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Hans Selye

( Doctor, discoverer of serious illness, stress)

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Biography Hans Selye
photo Hans Selye
Thanks to Hans Selye, everyone knows that feeling of anxiety, irritability or anger - something else, like stress. This term has won a place in medical reference books, encyclopedias, and in our life. Alas, only one thing remains unclear: how the disease borotsyaN answer to this question could not give even a pioneer of serious illness.

Third woman

- Excuse me, professor, and you yourself have to deal with stressomN

Hans Selye turned. The question echoed in the empty hall of the Sorbonne. Near the window stood a woman in a long black coat. Her face is concealed wide-brimmed hat.

- A few days ago, in the audience, I think I saw you ...

- Yes, I was at your lecture hall and heard the cheers, - interrupted the stranger .- But about yourself you did not say a word. It turns out that the inventor of stress was as a shoemaker without shoes. The woman took out a mirror and a red lipstick. Professor Selye palms perspiring. He caught himself on the fact that he is ready to begin to justify herself to some unknown source arisen sledovatelnitsey.

- We are experiencing stress of any strong feelings, positive or negative - no matter - he said.

Doctor of medicine and philosophy, the holder of 43 honorary degrees and honorary assessor several dozen medical and scientific associations confused (may have experienced stress) and began to recount their own lecture. He reminded the stranger that each impact on the human organism is unique in its nature and cause different reactions. If it is cold, we tremble when it is hot - sweating, and not vice versa. But sometimes the body reacts poorly. For example, a woman will experience a shock and when received notice that her husband was killed in the war, and when, years later, her husband as if nothing had happened will appear on the doorstep. The result will still be stress.

- You will feel stress, if I invite you poobedatN - interrupted by Hans woman with red lips .- Louise - to present it, holding out his hand.

Culture shock

Returning home from a restaurant, a professor Selye asked himself why he was so easily accepted an invitation to the stranger, after a conversation which I suddenly realized that his whole life was an endless stress since childhood.

As a child, Hans haunted by his mother, a woman educated and eccentric. Maria Felicita forced Hans speak at home in four languages. Hungarian and German he learned without effort: the first was the mother to the father, the best surgeon in Vienna, the second - for the mother. Teach Kids French and English governesses invited.

Of course, the future professor of Selye nor how many had no doubt that the mother was guided by the best of intentions, with five in the morning ekzamenuya son in conjugation of French verbs. However, the linguistic experiment led to the fact that Hans throughout his life has not figured out which of the four languages in his native. Sometimes in the morning, he experienced a terrible stress, because not immediately able to figure out what language would have to say.

However, stress Professor Selye was able to test only once, as he invented it. And before that (probably unknowingly), the scientist managed to marry twice.

Apparently, the first wife of Hans, the daughter of Pittsburgh coal magnate, has experienced the same malaise as her husband was lost indefinitely in university laboratories. After giving birth, she filed for divorce, and even made the abolition of his father's surname for their common daughter Kathryn. The young scientist was very nervous and was unable to cope with the disease, caused by the fact that her daughter chose to communicate with him as sparingly as possible. And here she Katherine for some reason did not inherit his father's illness - not sad, traveled a lot and despatched smug letters from around the world.
Second wife, scientist, Gabrielle, gave birth to four children as much. But in this case is the need to engage in their education professor Selye brought to the state of chilling horror. After 28 years of living together and, of course, continual stress, he himself ran away from his wife. Fortunately for Hans, she did not object.

But apart from women in the life of Hans Selye was a lot of other sources of stress. He could not say exactly who he is by birth. Childhood and adolescence, Hans held in the small town of Komarno on the territory of the Austro-Hungarian. After the collapse of the Empire town of his residence was in Czechoslovakia, and in this country Selye got a passport. If we take into account the linguistic confusion in the head scientist, does not make much effort to imagine what the source of stress for him was this circumstance.

But perhaps the worst for Hans Selye was the fact that during most of his life he could not find the country in which it was possible to work calmly.

In 1924, Selye entered the Medical Faculty of the Charles University. But the university hospital lacked the conditions for studies of reactions to various infections that are interested in student. A year later, Hans went to the University of Paris. There were all the conditions for successful work, but the relationship with the professors at the young scientist did not exist. I had to return to Prague.

In 1931, Hans Selye finally managed to get a medical degree, a doctorate in chemical sciences and in addition Rockefeller Fellowship. Now he could, without thinking about money, engage in research in the best universities in the United States. It would seem, what else can mechtatN Hans went to the University of Baltimore. He even established an excellent relationship with colleagues and students, but with the culture shock he could not cope.
Professor Selye later recalled that most irritated his party for the "poor little foreign students, who arranged his wife's professorial. Get rid of the invitations to them, as well as the stress that they (the parties) called, he never managed. Three years later he went to work in the University of Montreal.

