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BARDO Bridget

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Biography BARDO Bridget
photo BARDO Bridget
She was born in Paris on September 28, 1934. Her childhood surrounded by grannies and nannies were happy and carefree. Until the war began. My father went to the front, and the family left Paris. But then he demanded the plant, and in the midst of the bombing, they returned to Paris. Little Bridget heard wailing sirens and shutting his ears from fear.

Bridget was fidget and Mischievous. She considered herself ugly and unprepossessing, unlike her younger sister Marie-Jeanne, which everyone loved, and also suffered from a squint. In twelve years, Bridget entered the ballet school at the competition fifteen people in place. Two hours of classes at the bench was very tiring, but she was suffering - very much like to become a ballerina. Soon she left school and began taking lessons from a Russian dancer Boris Knyazev, but fourteen years of ballet is not considered too attractive, and drop out. Then her and noticed a professional photographer.

Nice mordashka graced the cover of the magazine 'ELLE'. House was panic. All pets considered that it was a disgrace - removed the cover, it is almost the same as that removed the bare. The magazine saw director Mark Allegra and invited to play in a movie. At home she said that in their family will never be actresses. But here for your favorite granddaughter grandfather intervened Boom:

- If it is destined to become a whore, she will be her and no movies. If not destined - movie will not help.

And Bridget went to trial. The first person she met there, was assistant to the director Roger Vadim - tall, handsome guy from a family of Russian immigrants. She could not resist. Moreover, he showed signs of attention and helped to pass test. Bridget approved, but the film did not shoot. This has already had no meaning. Vadim (whose real name is Vadim nephew) began to appear in their home, accompany Bridget from school. After all, she was only fifteen! Soon she began to skip class, go to visit him, and easily parted from her virginity. On their relationship, parents learned. Bridget's father threatened that he would send her to England to study, if it will continue to meet with Vadim. This was a tragedy. When the parents went to the theater, she wrote a suicide note, opened the oven, put his head in and turn the gas. Incredibly, the day the play did not take place. Returning parents had it pumped. England abolished, but they were forbidden to marry Bridget to eighteen.

They still continued to meet secretly. We went together to the theater. Vadim put her in touch with friends from the art world. At one of the parties Vadim introduced her guests. A certain old actress said at all:

. - A charming little girl, you still devstvennitsaN

. Bridget blushed and answered:

. - No, madam, but vyN Old Madame as the wind blew, and Bridget was unanimously adopted by the company reckless actors
. She has performed with dance numbers in the show, which took place on board the ship, keep shooting for magazines. She began to learn on the streets. But so far no certainty - what's next: cinema, ballet, or still Lyceum.

Finally, she was offered a tiny role in the film with Bourvil, promised good money and Bridget agreed. But the shooting did not bring joy. In addition, she was horrified to find that she is pregnant. After filming Bridget determined to 'engage' with the movie.

Vadim odd jobs and wanted to put his film. Bridget barely pulled out from under the parental care, hiding from them 'disease', left with Vadim in Switzerland and made it an abortion.

. Parents, watch a movie, realized that the movie is not for their daughters, so the young man next to nothing to do with Bridget
. One couple returned home after midnight. Father scolded her daughter, and, pointing a revolver at Vadim, said that he would kill him if once saw with her. Bridget decided to leave the house. Life was not for that, and she agreed again to play in a movie. Filming 'Maniram, a girl without a veil' held in Nice. Sun, sea, beach, near Vadim. What else is needed for schastyaN Then there were a few more photos for the magazine. They had some money. Vadim left the cinema and took up journalism.

