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Magomedov Ludmila Karimovna

( Opera singer of international class, the winner of international competitions.)

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Biography Magomedov Ludmila Karimovna
World-class opera singer, Ludmila Magomedov, born in the Caucasus, in the Dagestani capital Makhachkala. Her childhood years were at home mother - Hope Stepanovna Savenko (1938 g.rozhd.) Lozova in the city of Kharkiv region in Ukraine. There, she worked at a music school for violin. Then, after the ten-year comprehensive school, studied at the vocal faculty of music schools in Donetsk.

In 1979. entered the Faculty of musical theater artists of the State Institute of Theatrical Art im.A.V.Lunacharskogo in Moscow (now Russia Academy of Theatrical Art), . graduating class of solo singing from his father, . soloist of Bolshoi Theater, . People's Artist of USSR, . Academician Vladislav Piavko, . his father,

From 1986-1989. probation at the Bolshoi Theater, preparing for an internship a few programs of opera music and the party of Leonora in the opera 'Il Trovatore'. In the period of probation acted in concert programs Bolshoi Theater, . participated with a large program of excerpts from operas by Verdi in a concert, . dedicated to the 175-th anniversary of the composer in the Column Hall of the Moscow, . toured with symphony orchestras in cities in Siberia, . as well as opera houses in Uzbekistan, . Tajikistan, . Georgia and Ukraine,
. In 1988. Ludmila Magomedov made her first tours abroad in Romania. Her performances in the party Leonora in "Il Trovatore" and the opera and symphony concert was so successful, . that it immediately after the last concert received an invitation to visit Romania next year and perform 'the norm' in the International Opera Festival,
. And in 1989. Ludmila brilliant debut in the Party Rules.

Successful performance in 'Norma' opened the way Lyudmila other European theaters. She won the competition in the state of opera singers of the German State Opera Troupe (Staatsoper, of Berlin).

Since 1989, when Lyudmila Magomedova becomes a soloist of the German State Opera (Staatsoper), is expanding its concert and opera repertoire, expanding the geography of the tour. This is Italy and Yugoslavia, Hungary and Austria, Azerbaijan, France, Spain and Norway, Switzerland ...

'Ludmila Magomedov has a rich, beautiful tone voice - dramatic soprano with mobility in the range extending to' F 'third octave. It is artistic, stages well, musical, great command of his natural gift of dramatic actress. Her talents in tune with the heroine's tragic operas by Bellini and Verdi's ... ' These and similar estimates can be read in the reviews of her performances, in whatever country it may be sung.

Ludmila Magomedov was party to many international opera festivals in many European countries, including in Russia. In the palette of her work the most difficult dramatic soprano repertoire: Elvira ( 'Don Giovanni', . Mozart), . Norma ( 'Norma', . V. Bellini), . the soprano in the 'Requiem' Verdi and the party in his operas 'Aida' (Aida), . 'Il Trovatore' (Leonora), . 'Nabucco' (Abigaile), . 'Masked Ball' (Amelia), . 'La Traviata' (Violetta), . Party in the operas of Puccini's "Manon Lescaut" (Manon), . 'Tosca' (Tosca), . Party Lisa in Tchaikovsky's opera "The Queen of Spades',

Since the first performance of 'rules', this party was the favorite in the repertoire of Ludmila Magomedov, and singer initiates the execution of this opera in Moscow. Her response to the creative forces of the Moscow theater and concert bands in October 1991 was held to 190-th anniversary of Vincenzo Bellini and the 160-th anniversary of the first performance of the opera 'Norma'. It was the first, . and Ludmila Magomedov, . herself without knowing it, . was the first Russian singer, . executed party rules on the Moscow stage, . as after the performance 'standards' in the Great Hall of the Conservatory did not deny himself the pleasure of the Elder noted opera Ivan Kozlovsky,

In 1995. on the personal invitation of the President of Latvia Ulmanis Ludmila Magomedov participated in the gala opening concert of the Riga Opera, after its reconstruction in the composition of the stars of world opera, . among whom were known Italian singer Bruno Sebastian (tenor) and Mauro Augustin (baritone),
. Within this broad celebration, attended by all three Baltic countries, President, Lyudmila great making his debut as Elizabeth ( 'Don Carlos' Verdi).

In September 1997, Mr.. She brilliantly performed a most difficult game Turandot at the festival 'Maria Bieshu invites'. According to Maria Bieshu 'performance with the participation of Ludmila Magomedova was a real theatrical holiday festvialya'.

1998-1999,. marked by triumphant Ludmila Magomedova on a tour of major cities in England and Ireland with operas Puccini 'Turandot' and 'Tosca'. In the famous London Royal Albert Hall, . in the presence of members of the royal family, . Ludmila captivated packed audiences cold Britons its' harmonious, . attractive and striking Turandot ', . as written English press, . 'has all the notes in suit and carried through the stage of riddles with the fatal power, . dissolved in the appropriate passionate femininity in the final pages of ',
. But what he wrote most captious English critic David Denton of Tosca Ludmila Magomedova: 'Today is the most convincing Tosca at the opera firmament. Its massive voice - almost a reincarnation of Maria Callas at the peak of her career '

. In the opera houses and concert stages the world its partners were such outstanding masters of opera, . as Theo Adam, . Irina Arkhipova, . Mauro Agustin, . Martina Arroyo, . Ivo Vinko, . Fiorenza Kossotto, . Ute Trekel, . Vladislav Piavko, . Bruno Sebastian and many others,
. In Germany, she worked with the famous German opera director Erhard Fischer. In 1993, Lyudmila Magomedov was awarded the 'Golden Plaka Chisternino' in the south of Italy for the party of depression and a series of concerts of Italian opera music. In 1997. awarded the medal "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow '.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Magomedov Forever for Magomedov Ludmila Karimovna
  • Listened Magomedov than once, and everyone - Ignition! Gather fire extinguishers!
  • E for Magomedov Ludmila Karimovna
  • Magomedov - national treasure! Course not used. The singer of such rank are born extremely rare. And not in every country. And we do not appreciate.
  • Alisher for Magomedov Ludmila Karimovna
  • Voice fantastic!
  • Tatiana for Magomedov Ludmila Karimovna
  • I had the pleasure to personally meet with Lyudmila Magomedova. I would like to share impressions from contact with her! This is not just a singer with a terrific voice, with inexhaustible energy, which it infects everyone who is close, but very friendly, open person with a wonderful sense of humor. And just as subtly as a teacher Ludmila feels his students, and the impact of the atmosphere that reigns in her class, the envy of many teachers and their students.
  • Yolochkin for Magomedov Ludmila Karimovna
  • The singer and diva. Personality! Everything in her singing and there on the stage is not understood and lived theatrical passions, and these nerves and passion. It was created for the theater and can not be an ordinary person. It is a treasure, a miracle, sent to us ... It prevents the mediocrity and sows vanishing art, if they allow it to mediocrity. But her art pristine: it still penetrates any wall. And to your heart and soul of it passes, leaving you indifferent. This here and should be an opera diva! Russia does not saves it. Let's try to preserve for us this diamond!
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    Magomedov Ludmila Karimovna, photo, biography
    Magomedov Ludmila Karimovna, photo, biography Magomedov Ludmila Karimovna  Opera singer of international class, the winner of international competitions., photo, biography
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