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50 cent

( Singer)

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Biography 50 cent
photo 50 cent
50 cent was born in a dysfunctional family but still in the bandits' quarter of New York, the fate could not save him from all the 'charms' of such life - drugs, crime, shootings and imprisonments. Naturally, such a life could not be reflected in the songs of the future rapper. However, in the life of Curtis Jackson, not all evolved as easy as we would like. Mother who sold drugs to feed his family, died when Curtis was 8 years old. His father left the family soon, too, and the little boy was left on the education of grandmother. As a teenager, Curtis realized that the drug trade brought no small profit to his mother, and violated the law. But any criminal activity will never go unpunished. Soon Curtis Jackson has decided to visit a prison. These developments have helped him realize that his whole life to engage in criminality, of course, profitable business, but to devote himself reperstvu will be much safer and more interesting.

In 1996, Curtis met with a member of the group Run DMC. Jam Master Jay, who asked Curtis to read their texts in the bits recorded on his tape. Fiction Curtis liked to Jay and he enters into a contract with him. After the collaboration with Jay to nothing lead, Curtis met with the New York duo 'Trackmasters', which won for itself the glory of producing work for artists such as Nas and Jay-Z.

. Work on the debut album of 50 cent 'Power of the Dollar' began when 'Trackmasters' contributed the conclusion of the contract a little-known rapper with Columbia Records
. Even before the release of the album on the radio sounded three singnla - 'Your Life's on the Line', 'Thug Love' and 'How to Rob'. The text of the last singles attracted the most attention, we can say more criminal. In his story he tells about how he would rob many rappers. After the release of this single from 50 cent series of unfortunate events happen - first in the Hit Factory studio in Manhattan could curtail his knife, and in May 2000, 50 cent was shot in the car. After nine rounds left in his body he could barely remain live. Because such events Columbia Records refused to work with 50 cent. Album 'Power of the Dollar' was not destined to go out and contract with the 50 cent was discontinued.

During the next two years, 50 cent close contact with representatives of the rappers in New York and even managed to organize his own group G-Unit. They recorded the songs in which their texts were superimposed on top of popular bits. Theme songs astonishingly varied: from the humiliation of popular rappers to stories about the attempts on their lives. These songs have earned much respect and popularity in the streets of New York. All this could not attract the attention of representatives of music business. After a radio interview, in which the well-known rapper Eminem expressed his admiration to the 50 cent, started the race from various companies hoping to get the rising star of rap. Because of this hype Eminem still manages to conclude a contract with 50 cent, but the cost of that contract rises to seven-digit number. Such events could not attract the attention of the press.

Eminem and Dr. Dre steel producers 'real' first album, 50 Cent. That's over it, work began after the signing of the contract. The single 'Wanksta' hands Eminem, who reserved a place for this song on the soundtrack 'Eight Mile', has taken even before the album's release 13 place in the 'hot hundred' Billboard magazine. Album is called 'Get Rich or Die Tryin', single 'In Da Club' (the first of this album) even took first place in the same 'hot hundred'. At this time 50 cent was the most discussed, and not so much because of its not yet released album, as well as because of his problems with the law. At first it was investigating the involvement of 50 cent in the murder of Jam Master Jay (October, 2002), and then arrested for illegal possession of weapons. Album 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' went on sale in early February 2003. Due to the general popularity of 50 cent around where he was able to prove itself, the album sold over a million copies a week almost. This would be a record since 1991, when introduced a system of counting sales Sound Scan.

Album Team G-Unit, whose name 'Beg for Mercy', debut full-length album. It was published in 2003 and very quickly became a platinum. 50 cent continued to make mixes, because they previously worked on his popularity in the underground and now he does not forget, giving them the name 'G-Unit Radio'. 50 cent was the executive producer of his own albums teammates Lloyd Banks and Young Buck. Another rapper The Game joined the team in 2004. Together with the 50 cent, they released the single 'How We Do'. This single won many top of the charts in 2005,. At this time, 50 cent and The Game were working on their own solo projects (for it was The Game's debut album, but for 50 cent for the second) and their relationship soured. 50 cent on the radio announced that The Game is no longer a member of Team G-Unit. That same evening a skirmish between the teams support 50 Cent and The Game. But these events only pushed 50 cent to a new wave of popularity. Pirated copies of their second album 'The Massacre' very quickly diverged on the Internet. The record company moved the date of issue for 5 days ago, but stores already selling album of the day before the official release.
Discography 50 cent:

The Massacre (2005)

Get Rich or Die Tryin (2003)

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50 cent, photo, biography
50 cent, photo, biography 50 cent  Singer, photo, biography
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