In September 1952 Bridget knocked eighteen, and Vadim asked for her hand. Parents had no choice but to agree, but they demanded a wedding in the church. However, Vadim was Orthodox and learning of the request of the parents, said he cast Bridget. But love still outweighed. I had to study and become a Catholic catechism. They were married in the old cathedral Passy. The altar the bride's grandfather led boom. After a three-year ordeal Bridget and Vadim had a legitimate right to sleep together. Parents bought them an apartment, hire a maid, who was seventy years of Russian princess. Bridget could not command it. Princess playing cards and knew a win-card trick. The old woman agreed to sell it to Vadim for a million francs. Vadim collected a million and went to check the trick in the Deauville Casino. Returned without the money and did not find a maid. Million as had happened, and the princess are never seen again.

They went to the Cannes Film Festival, where Vadim interviewed the stars of world cinema. Bridget looked at them and envied. Many of these stars are already well forgotten, and Brigitte Bardot still remember.

Attractive appearance makes his case. Bridget offered small roles in films and even on stage. In one of the films she played a random mistress of Louis XV. Her long dress in old clothes, belili face, pulled his wig. Then on the screen did not recognize her own mother.

Bridget continues to offer a small role, and she agrees because of the money. But shooting is not a pleasure. Roles insignificant, and force-consuming. Finally, she is lucky. Rene Clair filming 'Grand Maneuver' with Gц╘rard Philipe, Michelle Morgan, starring. Bridget saw a team of true professionals. After that film critics have recognized as an actress Brigitte. She was invited to appear in Italy. She played along with Vittorio De Sica and Alberto Sordi. Italian shooting turned into a continuous carnival of insane vanity, insults, jokes and confusion. On set you can talk any nonsense - then all pereozvuchivali. That's where Bridget has shown arrogance - the first signs of 'star' disease. Have to replace a bath tub of water on starch present milk. Once the Empress Poppaea awash in milk, then what Bridget huzheN

Americans are also interested in the young beauty. Offered a contract for seven years with huge fees. But this is no shooting in Europe. Bridget doubt - agree or disagree. At this time, just happened 'cause Roeenbergov'. The couple was accused of spying for Russia, and were executed by electric chair. Learning of this, Bridget realized that the Americans have it too dangerous, broke the contract and sent them to the envelope torn pieces.

Films went uninterrupted succession - France, Italy, England. Working with famous actors, Bridget gained experience. Perhaps it was more useful than the School of Dramatic Art, where Bridget had never studied. Vadim engaged in literary activities, writing custom scripts. He wrote his own, entitled 'And God Created Woman'. The role of the heroine - a frivolous girl, he wrote specifically for Bridget. Already have a producer - Raoul Levy, with whom Vadim long friendly. Thus, all available - the script, producer, director, leading lady. There is only a trifle - money. Their nobody gives: the director is unknown to anyone, the script - Broken lyubitelschina, actress on supporting roles are not played. However, the producer is very arrogant, but his arrogance is not enough to have believed in the film. All Reserve went to dinner at 'Maxim' with potential creditors. It must be because they let zeal 'in the eyes. And though the actress dress up. And then she had two old dresses, and heels, she walks as if she had 'broken both legs'. It helped my mother: bought a friend wearing mink coat. But the coat is not reached: da was several sizes larger. From poverty and the image was born: unkempt girl, barefoot, in a T-shirt with short sleeves and skirt, unbuttoned to the navel. That it will go down in film history. But the money has still not given. I had to go to the Cannes Film Festival, rotated among film-makers - suddenly someone will notice and send to the correct path. Noticed and was asked to invite a celebrity film. The company, thinking, stopped at the German actor Curd Jц╪rgens - then he was on the mind. Vadim urgently to finish his role in a. Jurgens agreed to sell its name for big money. Under him they gave.

The shooting took place on the Mediterranean coast in a village. Bridget created a new type of girls - relaxed, daring, independent, playing as much in love with three men. Then she will emulate the youth in a decade. On the second main role was invited to a little-known theater actor Jean-Louis Trintignant. Bridget forgot about everything: about the shooting, about a group of her husband - she fell in love with him in the ears. After the shooting, they disappeared together, and spent the night on some deserted beach. Their relationship already knew all. After filming Bridget threw Vadim, Jean-Louis threw his wife Stefan Odran. They rented an apartment and started living together.

