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Mike Ellis

( Saxophonist, composer, arranger (New York))

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Biography Mike Ellis
Real name saxophonist, composer and arranger Mike Ellis - Mordvinoff: his father, the painter Nicolas Mordvinoff, came from St. Petersburg. Mother of Mike (who uses her maiden name Ellis as his stage name) - Scottish and he himself was born in New York. Music education he received in the famous jazz schools - Berklee College (Boston) and New School University (New York). In the early 80's Mike in New York and Paris was playing with such giants of modern experimental jazz, Alan Silva and Steve Lacey. In the mid-80's musician settled in Tokyo (Japan), where he worked with leading Japanese jazz musicians (Motohiko Hino, Nobiesi Ino, ITAR Oka and others) and living in Tokyo American jazzmen (Barry Uedzhl Todd Garfinkl). During these years, Mike managed the project in the world jazz style called META, where he works saxophonist Tom Alexander and Japanese musicians. The project produced two CD in Japan and serves the best jazz clubs in this country.
In the early 90's Mike Ellis moved to Paris where he founded the group ART SOUND ORCHESTRA with Cameroonian drummer Briz Wassi. This project is still more focused on the world jazz with ethnic rhythms of the world.
Since 1998. Mike returns home - in New York. He is constantly working in an ensemble Spirit Of Life, weekly serving the famous jazz club Sweet Basil, writes music for film and theater.
Since 1997, Mr.. Mike Ellis annually comes to land of their ancestors - in Russia. Although he does not speak in Russian, he is actively seeking the roots of his family, combining it with the active interventions with Russia jazzmen. In his arrival in May-July 1999. He spoke at the festivals of "Alternative" and "Jazz Province", . gave concerts in 11 cities (Moscow, . Petersburg, . Kaluga, . Eagle, . Bryansk, . Kursk, . Lipetsk, . Tambov, . Volgograd, . Saratov, . Penza), . made numerous recordings with musicians of Russia (from Sergei Letov and project Andrei Razin "second approximation" to Andrew Kondakova and Leonid Vintskevich),
. Especially the close friendship he struck up with Ufa saxophonist Oleg Kireev. In his arrival in November 1999. Mike makes a joint tour of Russia with Oleg.
Mike - an extremely versatile musician. He owns a full range of saxophones - bass, . baritone, . tenor, . viola, . soprano and sopranino (at concerts, he uses mostly soprano, . sopranino and baritone), . and besides - the drums and harmonica, . where virtuoso improvising in the blues style,
. Incredibly agile and crank on the stage, he easily captivates any audience by switching between any of jazz styles from traditional to avant-garde.
Mike Ellis in the draft META: from the album "Metamorphosis", MA. Recordings, 1996
. Mike Ellis, soprano saxophone, Tom Alexander, a tenor and soprano saxophone; Febian Reza Pan, piano; Hideaki Kanazawa, double bass; "Hollywood" Jun Saito, drums; Marc Desrosiers, percussion
. Inner City Blues (Mike Ellis)
. Mike Ellis in the draft Art Sound Orchestra: from the album "Other Worlds", Exit Records, 1995
. Mike Ellis, . soprano saxophone, . musical director, Matthew Russell, . flute; Brice Wassi, . drums; Nicolas Genet, . tube; Jean-Michel Kusche, . alto saxophone; Abraham Fifer, . tenor saxophone; Daniel Casimir, . trombone; Barry Uedzhl, . acoustic guitar; Jean-Francois Kellner, . electric; Paolo Pond, . electric; Noel Ekvabi, . bass guitar; Bibul Daruish, . Percussion,
. Metamorphosis (Mike Ellis)
. Mike Ellis in Russia, 1998: - recording from a concert in Obninsk (Moscow region).
. Mike Ellis - soprano saxophone, Lev Kushnir - piano, Alex Rostotsky - bass guitar, Edward Zizak - drums
. Trade Winds (Mike Ellis);

. Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddie Harris)

. Russia's press about the tour by Mike Ellis

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Mike Ellis, photo, biography
Mike Ellis, photo, biography Mike Ellis  Saxophonist, composer, arranger (New York), photo, biography
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