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Gorodovskaya Vera

( People's Artist of Russia.)

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Biography Gorodovskaya Vera
Born January 20, 1919, Mr.. in Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl region. Father - Smirnov Nikolay Leonidovich - a regent of the Rostov Cathedral, made much of perfection in knowledge of choral art, much effort exerted for the development of amateur talent in the city. Mother - Smirnova Natalia Pavlovna - housewife, she sang in the choir, directed by Nicholas L.. Spouse - Vidyakin Sergei Aleksandrovich - Executive domra in the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments Russia im.N.P.Osipova.

Vera Gorodovskaya belongs to the constellation of classical composers, whose music formed the basis of the repertoire of almost all the musicians and orchestras, playing the folk instruments in Russia and far beyond.

Music Lessons Vera Gorodovskaya began to take in seven years. The start in the music world gave her piano teacher EI Paharnaeva. The house Paharnaevyh regularly hosts concerts, which played a considerable role in shaping the musical inclinations girls. In 1926, Mr.. Vera goes to the Rostov municipal music school, after which, in 1934. it is taken in the Music School Yaroslavl and enroll in the class of the St. Petersburg Conservatory graduates AD Lvova, a talented pianist.

Already in the first year in Yaroslavl Vera Gorodovskaya is at the center of musical life in the city. Her work soon attracted to the two orchestras - symphony, as well as Russian folk instruments, which is headed by Honored Artist of Russia, EM Stompelev - a musician who has received this honorable title of one of the first in the country. He invited the young student in the school orchestra and has shown so far unprecedented her instrument - key goose. Taking a few chords, suggested Vera Gorodovskaya do the same. He asked: "NravitsyaN" - she replied: "Very!". "Then come tonight, will you play in the concert". Thus, in one minute, decided the whole fate of Vera Nikolaevna Gorodovskaya has since devoted himself to this strange, magical, fabulous tools.

After the third year in college, worked at the Yaroslavl orchestra of Russian folk instruments running EM Stompeleva two years, from 1935 to 1937, V. Gorodovskaya sent to Moscow, where in 1938. She entered the Moscow Conservatory in piano to Professor S. E. Fainberg. Throughout the years of training she received only excellent marks not only on piano, . but in harmony, . solfege, . Music History, . instrumentation, . analysis of musical forms, . chamber class, . "mandatory" Body and registrovke Body,

. Great influence on the formation of artistic views of gifted pianist has a conservatory SV Evseev, . from whom Vere Gorodovskaya fortunate to be trained on the most important for the future of the composer's subjects - Special Harmony, . Polyphonic and analysis of musical forms,

In 1939, Mr.. An event which largely determined the fate of the entire V. Gorodovskaya. Honored Artist of the RSFSR PI Alekseev - creator of Moscow Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments of the USSR - invited her to participate in this collective. Since then, the conservatory student becomes a singer on keyboards harps one of the major orchestras in the country. In 1940. team headed by N. Osipov, VN Gorodovskaya enroll in the state orchestra.

The outbreak of war in an educational institution shall be terminated. The Moscow Conservatory was evacuated to Saratov. Orchestra for a short period from July 1941. interrupt their activities, but on August 11 that year to resume it, although in a markedly truncated part - many musicians went to the front, some evacuated. VN Gorodovskaya remained the only team in guslistkoy.

In 1942, by decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) the Committee on the Arts of the USSR in Moscow from Leningrad was evacuated archive of Andreev and property of his orchestra. Among the instruments were harp, keyboards, harp, plucking (the wizard AI Gergensa), as well as harp zvonchatye. NP Osipov instructed Vere Gorodovskaya learn a new one for her and for the orchestra musical instrument - a plucked psaltery. That agreed. Interestingly, the first Faith Gorodovskaya did not even know which side of her right to sit at the harp. This task she decided on the basis of the harp - the high register about themselves, and the bottom of a. Play was so uncomfortable, and she asked permission to sit at the harp, on the other hand. Nikolai Osipov said: "Try it, perhaps so that poluchitsyaN" - and it ... Since that time, she becomes the first woman to play this instrument in the orchestra.

While in Moscow, plucked harp for a long time appeared in the concert practice. For all the orchestra parts had to compose herself, because no one composer did not know this tool. She began to create for himself a small pieces and serve with a solo number. It is a plucked psaltery is B. Gorodovskaya debut as a composer - it is a fact of biography VN Gorodovskaya, it is a fact of modern history of the oldest Russian musical instrument.

