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Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)

( Musician, singer of songs, the group leader)

Comments for Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)
Biography Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)
photo Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)
Someone wanted to hear at his funeral, "White Album" THE BEATLES. Some would prefer to move away to another world under the "Ring" Simons INTERNATIONAL. There are those who have already chosen a Whitney Houston. A MARILYN MANSON at risk of becoming "sewage prayer" managers of American concert halls and stadiums. Yes ... Organizers of the concerts MARILYN MANSON and representatives of the administrative authorities of the city, survived the horror, still wakes up in a cold sweat, driving away the ghosts of Mr. Manson.

. We have already had to get used to the fact that the extremist groups are trying to impress messengers from hell, the messengers of darkness and other
. Law-abiding citizens is not a long time take it seriously. But this has not been. At this point involuntarily start to think that people on the scene, but raised from the demons of hell.

Part One. Dry

Be that as it may, let us to start running through the history. Marilyn Manson, or, as it's called Mama, Brian Warner, a child was confined child, you find no better employment than thinking about global problems of humanity. From early childhood hrististianskoy school for boys he tried to instill the love of God, but perhaps this was the reason for denying them any gentlemen later, when he collided with the real world. With age, Brian (we call him) began to find himself terrible injustice on the part of religion and decided it was better to be an atheist (not a Satanist, according to most antifanov MARILYN MANSON ... But more about that later).

When Brian was 18, he graduated from high school in Ohio and moved to Florida, where he found a job in a local music publication. There he worked as a journalist and music critic, writing in the course of poetry. One day, his poems open the future: Brian with his friend, Jeordie White has decided to get serious in music. They began, of course, to change their names (as the same without etogoN). The tactics of choice of names, should be already known to all: the name and surname supermodel supermanyaka killer (later given the names of all new recruits on this principle). So there Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez. Their first steps into the world of music was the work in the DEZ metal band SATAN ON FIRE and MRS. SCABIREE. But in 1989, Brian, along with Scott Puteski (Scott Mitchell Putesky, reinkornirovanny in Daizy Berkowitz) create their own group. Brian sang, played guitar Berkowitz, Bundy (Olivia Newton Bundy) - bass, Zaza (Zsa Zsa Speck) - keyboards, a drum machine - drums. Panel then called MARILYN MANSON & THE SPOOKY KIDS. In the process of creative self-determination in the group there are new faces: Madonna Wayne Gacy was replaced Zazu, Gidget Gein was replaced Bundy, and Sara Lee Lucas - a drum machine. In 1990, Brian met Reznor (Trent Reznor, NINE INCH NAILS), which radically changes the musical views of Brian. It creates a completely new music.

Until 1993, the group is gaining popularity, producing demos, singles, and took first place in local music festivals. In 1993, Brian with the group, renamed simply MARILYN MANSON, released his first album full flow, "Portrait Of An American Family", produceable man named Roli Mossiman. But Brian did not like the sound, and he appeals to Reznor. He agrees to act as a producer. Meanwhile, place Gidzheta is an old friend Brian Ramirez. During the year, is rewriting the album, and in 1994 he published a new version, with the old name, but on Reznor's label Nothing Rec.

