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Shipitsyna Ludmila

( Rector of the Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, International University of Family and Child Raoul Wallenberg)

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Biography Shipitsyna Ludmila
photo Shipitsyna Ludmila
Rector of the Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, International University of Family and Child Raoul Wallenberg, . Academician of Russia Academy of Management in Education, . International Personnel Academy of UNESCO, . New York Academy of Sciences, . Sc.D., . Professor,
Born on March 1, 1947.
After graduating in 1970. Leningrad State University. AA. Zhdanov in the department of physiology of higher nervous activity worked in the Research Institute of Physiology of children and adolescents APN USSR. which in 1974 successfully defended her thesis. Since 1979, Mr.. worked at the Institute of pediatric infections USSR Ministry of Health Head of Laboratory of functional methods of diagnosis and at the same time on an hourly basis in LGPI them. AI. Herzen, where he read lectures on anatomy, physiology and pathology of hearing and speech. In 1986. was elected head of the department of anatomic and physiological bases of Defectology LGPI them. AI. Herzen, and in 1989. - Dean of the Faculty of Defectology. In 1987. defended her doctoral dissertation in 1989. she was awarded the academic title of professor.
Pedagogical activity LM. Shipitsyna very complex. She is the author of more than 250 scientific publications including 30 monographs, training and manuals. By 15 candidates and 2 doctors.
LM. Shipitsyna experimentally established principles of development of functional brain asymmetry in children, . studied neurophysiological mechanisms of speech and non-verbal processes, . teaching children to read, . structural and functional characteristics of memory and emotional states in healthy children, . as well as in children with severe hearing impairment, . with mental retardation, . mental retardation and behavioral problems,
In the past 10 years, the main directions of scientific-pedagogical activity LM Shipitsyna associated with the development of conceptual and methodological approaches in special education. This is largely due to the creation LM. Shipitsyna private educational center - International University of Family and Child. Raoul Wallenberg, . which includes a school for children, . requiring special conditions of learning and development, . Expert, . Research Center, . educational workshops, . Open University for parents, . publishing complex, . psycho-pedagogical center for the prevention of drug abuse among children and adolescents, . and the Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology,

. Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology - the basic structural unit of the University, . having a state license to conduct educational activities in the field of higher education and a certificate of state accreditation, the Defense Ministry,

. Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology - Russia's first non-state university, . specializing in training for the system of special institutions and social services in education: special (correctional) educational establishments, . social rehabilitation centers, . orphanages, . shelters etc.,
. The demand of a highly skilled and scientific research in this area has increased particularly in connection with fundamental changes in public policies to support children and adults with disabilities.
Currently, the Institute trained more than 2000 students from Saint-Petersburg, Bryansk, Vyborg, Zelenograd, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Orenburg, Petrozavodsk, Severodvinsk, Tyumen, Togliatti, New Urengoy, Chelyabinsk.
Breadth of contacts, openness - an important feature in the guise of a new university. Under the direction of Professor LM. Shipitsyna Institute participates in federal and international research programs.
Many at the institute conducted research carried out by the orders of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia, the regional education authorities and others. The Institute is successfully carrying out research within the Presidential program "Children of Russia" federal program "Children with disabilities," "Orphans," "Children of Chernobyl", etc..
The institute carries out international cooperation with various educational institutions, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United States, Sweden, Finland, etc.. Countries.
Through linkages university students have the opportunity to attend lectures and learn from textbooks of the leading Western experts.
The Institute develops and publishes scientific and methodical literature and manuals. The quality of scientific production of high school confirmed a constant demand for it in various regions of Russia. Employee of the Institute translated into English, Dutch, German languages and published abroad.
Credo rector LM. Shipitsyna lies in the fact that the first days of school students - future teachers and a psychologist - working with a particular child.
Defending the principles of humane science, careful attitude to the child with developmental problems, Shipitsyna LM. consistently pursuing them into practice. The Institute decided on a unique experiment: the group opened for deaf students, who receive specialty "special psychology". Teach them for free, despite the fact that this group is taught by the best professors and associate professors. The institute also has students with visual impairments and other disabilities.
Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology is not intended to substitute for public education, but the direction is helping the country in training. Also rector proud that, thanks to a new form of learning can support at this difficult time invaluable teaching staff of St. Petersburg - professors and associate professors. But their necessity to society institute has already proved over the years: more than 3000 graduates are working successfully in different parts of our country.
His house feel Institute professors and teachers, combined in a creative hard-working team of like-minded.
The special atmosphere of benevolence, intelligence, competitiveness of scientific ideas prevailed in its walls. And students and teachers believe it is a merit of its Rector - ambitiously minded scholar, an excellent organizer of science, friendly and caring person.
In 1998, Presidential Decree LM. Shipitsyna awarded the Order of Friendship, and also received a nominal medal and a diploma from Cambridge University for inclusion among the 2000 outstanding people of XX century.

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    Shipitsyna Ludmila, photo, biography
    Shipitsyna Ludmila, photo, biography Shipitsyna Ludmila  Rector of the Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, International University of Family and Child Raoul Wallenberg, photo, biography
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