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Shcherbakov Alexander

( Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Test Pilot)

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Biography Shcherbakov Alexander
photo Shcherbakov Alexander
Born in 1925. G. Nizhny Novgorod. Parents - Young Communists 20-ies, members of the Civil War. Father - Alexander Shcherbakov (1901-1945), Soviet state party figure, Colonel-General. At the request of Gorky was appointed first secretary of the Union of Soviet Writers. He served as first secretary of the MC and the CIM, CPSU (B.), secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), the head of the Main Political Administration of the Red Army, Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, chief of the Soviet Information Bureau. Mother - Shcherbakova Vera (1902 g.rozhd.), After the Sverdlovsk University received a second degree in Telecommunications Engineer, worked as a technologist. Wife - Shcherbakova Ninel Stanislavovna (1928 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Shcherbakova Elena (1952 g.rozhd.).

AA Shcherbakov Vyatnikovskuyu graduated from military school pilots (1943). In 1944-1945. took part in the hostilities in the Great Patriotic War, awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, the first and second degrees, many medals. After the war he graduated from the Air Engineering Academy. Zhukovsky (1945-1951) and Test Pilot School (1952). Specialty - Mechanical engineer, test pilot.

In 1951-1952. worked as a test pilot in the Scientific Testing Institute of the Air Force, then in the Flight Research Institute of Aircraft Industry (1953-1986). Since 1987, Mr.. - Senior Engineer Design Bureau of. Mikoyan

. Working for 34 years as a test pilot, . specialized in critical, . extreme and unexplored modes of flight: test corkscrew, . handling at speed limits, . height and angle of attack, . strength test, . research in the causes of the accident flight, etc.,

Tested a tailspin on 22 types of aircraft, as recorded by the relevant records. This figure - the absolute world record and it may well be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The reason for successful completion of such a long period of precarious work, he AA Shcherbakov believes careful preparation and reflection on flight missions, although it does not exclude the role of luck and good luck. In 1983. He defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences on the theme "Flight testing of the corkscrew".

AA Shcherbakov has the honor title of "Honored Test Pilot of the USSR '. He - Hero of the Soviet Union (1971), Chevalier of the Order of the Red Banner. A member of the club Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Alexander makes a regular speaker on the pages of newspapers and magazines with his articles, mainly relating to the theme of aviation.

Almost no free time. During his whole life up to 70 years in a variety of sports at the primary level of sports. After 70 years left only morning and evening charge. All his life collecting books, mostly historical, and humorous memoirs. Sometimes, reading detective stories, especially the domestic and French. The best novels are considered F.M. Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov". It does not accept American kinoboeviki and kinodetektivy. Best artists considers domestic.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: g. Moscow, Frunze Embankment, 50, kv.494. Tel.: (+7-095) 242-68-52.

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Shcherbakov Alexander, photo, biography
Shcherbakov Alexander, photo, biography Shcherbakov Alexander  Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Test Pilot, photo, biography
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