Following the release MARILYN MANSON go on tour "as the opening act" for NIN. In 1995, they have their own tours with the program "Poaaf". Then - as a tour with a remarkable cluster of KORN and DANZIG. At a concert March 10, 1995 Brian set fire to the drums, for which Lucas terribly offended at him and left the band. But neither is done - all for the better. For drums sits Ginger Fish, which gives the group more dense and aggressive sound. Then - the first video "Dope Hat". By the fall with the leaves on the trees of gold becomes "Poaaf". In early 1996, the EP "Smells Like Children" will debut in "Billboard" on the 53 th place in the column "200 greatest albums". Cover version of EURYTHMICS "Sweet Dreams" and its video became a hit the same year, and the fall of the single "Sweet Dreams" gets platinum status. Shortly before recording their new album "Antichrist Superstar" from the group takes one of the founders - Berkowitz. In his place comes another new face - a guitarist who was Brian christened as Zim Zum. New composition of the MARILYN MANSON sent to New Orleans and diligently proceed to write. Guitar performed by Brian, Reznor, Ramirez and guitarist NIN Danny Lohner. Berkowitz, however, also made its contribution - he participated in a record four songs. In the course of the recording MARILYN MANSON released single and video "Beautiful People", which immediately becomes huge hit. 8 October 1996 a long awaited album "Antichrist Superstar". Many stores in the United States has already been opened at midnight on the 7 th to 8 th and immediately sold the first batch of compacts. "ACS" debuted in third place in the "Billboard". This work MARILYN MANSON was more serious, deep, global, than earlier, and at the same time, darker and extreme. It is now definitively established style MARILYN MANSON, properly identify which, nevertheless, so no one can today. There were, however, such assumptions: hard alternative, industrial-metal, alternametal, shock-rock, goth, glam, etc.. I'm more inclined to believe that MARILYN MANSON play a mixture of Industrial, goth and glam-rock, although none of these clichц?s, in principle, not suitable to describe the creative MARILYN MANSON. So I'd better keep silence about the style as such, and assume that it is simply "style MARILYN MANSON".

Part Two. Blood

So, walking up to the facts presented to the heart. Somehow it happened that MARILYN MANSON were equally the most loved and most hated team in the United States, which undoubtedly makes it the most popular (as in the United States and around the world). It all started with the fact that Brian was not enough simply to perform their songs. It was too boring for his broad, imaginative nature. He decided that the public need in that whatever the cost shock. And what would he have for it did, the result was always a joy. Concerts MARILYN MANSON turned into a real show, had a dark, mostly unacceptable nature of the society. Look on the way mad painted "demons" in the sham clothes - that still have young abnormal amerikantsamN!

Inventions Brian took more scandalous. In the end, the country began to be absurd rumors about the band, the concerts which are all up to satanic worship.

October 18, 1994 there was a first step in a new history MARILYN MANSON. At that time the band toured with NIN. On this day it was scheduled to speak in Salt Lake City. At this time everything went according to plan no. City Mormon patriarchy in collaboration with the managers of Delta Center, which was held a concert, said flatly: NIN can speak with us, but MARILYN MANSON - for nothing. This was the first but not the last ban. But despite that, Brian was released in the evening on the scene after Reznor: "And now the scene will Reverend Manson" ... The fact is that shortly before this event, Brian met with the founder of the Church of Satan on behalf of Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey. LaVey long been interested in Brian as a great writer and philosopher - why not talk to interesting chelovekomN A "interesting person", in turn, like Brian, and he (LaVey) made it to the preachers of the Temple of Satan ... So, Brian was on stage with the sacred Book of Mormon under my arm. Reznor publicly read out a letter explaining the reasons for the ban speech MARILYN MANSON, and Brian silently tearing pages from the holy book. Neither NIN, MARILYN MANSON or never performed in the "Delta Center".

January 13, 1995, there was another case. MARILYN MANSON gave a concert in Dallas. Around the middle of the program appeared on the scene with a chicken cage. Brian went to the cage, opened it and said something like "You're free!". Hen jumped out of the cage and ran across the stage. Someone from the audience shouted: "Catch it!" Catch! ". Still, anyone who feels like it, pounced on the unfortunate bird, place a "little pile". The joke was worth a few chicken feathers, and the group - Reputation. Since then, rumors that MARILYN MANSON bring bloody sacrifice to the devil on the stage or, as the other source, "they urge the public to the dismemberment of animals in a brutal orgy of violence" ... A chicken is alive. He lives on his farm in Dallas, fruitful and multiply.

