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Zavolokin Gennadiy

( People's Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize)

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Biography Zavolokin Gennadiy
Born March 18, 1948 in the taiga village Parabel Tomsk Oblast. Father - Zavolokin Dmitri Z. (1913g.rozhd.). Mother - Zavolokin Stepanida Elizarovna (1912g.rozhd.). Wife - Zavolokin (Kazantsev) Svetlana D. (1948g.rozhd.). Children - Anastasia (1974g.rozhd.), Zahar (1979g.rozhd.).

Ever since childhood fate had prepared Gennady Zavolokin to the creative life. It was in the depths of Siberia, including song and talented people of his talent began to emerge. Of course, things he received from his parents. "How many can remember - recalls Gennadi Zavolokin - parents always sang. Able to create music ". It was they who instilled in her children a love of music, folk art, harmonica. From the first gift of an accordion and his father started in Gennady and his brother Alexander Zavolokin highway in the music world.

After high school Gennady Zavolokin entered the Novosibirsk Musical College in the Department of Folk Instruments (1964-1968), and in 1984 graduated from the Moscow Institute of Culture. During the years of study he mastered several instruments - to the ability to play the accordion and accordion added domra and balalaika. But the favorite tool of the actor still remained harmonica.

After college Gennady Zavolokin worked for several years accordionist in Suzunskom Russian folk choir. Then an active one, and toured with Alexander.

In 1987, Gennady Zavolokin created and still headed by the band "folk rhyme". During these years the ensemble has a thousand concerts throughout Russia and abroad, collecting thousands of grateful public audience. Keeping the centuries-old culture and tradition of folk art ensemble nevertheless do not live the old stock, and continuously updated. Come new artists, bring new ideas. This alloy and allows the team to keep the bar high. Lot of time spent in the studio ensemble. In the artistic heritage of the ensemble for more than thirty hours of recordings, about 15 compact discs, audio and video. The ensemble consists of children involved and Gennady Zavolokin - Anastasia and Zahar.

Gennadiy Zavolokin rightfully called "the first accordion of Russia". It happily accommodates not only an outstanding talent musician and composer, but true devotees of folk art. One example of this - the love of millions of appreciative listeners and viewers all over Russia.

In 1986 he appeared on the television series "Play, Accordion!. Over the years the program of her heroes are hundreds of professional and amateur musicians and bands - singers, accordion, balalaika ...

From the very first episode of Love won a large television audience and became one of the most popular on television. The natural desire of authors series was to bring in every issue of the transfer of something new, unusual, to raise a new layer of folk culture. Probably so, one of the most difficult challenges facing the creative team, headed by Gennady Zavolokin is to find the image transfer. This image appears sometimes unexpectedly - to suggest sayings, couplets, the details of the landscape shots from movies, everyday stories ... Most often it is happening on the ground shooting, after talking with people and listening to future participants in the program. In search of their heroes GD Zavolokin traveled hundreds or thousands of kilometers, . visited almost all regions, . and everywhere it is taken as a, . looking forward to his performances, . and shooting consistently converted to an integer representation, . festivities, . dazzling feast, . which attracts people from the remotest villages and towns,
. As one of the admirers of the transfer, "Zavolokin like treasure dug a shovel of earth, and rastryas this treasure, and poured the golden voiced trills of joy to people ..."

. In 1986, the brothers Zavolokin was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR
. In 1990, concert programs GD Zavolokin awarded the State Prize of Russia in 1995 - the title of "People's Artist of Russia". In 1998, again awarded the winner of State Prize of Russia for a series of television programs "Play, Accordion"

. In collaboration with his brother Gennady Zavolokin and ensemble "folk rhyme" released over 10 CD-ROM, . about 10 audio and video cassettes with songs and music, . several collections of music for accordion, . rare tunes, . and fables, . jokes, . doggerel, . they have collected in all regions of Russia,
. Gennady Zavolokin - author of "Play the accordion," on the popular television series, books and stories about his childhood, interesting meetings and concerts on the set of "Golden strips".

In 1998, Gennady Zavolokin created and headed the Center of Russia "Play the accordion, which, together with the publishing house" Siberian room was "produced and self-titled magazine.

Tragically died in a car accident in July 2001.

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  • Dvora Munin for Zavolokin Gennadiy
  • My name is Dvora Munin. Both of my parents were born in Russia. My mother i Gomel- Belarus and my father, in Dvinsk-Latvia.More than ten years that I do not miss any of the programs of "Igray Garmon"I would love to come for a visit in Novosibirsk and meet all the CHASTUSHKA ensemble members/ I know all their namesMy phone nomber is: 97225836036 and the cell phone is: 972526368341. My best regards to all the members of CHASTUSHKA. I myself play the accordeon. I'm waitting impationatly to hear from anstasya and from ALEXEI KHODAKOVSKI, VLADIMIR GAIDUKOV and SERGHEI LARYONOV
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    Zavolokin Gennadiy, photo, biography
    Zavolokin Gennadiy, photo, biography Zavolokin Gennadiy  People's Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize, photo, biography
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