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Dmitry Cherkasov

( Writer, publicist, translator, dramatist, an expert in the field of analog simulation and the science of science.)

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Biography Dmitry Cherkasov
Dmitry Cherkasov nickname. In some cases, using the pseudonym Dmitry Serebryakov. This author was not disclosed in accordance with the constitutional privacy. Equals D. Cherkasov never gives his photos and does not give interviews to television companies.
Born in 1965 in Leningrad, graduated from high school here and was educated in the fields of linguistics, jurisprudence, and theoretical physics. He speaks several languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and several other.
It has been serving in the army in parts of the special purpose.
Currently, published 15 books D. Cherkasova very different directions: from the comments to the Criminal Procedure Code Russia-fighters to the novels and translations of the Japanese samurai lyrics.
Actively engaged in journalistic activities, working with the New Petersburg newspaper, magazine, Outside the Law, the Internet-agency federal investigation FreeLance Buereau and some others. Article D. Cherkasova constantly reprinted in Russia and foreign press.
In the ranking of sales of the book A. Cherkasova always occupy the first line. Claimed publishers Olma-Press and the Neva in 2001 total circulation of his books is more than a million copies
. At present, the scenario Dmitry Cherkasov removed:
. - Documentary "warm heart, cold Kevlar" on the Regional Service Sales Management FSB to St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region;
. - Full-length feature film, tentatively called "Point of Return" on the operation of battle group of the FSB Hail to free hostages seized by terrorists from the train Moscow-St Petersburg
Preparing for shooting: gunman "Invisible Man" (on the outdoor observation Federal Security Service of Russia) and comedy detective "female logic".
Currently D. Cherkasov is working on a trilogy analyst, security officer and agent of influence, which tells of the employees of FSB of Russia.
The appearance of advertising books B.K. Sedov "Witch Doctor. Passport to Cross (series "thieves' law"), which indicated that Sedov is a joint pseudonym D. Cherkasova and A. Bushkova is cheating. D. Cherkasov has no relation to the writing of this book as well as any other, which did not appear his creative pseudonym. Trademark (C) Dmitry Cherkasov (tm) is used in advertising illegally. D. Cherkasov not write a book co-authored.


D. Serebryakov, especially national Corollary 1
D. Serebryakov, especially national Corollary 2
D. Serebryakov, particularly the National Court 1
Comments to the Code of Criminal Procedure of Russia, written in simple language and with a good dose of humor. According to readers the best and most useful practical advice on jurisprudence, ever published in our country.
Written D. Cherkasov (Serebryakov), commentary to the Criminal Code of Russia Features of national law and the continuation of comments UKK Russia has not yet published.
D. Cherkasov, Night over Serbia
D. Cherkasov, Balkan tiger
D. Cherkasov, Kosovo Polje. Balkans
D. Cherkasov, Kosovo Polje. Russia
D. Cherkasov, last soldier of the President
D. Cherkasov, Belarusian alarm
D. Cherkasov, Cross and bulatom. Invasion
D. Cherkasov, Cross and bulatom. Attack
Bestsellers of the military adventures of Russia biologist Vladislav Rokotov. Repeatedly reprinted in a series of soldiers in Russia, March winners, ordered to survive, the Russian project. Total circulation approaching one million copies.
D. Serebryakov, Haiku. Translating Japanese poetry
According to experts, graphic translations of Japanese tercet D. Serebryakov (Cherkasova) are example of how to translate haiku. And the detailed author's comments allow anyone, even far from the Oriental poetry reader to fully grasp the beauty of Japanese verse.
D. Serebryakov, Amir, Haim. Rubaie
The original approach as to the identity of Omar Khayyam, and the translation of his quatrains. According to D. Serebryakov (Cherkasova), the poet lived in the sixteenth century in the Khazar Kaganat, was a major military leader of Russian army and practice Judaism. Translated by a manuscript from a private collection.
D. Cherkasov, Chanson for the lads
D. Cherkasov, Kankan for the lads
Bestsellers, published in a series of Anti-Semitism in Russia and not in vain called alternative criminal novels, where the music box is not displayed vicious racketeers, but nice and good guys.


D. Cherkasov, Structure and Laws of the Universe. Methodology
The fundamental work in theoretical physics, biology, computer science. The questions of religious and scientific knowledge. Circulation limited. Out of the book is planned in October-November 2001.