Here, for such a nervous scientist had created all the conditions (up to his own laboratory). Finally the doctor had everything necessary for work, but again he could not get rid of the pointless, it would seem, anxiety and irritability. During sleepless nights, the professor went through infinitely own past. Selye tried to understand why, in the same circumstances, his friends behave calmly, and he panics. The scientist decided to deal with my life and so, in that she turned on the chemical level. Five years later, he found the first proof of his own theory - the theory of stress.

Intolerable life experimental

Perhaps the only thing that did not cause any of Hans Selye's stress - it is his own theory. In 1936 he first published an article on this phenomenon. The scientific community took his invention to cheer. Apparently, other scientists have searched for an explanation of the physical sensations that they experienced from time to time. That's just before anyone had not occurred to them to pay so much attention, let alone monitor the effects of life on the hormonal turmoil. Hans Selye first drew attention to the relationship between anxiety and what happens in the human body at this moment. English language, as stated above, Selye know and easily picked to fit the definition of the right feelings - stress ( "stress"). This word and made it famous.
At the University of Montreal, he conducted experiments not only on himself, but rats. The animals have created unbearable living conditions, and they, without knowing it, have provided irrefutable evidence of the existence of stress as such. In their blood stood adrenaline. It was his Hans Selye called "stress hormone". He suggested, . that the strength of emotions depends on the emotional stability of personality, . experience and heredity, . that is, from the, . as they could behave in complex situations, the ancestors of the patient, . from customs ancestors in some way to express their emotions,

Subsequent experiments have shown that stress is the cause of many diseases - arthritis, heart disease, asthma. Stress in the body is accompanied by a large number of hormones, including adrenaline.

"The obvious cause of disease is an infection, intoxication, nervous exhaustion, or simply old age. But in fact disrupt the hormonal mechanism seems the most likely cause of death in humans, "- wrote Professor Selye.

The discovery was so startling that inspired the scientist began to experience stress less and less. Of course, he still felt nervous before the lectures, but their number has helped Selye for some time to forget about his own person. Schedule of meetings of scientific councils of leaving too little room for analysis of the frequency of its own pulse. Scientific recognition more than compensated for the vicissitudes of personal life.
And now in the life of Hans Selye reappeared woman. Not only has she made the professor feel complex range of feelings (it's even glad Selye as additional evidence that stress causes both positive and negative emotions). Louise made the scientist again feel like a loser. All too often the woman asked him a question, with which, in fact, began their relationship: "So, the inventor of stress, you yourself managed to preodoletN"

. Effective drug

. The very fact of its existence, Louise questioned the existence of stress as such
. Looking at how calmly she could safely eat breakfast three or four hours or months to do without money, Professor Selye involuntarily began thinking about, not whether he cheated rat.

Capacity from the nature Louise brilliantly medical degree at the Sorbonne, and without hesitation, gave up a scientific career, as it is, you see, does not imply a three-month summer vacation. At the same time, she gladly accepted the request Selye become his personal secretary.

Louise loved the order, but at the same time feel comfortable in the house Selye, where the cleaning done only at Christmas (even while the servants were forbidden to touch the paper the professor, laid out on all smooth surfaces). The first woman of fashion in Paris did not see anything strange in the fact that Hans was clothed 30-year-old. His argument, "Now these things are not comfortable doing," drove the ex-wives, a professor of fury, was accepted unconditionally by Louise. "Really do not" - Louise shrugged her shoulders and invited Selye in bohemian party.

The most paradoxical that her calmness spread to the Selye. Next to her, he felt so comfortable that eventually forget about stress and three years later after dating decided to marry a beneficial affect on him woman


. In 1950 he relinquished the position of Director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine and Surgery and opened his own Institute, . naturally, . stress, . But now Hans is not interested in the reaction of the organism to various influences from the outside, . otherwise, . how to deal with them,
. He sincerely believed that it was Louise will help him find the answer to this question. But she preferred to ride with him on a bicycle or in an old Toyota, which is nicknamed geisha. Lounging in your favorite chair by Hans and putting on the coffee table, slender legs, Louise, laughing at Selye reasoned that it probably is the best posture to relieve stress.
While the professor and his wife were sunbathing on the roof of the Institute of Stress (the roof Hans preferred all the roofs of the world), his books have been translated into 17 languages, Professor Selye has written more than 1700 academic papers and 39 books about the nature of stress. After his death in 1982, Selye study quoted in more than 362 thousand. papers and in countless popular magazines. Selye is still the most cited authors in the articles on stress.

The only cure for this scourge Hans Selye found it was not possible. What udivlyatsyaN Our Life - Broken napryazhenka (stress).

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Hans Selye, photo, biography
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