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IZMAILOV Lyon Moiseevich

( writer and satirist.)

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Biography IZMAILOV Lyon Moiseevich
Born May 5, 1940. Moscow.
Father - Poly Moses Aaronovitch (1909 g.rozhd.), Civil engineer, built mehkombinat in Moscow and VDNH, died in 1943. Mother - Polak Paul Moiseevna (1914-1982 gg.) Serving. Wife - Elena P. Sorokin (1951 g.rozhd.) Graduated from the Polygraph Institute, worked as Photo Editor in the journal "Travels in the USSR".

Lyon began studying at the school at a time when practiced segregation of boys in girls. Nothing distracted him from the case and the first seven classes was a straight. After the merger of male and female schools in the Middle L. Izmailov immediately lost interest in studying and drawing the natural sciences. Nevertheless, he graduated from the aircraft engine school and spent two years working as a technologist at one of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex (1960-1962 gg.).

"Fleeing from his numerous admirers, but monotonous talent, Lyon Izmailov in 1962. entered the Moscow Aviation Institute im.S.Ordzhonikidze, where six years trained in two specialties: "engineer-electrician" and "amateur". There are many wonderful roles played Lion Izmailov at the student stage. Especially he succeeded in the role of stupid students, deceiving smart teachers. After graduation he worked as an engineer in MMKB "Rodina" (1967-1969 gg.). Then he was adopted by the department 306 MAI where he worked for three years. He continued to participate in art activities, for which he was once promoted to the post and several times reduced in salary. By 1970, the increased public consciousness L. Izmailov helped him finally understand that the harm to the state of his literary activity is significantly less than that from an engineering ". So in 1970. he became a professional writer, continuing to be fond of the rest. In 1971-1973. he led the writing team of the Palace of Culture MAI.

Print Top in 1969 in the Literary Gazette, "has since been a regular contributor to the column" Club 12 chairs, "for which" at the division of three, earned them awards the "Golden Calf" him twice battered horns and one leg ". In the same 1979 Lion Izmailov began performing on a professional platform. Was the same party concerts "Club 12 chairs, traveled with concerts across the country: from Kamchatka to Brest and from Tashkent to Arkhangelsk. Served in the U.S., Germany, Israel, Turkey. The competition humorists "Aleko" in Bulgaria was awarded "Gold Medal". For many years, Lyon Izmailov wrote for the transfer of "Baby Monitor", listening to that "children have become less hooligans, but most often expressed". From 1989 to 1991. with Angelina Vovk was the leading TV "Adults and Children" which looked at the TV "Ostankino". From 1991 to 1997. Grand telecast "Shut Us" and "Show profiles". Miniatures painted L. Izmailov, among them "legendary" monologues culinary college student (jointly with Y. Volovich), executed by G. Khazanov, E. Petrossian, J. Arlazorovym, E. Shifrin, V. Vinokur, and other entertainers

. Lion Izmailov - a member of the Union of Soviet Writers (1979), . author of several collections of short stories and novels, . including: "Good mood" (Moscow: Soviet Writer, . 1984), . "Truth" (soavt.V.Chudodeev, . MM: Art, . 1986), . Four Musketeers "(soavt.V.Cheburov, . Moscow: Soviet Writer, . 1989), . "Porn" (Rostov-na-Donu, . 1990), . "Detour on a curve" (1992), . "End of the world, . or a good mood "(Joint,
. with M. Zadornov, 1993), "Vasya! Kebab! (book of stories and memories of A. Mena, M.: Blagovest, 1995), "A student of Cookery" (MA: Art, 1991), "Shut Us" (M.: Kruk, 1997 ). In 1998. was published author videotape L. Izmailov "Shut Us". Lion Izmailov graduated from the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters in Goskino SSSR (1973-1975 gg.). He wrote several plays, 'which were appreciated, and therefore will never be delivered'.

Since 1989. He - artistic director of the theater of humor "Plus". At the theater stage set the following shows: "Sex in the Soviet", "Madhouse Karl Marx", "Parody, forward!", "Evening of jokes," I want a president ".

Hobby - reading and socializing with women. Among the favorite writers: Nikolai Leskov, I. Bunin, Chekhov, S. Fitzgerald, A. Pushkin. Leisure time gives travel, visits to theaters and restaurants. Favorite sport - football. Possession Japanese yaykom allows Lyon Izmailov without an interpreter to open favorite Japanese umbrella. Lion Izmailov likes to speak from the stage and to television. His credo can be expressed in a quatrain: "Let us not lose heart friends / Gathered in the long journey. / We did not lose heart, / Dejection God is not happy".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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IZMAILOV Lyon Moiseevich, photo, biography
IZMAILOV Lyon Moiseevich, photo, biography IZMAILOV Lyon Moiseevich  writer and satirist., photo, biography
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