Near-term prospects

D. Cherkasov, Dogs of the Desert
D. Cherkasov, Baghdad lad
D. Cherkasov, Antipiranya
D. Cherkasov, Macedonian fracture. Rebels
D. Cherkasov, Macedonian fracture. Avengers
D. Cherkasov, Pogromists
Continuation of the adventures of the new Russian super-hero Wladyslaw Rokotov.
D. Cherkasov, Raglan for the lads - the follow-Russia Anti-Semitism
D. Cherkasov, Dubler - thriller.
D. Cherkasov, Antimusor - detective novel.
D. Cherkasov, Grad dejected - novel-pamphlet.
D. Cherkasov, captain
D. Cherkasov, Amur hundred
D. Cherkasov, Cossacks
Military-historical novels.

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  • Aleks222 for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Have not heard about Dmitry Cherkasov. Does anyone know why? Long as no new books come out.
  • aleks222 for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Tell me please who knows why a long time not heard about Dmitry Cherkasov and can not see the new books that have long been promised Thank you
  • Nicholas for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • I really like the creativity of the writer and I think that most of the Russian agrees that he wrote, and those who do not agree to a rest (they are not Russian)
  • An for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Cherkasov died on 4 я?п?п?я€п°п?я? 03 years from a heart attack, right at your desk ... He still wanted to release a lot of books, but did not ...
  • Stasello for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Peace be upon him
  • RUSTiger (Rodef) for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • As for Russian and non-Russian Honor Lev Nikolayevich Gumilev, . and what about Dmitry Sergeevich Okunev (aliases: Cherkasov, . Serebryakov) say: it is not written about the difference between Russian and Russian, . his hero and helps the Serbs and the Albanians (Hashim), and even an American (!) (Connor), . "Cobra" Azad in St. Petersburg, . but about the difference between the freaks and normal lyudmi.Horoshie and kolzy, . they both are everywhere, . therefore Bay in the crown of the enemy, . if the strong hand. A successful strike - dobudesh rest. Muslihiddin Saadi.,
  • Debuilder for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Maybe those who helped him leave ... Already very sarcastic theme he had ...
  • ZmeyGavriluch for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • I do not believe in "sudden death"! man leading an active life, play sports, not smoking, not drinking, not on drugs! never seen such a "heart attacks"! there are ways to do this, totzhe Cherkasov to write about them.
  • connoisseur for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Cherkasov died? I did not know ... trifle, but nice! dog - a dog's death.
  • Professor for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Connoisseur, and you're a connoisseur of what? Judging by your comments on the "Dogs" is clearly not literature. or you schitaesh Doncova that better?
  • Ulf for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Pity Cherkasova! A good writer was, Peace be upon him!
  • Guest for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • inete found in all books except Cherkasova Characteristics of the national court. " Maybe someone will tell?!
  • ZmeyGavriluch for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • 'll show where you can find the "Laws of the universe "!?????????????
  • ZmeyGavriluch for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • 'll show where to download "The laws of the universe"?
  • Rimantas for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • and suddenly, Dima Cherkasov not dead, is engaged in what is important to him. and his death another of his hoax? could easily go to another country.
  • Alexandr for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Discard please link to the peculiarities of national SUDA.contrabass @ bk.ru
  • GeStaPo for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • He left one of the real soldiers of his country and his age ... Too bad the idea of his books can be compared with the ideas of Rousseau. We just can only continue his work - fighting monsters without regard to the nationality, citizenship and position
  • Spartak for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Cherkasov talented pisatel.ochen sorry if he really died.
  • Sharap for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Very sorry Dima Cherkasova, his book adds to our optimism, hard zhizn.Mir upon him.
  • So Rastakovich for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Pushkin, Lermontov, Gumilev, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, Vasiliev, talc, Cherkasov, Maslov, Petukhov ... and many others, did not immediately recall. Senseless duel, wanton killings and suicides, "accidents", "heart attacks". Ah, indeed! "The best of gentiles - kill."
  • KIRGEN9977 for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • Splendid writer. WORLD His ashes.
  • Kurt for Dmitry Cherkasov
  • If this is true - it is a terrible loss. Splendid writer. But do not believe. There are some indications Cherkasov (tm) - a team of writers and specialists in various industries. For connoisseurs Well, a friend and you moron! Any death - this terrible event, but no cause for gloating. Adults and smart people know how to keep the hostility to yourself and not realize their complexes by anonymous filth
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    Dmitry Cherkasov, photo, biography
    Dmitry Cherkasov, photo, biography Dmitry Cherkasov  Writer, publicist, translator, dramatist, an expert in the field of analog simulation and the science of science., photo, biography
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