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( People's Artist of USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes)

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Biography MODEL Elena
Born July 7, 1939 in Leningrad. Father - Samples Vasily (1905-1989). Mother - Obraztsova Natalia Ivanovna (1913-1994). First husband - Makarov Vyacheslav (1938g.rozhd.), Physicist. Second husband - Zhyuraytis Algis Martselovich (1928-1998), conductor. Daughter - Makarova Elena V. (1966g.rozhd.), Singer. Grandson - Alexander Makarov (1988g.rozhd.).

Memories of childhood for Lena forever linked to the war and blockade. From the first day my father went to the front, the family until the end of winter in 1942 remained in the besieged city. In spring 1942 Lena with her mother and grandmother were evacuated from Lake Ladoga in the town Ustyuzhna Vologda region, where they lived until the summer of 1945. After the war, life was hard, hard. My father did not return until a year later. My mother worked, and Lena was sent to kindergarten. Music choir coach first drew attention to the little girl's voice and told my mother, but she did not attach significance to these words.

Singing Lena started early, with 5 years. Voice was shrill, mosquito. I sang what I heard about, mostly waltzes Strauss. When went to school, school to do exclusively with music - she sang or listened to the plate. Spent hours at the loudspeaker during the opera broadcasts. Music from childhood was not for her addition to life, as an integral part of it. Always remember her musical home in the evening: her father, an engineer by profession, was an excellent baritone, besides, he played the violin. Of the trip to Italy, he brought a large collection of plates on which the little girl is befriended by a vote of famous singers - Gigli, Caruso, Galli-Curci.

From 1948 to 1954, Lena worked at the Children's Choir of the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers. The founder and undisputed leader of the choir was Maria Feodorovna Zarinskaya. "This choir has influenced me very much, - confessed singer. - In it, I actually was born as a musician. Maria Feodorovna was certainly a remarkable man and teacher. She "fell in love" in my singing and was the first who gave me the belief that I can become a singer ". Lena was an indispensable party to all the concerts of the school initiative, which gladly sang gypsy songs and extremely popular in those years, songs from the repertoire of Lolita Torres.

From 1954 to 1957 in connection with the official translation of his father, the family lived in Taganrog, then a year in Rostov-na-Donu. Taganrog gave Lena acquaintance with a remarkable teacher Anne Timofeyevna Kulikova, which has for two years she worked at courses in vocal music school named after P. Tchaikovsky. At the final concert in the school heard her musical director of Rostov College MA Mankovskaya and its recommendations in 1957, Lena was admitted to the school immediately to the 2 nd course, . a year later, . in August 1958, . successful passing plays, . she entered the preparatory department of the Leningrad Conservatory,

Parents were skeptical about the passion of his daughter singing and insisted that she enroll in technical college. But Helen only been studying at the preparatory department. Of the 100 people being tested on the vocal faculty took only three, among them - Elena Obraztsova.

Leningrad State Conservatory named after Rimsky-Korsakov Professor AA Grigorieva (opera class AN. Kireeva), she graduated in 1964. On my teacher always remembered with great warmth: "Antonina has been very tactfully and gently as a person and as a teacher. I always wanted to do more, to sing once great arias, complex songs, but she convinced that without comprehension "scratch" vocals will not work. It is reasonable to ravedyvala my ability, in no hurry to "pick open" bud ". She said: "If you pick open bud in rosettes, it just fades. Bud to blossom itself "Antonina was one of the people for whom the service of art, music, his students was the highest meaning of each day we live".

In the opera class Lena worked at the Alexis Kireeva. "Kireev was a great opera director - says the singer. - He first gave me a feel for what the theater. The first time I learned what a concertmaster, when she heard Elizabeth Mitrofanovna Kostromin. I Kireeva and Kostromin opera class was a class skill ".

1962 brought to life Elena Obraztsova big changes. Two gold medals - at the World Festival of Youth and Students in Helsinki and at the National competition of vocalists Glinka in Moscow led to an invitation to the Bolshoi Theater. By the 1963/64 season, she was asked to prepare Marina Mnishek, Pauline and Amneris. Then a decision was made after Helen Conservatory externally. May 11, 1964 in the Small Hall behalf Glazunov took the final exam, . which Sofia Petrovna Transfiguration, . Committee Chairman, . Elena Obraztsova put 5 with a plus - assessment, . which were not, in the Leningrad Conservatory 40 years,

