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Chomsky Pavel Osipovich

( Artistic Director of the Academic Theater named after the Moscow City Council, People's Artist of Russia, Professor)

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Biography Chomsky Pavel Osipovich
photo Chomsky Pavel Osipovich
Born March 30, 1925 in Moscow in the family of employee. Father - Chomsky Osip Pavlovich (1892-1952), worked as a legal adviser in the Ministry of Forest and Paper Industry. Mother - Bertha Khomskaya Isidorovna (1895-1986), lawyer, was elected by the people's judge. Wife - Natalia Kindinova Arsen'evna (1939g.rozhd.). Children: Khomskaya Natalia Pavlovna (1959g.rozhd.) Gromova Ekaterina Pavlovna (1966g.rozhd.) Khomskaya Lyubov P. (1975g.rozhd.).

Until 1941, Paul Chomsky studied at the Moscow High School. After the war began, in late June 1941, he went with the Young Communist League team for the construction of fortifications in the Smolensk region. During this work on them was thrown enemy landing, and the brigade was in the enemy rear.

The construction crew, which included Paul Chomsky, was transformed into a militia and under the command of experienced elders went to the break-through environment. Komsomolets had many occasions to join in the shooting, had a chance to survive and meet with tanks. Many of them died, and the remaining went into its territory. It all reached military age enlisted in the army, but not reached, including 16-year-old Paul Chomsky, sent home.

Paul went to relatives in the city of Tomsk, where at this time his father worked as deputy director of the plant. Having passed the external examinations for the 10 th grade, he enrolled in theater school, evacuated to Tomsk from the siege of Leningrad. Having studied up to 2-year student, Paul was drafted into the Red Army, some time spent in military school, and then filed a report to send to the front. The report was satisfied, and Chomsky was sent to an artillery regiment in the academic city of Gorky

. Learning from the personal affairs, . that Chomsky was a student of acting faculty of the Leningrad Theatrical Institute, . Command of the Army has determined it to the theater stage and miniatures, . who often went to the front and serviced units of the Moscow Military District,
. In this theater Paul served until the end of the war, and after demobilization in 1945, continued his theatrical education at the Moscow opera and drama studio of K. Stanislavsky.

In 1947, after graduation, Chomsky joined the Opera-Dramatic Theater of Stanislavsky in Moscow, but a year later went to the Riga Russian Drama Theater. In Riga, Paul Chomsky worked as both an actor and as the second director to the artistic director of Theater AA Efremov. There he staged his first independent productions: "20 years later" M. Svetlov and "With Love is not mocked" Calderon. These performances have received critical acclaim and won success with the audience.

Soon Paul Chomsky was invited to the National Youth Theater of the Latvian SSR as a staff director, and in 1957 was appointed chief director of the theater. In parallel, he studied at the Faculty teatrovedcheskom GITIS behalf Lunacharsky. Thus Paul Chomsky became the youngest major director in the Soviet Union, and soon received the title of "Honored Artist of the Latvian SSR".

During his work in Riga TYuZe Chomsky has put about 40 productions, including "Dead Souls" by N. Gogol, "Little Dorrit, Charles Dickens," Devil's Disciple "by B. Shaw," The Legend of Ulenspiegel "W. De Coster, . "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare, . "Les Miserables" Victor Hugo, . "Youth Fathers B. Gorbatov, . "How the Steel Was Tempered" Ostrovsky, . Three Fat Men Olesha, . "Good luck" V. Rozov, . "Emil and the Berlin boys" E. Kastner, . "Finding Joy" V. Rozov, etc.,

In 1959 he returned to the Riga Russian Drama Theater, but as the chief director. Here he staged "Irkutsk Story" by A. Arbuzov, "Ocean" A. Stein, "Earthly Paradise" O. Vassilev, "Although autumn" G. Priede, "Naked King" E. Schwartz and others.

In the capital of Latvia is often toured Moscow and Leningrad theaters. Once leadership Leningrad Leninsky Komsomol Theater, watching the work of young director, invited Chomsky to stage first play of Zach and A. Kuznetsov "Two colors", and then play Panova "Seeing the White Nights". In both plays the main role performed Nina Urgant. The performances were a success, and Chomsky got an offer to become chief director of the Leningrad Leninsky Komsomol Theater.

In Leningrad Chomsky worked 5 years. During this time he put the performances: "One Year" J. Herman, "Before dinner, V. Rozov," Two evenings in May, "Mr. Polonsky," Cyrano de Bergerac "by E. Rostand. Performances Chomsky has repeatedly provoked the displeasure of the party leadership of the city. He twice carried a severe reprimand, including staging V. Rozov, "On the Road," which Chomsky himself is still considered one of his best directorial work.

