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( President of the International Bar Association `St. Petersburg`.)

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Biography KOTELNIKOV Artem N.
photo KOTELNIKOV Artem N.
Born in 1923 in Astrakhan. Hereditary lawyer and hereditary nobleman. His great-grandfather served as Secretary of the County Court in the Astrakhan. His great grandfather was a leader Chernoyarsko-Enotaevsky Carevskogo and nobility of Astrakhan province, was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir and St. Anne. Grandfather - Artemiy Nazarovych Kotelnikov - was editor of the St. Petersburg newspaper "Our Life" and other periodicals. For publication in December 1905 "Manifesto of the Workers' Deputies" and the article AI. Kuprin suppressant in Sevastopol uprising on the cruiser Ochakov twice prosecuted. Father - Nikolai Artemyevitch Kotelnikov - graduated from the Moscow University in 1917, worked as a legal adviser, a journalist.
After school, he entered the Penza artillery and mortar school, where he graduated in 1943. Two and a half years at the front-line officers' positions on the Voronezh and 1 Ukrainian fronts. Awarded the Order of the Patriotic War and medals, including - "For the capture of Berlin". After the war he served 3 years in the Soviet Army. Since 1948, he studied at the two faculties of LSU - on political economy and legal. Since 1952 - in practical work. 3 years worked in the Prosecutor's Office in the position of investigator and prosecutor Area (Chukotka). In 1956 he returned to Leningrad, 9 years as legal adviser.
In the legal profession since 1965. Served as counsel to "cases of dissidents," defended the rights of citizens of the USSR. In 1970 he was arrested. In its literal wording: "The local political grounds, the unprovoked and trumped-up charges". The main reason for his arrest was his human rights work. Upon his arrest, was convicted of bribery under Article 173 of the RSFSR have to, and convicted on Article 174 (bribery).
3 years serving his sentence. In protest of the President of the Supreme Court of Russia VM. Lebedev Bureau of the Leningrad City Court reinstated. After his release he worked in the legal adviser to the health authorities. Provided legal assistance to the exit for permanent residence abroad, hundreds of citizens of the USSR. In 1988 he became the organizer and chairman of the USSR's first legal Cooperative Association of Advisers "(Documents for the registration of the cooperative were presented May 26, 1988 the date of entry into force of the USSR" On Cooperation ").
. He worked as legal adviser to members of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR SE
. Boldyrev, H. Starovoitova, M. Salie. At the present time - the assistant deputy of the State Duma, member of the Committee on Legislation and Judicial Reform SA. Popova.
In 1990, together with S. Ilin organized Leningrad Integrated Bar - the first in the USSR and Russia, an independent panel of lawyers. He worked as deputy chairman of the Presidium of the Collegium.
In 1993, with a large group of lawyers in Estonia and Russia established the International Bar Association "St. Petersburg". He was elected and is currently its President. In the six years of the College, the composition has increased 20 times. Today it consists of more than 1800 lawyers. Board members consist of five members of the State Duma and Federation Council member.
"For contribution to the development of the legal profession and the increasing role and prestige of the profession" - was awarded a gold medal F.N. Plevako (1998) and awarded the title "Honorary Lawyer". Member of the Executive Committee of the Guild of Russian Lawyers.

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KOTELNIKOV Artem N., photo, biography
KOTELNIKOV Artem N., photo, biography KOTELNIKOV Artem N.  President of the International Bar Association `St. Petersburg`., photo, biography
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