Whatever it was, the rumors became teleradioreportazhi, newspaper articles, etc.. And why would people not believe in them right, if in part it was true. Brian - the identity of the creative and talented. He immediately realized that all this hype can be wrapped in their favor. He even invented an entire doctrine, which "pushed" in every interview. His personality is evoked in people feelings and emotions of two kinds: some - reverent love, others - bitter hatred, the third - panic. Take his appearance: the so-called "heroin makeup" (white makeup, . contrasting with the black lips and eye sockets), . tattoo with a skull, . multicolored murderous look (one eye - natural brown, . the other - dressed in a blue-eyed contact lenses), . transvestitskie clothes (tights, . stockings "grid", . combination, . corsages, etc.) ..,
. All this could not leave anyone indifferent. And yet his most profound philosophical mind and the ability to store and reason "load" (in a sense). In general, MARILYN MANSON became the most scandalous group of mid-90. The final blow to the public release of the album was titled "Antichrist Superstar".

. In September-October 1996, the Internet knows where got quite a whole lot of rumors predicting prelyudnoe suicide Brian Warner at the concert, scheduled for All Saints' Day (Hallowen)
. Imagine what a large audience (I can not call them fans) met on October 30 at the concert, with bated breath, hoping the expected death of at least Manson, and possibly the entire group at once. Imagine their disappointment when the "Reverend" said that, they say, "You'll never see, not so easy to get rid of me.

At the same time, "Manson appear defenders. In December 1996, a group of fans of Utah (Utah), led by the unknown, known as Armed, to prosecute the "Utah State Fairpark" for the abolition of the concert MARILYN MANSON, claiming a violation of freedom of expression of personality.

Year 1997 th. For MARILYN MANSON it was a year of two extremes. On the one hand, they have become such a demand by a group that toured around the world (except, perhaps, the CIS, Africa and the socialist camp), participated in the creation of soundtracks for three films. The other hand. had the impression that they had fought to win the right of each statement. All the Christian community up in arms against the U.S. MARILYN MANSON and threatened to blow up their statements.

I'm tired of reading the list of canceled and picketed concerts, published online. They were pushed from everywhere, like the Christian communities there was nothing more to do but to seek cancellation of concerts MARILYN MANSON. They were charged throughout, . for that lack of imagination: the use and dissemination of the concerts (up to the free distribution of) drugs, . Pornography, . sexual perversion on the stage, . brutal killing of animals, . child abuse, . defeating concert facilities, . invocation to Satan from the scene (although such foolishness and Brian do not think - well, not a Satanist, he!), . brutal "attacks" on Christianity (in my opinion, . everything was just the opposite), . sex with minors calls "kill their parents, . and then himself at the same time ", . "abuse of girls and their sisters ..,
. What they do not only attributed only to reflect approaching the city, "Antichrist," "fallen angel", "Apostles of the Apocalypse", "the devil", etc.

. In each new city, . lying on the road touring schedule, . after the appearance of posters MARILYN MANSON local Christian communities to come to school, . arranged parent meetings, . broadcast on radio and television to warn parents about the "global risk", . posed by this group of children,
. The city authorities have received many calls, letters, faxes, E-mail-s from the same communities with the pleading request to cancel the concert, backed at times quite weighty accusations toward the group and the signatures of thousands of indignant parents. Municipal authorities in turn pressured managers of concert halls, which are increasingly succumbed to the pressure and canceled scheduled performances MARILYN MANSON. If concerts are not lifted, then near the entrances to the venue arranged entire processions (the Crusades), with chants and prayers for the souls of those present at the concert and the group itself, and most importantly - Mr Manson. And sometimes the date of the concert were appointed Christian meetings in the name of a nearest holiday as an alternative, designed to ensure that lure young people.