At the Bolshoi Theater E. Obraztsova made her debut, while still a student, Marina Mnishek in opera Stamp. Mussorgsky's "Boris Godunov" (December 17, 1963), having won not only the Pretender, but also the emotional Moscow audience. All, . that followed those in major cities and capitals of the world - Paris, . London, . Vienna, . Milan, . Munich, . Hamburg, . Salzburg, . Prague, . Berlin, . Barcelona, . New York, . San Francisco, . Tokyo, . Buenos Aires, . - Elena Obraztsova brought glory to one of the most brilliant stars of the vocal art of our time,

Nature has generously endowed Elena Obraztsova. She has a voice of uncommon beauty of timbre, velvety, juicy organ playing, vivid scenic appearance, which gives her operatic heroines rare artistic prominence and expressiveness, the talent of this dramatic actress. And all this is connected to the artist, fanatically devoted music. For Obraztsova singing - not just a profession, but the content, the higher meaning of life. Therefore, the artistic interpretation of the singer have such a huge attraction, undivided capture listeners. Obraztsova - sovereign of souls viewers truly magnetic personality.

It is believed that it was the northern capital has become fertile ground for the growth of her talent. And this is true. In St. Petersburg fundamental "European" Obraztsova, its ability to easily find the keys style - yesterday to songs by Schumann, now to the verse Zeller, tomorrow to tonadilyam Granados, and the next day to Zongo Weil. Countess from Queen of Spades "by Tchaikovsky, brittle and inflexible, in the treatment Obraztsova herself becomes a symbol of St. Petersburg and all of its terrifying, exquisite beauty. In romances Dargomizhskiy executed Obraztsova and her accompanist-minded Vazha Chachava, come alive Petersburg salons, in the romances of the late XIX century composers are breaking out the boiling passions of the city of Dostoevsky and the Bloc. Petersburg is often called the Italian city - in the voice Obraztsova Italian passion acquire a natural shelter, enough to recall her Amneris, Azuchenu, Ulrika, Santuzza. Other St. Petersburg palaces come into direct rivalry with the French - Obraztsova not hold the French sophistication of French style, in her Carmen is heard above all the French intonation, her Charlotte delves into the essence of French lyricism.

But Obraztsova lives in Moscow and the "theater of his life" has selected the Bolshoi. Here was born and the role of crown Obraztsova - pythoness and Martyr Martha from Khovanshchina Musorskogo, whose call of the prophecy and become the emblem of Russian opera in recent years. It is home to their troubles restless Lyubasha from "The Tsar's Bride", drawing in Moscow emotional strength to fight for love. Here in Moscow, brought Obraztsova fate with Georgy Sviridov, to make her a passionate preacher of work of one of the most unique Russian composers of XX century. Execution Elena Obraztsova, music by G. Sviridov is one of the outstanding creative achievements of the singer. These concerts became the artistic events and public life. Especially in this series should be noted execution Elena Obraztsova song cycle "The ten songs on poems by Alexander Blok" (1980), . dedicated to the singer and the author of the poem on poems by Sergei Esenina "cast off Russia" (1983) as amended for mezzo-soprano, . Sviridov created specifically for Elena Obraztsova,

The real element singer - music of high romantic feeling, full of deep, passionate expression, impulsiveness, lyrical penetration and spirituality. Many of her roles have become a living classic of modern opera. Just repertoire includes 85 shipments in the operas of Russian and foreign classical repertoire, . as well as in operas by composers of XX century: Marina Mnishek ( "Boris Godunov", . 1963), . Governess, . Polina, . Milovzor (1964), . The Countess (1965, . The Queen of Spades), . Lyubasha (The Tsar's Bride, . 1967), . Konchakovna ( "Prince Igor", . 1968), . Martha (Khovanshchina, . 1968),
. Lubava (Sadko, . 1979), . Amneris ( "Aida", . 1965), . Azucena ( "Il Trovatore", . 1972), . Eboli ( "Don Carlos", . 1973), . Santuzza (rusticana, . 1977), . Ulrica (Un ballo in maschera, . 1977), . Princess de Bouillon (Adriana Lecouvreur ", . 1977), . Adalgisa ( "Norma", . 1979), . Giovanna Seymour (Anna Bolena ", . 1982), . Orpheus (Orfeo ed Euridice, . 1984), . Neris ( "Medea", . 1989), . Leonora ( "Favorite", . 1992), . The Duchess ( "Suor Angelica", . 1992), . Carmen ( "Carmen", . 1972), . Charlotte (Werther ", . 1974), . Dalila (Samson et Dalila, . 1974), . Herodias ( "Herodias", . 1990), . Oberon (Midsummer Night's Dream "by B. Britten, . 1965), . Zhenya Komelkova, . (Dawns Here Are Quiet "K,
. Molchanov, . 1975), . Judith ( "Bluebeard's Castle, BartцЁk, . 1978), . Jocasta (Oedipus Rex "by Igor Stravinsky, . 1980), . Silvana ( "Flame" O. Respighi, . 1990); Prokofiev: Frosya (Semyon Kotko, . 1970), . Princess Mary (1964), . Helen Bezukhova (1971), . Akhrosimova (2000, . "War and Peace), . Babulenka ( "Player", . 1996) and other,

