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Belenky Elena

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Biography Belenky Elena
photo Belenky Elena
Elena Belen'kaya - Russia's well-known fashion model, most recently lead the new modeling agency in the Internet. Responsibility for all that you do - all about quality, according to Lena, which enables it to make a favorite cause serious business. In this, perhaps, most importantly, unlike many of its patroness, who oversaw modeling Russia. 'Noblesse oblige' - not textbook, but a vital installation lovely business lady.

Yelena many talents that she is not afraid to open to associates. Classical music - is that allowed Lance to feel self -. In the first class it without any help from their parents enrolled in music school - in class piano, while a tool was not at home. Later, when Lena had worked in the theater mode, she was invited to a drama school to Lyudmila Ivanovna Kasatkina. Prima considered in Lena dramatic actress, although she believes that the greatest success can be achieved in a tragicomic Role as it manifests itself, perfectly playing the etudes Chekhov.

Careers Helena as a model worthy of emulation. In 1991, Elena won the contest 'Moscow beauty' prize winner. Selection of the jury confirmed the receipt ibid. People's Choice Award. After that, proposals were received by Vyacheslav Zaitsev, . inviting her to work in a fashion theater, . and from the famous American model agency 'FORD', . who wanted to see Lena on the cover of the western 'ELLE', . but she chose to work with Russia's renowned fashion designer,
. After the opening of Russia's first agency 'ELITE - Red Stars', she moved to the best of the time model agency.

In 1993, Elena contract went to work in Milan, and although it was the debut of a model career, it noticed. Elena became an advertising face of Italy, as lawgiver automotive fashion. She represented Concern 'FIAT - Alfa Romeo'. Then followed a number of proposals from the famous fashion designers from the capital of Italian fashion - Milan.

Even then, as said in the Lena, in the process of an idea to make a model agency of the future. Agency, with a special, friendly relations to the models of leadership and management. Agency with new technologies that prevent frequent tedious castings, and a sense of rivalry. Agency, where you feel like home. From an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets', . to recognize its best Russian models of the past century: "Models need to defend their rights - because of their relationship begins to beautiful girls and women in our country '(26.12.99g).. The all-new version of the model agency - this is something, . that was the dream of Lena,

Helen has always been a supporter of the harmonious development of personality. Swims and fascinated by philosophy. She tried on the field of journalism. Maximum demanding attitude towards the world is possible only when human harmony with oneself.

Succeed and to give others that opportunity is only possible when dealing with individuals who know, as a result of a rare combination of ability for hard work and innate talent, sense of harmony of body and soul. Therefore, inviting to his agency's most beautiful women of Moscow and Russia, Elena seeks to depart from the standard of minors 'heroin girls', promoted by other agencies in the West.

The harmonious combination of the young mature body and spiritual tranquility, in which the agency helps models to reveal himself, become the criteria the agency 'Pret-a-porter'.

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  • Belen'kaya Elena
  • Belen'kaya Elena
  • Belen'kaya Elena
  • Belen'kaya Elena
  • Belen'kaya Elena
  • Belen'kaya Elena
  • Belen'kaya Elena
  • Belen'kaya Elena

Photos of Belenky Elena
Belenky ElenaBelenky ElenaBelenky ElenaBelenky Elena

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  • Marina Astashkina for Belenky Elena
  • Hi, Lena! "Very happy for you. Pleasure to read about you and know that you all are well. I think you're surprised, but I remember about you. To forget you is hard. If it is the desire and time to call: 688 63 48. I would be glad to see you. Poka.Poka. MA. Yes, if you want to see my changes on the site My World
  • sergei for Belenky Elena
  • Privet Lena ochen rad za tebya .za tvoe prodvizenie I karieru . a vse nachinalos s Zaiceva, u menya vse horosho svoi salon krasoti , dvoe sinovei I svobodnaya zisn . Roditeli eshe zivi no v ochem plohom sostoyanii tebe provet ot nix
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    Belenky Elena, photo, biography
    Belenky Elena, photo, biography Belenky Elena  Photomodel, photo, biography
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