Christian communities have done everything in their power. They tried to buy all the tickets for concerts MARILYN MANSON (true, . rarely did they find so much money), . it occurred to such delusional thinking, . how to offer the owners of urban concert halls to occupy all the dates of performances which you like the other groups, . to, . God forbid, . not leaked to the evil in their peaceful abode,
. In schools across the country began to introduce a ban on certain accessories: black lipstick, stockings, mesh, white makeup, powder, non-traditional piercing places on the body (N!) And T-shirts with the image of MARILYN MANSON. Speaking of shirts. Some of the parents started a rumor that MARILYN MANSON T-shirts sold at concerts with the words "Kill the parents."

February 14 opposition MARILYN MANSON has another unpleasant, but good reason to pursue the group. 13-year-old Ben Bratt California hanged himself on the guitar strings in this day. True, he did it to the music SEX PISTOLS, and on his chest he had not scratched "Marilyn Manson", and "Sid Vicious". But his parents for some reason convinced that led him to this effect the album "ACS" (which they bought him for Christmas), as well as creativity and NIN DEAD KENNEDYS.

. Quite serious opposition group expressed the so-called American Family Association (the American Association of Family), the far-right conservative Christian organization on a national scale
. ASA has placed in its Web site two documents, known as a dedicated "Affidavits", ie, testimony under oath. They encapsulated or not based on anything (except that of the inflamed imagination of authors) "testimony" of two anonymous teenagers. One of them, all eloquent detail the concert MARILYN MANSON, where he allegedly attended. After reading this "evidence", any think that guy went to hell and came back alive. The second described the "life behind the scenes" team members. Well, there's nothing to say - not people any of these "Manson" ... Along with "evidence" ASA also ran a footnote, calling all read the documents to post their reviews, as it is (ASA) wants only to get at the truth. After that, the Association rained hail denials which forced her to remove the "testimony" from. But after weeks of "evidence" again appeared on the site with a new footnote, this time claimed that the information has been verified and is the honest truth (N!). But soon the site in general, ceased to exist, obviously, for the reason that the head of the Association, the Reverend Donald Wildmon, has refused to testify in favor of "evidence" and the very site in which the Association filed against Bryan.

. Let the case was closed, but the ASA is clearly influenced the course of events
. We MARILYN MANSON forever the reputation of disgusting, dangerous and satanic sects. On the other hand, this history has led to a movement to protect MARILYN MANSON, became international thanks to the Internet. They called it Portrait Of An American Family Association.


Despite everything, people still go to concerts MARILYN MANSON. The Group continues to give sold out in a huge stadium. What deloN

First, people love the music of Brian. He was able to find what you want young people today. For all I wrote above, it creates an excellent (not call her beautiful - not those criteria) music, which I am happy to listen.

And secondly, it is supported by none other than the "doctors' group. Everyone knows that forbidden fruit is sweet. Although forbid something actually nothing! In late 1997 the group won a lawsuit in defense of their freedom of expression against a group of senators.

In the end, all this - the show-business. All the supposed "anti-Christian activities" Brian - this is just a show, like everything else in our lives. American Christians have themselves created the image of Mr. Manson, the terrible and treacherous. And what it strashnogoN Manson - King of fools, a subtle psychologist and philosopher, representing all the worst of what Americans fear and panic that sits inside each of them. Yes, MARILYN MANSON - freaks, rogue states and, in general, bad people. They may not like the nation, brought up to serve the "beauty". Television and commercials - that's what creates the standards by which you live must. And the harm to society MARILYN MANSON cause no more than a circus, which, in fact, too, can be accused of violating the rights of animals. Only crazy Americans, the nation nepugannyh idiots could come up with such a "anti-heroes". They simply can not live without scandals and sensationalism. Well, we have something - normal people. So let's trust the facts, not speculation.