. E. Obraztsova appears in the leading opera houses of the world: Marseille Opera (debut in 1973 in Carmen's party), . Bolshoi "Liceo" (debut in 1974 in the party Delilah), . Vienna State Opera (debut in 1975 as Carmen and Amneris), . San Francisco Opera (debut in 1975 in the party Azucena), . La Scala (debut in 1976 in Charlotte Party), . Metropolitan Opera (debut in 1976 in Amneris), . International music festival in Orange (debut in 1978 in the party Delilah), . music festival in Salzburg (debut in 1978 in the party Eboli), . Theater Covent Garden (debut in 1981 in the party Azucena), . Theater "Colon" (debut in 1982 in Martha's Party), as well as in Paris, . Munich, . Hamburg, . Oslo, . Stockholm, . Rome, . Parma, . Venice, . Lisbon, . Madrid, . Zurich, . Prague, . Sofia, . Athens, . Bratislava, . Belgrade, . Budapest, . Seoul, . Macau, . Taiwan, . Tokyo etc.,

EV Obraztsova is active concert activity in Russia and around the world. The repertoire of her solo concerts include music for more than 100 Russian and foreign composers: Mikhail Glinka, A.S. Dargomyzhsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, M. Mussorgsky, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, S. Prokofiev, GV Sviridov, I. Bach, GF Handel, WA Mozart, L. van Beethoven, R. Schumann, Wagner, Brahms, C. Weil, G. Mahler, G. Donizetti, Verdi, Puccini, Mascagni, Francesco Cilea, H. Berlioz, Bizet , Jules Massenet, C.Saint-Saens, Faurц?, Poulenc, Satie E., M. Falla, Granados E., and others.

Unforgettable sound in her performance of Russian folk songs, old songs. She participated in the performance of oratorios, cantatas, masses (A. Vivaldi, J. Pergolesi, J. Rossini, L. van Beethoven, J. Verdi, Brahms, AI. Khachaturian), works of Russian sacred music (Rachmaninov, PG Chesnokov).

Concerts, dedicated to the music of classical operetta (J. Offenbach, J. Strauss, F. Lehar, and. Kalman, etc.), execution Zongo Kurt Weill added new bright strokes, many unexpected, to its multi-faceted talent.

Singer worked with the accompanists: A.P. Erokhina (1965-1977), VN. Chachava (from 1978 to present), performed in concerts with G. Sviridov, Nasedkin, D. Vustmanom, E. Shenderovich, E. Muller and others.

In the opera house and concert singer partners were outstanding musicians: conductors: D. von Karajan, J. Gavazzeni, K. Abbado, Riccardo Muti, D. Patan, KM. Giulini, J. Sinopoli, R. Chailly, N. Santi, J. Levine, L. Maazel, M. Prц?tre, D. Barenboim, J. Ferencic, C. Kleiber, R. Boningen, K. von Dohnanyi, . P. Maag, . K. Kord, . Erling S., . Evgeny Svetlanov, . Yuri Temirkanov, . G. Rozhdestvensky, . Valery Gergiev, . Fedoseyev, . Vladimir Spivakov, . S. Sondeckis, . V. Minin; singers: F. Barbieri, . Dzh.Sazerlend, . M. Caballe, . R. Scott, . M. Freni, . I. Cotrubas, . R. Kabaivanska, . L. Price, . M. Price, . M. Chiara, . E. Marton, . C. Verret, . To,
. Richchiarelli, M. Arroyo, R. Hunter, A. Millo, A. Tomova-Sintova, Zh.Geyne-Wagner, M. Bieshu, M. Amiranashvili, C. Tatishvili, D. Gorchakov, C. Bergonzi, A. Kraus, P. Domingo, D. Chauvet, L. Pavarotti, J. King, J. Carreras, P. Dworsky, F. Bonisolli, H. Aragal, K Kossutto, IN. Luketti, N. Shikoff, K. Zarina, B. Noreika, N. ANDGULADZE, V. Galuzin, P. Kappuchilli, I. Wicksell, R. Brusoni, H. Diaz, H. Pons, C. Milnes, M. Van Dam, S. Leiferkus, IN. Chernov, . C. Siepi, . N. Ghiaurov, . N. Guzel, . P. Plischke, . R. Raimondi, . M. Managuerra, . M. Talvela, . S. Estes, . L. Nucci, . L. Kviliko, . D. Dzankanaro, . F.Molinari-Pradelli; outstanding masters of the Bolshoi Theater - Conductors: Melik-Pashayev, . O. Dmitriadi, . BI Khaikin, . Yuri Simonov, . A. Zhyuraytis, . M. Ermler; singers: Galina Vishnevskaya, . T. Milashkina, . M. Hammarby, . BA Rudenko, . P. Lisician, . A. Ognivtsev, . Petrov, . Z. Andzhaparidze, . Ivanov, . Alexander Vedernikov, . E. Nesterenko, . A. Eisen, . Yu Mazurok, . V. Atlantean, . Z. Sotkilava etc.,

