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Andrei Razin

( Musician)

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Biography Andrei Razin
. A graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, . composer, . pianist and arranger, . winner of the All-Union Festival of Young Creation ", . winner of the All-Russia competition of young composers, . member of the Composers' Union of Russia, . Andrei Razin was destined for a career in the field of academic music,
. However, the range of creative interests Andrei covers various types of music. It works for theatrical productions, contemporary chamber instrumental and vocal music, jazz compositions, music for television programs and commercials, symphonic music. A. Razin, was a member of Russo-French festival of contemporary improvised music, numerous jazz festivals in Moscow, Birstonas, etc.. His tour, tours pass through Belgium, Hungary, Germany. In autumn 1997 the musician served with Vladimir Chekasin international jazz festival in Arkhangelsk, since they are frequent partners in projects Chekasin.

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  • tm17 for Andrei Razin
  • Raisers he talentless!
  • S2007 for Andrei Razin
  • Hello, . the most "cultural" famous person Andrew, I want to express all, . I think about you! I would never do, . because I'm not interested in you and never asked scammers! But I can not keep silent after your interview on NTV for "Program Maximum" and after an interview with the Express-Gazeta! Are you, . think, . that what you, . these and all? Wrong! Who gave you the right to insult the very good, . most worthy, . nice, . beautiful, . charming, . beautiful, . talented artist Nicholas Baskova?? And they are talking about has such shit, . discuss his personal life! You're just jealous, . the latter beast, . to, . that he has developed and career and personal life! You are with Rashid Dayrabaevym 2-a Gaia and speak to the decent people,
    . If had the chance to chop off the hands of those, . who says these words to the decent people, . I have this method of execution would apply to you and your favorite man-balls Dayrabaevu! If even once you zaiknetes about Nicholas, . You will regret it! You are not a man, . You rag slop! I hate you! You, . Andrew, . BITCH!,
  • maks82 for Andrei Razin
  • This man has no relation to Razin, who worked in the tender of May. This is a different person. Just name the same. So do not bother to throw out a lot of shit in his address.
  • Vladimir for Andrei Razin
  • Heed, Andrew! Remember bookbinding? We are now in the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, that on Tverskaya. Vladimir Losenkov
  • Said for Andrei Razin
  • yes yes yes yes yes Maks83 ))))))))))))) you are right and very oblyapalas S2007)) are not careful)))
  • Vercetti for Andrei Razin
  • Andrew! You are truly a very smart and cool people. A Basque and truth "PIDRILA"
  • Daria for Andrei Razin
  • You put it correctly nothing wrong with Andrew did.
  • Pitlooser for Andrei Razin
  • cool people
  • Serega for Andrei Razin
  • Andrew, you fellow! You with their work and perseverance have shown that it is possible to fly into space, if badly want it! Even if cheating!
  • Sanya for Andrei Razin
  • I respect his God grant him health
  • Sanya for Andrei Razin
  • and let presidential Russia you do not disgrace us without podkola at full sereeze fuck these zazhravshihsya they пЇп°п?п?п°п?п? you also know the whole inside story
  • Sanya for Andrei Razin
  • one thing that we learned in May that separate tender worth it to you to put a monument
  • Dima for Andrei Razin
  • All would have been so-aptimistami like you. I'm a fan of your past career
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    Andrei Razin, photo, biography
    Andrei Razin, photo, biography Andrei Razin  Musician, photo, biography
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