When the film came out, critics sharply divided into two camps: some believed the film a masterpiece, others - low quality act. Bridget disliked journalists - most likely for lack of prejudice, reviled her at all angles. The slightest desire it was treated as a whim of the newly-minted 'stars'. The picture had no particular success with the audience, but the scandals she has stoked interest. In any case, the character remembered for a long time.

Raoul Levy and Roger Vadim was in a state of mental decline. Especially Vadim - he lost something on the set of the film wife.

But soon Trintignant was drafted - the war broke out in Algeria. They had met on the weekend until he passed 'the course of a young fighter'. Bridget went to ask the ministry through a friend that he was given a respite. During this official demanded close. Bridget, of course, refused, but the official threatened to send Jean-Louis in Algeria. It was just a miracle that he had not kept his promise.

Suddenly the film "And God Created Woman 'was a resounding success overseas. In Hollywood, Vadim recognized best European director of the decade, Brigitte Bardot - the new 'star' of the first magnitude, the French sex-bomb. As a result, a film producer offered six million dollars. And Bridget was showered with offers. She was to choose the role. The three films in a row became a notable event in the arts, and professional growth Bridget. Major producers of the time: Claude Otan-Lara, Michel Boiron, and Julien Duvivier developed the image of its heroines, in different ways treating type 'spoiled girls'. Bridget invited to a soiree, or even an appointment with the Queen of England. She meets with American movie stars and most of Marilyn Monroe, which won Bridget forever.

Trintignant moved to Paris, and they rented an apartment, Jean-Louis led Alain Assistant - Secretary, cook, a maid in one person. Allen was a homosexual, and Jean-Louis was not afraid to leave him alone with Bridget. When there was shooting, she was sitting at home. The parents wanted their daughter left her by Jean-Louis and married a wealthy official, having a stable income. Sister Marie-Jeanne passed exams in high school, received a bachelor's degree and became the proud parents. Houses Bridget felt something like a 'family black sheep'. Fuel to the fire adds the press. If earlier journal is proud to publish the portrait of Bridget on the cover, but now they told fictional stories about 'soldiers and sex-bomb'.

. At the time, while the Cote d'Azur was shot 'Parisienne' began the next Cannes Film Festival 1957
. Bridget flatly refused to go there, having already dislike journalists. Then the producer of the movie has hired several buses, and the entire festival audience arrived at the location. At the time, when at the festival is still conspicuous clothes and diamonds, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, and many other superstars. Bridget has always attracted the attention of nonstandard behavior. She appeared in front of foreign journalists in the 'working clothes'. This provoked admiration. That's a real star, which is not showing off in the luxurious restrooms, and works! The film 'Parisienne' was easy, typical French comedy and had a huge success.

Levy and Vadim conceived a new project - 'Jewelers in the moonlight'. It was just odd job business with thieves, smugglers, Priceless, and spent the money the film is not recouped. The role of Bridget was a step back. She did not want to appear in it. First, the director - ex-husband, with whom quite a strained relationship. Secondly, the shooting took place in Madrid, which is a few months of separation from Jean-Louis. And, thirdly, the script did not shine novelty and originality. In sum - almost complete failure of the paintings from the viewer.

In the next film 'In the case of an accident' Bridget played together with the Jean Gabin. History invented Simenon. The old lawyer fell in love with a young defendant. Director - living classic Otan-Lara. And Bridget is laid out completely, demonstrating his unique acting temperament. And even Gabin can not suppress it by his presence in the frame. From wild surge Bridget breaks down, and shooting ends in tears.

On New Year Bridget invited snyargsya in TV shows with famous singer Gilbert Beco. He charmed her one song and she fell in love with him. Bridget Gilbert invited to his home, hoping that Jean-Louis zasiditsya in the War Department - its life has not ended. But he came back too soon and found them together. Trintignant made a jealous scene, picked up their belongings and gone forever.