In 1986, she debyutrovala as a director, putting at the Bolshoi Opera M. Massenet's "Werther".

From 1973 to 1994, Elena Obraztsova taught at the Moscow State Conservatory named after P. Tchaikovsky. Since 1984 - Professor. Currently, he teaches at the Tokyo Music Academy "Musashino", gives master classes in Europe and Japan, at the Academy of Young Opera Singers at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg.

Served as a member of the Jury of the International contest named after PI. Tchaikovsky in Moscow (1994), the International Vocal Competition in Marseilles (1997), the International Competition named N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov in St. Petersburg (1998), International Competition named Ferruccio Tagliavini in Deutschlandsberg (Austria, 1998.1999), International Competition for Opera Singers Montserrat Caballe (Andorra, 1999). In September 1999, in St. Petersburg took place on 1 st International Competition for young opera singers Elena Obraztsova

. Elena Obraztsova starred in the musical film: "My Carmen" (1977, . Award XIV Festival of TV films in Prague, . 1978), . "And the way I appear to you", . (1979), . "Lucky commonwealth", . Elena Obraztsova in Japan "(1980), . "Elena Obraztsova sings" (1980), . "The Merry Widow" (1984), . "Love and flour Elena Obraztsova" (1988), . "Above, . than love "(1991), . "Grand Elena" (1995) and others,
. The outstanding work of the singer in the film was the role of Santuzza in Franco Zeffirelli's film "rusticana (1981), postavlennogog famous director on the basis of the performance theater" La Scala ". Partners were Elena Obraztsova, Placido Domingo, Fedora Barbieri, Renato Brusoni. "In my life - wrote Zeffirelli - were three shocks: Anna Magnani, Maria Callas and Elena Obraztsova, who during the filming of" rusticana miracle happened ". A number of performances and concerts of the singer shot the video - "Carmen" (1978), "Masked Ball" (1977), "The Queen of Spades" (1987), "Aida" (1988), "Three sopranos" (1991) and others.

A remarkable example of art of outstanding opera singers are ten sets recorded it at the turn of the 70-80-ies in the studios of the world's largest gramophone companies with famous conductors and singers: D. Von Karajan, K. Abbado, P. Prц?tre, D. Levine, L. Maazel, KM. Giulini, D. Barenboim, P. Chailly, P. Domingo, P. Scott L. Price, P. Kappuchchilli AND. Cotrubas, L. Nucci, P. Brusoni, H. Giuaourov W. Milnes. In a competitive environment in the record abroad to carry out such a "breakthrough" in an extremely short time, only some five years, and even on tour, not permanently in the West - was the task of unimaginable complexity. But it allowed Elena Obraztsova force of his great talent.

All in all, it has recorded over 50 CDs, released by Melodiya, Roludor DG, EMI, SVS, Philips and others. Among them operas, oratorios, cantatas, solo CD with works of chamber and operatic music: Borodin A. Prince Igor, Mussorgsky M. "Boris Godunov", Khovanshchina, Prokofiev's The Gambler, Bartok B. "Bluebeard's Castle", Bizet M. "Carmen", Verdi J. Un ballo in maschera, Luisa Miller, Il Trovatore, Aida, Don Carlos, Nabucco, Rigoletto, Massenet M. "Werther", Mascagni P. "Rusticana, Saint-Saens K. Samson et Dalila, Cilea F. "Adriana Lecouvreur", Vivaldi A. Gloria, Pergolesi J.-B. "Stabat Mater, Rossini J. "Little High Mass, Verdi J. Requiem, Wagner P. Five songs on poems M. Vezendonk "Brahms' Rhapsody for alto, male chorus and orchestra, Schumann R. Songs and ballads, Tchaikovsky P. Romances, Rachmaninoff. Romances, Sviridov D. "Russia turned its back", romances and songs, Russian folk songs, ancient ballads, etc..