Chomsky's relations with the provincial committee of the Party become so acute that he had to leave the theater and back to Moscow, where he was after the two set out in Moscow TYuZe performances was appointed chief director. During the period from 1965 to 1973 he conducted performances of 16 productions, . including: "Be prepared, . Your Highness "L. Kassil, . "Wuthering year" A. Kapler, . "Star" E. Kazakevich, . "Under the chestnuts Prague" K. Simonov, . "For the prison wall," J. Herman, . "My brother plays the clarinet" A. Alexina, . "Male 17 years old" I. Dvoretzky, . Warsaw alarm V. Korostyleva, . Tom Kent S. Mikhalkov, . "You is dedicated to" M. Bremenera, . "Natasha" M. Berestinskogo, . "Shadow" E. Schwartz, . "Hey, . you - hello! "G. Mamlin, . "How are, . young chelovekN "C. Toth, . "My dear boy," Mikhalkov, . Escape to Grenada "H. Polonsky,
. Here he was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the RSFSR".

In 1973, Chomsky went to work in the Academic Theater named after the Moscow City Council, which at that time led A. Zavadsky. Since then, the fate of Paul Chomsky is inextricably linked to this theater. In 1985 he was appointed chief director, and in 2000 became the artistic director. Here he was awarded the "People's Artist of Russia". At the theater he put more than 30 performances: "Indian Summer" Chernysheva, Z., . "Alternatives" V. Azernikova, . Day of arrival - day of departure "Chernykh, . "Halfway to the top of the" P. Ustinova, . "Success" O. Nikich and E. Grigoriev, . "The kingdom of earth" by T. Williams, . "Abuse of power" Chernykh, . "The Brothers Karamazov Dostoevsky, . Black midshipman A. Stein, . "Room" E. Bragin, . Egor Bulychev and other "Gorky, . "Trial judges" E. Mann, . "Operation" Happy New Year "by A. Herman and Chomsky P., . "Checkpoint" S. Kokovkina, . "Citation" L. Zorina, . "Breakfast with the unknown" V. Dozortseva, . "Braking in Heaven" R. Solntseva, . Maxim at the end of the Millennium "Zorin, . "Jesus Christ - Superstar" EL Uebbera, . Kin, . or genius and rowdiness "A. Dumas and Jean-Paul Sartre, . "The Importance of Being Earnest" O. Uayalda, . "White Guard" by Mikhail Bulgakov, . "Thomas Opiskin" F. Dostoyevsky, . Errors of one night "O. Goldsmith, . School defaulters L. Verneuil, and A. Berra, . "Game" J. Kessler and A. Nevsky, . "Kubik for President" G. Podlubnogo, . "SkandalN.,
. Scandal ... Scandal! "(" School for Scandal), R. Sheridan, "The Comforter of widows" D. Marrota and B. Brandonsa, "Doll" T. Williams, and "Mother Courage and Her Children" by Brecht.

All in all, the artistic heritage of PO Chomsky more than 150 productions. Than 10 productions were performed in various theaters. Among them: "Hello, . Uncle! "G. Efthimiou and these strange new people" Yu Yakovlev Theater Yermolova, . "Young Guard" Fadeeva and "Alpine Ballad" Bykova in the Central Children's Theater, . "Uncle Vanya," Chekhov in Taganrog Drama Theater, . "Optimistic Tragedy" Vishnevsky and "My profession - Signer of the society" and Skarnachchi Trabuzi in the Central Academic Theater of the Soviet Army, . "Kramnegel" P. Ustinov in the theater of Satire, . "Five Evenings" A. Volodin Moscow TYuZe, . Tango Life O. Levitsky in Jewish Chamber Theater and the Women's Desk in Hunter Hall, B. Merezhko at the State Russian theater in the city of Maikop,

Parallel with the work in the theater for many years, P. Chomsky is acting in the course of Russia Academy of Dramatic Art (GITIS behalf Lunacharskogo), Professor of the Department acting. They released several courses, including national studio: Kalmyk, Mari, Balkar.

As chairman of the director's section of the Moscow branch of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, he actively engaged in social activities. Has published numerous articles, . on various aspects of theater, . in domestic periodicals, . including in the newspapers "Pravda", . "Soviet Culture", . "Soviet Russia", . Evening Moscow, . magazines Theater, . "Theater Life, . Art Cinema ", . "Youth Variety and other publications,

Decorated with Orders of Friendship of Peoples and Honor.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Chomsky Pavel Osipovich, photo, biography
Chomsky Pavel Osipovich, photo, biography Chomsky Pavel Osipovich  Artistic Director of the Academic Theater named after the Moscow City Council, People's Artist of Russia, Professor, photo, biography
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