were a true discovery, and although the novelty of their motivation has long faded, the poetry of these stories does not fade. Here at least the plot did not stop worrying writer - check on the truth, which people like in conditions that threaten its very existence. After London, such situations have become accustomed in the prose of the twentieth century. Not difficult to understand, . why they are so attractive, . - This is taken care of reality itself, . in our century was filled with contradictions so large and sharp, . that each required a truly greatest assemblage, . to stand on steep fractures stories,
. Joining face to face with death, a man from London won, if he was the bearer of true humanity. And these heroics, needs no pomp, has become an organic feature of this prose of this century, bound in this respect, London more than anyone - else.
. With time and the second most important motive of the northern loop has acquired many echoes
. This motif of direct collision 'century steel' with 'stone age', the direct contact of two separate polar-based care, value systems and epic concepts. There was a cross-cutting theme of Indian stories, and in the future - stories devoted to plunder the colonizers of Polynesia, such as 'House Mapu' or 'Kuhlau leper'.
. The world of these stories is tragic, because the predetermined and inevitable outcome of the conflict: the future belongs to the 'century began'
. But for the irreversibility of the changes London saw not the cloudless 'progress', what they saw on his contemporaries. He found in such collisions profound social content, has made a novel of the Indian and Polynesian cycles works, sharply accusatory in its pathos. The heroes of the people he depicted, majestic even in its inevitable defeat, because they do not lose as weak and fight until the end. And what was referred to as 'progress', under the pen of London presented itself a historical drama, which contradict each other two times, not compatible to their aspirations, beliefs, principles. Are fastened tight knots of contradictions created by the progressive course of time. How many times after the London appealed to them world literature!
Then regaining its appeal is the poetry of resistance, which was probably the beginning of the dominant art world of London. Then opens a huge reservoir, he investigated the issues, reflecting in their legends, raised to the symbols on those gains and losses, which are always accompanied by civilization. Time-tested stories in London will be one starting point from which begins today prose.

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LONDON, Jack, photo, biography
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