So Bridget was alone, but could not bear solitude. It brightens up pet dogs. Beko gave concerts throughout Europe. Bridget stayed home and waited for him. Once he came in the evening, gave her a diamond necklace and at night went to his wife. They met in secret from everyone, and especially - from journalists. Those already got wind of something and wrote about the strange relationship of two stars. It could not last long, and Bridget, has once again left alone, took a fatal dose of sleeping pills. But, fortunately, at this moment called Beko and she told him about suicide. He immediately called a doctor friend. He found Bridget in a coma, took her to the hospital, where she underwent a blood transfusion, and she spent two days with IV.

Secret meetings have turned into play. We must continually deceive reporters, Beko wife, friends and servants. Brigitte moved to another town, settled in the hotel under a false name, lied to journalists. Beko fell from concerts, to reach the hotel on the chaise. In a short meeting it was happy after his departure - unhappy. For a long time so could not continue, and she ran away from him myself. I bought a house in Saint-Tropez and lived there incognito.

The next film 'The woman and a clown' filmed Julien Duvivier - classic, even before the war, who shot the famous 'Grand Waltz'. In the group called him 'Papa Dyudyu'. Removed during the Seville at Easter extravaganza. Directed by Bridget wanted to take strolls in the crowd. She refused. They began to shoot understudy, which took over Bardot and tore her dress to shreds, ponastavili her bruises and abrasions. More understudy was not. Bridget had to be removed in the crowd itself. Did not help protect from the strong guys. She immediately learned, raised his arms, tearing the remnants of clothing. She returned to the site in the faint state. Only Dad Dyudyu quite rubbed his hands.

At this time there is a romance with Brigitte Italian actor Raph Cylinders. That he somehow discard Gilbert Beco, when he telephoned. But this novel was short, as a summer night. Bridget has filled his temporary absence of the present lover. Another was beginning singer Sacha Distel. He lived in her house in Saint-Tropez. At a regular festival in Venice, Bridget came along with him. Her film 'In the case of an accident' was met with restraint. But they themselves took to cheer. Reporters followed them closely, in the Doge's Palace hosted a reception in her honor. Sasha wrote the song 'Bridget', which became famous due to its name. Reputable journals began to study the phenomenon of 'BB'. And Bridget was only twenty-four.
In early 1959, the French film shocked the young Godard, Truffaut and Chabrol. This movement then critics call 'new wave'. They made films without the pavilion decorations and even without professional actors. Bridget felt moribund era. And then director Christian-Jacque, set it a 'Fanfan la Tulip', started as a counterweight to 'new wave' traditional comedy 'Babette Goes to War'.

Name of the picture speaks for itself. Young lieutenant in love with Babette, who goes to war, played a handsome, Jacques Charrier. Bridget whole day communicating with him on set, and in the evening returned home and saw a mad singer. Of course, it soon began to irritate his musical experiments. And when Sasha went on tour, Bridget wiped out of his life. The house has settled, Jacques. But once the night Sasha yet returned, and the men had to learn with their fists. True, they pounded on the bedroom door, which closed before it prudent Bridget. Jacques - from the inside, and Sasha - outside. Even hard to believe that this was not in the movie, but in reality. When Sasha had left, Jack said that he would not live in her house, where the nights come crazy lovers. And then she moved in with him. After several years of living with a servant Bridget had the most to prepare dinner, wash and clean. She could not stand it and returned to his home. It seems that for good. But Jack comes to her at night, euthanized guard constantly on duty at the entrance 'paparazzi'. Once he told her that he wants it gave birth to his child. But filming Bridget had to ride horseback, climb over walls, fall, jump, the child can not be and speeches. But Jack insists, and gets his. He proposes to her and introduces their parents. But Bridget does not want to give birth and begins to search for a doctor (if abortion were banned). When Jacques learned of the child, he went mad with joy. With some difficulty persuaded Bridget to leave a child. But first they decided to sign. Bridget imagined what happens when reporters find out about her marriage, and said that everything must be strictly classified. With the help of bribes managed to persuade the mayor not to give publicity to this event. But the mayor still sold the information to journalists. On the day of the wedding reporters flooded the small town. The bride and groom had to push through a terrible stampede. Jacques overshadow Bridget, like during the fighting. Only the gendarmes arrived managed to contain the onslaught of reporters. Then newspapers throughout the world raznesut unprecedented news.

