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Eminem (EMINEM)

( Musician)

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The chip in this case that it is - a white crow in a flock of black rappers. Not every white man aggressive Negro chastushechniki will rifmopletstvovat on its stage. Only the "Beastie Boys" somehow known. Long was once in the 80's Vanilla Ice, Vanilla Morozhenka, yes splyl. He has released only one album, now, they say, read their obscene texts from little-known punks. And here, podizh you, you look you, - pale, delicate, and for two years - two full LP, ugh, CD. The new is on its way. How did he get the idea that fair-haired mama's son, EminemN scandal, of course, scandal. But. Let us quietly polegonku, everything in order.

This man - manual for students of psychoanalysis. It is woven of the most striking contradictions, which is based teaching and grandfather Sigmund. He was brought up without a father. Mother constantly moved from place to place. Baby Marshall did not have time to get used to the new school friends. Due to lack of communication it accumulated unrealized eerie neurotic energy-insecure people themselves. For something to take their litter, Debbie Mathers-Briggs included TV and thrust into his comic. As a result of such an education boy expelled from school for academic failure. The mother decided to make use of it, threatening synule that throw confusion into the street, if he does not triple the work and will not bring your mother back home in the beak coin.

In old son twisted resentment at the spring, mama. In addition, little Marshall was a quiet and shy child. And little Marshall Mathers could not stand up for themselves. To all other small Marshal Mathers the Third so battered, . that the offense for all those punches, . abrasions and a concussion still poured on zonked "politically correct" American Samaritan in the form of "hard" foul (for us) rap rhymes of Eminem and his "harsh" sentences press,
. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let's order.

Charter, finally, the wheels on the expanses of America, Debbie's mother settled in working-class Detroit. In the quarter for the black. Nervous and fragile Marshall Mathers began beating stronger and stronger on the nature of negros. A lad so wanted this patsanskoy friendship. These cuffs he was particularly offended by the fact that he really was trudging from this black rap. Uncle Ronnie, in which he doted, taught to love the music of black ghetto.

There is another set: white crow in a flock of black. If Michael Jackson, making dozens of plastic surgery, trying to become white, then Eminem subconsciously wanted to become a black. The boy tries to win respect from peers around the Negro, reciting the music of rap ditties. Get better. And then favorite uncle commits suicide. Another deep wound in the immature heart of future celebrity.

Eminem takes on the mother. Marries. He lives from hand to mouth. Until that moment when his demo tape accidentally falls to the famous rap-Negro Dr. Dre. Album "The Slim Shady LP" Eminem is dedicated to Uncle Ronnie. He sings earnestly, with a catch. It is this break soul helped the white rapper to become famous. However, as who the most Slim SheydiN

Here we have chosen to one set of white rapper. Apparently, They reflect the young man to everything else does not like the name that came up with his dissolute mother. Marshall Mathers, he first tries to reduce to two bukovok - EmEndEm. And when he feels that even such imechko elude how to rhyme, invents himself another nickname: Slim Shady. Slim - a thin, weak (English). Shady - dark, doubtful, bad (English). For Slim, it seems, everything is clear - a difficult childhood, bruises and bumps. But with Shady - interesting.

Artist decides that it will be like the dark side of Marshall Mathers. T. e. Eminem is trying to do its split personality. In the work he wants to be a bastard and a piece of shit, but in life - white and fluffy hare-slimchikom. In medicine, something like this is called schizophrenia. Some other researchers use in this case, one word: "sublimation".

. In short, Eminem's last words lies the mother, wishing her a birthday party of death, asks in his song "97 'Bonnie and Clyde" his little daughter to help drag the river slain little wife, Kim (no, no, to be slain only in words)
. Hatred of the mother switched, apparently, to hatred of all women at once.

Indeed. Eminem Divorces. But his lack of confidence in itself, makes jealous already throw Kimberly. Devilry, sitting in the Slim Shady by Eminem from time to time starts to escape out not only through lyrics. The rapper was convicted of illegal possession of weapons on two years probation, after waving his "gun" under the nose of a certain John Guerra, who kissed the rapper's ex-wife in the parking lot.

. And Eminem is homophobic notebooks, because the text uses American terms for the politically incorrect words like "fag"
. And at the same time - singing, arm in arm with an open p. .. er, uh, excuse me, gay, Elton John.

Yes, without a grandfather Freud here clearly can not tell. That would have to know what his dreams SERST Slim Shady-Eminem-Marshall. Yes, read again the famous "Interpretation of Dreams":

In our historically disadvantaged country such colorful characters, I think, not possible. Devilry enough for us and in politics and economics. Luck is primitive in its welfare amerikosam!

. Biography
. Eminem

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  • Flowery for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • I love you so much, I am a huge fan of yours! Kiss Anya!
  • Ag for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • Angel and Demon in one person. In my opinion it is great.
  • napaleon for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • dear slim, i wrote you cuz i like you i'm from azerbaijan i don't hope uou know where it's but i like you very much know it fuck up other rappers
  • egorius for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • reAction for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • And I generally like all the work of Eminem. I wish him luck!
  • slavco for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • mnoto facts about Eminem, I learned today, but he still remains? 1
  • slavco for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • * Number 1
  • puma for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • I love the EMA. userinfo the best. there is.
  • SHOOLGIRLS for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • We love you! Keep up the spirit! Hugs, your female fans!
  • Anonymous for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • 50 cent for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • cool people
  • Tina for Eminem (EMINEM)
  • Just Luv it
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    Eminem (EMINEM), photo, biography
    Eminem (EMINEM), photo, biography Eminem (EMINEM)  Musician, photo, biography
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