Creativity EV Obraztsova appreciated by governments and NGOs around the world. She - People's Artist of the USSR (1976), Hero of Socialist Labor (1990), Lenin Prize (1976), laureate of State Prize of the RSFSR Glinka (1973). She was awarded the Order of Lenin and the Gold Medal "Hammer and Sickle (1990), . two Orders of Red Banner of Labor (1971, . 1980), . Order of Merit to the Fatherland "III degree (1999), . Medal of E. Granados (Spain 1970), . prize "Golden Pen of criticism" (Wiesbaden 1972), . prize "Golden Verdi (Italy, . 1978), . commemorative medal B,
. Bartok (Hungary, . 1982), . Grand Prix of the French Academy of record (1982), . Prize of the Association of theaters Sicily (Italy, . 1994), . award the city of San Francisco "for outstanding services to the community" (USA), . well as the Order of St. Nicholas (Ukraine, . 1998), . Order of Arts, Russian Academy of Art and musical performance (1999), . Medal of Honor Russia's Academy of Art (1999) and others,

. EV Obraztsova - winner of the Vocal Competition VIII World Youth Festival (gold medal, . Helsinki, . 1962), . winner of the II All-Union competition of vocalists Glinka (gold medal, . Moscow, . 1962), . winner of the IV International Competition named after PI,
. Tchaikovsky (gold medal, Moscow, 1970), winner of the VIII International Vocal Competition named F. Vinyasa (Gold medal, Barcelona, 1970)

. She - an honorary member of the Pushkin Academy (1995), . Honorary Member of the Academy, . Academician of Russian Academy of Art and musical performance (1999), . Academician of the Academy of Arts of Russia (1999), . Member of the International Society of Friends of the Russian Museum (1998),

October 24, 1981 opened a minor planet N 4623, which received the name of "exemplary".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Nicholas for MODEL Elena
  • Hello, dear Elena! While you are in 'Venus' is not going to sing, but the' beat 'Dimka Bozina be' meaningful 'and instructive. True true:' People need to know about everything that is in the world. Why hide? ". Featured at the time the work of Leopold Sacher-Masoch today even true. For many people, subject sadomasochism, of course - is attractive, is contagious. The reasons and causes many different and they are all massively advertised to just anyone. Means of art, it is presented to them only in the primitive models. 'We must accept everything in life with a healthy share of humor! ". Very true! But for this many people figurative thinking just not prepared. You enrich and improve it! In turn, . hopefully, . that the following poem, . uttered by a sadomasochistic scenes with your partner Dmitry Bozina, . add some healthy humor. That is love! "My darling, . My Swallow, . Protect your stern gaze. Or you do not see you, . what I thirst! Do not pity me, and crucify him is not lukavte, . not lukavte! No faith you have. Ah, . leave, . ah, . leave! .. il give you the whip belt? "My darling, . My Swallow, . I found in you, . was looking for. painfully sweet give me to drink, . Without you I be so tired! Not lukavte, . not lukavte! Where is the whip for you? So cook, . you be enslaved, . Whip and chain for yourself, you are - my love, . you - all my life! "His life gave you. That's the chain of slave,
    . It crucify me with sorrow sweet-I was in heaven, you are beautiful in chains, . me entangled. Scourge and my hot rod. satiated I love you sweet pain! "From me you do not expect mercy! Lusk passion: I've a passion: It is painful to be - do not be hard: Enjoy the meal passion! cheerful I - forgive!" Let him be your will, . Mrs. Elena! Good luck and success in your next work! Yours, . Nikolai Bochkarev,
  • Nicholas for MODEL Elena
  • Hello, dear Elena! "Everything in life should be taken with a healthy share of humor!". I totally agree with you and say: There, . where the joke is no place, . and love 'till death' schahnet. Long live the imagination of the Light, let each of us it smells! There, . where the joke is no place, . seriously - is absurd and even the Enlightenment Light of God is not here, . and, . probably, . somewhere. There, . where the joke is no place, . not be surprised by life. And everything is perceived as delirium. Greetings from alcohol, . drug and smoking! Elena, . the newspapers, . continues to amaze the masses,
    . So, . is - for salvation! salvation: Surprise - arousal of our senses - is from God to us news and notification as to the co-creation of higher refraction vanity - for salvation. 'Humor, . he, . as captain, . should leave the last man '.- Leo Novozhenov But let it be your will, . Mrs. Elena! Good luck and success in your next work! Yours, . Nikolai Bochkarev,
  • Katia for MODEL Elena
  • Elena Obraztsova, singer and a man with strong character.
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