Immediately after the wedding, the newlyweds departed. Jacques Charrier went to the shooting in Paris. Bridget - in Nice. Before the shooting she had to be examined for pregnancy. Was girlfriend, passing for her analysis. Bridget again suffered in solitude. And then Jacques terminated the contract to be with her. But it turned into a drama. Brigitte was busy the whole day on the set, they saw each other only in the evenings. Of course, this does not suit the young husband. And when Bridget was offered a job in the next picture, he was indignant and refused, citing the fact that she had a baby. At this point patience ended with Bridget. She did not think that her husband will not interfere in its affairs - and gave him a slap. The quarrel ended in this fight.

But Bridget still went in defiance of her husband. All the same Raoul Levy and veteran film director Henri-Georges Clouzot offered her the script 'Truth', which was really tragic role. Woman kills her lover, her trial, but she commits suicide. Bridget had to show all his acting. She could not refuse. During the filming Bridget has put on weight in her eyes, her understudy had to be replaced by removing only the close-ups face. Despite the difficult pregnancy, Bridget pulled this role, she became one of her small masterpieces.

Suddenly, Jacques drafted for three years. Premiere of 'Babette' stand before him without. Bridget also decided not to attend her. Levy tore his hair. But the premiere was a great success, and without executing the main roles.

Dr. Bridget often advised to walk. But she could not go out to not immediately become a target for scores of curious reporters with cameras, and bezvylazno sitting at home. When Jack came home on weekends, he would not allow her to do anything. Bridget hate it.

One day, Bridget, dressed in a wig and dark glasses, decided to leave the house through the back-log. But reporters noticed it was surrounded, were photographed. She ran, hid in some alley and fell into the trash bin. So her and filmed - lying in a garbage can, with a wry face of horror. Arriving home, Bridget swallowed sleeping pills and nearly gave the ends. Learning of this, Jacques opened his veins. Fortunately, everything turned out, and it managed to take in an army hospital.

Because reporters Bridget decided to give birth in a neighboring apartment, specially fitted out as puerperal. At night, January 11, 1960 after the terrible battles Bridget gave birth to a boy. It was called Nicolas. Bridget's friend made a few pictures of her baby, and photographs distributed to journalists besieging the house. Then they appeared on the covers of major publications. These machines were brought home flowers and congratulations from around the world. Indeed, in the year Bridget became the most famous mother in the world. After all that happy parents went to the Alps to the ski resort, leaving the baby's grandmother and nyanyam.

Allen - personal secretary Bridget, sold the 'France-Dimanche' notes on his personal life Bridget. She chased him away, but nothing was impossible to change. All her suffering and turmoil have become the common heritage. At this time seriously ill, Jacques, and continued shooting 'Truth' that had been interrupted due to childbirth. At Bridget fell back-breaking load. Probably why the tragic role she succeeded as never. During the scene in court, she played the last word of the defendant as if he was judged herself, vyplesnuv out all her grief, accumulated over recent years, and even extras cheered her, then on the set almost never happens.