Here are some brief information about the composition of MARILYN MANSON

. Named in honor of Marilyn Monroe (60th, supermodel-actress) and Charles Manson (serial killer-maniac 60s)

. Real name: Brian Hugh Warner
. Born: January 5, 1969
. Birthplace: Canton, Ohio
. Hair: all hair, Mr
. Mansona brown, but he prefers the black
. Eye color: brown
. Favorite bands: Pixies, The Doors, Deee-lite, Gwar, Freaks w / Beaks, Thrill Kill Cult, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Beatles, Kiss, Iggy Pop, and some other groups of 80
. No favorite music group: Backstreet Boys, Fatboy Slim, Jamiroquai, TITANIC Soundtrack
. Favorite Movies: River's Edge, Wild at Heart, Pink Flamingos, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Grinch, Desperate Teenage Love Dolls, Desperate Living, Blue Velvet, Twister, Willy Wonka, Rosemary's Baby
. Favorite person: Anton LaVey, Dr
. Seuss, Dennis Hopper
. Likes: writing poems and stories, . read, . draw, . kollektsianirovat prostheses and other medical fetish, . Scooby Doo, . dolls, . boxes for lunch, . monkeys, . black (color), . philosophy, . Nietzsche, . zveznye War, . chocolate, . drums, . drunken revel (beer, vodka), . big tits, . celebrity, . Animals, . Nonsense,
. Can not stand: stupidity, smoking girls, canned galyutsinogeny, religion, grandmother strepnyu, people spread rumors on the Internet (and the people who they believe)
. Tattuirovki: eyeball on each elbow, a bee-killer, an evil tree in the turtle, another kind of person with a spider net on the head, the Cyclops, a large pentagram, the devil's face with the inscription under it "666" (3 dice with the number "6 on each)
. Participates in group: 1989 - present
. Nicknames: The Reverend Manson (Reverent MrManson), Mr
. Manson, Omega

. - New Marilyn Manson appeared in the album "Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood" rap star DMX, where he sang vocals on the song "The Omen".
. - The song "My Monkey" was written by Charles Manson (Charles Manson).
. - Gossamer (reddish fluffy creation of a film company Warner Brother's) - is a favorite cartoon hero is Marilyn.
. - The Manson list of favorite writers include: Anton LaVey (Anton LaVey), Frederick Nietzsche (Freidrick Nietzsche), Aleister Crowley (Aliester Crowley), Charles Darwin (Charles Darwin) and Roald Dahl (Roald Dahl).
. - Marilyn Manson is a respectable member of the Church of Satan
. Founder of the Church of Anton LaVey appeared in the clip for the song Dope Hot in the form of cameos.
. - As a child Manson undergoes medical checks, . arranged by the American government because of, . that his father, Hugh (Hugh) during the war in Vietnam came under the influence of chemical drug Agent Orange, . use of U.S. troops in combat,
. A considerable number of people exposed to this toxic substance, in consequence, children born with various defects. During honey. Survey Manson with his father met other veterans of the Vietnam War with their children, many of whom had prosthetic limbs. This then led to Manson Collecting prostheses in subsequent years.
- When Manson was 9 years old, someone broke into the house Warner. The attacker tried to strangle Manson, his face covered with a pillow, at a time when Manson, suspecting nothing, slept peacefully. For this reason, Manson and still can not normally go to sleep does not include this in front of the TV.
- Y Marilyn Manson allergic to antibiotics. In his childhood he spent about two weeks in hospital and nearly died after he prescribed and started giving these drugs.
. Like his famous namesake, Charles Manson (Charles Manson), Marilyn Manson was born in Ohio (Ohio).
. - In his wallet father Marilyn wore a nude photograph Twiggy.
. - Growth Manson 6 feet, the true color of his eyes - light brown (almost like Trenta Reznor).
. - In a horoscope he Capricorn.
. - As a child Marilyn often played near the butcher's shop, located opposite the house of his parents
. Once the house he found the premature human fetus (aborted) in the tin from the coffee.
- Brian Warner, grew up in a Christian school hereditary half of his life, then later moved to Ft. Lauderdale founded the "Marilyn Manson and the spooky kids"
- The first concert was Bryan KISS concert. He cited his father.
- He had a dog named Alesha, who killed his neighbor
- He was arrested once, violating the law on child molestation, putting on the concert a huge black cock and finished some kind of liquid. That was enough to arrest
. - Marilyn Manson is NOT cut myself two ribs - a myth, no more
. - Once, during a tour group members DANZIG saved Manson'y and Pogo their lives, breaking up with baseball bats brutalized antifanatov
. - During a tour with Nine Inch Nails, in Salt-Lake City Mormons (local religion) prohibited Manson'u to go on stage
. During the concert, in the midst of speeches Nine Inch Nails, Reznor interrupted the concert and announced that now the scene will "an hour ago formed the group" Reverend Manson. As a result, Manson came out and silently broke Mormon Bible, and then continued the concert safely
- Manson claims that he "... never sees the light at the end of the tunnel. "
. - Although the song Rock is Dead, Manson believes that rock is not dead

