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Solonin Yuri Nikiforovich

( Dean of the Philosophical Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, Ph.D., Professor, Head of the Department of Philosophy of Culture and Cultural Studies)

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Biography Solonin Yuri Nikiforovich
Yu.N.. Solonin graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of the Leningrad State University in 1966, specializing in logic, then graduate. In 1970 he defended his thesis. Since that time, his scientific and teaching activities have been inextricably linked with Leningrad / Saint Petersburg State University. Since 1970, Yuri Nikiforovich works at the Philosophical Faculty at first assistant, then associate professor and professor. In hard for the School of Journalism LGU years Yu.N.. Solonin led him to the department of foreign journalists, and then (from 1987 to 1989.) Was dean of the School of Journalism. In the years of work at the faculty of journalism and creative teaching activities, Yuri Nikiforovich the Faculty of Philosophy has not been interrupted in 1988 Yu.N.. Solonin defended at the Faculty of Philosophy of LSU doctoral dissertation on the problems of modern philosophy of science and philosophy of culture. In 1989 he was elected chair of the philosophy of culture, ethics and aesthetics, and on the alternative basis by an overwhelming majority of the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy. Since then and until now he stands at the head of the faculty and the philosophical community of the city on the Neva.
Yu.N.. Solonin initiated and most active participant in the transformation of the Faculty of Philosophy. His greatest achievements in improving the structure of teaching and the development of philosophy and humanities research in accordance with the present state of world philosophy, political science and cultural knowledge. Under his leadership, the philosophical faculty of SPSU has significantly strengthened its position as Russia's leading institutions conducting training in the field of philosophy and humanities. The faculty created a series of new Chairs. These are the department, as the philosophy of science and technology, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture and cultural studies, philosophy and culture of the East, Conflict, and other. Some of the chairs and still is unique. Much attention is paid to the Faculty of Environmental Affairs.
As chairman of the Head of the "Philosophy" of the Ministry of Education of Russia Yu.N.. Solonin does a lot for the development and coordination of research in the field of philosophy in universities Russia. He was the initiator, . one of the organizers and leaders on the basis of the philosophy faculty of SPSU Russia's first Congress of Philosophy in 1997 and attracted great public interest Socio-Scientific Forum "Formation of civil society as a national idea of Russia XXI Century" (2000), . many international and Russian scientific conferences,
. Yu.N.. Solonin is chairman of the Dissertation Council for the Protection of doctoral theses and dissertations a member of several boards, . member of the expert council WAC, . chairman and member of the editorial boards of several journals, . periodic anthologies and publishing projects,
. For many years he has successfully led the St. Petersburg Philosophical Society.
Research interests Yu.N.. Solonina is the logic, philosophy of culture, history, philosophy, cultural studies, social philosophy, journalism. Professor Yu.N.. Solonin - by more than 250 scientific papers, including 10 individual and collective monographs. Under his leadership, has been written and is protected by more than 50 Ph.D. and 8 doctoral theses. At a high professional level, Professor Yu.N.. Solonin teaches general and special courses in medieval philosophy, history and philosophy of culture.
Professor Yu.N.. Solonin enjoys well-deserved prestige among colleagues as an outstanding scientist, a great Methodist, a brilliant lecturer and a gifted teacher. In Yuri Nikiforovich harmoniously combines the quality of the remarkable scientist and teacher, well educated in different fields of culture, intelligent person.
For services to the University Yu.N.. Solonin was repeatedly marked thanked Ministry of Education and the Rector, as well as other awards.

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Solonin Yuri Nikiforovich, photo, biography
Solonin Yuri Nikiforovich, photo, biography Solonin Yuri Nikiforovich  Dean of the Philosophical Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, Ph.D., Professor, Head of the Department of Philosophy of Culture and Cultural Studies, photo, biography
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