. Relationship with her husband eventually soured, quarrels were constant, besides Bridget once again fallen in love with a partner for shooting Samy Frey
. They decided to live together. Jacques gave them a wild scene with mordoboem, which filmed the ubiquitous reporters. Bridget and Samy managed to escape by car, and they disappeared into the countryside with friends. Soon, however, to repeat what happened to Bridget with incredible regularity. Samy drafted into the army - he was twenty-odd. Bridget again left alone. It was for her intolerable. And then she left home at an abandoned farm and cut their veins. Fortunately, a friend worried because of her absence and lifted the whole village to search. Bridget found when she was barely breathing. She was taken to the hospital, and the press reported stunning news: B.B. wanted to commit suicide! The mother, with great difficulty, pleaded with the doctors, took her with him to Saint-Tropez. But soon returned Samy, and they went into a kind of wilderness, to stay together. At the premiere of 'Truth' Bridget was. The film was a huge success as the audience and critics, thanks to her acting game. Bardot has been recognized actress.

Bridget wanted to make her next film was not below that level. But, as for evil, the picture 'Letting go of the reins' as the shooting became mediocre crafts. And Bridget said Raul Levy, that he refused to withdraw from etogy producer. Then he was replaced by Roger Vadim. He stretched film, but at the same time helped Bridget to gain confidence in themselves.

Bridget divorced Jacques, and Samy Frey moved to her. But Jack came to visit her son and frequently clashed with. The lovers went to the coast and settled in an old house. Bridget offered to withdraw However Aden Delon in the film 'famous love stories'. But Delon irritated her desire to look prettier than you, and overshadow the partner. At the studio, she met Jean-Louis Trintignant and realized that the feelings are not cooled. But they had to leave, and now forever. Then there were shooting 'private life' with Mastroianni. This film is a hundred-I story of her life, arranged for film. Between filming Bridget seriously address the protection of animals, which have always loved. She went to the ministries, besieged the offices of officials, seeking the closure of slaughterhouses.

The next movie was 'Rest warrior', who shot Roger Vadim. Her lover was playing Robert Ossein. The film has turned out not so hot, and Bridget did not become his mistress Osseina, but met with Venice. Incidentally, a year Bridget abandon the role of Angelica, because it considers it is not interesting. And Bernard Borderies, director and producer of the series about a beautiful Frenchwoman, find an unknown actress Michele Mercier. Later, when Bridget still read the epic of the Angelika, it will bitterly regret your refusal.

But soon, Bridget had to meet with serious cinema. Jean-Luc Godard was preparing for the shooting of 'contempt' based on the novel by Alberto Moravia. Star of 'old' movie was supposed to play in the film innovator, intellectual. Godard received her coldly, he simply was afraid she would, however, also. Film crew went to southern Italy in an abandoned village, and Bridget again parted with the house that was painful for her, because she has always been a homebody terrible weeks and could not leave the house. Her partners were Michel Piccoli and little-known American actor who did not speak French. Despite the seriousness of the material, the shooting turned into sheer entertainment. Piccoli friends with an American, and they arranged for a couple of Bridget constant jokes, taking it then to laugh, then cry. Bridget revenge of his antics. One Godard remains deeply and consistently demanded the seriousness of the actors. The tangled relationship between husband and wife were translated on the screen is cold and pragmatic way.

Maybe Bridget was destined to change their lovers more than gloves. After filming, she met the Brazilian Bob Zaguri, dancers and musicians. He conquered it with his ease, dances, jokes and simple relations. It allowed him to live in her villa in Saint-Tropez, and her house was filled with music, dancing, vanity. Bridget forgot about loneliness. Coming soon on this regard, learned newspapermen, and from them learned and Samy, who lived in a Paris apartment Bridget. For an actress it was a blow, she did not expect that they are so quick to part. She still hoped to save his love. But a new passion was stronger than the old feeling. She tried to stop Samy, justified in telephone conversations, begged not to leave her. But she continued to live with Bob. Samy was too proud to stay. And Bridget has replaced it on another.