. - "God exists in music, art, sex, and in myself"
. - "The same uneducated morons that hit you at school, calling the blue just because you do not like them, now pierce your head, that without" ADIDAS "you're an outsider"
. - Oral sex - it is as a handshake or an autograph
. And Clinton has nothing to blame, this act was part of his work. Simply, he could choose a partner poprivlekatelnee ... "
- ModaN I do not know.. My favorite clothes - a prosthesis that I dress on stage. They allow you to support my genitals, as expected, but still attractive vygledyat. Especially their brown paste. By the way, brown - a black 90's. "


. Named in honor of Richard Ramirez and hudyshki model 60s - Twiggy
. Real Name: Jeordie Francis White
. Date of Birth: June 20, 1972
. Home: Fort Lauderdale, Fla
. Education: I went back in 1989 from JP Taravella High School in Coral Springs, Fla
. Parents: Mom - Dana, father - unknown

. Jeordie White was a guy from Florida, who did everything to be himself
. Visiting the local club situated in Florida, he met Brian `a Warner` a. Brian had his own view of Jeordie, he wished that he was part of a group Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids, but there was one problem - Jeordie was a participant in a metal band "Amboog-a-lard". Marilyn has made much effort to find a bassist, but after meeting with Jeordie all forces were directed to Amboog-a-lard, "to take" Jeordie. After a little eksperimenta with Brian `th in a funny band called" Mrs. Scabtree ": Jeordie, his then-girlfriend JesSICKa (vocals), many guitarists, and Brian on drums (actually, he plays what you want), Brian decides yato the time to give a kick Brad` y (Gidget Gein) because of problems heroin. That was enough to Jeordie has a new bassist in the group, which as planned Marilyn Manson svkore was called Twiggy Ramirez. Now, with great success "ego" Twiggy breaks free.

Named in honor of John Wayne Gacy (aka. Pogo-clown) and Madonna (the singer)
Real name: Stephen Gregory Bier, Jr.. (not the one that Steve)
. Birthday: March 6, 1964
. Education: University of Florida, Broward Community College, specialization - computer-inzheniriya
. Parents: Mom - Helen Bier; Pope - Gregory Bier
. Nickname: Pogo

. As musical genius, Pogo was found Brian Warner `st randomly, Brian saw this bizarre type in a bar
. Brian came up and they started talking, and, as you well know, Brian invited him to join their musical group, but there is one problem, he did not have a tool. Pogo So save your money, playing during the show to soldiers. So everyone can know that he is in a group. Finally he bought a synthesizer. Since then, he has become a full member of the team.

