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Jonah N. Herman

( Head of the department of literature and methods of its teaching of Russia's State Pedagogical University named after AI Herzen, associate professor, professor.)

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Biography Jonah N. Herman
photo Jonah N. Herman
Born in Leningrad in May 17, 1936. In 1959 he graduated from the Philological Faculty of Leningrad State University and began working teacher of Russian language and literature in secondary school. From 1974 to 1979 - Senior Research Fellow Institute of General Adult Education APN USSR. Then - Associate Professor of Literature Graduate School of union culture. In 1982, Herman N. comes in Pedagogical University, where he works to this day. Successfully defended his Ph.D. (1971) and doctorate (1993) dissertation.
"... Culture is rooted in the vast, unfathomable in the space of Being. It is given to all. More precisely, given all. There are two main forces that nourish. One - the work of all mankind, all peoples who have for millennia intuitively create life-like ve likoe miracle. But the same set of human, transformed by shifts in the history of the wild spontaneity of the masses, destroying lives, guided by the instinct of chaos, decay, self-destruction.
. And then the savior of culture becomes the identity, . human spirit, . opposing the first trouble - decay, . chaos, . opposing second trouble - Standardization, . as one of the most violent mechanisms of uni-chtozheniya uniqueness of people, . turning people into a faceless mass of, . a mystery and immensity of culture - in the flat patterns of civilization.,
. There needs a job - ascetic, devoid of any cheap halo, so tempting taste of the standard mass
. Job stress-nai, interior, details, without the broad gestures. She is now saving culture.
It would seem that long ago I know Herman Nikolayevich grids, sometimes close to meet the general academic or literary work. And yet - it is for me largely a mystery and the mystery: how could he absorb, and so to give yourself daily, simple but deep in the departing soul and destiny of people to a culture of N
. His life - it is a constant, internal stress and - kind, attentive, looking to meet another person work
. The accuracy of it - communication, a common cause: the students, students, colleagues. And this is perhaps his greatest work: to train a new generation to look through the current day in the future.
It is impossible not to communicate with him - so he was attentive and dobrozhelate-flax. This "informal". And more: it is inexhaustible. His "secret" - not bogatst of "terms", a talent. Besides a large extent, hereditary. The son of artist N. Ionin, nephew of the artist AN. Samokhvalov he went on, however, its own way, though he studied at the Art School with a gift in the figure, in the sense of color. No - a sense of the word was in his pre-possessing, and then the fate of. Poems he wrote in childhood.
Once his poems Shostakovich showed S. Ya. Marshak, and he praised them sincerely. Lyrics that Herman wrote Jonah has more than one decade, in fact, unknown in the literature, in grids, the poet is no poetic ambitions. But why his poems, his voice not be heard in this poetic mireN released so far the only book of poems - "Dante", where the merging motifs coming from a great poem, with images of our suffering and the tragic fate. Images of our century has intercourse with the world drama of Genesis.
GN Jonah from childhood brings a sense of spiritual kinship epochs. "Faust" he translated even in adolescence. At the same time it once-Myshlyaev of "Lay," with interest and attention to case-shawl scholars of Pushkin House. Ultimately, in science, he chose the Russian literature of the eighteenth century, especially the powerful poetry of Gabriel Derzhavina. But he distinctly and Russian literature - from the origins to our days. Under his editorship came textbook for grade 10, one of the most interesting and new in design, the treatments, the form. He has a book about Blok, Gorky, Mayakovsky. He has his own, original and profound pedagogical ideas, and at the same time he was alive, a sincere interest in the different approaches, attitudes, looks, along with other. Department of WPIIS them. Herzen, which for many years by a doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor G.N.Ionin is soobsches-TVO interesting, distinctive professionals who have your sight, your style and handwriting in the literature, pedagogy, teaching.
. Man astonishing delicacy, soft, truly exquisite manners of communication - and it feels everyone who know him, - GN
. Jonah, in essence, an internal nature, a real rebel, as it was said more as a teacher in his school years. It is totally alien to conformism, he passionately in denial of what should deny. He - fighter. But it's not a Role, do not turn in a spectacular role, for it - labor zhenik, he fought affair, overcomes that rejects, understanding and perseverance. I think that he has no personal rotation gov. He finds a common language with different people and this makes it particularly successful struggle. While suffering, tragedy and the common and private life was not spared him, he - survived.
. Without such peo-ple dull and helpless would be our life, salvation, enlightenment, which requires daily resistance to the dark forces of decay and the daily exploits of enlightenment, the truth and goodness ...." Colleagues GN
. Ionin

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Jonah N. Herman, photo, biography
Jonah N. Herman, photo, biography Jonah N. Herman  Head of the department of literature and methods of its teaching of Russia's State Pedagogical University named after AI Herzen, associate professor, professor., photo, biography
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