She was offered a role in the comedy 'charming idiot', rented a fashion director Edouard Molinaro. The shooting took place in England. The British raised around the arrival of Bridget awful racket. Reporters chased her wherever she appeared, prevented passage, pushed, grabbed the hand. Bob, who had come 'with her, was in a panic. Bridget was calm, she is already used to the increased attention and knew how to behave in public. Bridget superbly played a role, but the film received only an empty farce.

Bridget decided to go to Brazil on a visit to Bob. It turned out that there, too, see French films and adore Bridget. Only the Brazilian 'zhurnalyugi' more blatant and arrogant than the European. When Bridget came down the ladder, it picked up the excited crowd of reporters and dragged him into the airport. Appalling heat, hundreds of people screaming, endless camera flashes - and Bridget lost consciousness. Somehow Bob drove her to his home. His apartment was something of a communal apartment, where his pals with their girlfriends. Bridget has lived there for a week without being able to go outside - entrance was besieged by reporters. It could not last longer, and she returned to Paris.

. But there is scandalous film director Louis Malle was going to shoot 'revolutionary' film "Viva Maria!", Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau had to play two shansonetok-strippers, serving in a mobile circus
. The action takes place during the Mexican Revolution. And Bridget went to Mexico. Again, separation from family and travel, which she hated.

Jeanne Bridget seemed mannered and tasteless, but, as so often happens, the work they have found a common language, and the duet turned out well. The shooting took place in the exhausting heat of the tropical jungle full of poisonous insects. In addition, the actresses had to be removed in tight dresses with a corset in the fashion of the nineteenth century. It had to smile at reporters besieging shooting. Jeanne was not denied them, and posed with pleasure, and Bridget, as always, to avoid this. Soon magazines around the world zapestreli photographs of Jeanne Moreau in a new role. At this point Bridget devoured envy, and she decided to surrender to the will of reporters. Now, they sported together, but Bridget was younger, beautiful, slim. Jeanne went to the second plan. Bridget was able to retaliate.

Premiere of the film was to be held in New York. Bridget could not refuse, and she had the first time in life to visit America. Americans still remembered by Juliette from the film "And God Created Woman 'and took the Frenchwoman to cheer. Immediately upon arrival - a press conference, then dinner, the endless interviews and the crowd, a crowd of fans. And everywhere he was always smiling, joking, answer questions (if possible, smart), signing autographs, in short, be in constant tension. Within hours marathon Bridget just went mad and hid from reporters.

By the premiere of Bridget prepared several hairdressers and costumers. Prior to her inner state nobody cared. She put up for auction, and it is well understood. On the way to Broadway, where one of the cinemas was scheduled premiere, a car with a crowd of photographers surrounded Bridget. One of them made his way close to the car and snapped a flash a few centimeters from her face. She momentarily blind. One of her eyes and so could not see, and the second one, as then established, detached retina. At the premiere of Bridget sat with her eyes closed, and then two days not unbind from the eyes. Then there was the premiere in Los Angeles. Hollywood, where, and without enough of its movie stars, in full force assembled to watch. This time it was fenced powerful cordon, and all went well. With the help of Bridget's friends managed to fly away unnoticed in Puerto Rico, and after - home to Paris.

She returned to her apartment on the eighth floor, which has already lived five dogs. Sixth was a German shepherd, which she gave Alain Delon. Shepherd attached to Bridget and walked on her heels. Bridget bought a luxury Rolls-Royce 'and traveled on it in Paris, creating endless traffic jams.

The star was at the very zenith of fame and beauty. 'Viva Maria! " was a huge success, fans sent letters bag. She co-starred in a musical Christmas show, which is set on television, Bob Zaguri. Show was a huge success. But Bridget is disappointed in life and wanted peace.