. Real name: John Lowery
. Birthday: July 31
. Nickname: John5

. In some groups, John has participated to MMN list of these various projects - (less well-known groups) Red Square Black, . froSTed, . Ryan Downe, . Night Ranger, . Raven Payne, . One Way, . Pepperland, . Leah Andreone; (more famous) Ozzy Osbourne, . kd lang, . Lita Ford, . DLR Band, . Two (with Rob Halford, . former lead singer of Judas Priest), . Salt 'n Peppa, . Wilson Phillips, . Marilyn Manson.,

. Named in honor of Albert Fish (cannibal) and Ginger Rodgers
. Real name: Frank Kenny Wilson
. Date of Birth: September 28, 1966
. Home: Frammingham, Mass.
. Education: Entered in 1983, attended the "University of Nevada".
. Hates: song Scooter'a - "How much is the fishN"

. The first group Frank'a appeared when he was somewhere in 12 years and he played in "Nevada All-State Big Band"
. When he became "Ginger` th, he was the third drummer for Marilyn Manson, after an unnamed drum machine `s and Freddy-wheel (Sara Lee Lucas). His first appearance with Marilyn Manson was on the show Jon Stewart `a, when they were detained in 1994 for the pogroms. He is very modest and quiet the group and is known to have never got drunk and said that not taking drugs.

PS. Soon plans to release a second disc "Marilyn Manson" in the series "Home Collection", . on which to view, all singles, . early work Marilyn Manson & Spooky Kids, . soundtracks with Marilyn Manson, . Tribute of 2000, as well as different mixes, . not included in the original discography.,

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  • you're just super so keep all shocked and often. I'll simply adore and love
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  • I simply obozhayu.moy idol 6 years. (Right now I am 14) I like it and externally and internally ... it certainly does not compare with the lava, but the next place you can!
  • MANSON for Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)
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  • He ryalny people! can not burn on a child !
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  • no words. I can only say one thing. He is The best !
  • VODEVIL for Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)
  • Opensource projects, eh ... I had я?пЎпІ was a fool-the same Turretless fan, . thirsting for it ... People see him as a rocker, . who achieved fame only by outrageous, . severity, . so that they hotyat.Chto his music fuflo.Ha! If they really think so, then they are superficial idiots! course, . he created a shock-image and affects all his antics, but the people themselves that zhdut.Tupo consider it just a rock monster and "love" him for eto.On mirror mira.Oblichaet all his poroki.A his music is beautiful, through mats, . chaos and voluptuous voice I hear his philosophical mudrost.On through creative attempts to open our eyes, peculiar, . konechno.On-geniy.On kind and spravedliv.On forever ... I Pts his love and respect as lichnost.On deserves not only from me ...,
  • VODEVIl for Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)
  • Hm, I am still prodolzhu.Moy pedyduschy text is not shown until the end, there, . where I say, . that he was a creative attempt to open our eyes, but svoeobrazno.A you heard his album "Mechanikal Animals"? This is his most wonderful creation! Te, . whose soul is susceptible, . hear in these songs so much love, . reality: but for me for some reason they evoke sadness to tears ... And I wonder: how do I, . so Brian personally know my opinion about him? "But many people love him for the time being, he is getting older, . glory leaves and people's love with neyu.Kazhdy shouted to him: "Manson, . I want you, . I love you! "implying that to snatch a piece of it myself on trofey.Ha! Hardly anyone refers to him as a just man and is ready to help him in difficult chas.Ne think, . that I have something to preach, I am a Goth, Satanist and to God not sklonna.Prosto to express my opinion ..,
  • Meddison for Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)
  • I love you, you're everything to me, Brian,
  • Sergei Gorbunov for Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)
  • Especially for Brian Warner in English: Brian, . you are a fine fellow! Continue all to shock! All you are loved! And these religious fanatics are idiots! They nothing in good music understand! Thank you to you and your group, . that you exist! you simply fine fellows!,
  • Anonymous for Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)
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    Rose McGowan (MCGOWAN Rose)
    Rose McGowan (MCGOWAN Rose)
    POP Iggy (Iggy Pop)
    POP Iggy (Iggy Pop)

    Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner), photo, biography
    Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner), photo, biography Marilyn Menson (MARILYN MANSON, Brian Hugh Warner)  Musician, singer of songs, the group leader, photo, biography
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