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James Herbert Keenan (KEENAN James Herbert)

( Musician)

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Biography James Herbert Keenan (KEENAN James Herbert)
photo James Herbert Keenan (KEENAN James Herbert)
Date of Birth: April 17, 1964

A few facts:
Maynard - maniac of the group Kiss. James Herbert Keenan took his name when he was 12 years old.
. The first concert, which he visited, was a concert Rick'a Springfield'a.
. Voted for him as for the most artistic student, when he was in high school.

. I Maynard'a have a son, whose name is Devo
. He was born August 5, 1995.
. MJK engaged in Jiu-Jitsu.
. He has a picture of Ramiro Rodriquez'a that hang in the apartment.

. Actually biography:
. Maynard was born in a Baptist family and grew up with her older sister in Ravenna (Ohio)
. Maynard went to Brown Jr. High School, and then Ravenna High School until the tenth grade, after which he moved to Michigan. There he attended Mason County Central High School in the city Skottville.

When Maynard joined the army in 1982, he lived in Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. Maynard was a member of the American Military Academy "West Point" in 1984. Also a member of cross-country team, chorus and chivalrous circles. A sort of allusion to the Code of Honor: "I'm not going to lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do." After a certain period, perhaps because of this experience, the name "Tool". MJK leaving the army to pursue art, which has led him to work to convert the stores category "for pets" in Los Angeles.
While Maynard was in Michigan, he attended Kendall College of Art & Design, which is one of the best in this area. By the way, this is where Maynard met with Gillian Anderson. At the time of MJK, rumored to have been very abstract.

Before the formation of Tool, in the 80-ies Maynard played in the group Children Of The Anachronistic Dynasty (CAD), which released an independent cassette called "Fingernails". After this, the musician spent some time in the team TexAns.
. In the early 90-ies Maynard and his friends still formed the band Tool, . which still amazes us with untold by the sound tracks, . MJK and plays in her work is not the last role, . and his voice is considered one of the best in foreign heavy music.,
. While the group is not engaged in studio work, after the release of the album "Aenima" vocalist founded a new group and called it "A Perfect Circle"
. The sound from this command is softer than that of Tool, but the vocals remain the same soft, beautiful, unique.
Last: Maynard has a good relationship with my family. Every year he visits his father, who was previously a teacher at Mason County Central High School. According to rumors, MJK must be near Sedona (Arizona). Besides music, he devotes much of his time gelfrend. :)

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  • Harold n Nathan for James Herbert Keenan (KEENAN James Herbert)
  • I'm an avid listener to all this iconic human creates art is life to me and I wouldn't know how to qualify how much he,s influenced my attempts to be an artist along with the medium of tattooing I've always been best with his vocal range amplifying my inner being .at this moment I'm thanking you for you're inspirational accomplishments and helping me perceive my art as a focal point to adjust to others,always feeling insecure as adolescence my art has persuivered into a career tattooing thank you mr.keenan you make me want to create inspire and not conform or rest on my laworls. Chip Nathan
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    James Herbert Keenan (KEENAN James Herbert), photo, biography
    James Herbert Keenan (KEENAN James Herbert), photo, biography James Herbert Keenan (KEENAN James Herbert)  Musician, photo, biography
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