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Anatoly Kroll Osherovich

( People's Artist of Russia)

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Biography Anatoly Kroll Osherovich
Born April 20, 1943, Mr.. in Chelyabinsk. Father - Kroll Osher Leibovich (1898-1964). Mother - Cheskina Faina Pavlovna (1904-1959). Wife - Kroll Tatiana (1951 g.rozhd.). Son - Kroll Oleg (1971 g.rozhd.) - Graduated Rossiyskuyu Gnesin Academy of Music in piano I. Bril, works in the orchestra A. Kroll.

Anatoly Kroll - one of the most famous and prestigious conductors, composers and pianists of Russia's jazz and pop. Graduated from the Chelyabinsk Musical College Tchaikovsky (1956-1959 gg.) On piano. Having started his professional career quite early years (15 years) as a pianist and leader of pop bands in the Chelyabinsk Philharmonic (1959), . Ulyanovsk Philharmonic (1960), . AO Kroll became the youngest at that time conductor - musical director of the State Variety Orchestra of Uzbekistan (1960-1962 gg.), . which served as soloists extremely popular at the time the singers Batyr Zakirov, . Louise Zakirova and other,
. From the State pops orchestra and soloists of Uzbekistan held and the first recording on gramophone records (1961-1962 gg.).

In 1963, Mr.. A. Kroll creates Philharmonic Tula his famous jazz orchestra, . which in the last 7 years of its existence, has published many such well-known jazz musicians today, . a trumpeter Guseinov, . saxophonists A. Pistchikov, . Grigoriev, . R. Kunsman, . drummer I. Yurchenko, . bass Martynov, . trombonists A. Shabashov and B. Budarin and many others, . as well as solo vocalist Valentina Ponomareva (now the People's Artist of Russia), . Vladimir Makarov (now the Honored Artist of Russia),

Sensational performance was recognized at the first International Jazz Festival in Tallinn in 1967. jazz quartet A. Kroll, where he was brilliantly acted as soloist pianist. This bright jazz ensemble received several awards laureatskih: A. Pistchikov - as the best saxophonist of the festival, A. Kroll - as the best pianist, but in general, the quartet - as the best jazz ensemble. Speech quartet A. Kroll at the First International Jazz Festival, Tallinn-67 was shown on CT and subsequently recorded on the records. Orchestra A. Kroll Philharmonic Tula called jazz University, which dreamed to get musicians and singers throughout the country, and many of them have graduated from its "excellent".

In 1971, Mr.. A. Krall was invited to Moscow in "Rosconcert, where he created a big head pop orchestra" Contemporary ". It not only continued the tradition of Tula orchestra, but also developed its own. The orchestra has become one of the most important and popular pop groups of the USSR. Many tours the country and abroad: four in Bulgaria, Poland, twice in Czechoslovakia, Germany, France, India, etc..

Orchestra of Contemporary Music has frequently been the platform for large international concert programs: "Melodies of friends", the Festival of Arts and India, the Soviet Song Festival in Zielona Gora, the Jazz Festival in Prague. The orchestra has recorded numerous LPs of instrumental and vocal music with domestic and foreign performers. The orchestra held emergence of such artists as Yuri Antonov, Evgeny Martynov, Leonid Serebrennikov and more than 5 years, formed a creative biography of one of the talented and brightest performers of a popular song and jazz Larisa Dolina. A. Kroll was the organizer of the art first came to the USSR, his former musician living in the U.S., a popular author and musician Willie Tokarev.

Becomes part of traditional big band A. Kroll in Moscow jazz festivals. In general, the orchestra "Contemporary" (later the Moscow Concert Orchestra) worked in Rosconcert "about 20 years. In 1991. A. Kroll goes to work in the theater "temp" Union of theatrical figures of Russia as the artistic director of music programs and festivals, creating a group of soloists and instrumental. Under his musical direction and with the participation of the instrumental ensemble in 1992;. successfully held a contest Actor's Song im.A.Mironova. Finale of A. Kroll at the theater was his touring trip with the team in the U.S., . where he presented to the public talented singer Svetlana Portnyanskaya, . which later continued his independent professional career in this country,

Revolutionary shift in the life of a conductor and composer A. Kroll was the creation in late 1992. under the auspices of the International Commercial Union Great jazz orchestra ISS Big Band ", which included the best jazz musicians and soloists of the Moscow.

The orchestra literally immediately won leading positions in Russia's jazz, sensational performance at the International Jazz Festival in Montreux (Switzerland) in 1994. and receiving a certificate for outstanding performance at the festival, . had brilliant tours to France (1994), . speaking in addition to concerts at the leading French television channel TF-I, . as well as in Switzerland (1996) - in the cultural program of the World Economic Forum in Davos,

A great success speak at international jazz festivals in Moscow (1994-1998 gg.) "Black Sea in Sochi (1994), Minsk (1995), Orenburg (1995), Siberia (1996 .), Kazan (1996), Samara (1997). Is constantly performances ISS Big Band "A. Kroll on television, radio, recorded 4 laser CD-ROM. The orchestra has prepared and showed many thematic concert programs dedicated to the great masters of world jazz.

According to the experts and the music community, "ISS Big Band" A. Kroll - one of the most brilliant and highly musical ensembles in Russia's jazz in the history of the genre.

In parallel with the conductor's work in the 80 years, started and successfully continues to this day kinobiografiya composer A. Kroll. Most of his music in the film is written by the most prominent film director K. Shakhnazarov (1982. - "We're from Jazz, 1984. - "Winter Evening in Gagra, 1994. - "Dreams", 1995. - "American Daughter", 1997. - "Harvest Moon"). Film "We are of jazz" and "Winter Evening in Gagra" recognized as the best musical film of the year. Among other works in film - music for the film "The simple" (rezh.Evg.Ginzburg, 1992), "Wilmington and his bodyguard" (1996) and "Artist and master image" (rezh.V.Lonskogo). In all the works of A. Kroll necessarily involved in film and his band, writing music, and often shooting them.

Jazz band A. Kroll is a constant and welcome guest on television and radio.

A. Kroll is a member of the Composers' Union (1989) and cinematographers of Russia (1997), Deputy Chairman of the jazz music of the Moscow Union of Composers, a board member of Central House of Arts. In 1989. A. Kroll was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of Russia, and in 1998. - People's Artist of Russia.

Main hobby Anatoly Kroll - classical music and jazz, books about music and musicians. All family members love animals, and their total of seven - 4 cats and 3 dogs.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Anatoly Kroll Osherovich, photo, biography
Anatoly Kroll Osherovich, photo, biography Anatoly Kroll Osherovich  People's Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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