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Panchenko, Vladimir II

( Director-General 'Gosconcert'.)

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Biography Panchenko, Vladimir II
Born December 8, 1941. Ukhta in the Komi. Father - Panchenko Vsevolod V. (1918 g.rozhd.). Mother - Panchenko Anna Antonovna (1919 g.rozhd.). Wife - Panchenko Ludmila Yakovlevna (1940 g.rozhd.). Children: Panchenko Kirill (1964 g.rozhd.) Alexey Panchenko (1974 g.rozhd.).

Graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute (1960-1965 gg.) And the Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee (1979-1982 gg.)

. After graduation he was first an instructor of the October regional committee of Komsomol (1965-1967 gg.), . then instructor, . Deputy Head of the Propaganda Department of the Moscow city committee of the Komsomol (1967-1972 gg.), . later - the head of the Culture Sector of the Central Committee of Komsomol (1972-1976 gg.),
. Worked with young researchers, a young art intelligentsia, took an active part in the methodological development and practical implementation experience of the aesthetic education of youth.

In 1976. was elected secretary of the Central Workers' Union of Culture (1976-1982 gg.). In this position, made a significant contribution to the creation of legislative and regulatory activities of cultural institutions, pay the artistic intelligentsia, their legal protection.

From 1982 to 1988. was Secretary of the Board of the Union of Soviet Composers (1982-1988 gg.). Since 1988. present - General Director of State Enterprise 'Gosconcert'.

'Gosconcert' is a recognized leader in international artistic exchange, operating in the field of international cultural contacts and show business for over 40 years. Since 1956. they conducted more than 200 thousand. concerts abroad and about 170 thousand. concerts in the country

. 'Gosconcert' works with such prominent creative teams, . as: The State Academic Bolshoi Theater, . Mariinsky Theater of Opera and Ballet of St. Petersburg, . with most famous symphony orchestras and ballet companies, . the outstanding figures of culture and art, . among them - Mstislav Rostropovich, . Valery Gergiev, . Bashmet, . Pavel Kogan, . Eliso Virsladze, . Natalia Gutman, . Yuri Grigorovich, . Alexander Lazarev, . Basil Sinai, . Nina Dorliak, . Fedoseyev, . Joseph Kobzon,

Under contracts signed with 'Gosconcert', Russia attended by hundreds of artists world-famous theater troupes, pop stars, rock and pop music. Suffice it to list a tour of Paris 'Grand Opera', . Theater 'La Scala' at the Bolshoi Theater, . by the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the U.S. Rostropovich, . Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by George Solti, . concerts Yehudi Menuhin, . Isaac Stern, . Itzhak Perlman, . Luciano Pavarotti, . Vladimir Ashkenazy, . Claudio Abbado, . Zubin Mehta, . Dizzy Gillespie, . Dave Brubeck, . Paco de Lucia, . groups 'Juraj Hip', . 'Pink Floyd', . 'Manhattan Transfer', . Patricia Kaas, . Ray Charles, . BB King and many other artists and collectives,

During the ten years of work in 'Gosconcert' his CEO VV Panchenko was the initiator and organizer of many, including the unique, cultural events. Among them - the festival Sakharov, . Rostropovich concert and festival, . dedicated to 300 anniversary of Rossiyskogo Navy, . past on Red Square, . Gala concert "Thank immortality '-' nowhere to retreat - behind Moscow 'in the UK' Olympic ', . Marine Ball in the Hall of Columns, . grand rally 'mourning ritual' on Poklonnaya Hill, . holiday 'Day of the Navy' in Moscow, . more than 500 concerts throughout Russia,

VV Panchenko from 1982. - Member of the Central Committee of Workers' Unions culture. He was awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor in commemoration of 100 anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin '.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Asya for Panchenko, Vladimir II
  • Dear Vladimir II! I hope very, . that this letter will find your response. My name is Enikeeva Asya, . I am a teacher of French language, . I live in St. Petersburg. At the moment, writing to you on behalf of many fans of Spanish singer Raphael, . whose popularity in the Soviet Union '70s period, . You, . certainly known. Fortunately, . Rafael and is now successfully touring with new programs, . release new discs, . last - of which "near you" has become a gold disc of Spain in 2006. Nekotoryeiz we were able to visit his concerts in the past year, . well as participate in the Day rafaelista September 25, . where rafaelisty come from all over the world. Dear Vladimir II, . us, . rafaelistov, . in Russia is very much, . Our love for this brilliant artist, . verified vremenem.On delights us today, . his concerts Amazing, . his skill did not faded with time, . This is easily seen, . listening to him. Is it possible for Rafael Gosconcert invitation to Russia? "Certainly in the archives Gosconcert reflected his phenomenal success in the Soviet Union. If you need to familiarize themselves with its activities on the day of today's, . we are happy to provide the material. my-raphael.com-Russia is a site devoted emu.Konechno as there are many other, . including the official. Vladimir II, . please, . we expect at least some otveta.Ochen look forward to continuing the conversation. regards Asya Yenikeev.,
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    Panchenko, Vladimir II, photo, biography
    Panchenko, Vladimir II, photo, biography Panchenko, Vladimir II  Director-General 'Gosconcert'., photo, biography
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