Once she went to a favorite restaurant 'Bob Fontaine' in Saint-Tropez and accidentally saw a German millionaire Gunter Sachs. He looked at her admiringly. They met earlier at official receptions, but never - in an informal atmosphere. Bridget fell in love again. All night they walked together, rode in a car in the morning returned to the villa 'Madrag', inhabited by Bridget. The next day, Gunter, flying over the villa in the Bridget helicopter, poured several hundred red roses. After a rain of roses Bridget was completely subdued. Now was to somehow remove from his life of Bob. For Bridget has always been difficult to part with friends, but she did it quite often. Three days later, Bob Villa had not been. Bridget Guenther made an offer she could not refuse. And the appointed wedding day - July 14, to be held in Las Vegas. Everything was arranged for the German clearly and accurately, with complete secrecy. At night, July 14, 1966 French Bridget undersigned with the German Gunter, while the ceremony was held under American law. The next day all the newspapers of the world reported staggerer. Some major publications devoted to this event the whole numbers. Then they tracked in detail all their honeymoon. After Bridget married every seven years. The French resented her actions - how could she marry nemtsaN! She did not care. They spent their honeymoon traveling around the world. They were accompanied by a escort friends. Bridget was really happy. Maybe she finally felt a strong shoulder on which to lean.

Returning to France, they settled on her villa 'Madrag' in Saint-Tropez. A small house filled with people, because for Gunther constantly walked the whole company secretaries and assistants. Exactly one month after the wedding, he declared that he must attend to business, and went to Paris. Bridget begged him not to leave her, but is adamant muzh.byl. She again left alone. A few days later Bridget went to see him. But in his home on Avenue Foch was no one. Gunter did not return until the morning, smelling of perfume, he was defending himself, that he had spent the night at a business meeting. Bridget did not believe it and went to Saint-Tropez with a sense of wounded dignity and the realization that her big tricked. He went after her, somehow resolve the conflict and offered to go to his estate in Bavaria. Bridget agreed, but the Germans, apparently, his understanding of beauty and success in Germany, the actress was not. Everyone called her not only as Frau Sachs. Bridget was offended and went home.

Especially since she liked the script for the film 'with a joyful heart', and she agreed to take. Gunter lived in Munich, they were talking on the phone. Separation is not strengthened, but love destroyed. The rare meeting, only irritate Bridget. In the two years of marriage, she saw her husband on the strength of three months.

. In the next picture by Louis Malle 'extraordinary stories' she again met with Delon, but their relations were limited friendship.

. Gunther carried away film and wanted to make a film about the life of Bridget
. From this venture, of course, nothing came. He lucky her to Cannes, but she flatly refused, as had refused invitations to go there for many years. He threatened to divorce her if she would not go. She was hurt, but his decision not abandoned. They divorced later, but the beginning of the conflict has already been laid at that time.

. Next was a composer Serge Geynzbur, they called him Quasimodo for frightening face, but Bridget fell in love with him, and they began to live together until her husband put his affairs in Germany
. Serge played the piano and sang her songs. More to Bridget did not exist. Gunter gave a wild scandal, believing that his wife appears in public with this 'ugly' just to make things hot for him. But they were still husband and wife and attend the official events, such as a reception at the President of France. But the divorce was inevitable.

Unexpectedly for itself Bridget got himself a lover, who was twenty-three. Patrick was overly self-confident, and it has conquered it. Such men she did not know. They quarreled, and he even gave the will of the hands, but something attracted her to him, and she was not chased away. Settling in Bridget, he began to insult her household, and they reproached us for Bridget Patrick. How long could this go on, and they parted. This happened immediately after, as he laughingly told her about the death of De Gaulle, whom Bridget is very respected.

. Then there were shooting with Sean Connery in America, 'Rum Boulevard "with Lino Ventura,' novice 'with Annie Girardot,' Neftedobytchitsy 'with Claudia Cardinale, a few minor films.

. In the thirty-nine years, Brigitte Bardot, completely disappointed in the movie, forever parted from him and devoted her life to protecting animals than she is engaged so far.

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