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Biography GORBACHEV Alexander
July 4, 1947. in Moscow. Father - Gorbachev, Mikhail Semenovich (1908 g.rozhd.). Mother - Gorbachev Praskovya Glebovna (1910 g.rozhd.).

AM Gorbachev graduated from the Moscow Regional kultprosvetuchilische (1961-1965 gg.), And then conductor-orchestra department of the Moscow State Institute of Culture (1965-1970 gg.). In 1965-1966. worked as a teacher in the class in children balalaika orchestra studio st.Solnechnaya Kiev Railway (Moscow region).

A musician of rare talent, as they say, "with talent from God", whose excellence is recognized in more than 60 countries. He leads an active concert life and for 25 years was a soloist of the State Russian Orchestra im.N.P.Osipova while acting as concertmaster of balalaika-prima, a member of Arts Council. Since its founding, the quartet "Moscow Balalaika" (in 1978-1992 he. - A quartet of soloists from the orchestra im.N.P.Osipova) is its lead singer. Speech by Gorbachev and are held in a number of prestigious concert halls in many capitals of the world. His Doers is a remarkable demonstration of the stability of high professional skills in a variety of conditions, any audience, noted that part of not only Russia, but also the foreign press

. Absolute possession of the instrument, . Performing a perfect machine, . excellent musical memory, . excellent hearing, . ability to quickly navigate in an environment, . mental alertness can correctly identify the artist repertoire, . make the concerts, . which he offers his listeners,
. A good musical training, the ability to freely improvise on given themes allowed the artist to create an interesting, diverse concert repertoire for balalaika and Russian folk instruments ensemble. He wrote original pieces on the theme of old French songs. He is the first performer of a number of original compositions for balalaika, which were frequently heard in the performance of well-known instrumentalists. Example, . Concert piece VN Gorodovskaya theme song of "In the street", . which was first performed in Moscow on 8-th All-Russia competition of patriotic music performed, . at least, . five members the 3rd All-Russia competition of Russian folk instruments,

. Has been quite AM Gorbachev as instrumentovschik and author of a number of interesting arrangements of works of composers - the classics for a quartet of Russian folk instruments, . many of which are recorded at 8 gramophone records and more than 20 CD-ROM, . often heard on radio and television, . Quartet in concert "Moscow Balalaika",
. As a soloist, balalaika, he participated in a variety of interesting projects, not only in Russia but also in several foreign countries. Perhaps miraculously preserved recording of Russian folk melodies in pop and jazz presentation, made in East Germany, in collaboration with a remarkable performer on the electronic accordion Honored Artist of Russia Alexander catenin and singer Olga Fatty. A. Mikhail Gorbachev was invited specifically to China, so that he could make the imposition of Russian balalaika sound in phonograms intended for karaoke fans. These records are heard around the world, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows the names of the musicians who created the holiday-makers in a good mood

. The ensemble of soloists from the orchestra behalf Ossipov "Russian Mosaic", . who received I-S Award, . he won one of the most prestigious competitions among musicians of folk -, . 2-nd All-Russia competition of Russian folk instruments, . held in Leningrad, . party was playing the balalaika AM Gorbachev.,

. For high performing skills and the promotion of Russian music among the youth, AM Gorbachev was awarded the Laureate of the Moscow Young Communist League (1985)
. He is laureate of international festivals in Colombia, 8-th All-Russia competition of patriotic music, XII-th World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, the 3rd All-Russia competition of folk music.

He has the diplomas of the Komsomol Central Committee for the implementation of patriotic and international duty (Afghanistan), for the high skill and services of builders-Union shock Komsomol construction projects in Siberia and the Far East. He was awarded the medal "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow", . sign of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR "Excellent cultural patronage over the village", . sign of Trade Unions Central Committee of the USSR "Excellent cultural patronage over the Armed Forces of the USSR", . many honorary certificates and diplomas from various organizations, . heads of administrations,
. In 1988. AM Gorbachvu was awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of Russia".

AM Gorbachev is a member of the public council of the cultural center of the MIA of Russia.

One of the main hobbies A. Gorbachev - Cars. He - the driver with 30 years of experience. Was a party to all sports battles with the participation of teams in hockey and football Orchestra im.N.P.Osipova.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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GORBACHEV Alexander, photo, biography
GORBACHEV Alexander, photo, biography GORBACHEV Alexander  Honored Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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