In the same context can be considered the creation of a unique duet: keyboards and plucked psaltery. In the duo teamed Vera Gorodovskaya and Honored Artist of the RSFSR Olimpiada Pavlovna Nikitina, the duo nearly half a century, graced by the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments Russia.

All the works from the repertoire of the duo enjoyed great success with students. Repertoire, usually created by the performers. Later, they began to invite composers who wrote not only miniature, but entire concerts.

After the death in 1945. Nikolai Petrovich Osipov as head of the orchestra took his brother, a talented musician Dmitri Petrovich Osipov. He is every encouragement to work themselves musicians, especially those who have distinguished composer's abilities. Among them Gorodovskaya soon took the leading position. From tips and criticisms of fellow composers and musicians, she had learned the necessary skills to continue independent creative activity. It was easier than others, because she had a serious theoretical training.

Over the years of his artistic career as a composer VN Gorodovskaya has created numerous works for orchestra and processing. Among them: "In the street", . "Pebbles", . "Kuban Rhapsody", . "My Moscow", . Youth Overture, . "Memory Esenina", . "On the street the rain", . "I do not hear the noise of urban", . "Russian Troika", . "Pleskach", . "Russian Winter", . "Russian Waltz", . "Romaleska", . "Steppe Is All Around", . overture to Astrakhan and Tambov topic, . fantasy on the theme song of LA Ruslanova, . T. Khrennikov, . "Runaround", . "Joker", . "Cheremshyna",
. She has also written compositions for duo harps: "Birch", . Memoirs of Andreev ", . "Forest Fairy Tale", . "Lipa centuries", . "Old Waltz", . "Do not scold me, . native ", . "The sky on the blue", . "On the street pavement", . "Fine-ash", . "It is not the wind tends to branch", . "Ural Ryabinushka", . "Autumn Dream", . transcriptions of pieces by Russian and foreign composers,
. For dulcimer zvonchatyh VN Gorodovskaya written plays, concerts: Volga fantasy, "willow", concert in 3 parts, "Went mladeshenka". Her musical talent is not ignored and are the most popular Russian instruments as the balalaika and domra. For balalaika she creates arrangements, . processing, . the play: "In the street", . "Come on, I eh Rechenka", . Kalinka, . Red Ribbon, . "Odnozvuchno rattles bell", . "Pozarastali stitches-track", . "Under the window cheriomuha kolyshetsa", . "Goose-Foot", . "Russian pereplyas", . "Oh, My Garden, . "Russian Melodies",
. For domras: "Merry domra", . "Cuckoo", . "Concert Rondo", . "Little Waltz", . "Do not reproach me, . not scold ", . "Memory Esenina", . Paraphrase on two old romance, . "Meditation", . "Nordic Tunes", . "SKOMOROSHINA", . "Dark Cherry shawl", . "Black-browed, . Black Eyed ", . Fantasy on two Russian songs,
. More than 50 treatments and arrangements of Russian folk songs and romances, she has prepared for the famous Russian singer: People's Artist of USSR L. Zykina, . People's Artist of Russia Oleg Voronets, . People's Artist of Russia A. Strelchenko, . People's Artist of Russia Igor Zhurinov and many, . as well as plays and suites for ensembles of Russian folk instruments,
. All of her works performed by the Orchestra im.N.P.Osipova and other professional and amateur groups recorded on the radio, records, CD-ROM.

VN Gorodovskaya awarded the title People's Artist of Russia (1969). She - a member of the Composers' Union. Since 1984, Mr.. its composer activity was observed in the three awards the All-Russia competitions of patriotic music and the competition for the prize im.Budashkina (1989). On the eve of her 80-year anniversary was published her book "School playing keyboards and plucked harp, summarized the experience of the outstanding composer and musician.

Vera Gorodovskaya for their selfless work in the Great Patriotic War was awarded medals "For Defense of Moscow" and "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War". She - was awarded Knight of "Friendship of peoples" and "For Service to the Fatherland IV degree".

In his spare time, Vera likes to read Russian classics: Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy, Chekhov, play the piano, especially the works of Chopin. Favorite performers and old friends VN Gorodovskaya are her colleagues: L. Zykina, O. Voronets, I. Zhurin, L. Nikolaeva. Very fond of creativity I. Arkhipova and Y. Gulyaev. Among the dramatic actors especially emphasizes Tarasova, A. Stepanov, Yuri Borisov, Yuri Yakovlev, and T. Doronin.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Gorodovskaya Vera, photo, biography
Gorodovskaya Vera, photo, biography Gorodovskaya Vera  People's Artist of Russia., photo, biography
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